Location Panama is an isthmus that joins the South American continent with Central America. It is located between Colombia and Costa Rica, bordering the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean.
Time Zone UTC-5.
Population 3,405,813.
Capital Panama City.
Airport Tocumen International Airport, Marcos A Gelabert International Airport, Enrique Malek International Airport, Scarlett Martinez International Airport, Panama-Pacifico International Airport, Bocas del Toro International Airport, Capt Manuel Nino International Airport.
Language Spanish, English.
Currency Balboa, US Dollar.
Dialing Code +507.
Centre's Expertise Maritime, Financial and Legal Services.
Political System Constitutional Democracy
Legal System Civil Law.
Personal Income Tax Up to US$11,000 Annually: 0%; US$11,000-50,000 Annually: 15%; Beyond US$50,000: US$5,850 plus 25% over the excess beyond US$50,000.
Corporate Income Tax 25% Except activities related to: electricity generation, telecommunications, re-insurance, financing companies, cement manufacturing and management of casinos, mining operations are taxed at 27.5%.
Exchange Restrictions None.
Tax Treaties For full details, please go to or
Permitted Currencies US$.
Minimum Authorised Capital There are no minimum, but the standard Authorised Capital is: US$10,000.
Minimum Share Issues One.
Shelf Companies Permitted.
Incorporation Time Scale 3 working days.
Incorporation Fees US$1,500.
Annual Fees Franchise Tax: US$300.
Minimum Number Three.
Residency Requirements No restrictions.
Corporate Directors Three.
Meetings/Frequency Not Applicable.
Disclosure Not Applicable.
Bearer Shares Permitted, but subject to immobilisation pursuant to Law 47 of 2013.
Minimum Number One.
Public Share Registry N/A.
Meetings Frequency N/A.
Annual Return If the activities are offshore, the company has the option of submitting annual returns and not paying any taxes, or not submitting the annual returns.
Audit Requirements If the activities are offshore, they are not necessary.
Registered Office Usually is the same as the Registered Agent.
Domicile Issues Not applicable if the company will not operate in Panama.
Company Naming Restrictions Company names cannot end with, or use, the following words: Limited, Ltd., Trust, Trustee, Foundation, Insurance, Reinsurance, Bank, Banking, Mutual Fund, Pension Fund, Brokerage, House, Investment Advisor, Stock Exchange, Clearinghouse, Forex, FX Trading among others, or any other word that means that the company is engaged in the Trust, Banking, Insurance, Reinsurance or Securities business.
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