Bermuda shipping registry opens new office in London

By added on 19/05/2014

The Bermuda Registry of Shipping has officially launched a satellite office in London, reports the Caribbean Journal.

The registry, which is officially known as the Department of Maritime Administration, is located at the Bermuda London Office.

The current Bermuda fleet features ships across a wide spectrum, including large cruise ships, oil and gas tankers, and code vessels under the passenger and commercial yacht code.

“Ultimately, the primary aim with the establishment of the DMA Satellite Office in London is to provide efficient and cost effective ship survey, certification and registration services to Ship owners and ship operators, in a timely manner,” said Bermuda Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell. “We will undertake and complete some of the registration functions through the new London Office to take advantage of time difference between UK, Europe and Bermuda. In this regards this Office will be able to accept registration and mortgage documentation for immediate registration, this is a value added service for which the shipping and financial community had been hoping for.”

Crockwell said that it was DMA’s aim that, by having a team of surveyors based in London, costs could be reduced substantially, “particularly for those ships operating in and around the UK and European waters.”

The London team will also service Bermuda ships calling into Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Far East and Australasia, Crockwell said, “providing surveyor availability at short notice.”