UK Prime Minister encourages exit strategies

By added on 18/09/2009

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that next week's G20 meet must agree coordinated "exit strategies" from emergency measures introduced to fight the world economic crisis.


Brown reiterated that emergency support that countries pumped in to their economies in the wake of the financial downturn should not be removed until the fragile global economy is secured.


"At next week's G20 summit in Pittsburgh, concerted international cooperation is again required," Brown wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper.


"To this end, I am proposing a new global compact to entrench economic recovery and secure stability, growth and jobs."


"It requires us both to maintain our support to the global economy, including our stimulus programmes this year and next until the recovery is secured, and to plan coordinated exit strategies," he said.


G20 finance ministers meeting in London earlier this month drew up outlines of plans on winding down such emergency state support, with broad agreement that it was too early to remove fiscal stimulus.