A.C.T. - Offshore Limited

Oliaji Trade Centre - 1st Floor
PO Box 1377, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles


We specialize in the formation and administrative support of Seychelles entities, primarily Seychelles International Business Companies (IBCs). Clients choose Seychelles because:

- The entities are relatively easy and inexpensive to form and maintain

- The laws, regulations and procedures are not too complicated

- Seychelles as an independent country continuously maintains its laws to comply with international requirements whilst at the same time it is able to provide a reasonable amount of privacy and an attractive tax regime

We have been assisting international clients particularly via financial advisors, business planners, wealth managers, lawyers, accountants, corporate administrators and other professionals since 1995 and we are known for being one of the fastest and easiest agents in Seychelles to work with. Unlike many agents we are very particular about providing a very reliable service and error free documents and we make maximum use of technology to achieve this. We go out of our way to help clients find the answers they need, and we want them get things right the first time. Also, as an independent company we do not have to seek approval from a parent company or office, which helps a lot for consistently fast order turn-around. Contact us now for more information.


Main website: www.actoffshore.com

Alternative website: www.actseychelles.com

Primary Telephone Number:
+248 4 321377
Primary Fax Number:
+248 4 324777
Karl Pragassen, B.A.(Econ), MSc FEE, TEP, ACSI
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karlpragassen/ Skype: actkarl -- WhatsApp Chat: +248 2513375 -- Email: karl@actseychelles.com
Michelle Pouponneau, Dip ICSA, TEP
Peter Ward, FCA (ICAEW), TEP
Twitter: https://twitter.com/actoffshore