Regulation and Policy (Summer 2018 IFC Economic Report)

By (29/03/2018)


In this section of the summer 2018 IFC Economic Report we look at:

  Compliance fatigue: There seems to be overwhelming agreement across offshore that compliance is a burden, with only 6 per cent of respondents in the industry feeling that it has not had much impact, according to a STEP 2016 survey. Here we ask whether the future holds any form of respite.

  CRS + BEPS: As the remainder of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) countries undertake their reporting obligations in 2018, including Australia, Canada and Japan (leaving just a few such as Nigeria and Albania remaining), we examine what will be the globe’s largest ever exchange of tax information.

  Mifid II: We assess what’s been learned so far, look at the early errors that created confusion in the markets and ask whether firms will continue to struggle with the newly imposed framework of legislation.

  TAXE 3: We speak with a member of the EU Parliament about the committee’s research and findings on; tax avoidance and evasion, the challenges of taxing the digital economy, the strengths and weaknesses of the EU blacklist.