CROWN DEPENDENCIES: Next UK Prime Minister ‘will understand’ Jersey’s interests, says Senator Ian Gorst.

Added on 05/06/2019

As published on, Monday 3rd June, 2019.


The External Relations Minister is confident that Jersey’s interests ‘will be understood’ by the next Prime Minster, saying that the Island’s relations with the UK have grown closer during several recent political crises.

Theresa May is due to stand down from the top job in UK politics this Friday and a number of Conservative MPs have already thrown their hats into the ring to succeed her, including former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Environment Secretary Michael Gove and former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.

During her three-year tenure Mrs May has been tasked with overseeing the UK’s exit from the EU, following the country’s vote to leave in the 2016 referendum. The period has seen protracted engagement between Jersey and the British government over the consequences of Brexit, as well as a number of other issues, mostly relating to the Island’s position as an offshore finance centre.

During the last year constitutional crises have arisen as UK MPs have twice tried to bring bill amendments to the House of Commons to impose laws on Jersey and the other Crown Dependencies – Guernsey and the Isle of Man – requiring them to introduce transparent company registers. The islands have objected, however, saying that the UK cannot pass laws for them, as they have independent parliaments.

External Relations Minister Ian Gorst said that continued engagement with the UK during the last few years had helped build closer ties with Westminster.

And he added that he was confident that good relations would be maintained once a new Prime Minister was elected.

‘Over the past three years we have developed a closer and more productive relationship with the UK government, as a result of the Island’s Brexit preparations and engagement on matters including public registers of beneficial ownership,’ he said.

‘This dialogue has taken place not only at ministerial level, but through officials within departments and parliamentary engagement.

‘I am confident that our strong relationship will continue when the Prime Minister’s successor has been selected, and we will ensure that Jersey’s interests continue to be well understood.’

It is expected that the next Prime Minister will be elected by next month.