Bill Gates wants to discuss philanthropy with Indian rich

By added on 02/02/2011

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, notable philanthropists, will be calling India's rich people to consider philanthropy next month, TopNews reports.

Gates explained during an interview that he wants to share his personal experience and converse with Indian billionaires on their perspectives about philanthropy. He and his fellow billionaire Buffett, who has pledged 99 per cent of his fortune to philanthropic causes via the Gates Foundation, held a similar conversation with 50 Chinese business leaders in Beijing in November 2010.

The duo has made headlines across the world for persuading Western barons to pledge at least half their wealth for the cause of world's benefit. Along with AOL co-founder Steve Case, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and investor Carl Icahn, they managed to sign up 58 philanthropists for the `Giving Pledge' project. It is known that India has over 69 billionaires with Mukesh Ambani sitting on top of the list with a net worth of US$27 billion.

However owing to Chinese Government policies, at present, which does not have enough support for philanthropic activities, their visit to China is believed to be unproductive.

Gates said that during his visit to China, he learnt about Chinese culture and their philanthropic traditions. He also said that he discussed on how they do things and added that Government policies in China need to promote charitable cause.

Gates addressed that every philanthropist picks up causes he believes in; but both pronounced that only two-thirds of the invitees turned up for the event terming the dinner an unqualified success.