Evans, Chris


The founder and CEO of Foreshore in Jersey, Channel Islands. Foreshore formed in 2000 and was the first international class internet datacentre specifically designed to meet the needs of offshore ecommerce and financial services. It delivers a range of hosting services as well as specialist storage and messaging services designed to reinforce companies business contingency plans, and now provides services to clients in over 30 locations worldwide.

As well as serving on the boards of a number of companies, he has spoken at international events dealing with the issues of how smaller nations can respond to the threats and opportunities presented by the digital economy. Chris has had a number of articles published in international journals on the implications of utility computing for the future of ecommerce and financial services businesses. He has been a member of two Jersey government advisory committees, both tasked with examining the economic benefits of creating a legal and technological framework for encouraging the growth of ebusiness as a distinct industrial activity.