Bermuda executives eligible for work permit exemptions

By added on 05/12/2013

Senior executives deemed essential to Bermuda’s economy will become eligible for work permit exemptions starting on December 17, reports the Royal Gazette.

Under the Incentives for Job Makers Act, key members of staff who fit the eligibility profile can also qualify for Permanent Resident Certificates, Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy told the Senate today.

The work permit concessions apply to companies with at least ten Bermudian staff, where local workers are employed at all levels of the company — including entry level positions for graduates.

The minister said companies must also have programmes for the training and promotion of Bermudians.

Smaller and newly incorporated businesses making “a tangible and significant contribution” can also apply under the Act, Sen Fahy said, depending on factors including the Island’s “existing or likely economic situation” and “the protection of local interests”.

“Only persons responsible for making decisions that are critical to the continuity of the company in Bermuda and the continued presence of jobs with the company, being held by Bermudians in Bermuda, will be eligible for these concessions,” he added.