International Tax Dispute Resolution & Litigation Summit

International Tax Dispute Resolution & Litigation Summit
Time and location:
Event Dates: October 10th
Location: Sofitel London St. James
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Bringing together the leading tax controversy experts to ensure you are equipped against today's biggest tax risks.

Here are just some of the areas we're covering: 

Corporate Reputation: Best Practice When Under the Public Eye

Multinational taxation has come under increased scrutiny in the mainstream press in the recent years, from DPT to the Panama Papers and recent State Aid cases. Corporate reputation is becoming much of an issue for the tax department as it is for the board. This session will explore tax in the press and address concerns for multinationals, including managing key stakeholders, and strategies and remedies for effectively managing reputation.

Transfer Pricing Disputes: APA's, Audits & BEPS

Given the unprecedented amount of transfer pricing disputes globally, with many tax professionals expecting TP disputes being at the forefront of the international tax controversy landscape in the years to come, it is now imperative that multinationals are keeping an eye on the current climate. This panel will be discussing the latest issues, including practical industry experiences with APAs, CbCR and what may be in store for the years to come.

EU State Aid: Mimimising Risk & Managing Controversy

In the wake of recent State Aid rulings by the European Commission, multinationals will now have to seriously assess their risks and consider applicable tax rules as part of their global tax planning and negotiation of tax rulings, as well as new State Aid considerations. This panel will take a look at the risks associated with EU State Aid, the current position of the European Commission and what the industry should be doing now to minimise risk.

Indirect Taxes: Latest Cases and Dispute Minimisation Tactics

The global indirect tax landscape has been at the forefront of the global tax agenda for policy makers and tax authorities in recent years, and multinationals are increasingly turning their attention to the effective management of indirect tax disputes and the risks associated. This panel will discuss the latest VAT case law, technical VAT issues and effective compliance management, in a landscape where the challenges and risks of indirect tax disputes internationally are growing.

Permanent Establishments & Treaty Conflicts

Permanent Establishments have been a focal point for tax authorities in recent years as a result of the OECD's BEPS project. This session will explore the recent international developments in the permanent establishment space, including the latest on the multilateral instrument, the tax authorities approach, explain key indicators of permanent establishment risk, and provide practical steps that multinational groups can be taking in order to mitigate risk and defend positions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies & Techniques

When it doesn't go to plan, litigation through the courts can prove costly for both businesses and tax authorities alike, with many multinationals looking towards alternative dispute resolution strategies as a cost effective method for resolving tax disputes. This session will explore the practicalities of alternative dispute resolution including the increasing number of businesses opting for ADR methods in recent years, and best practice and common pitfalls when opting for ADR.



Please see the full agenda HERE.