Blockchain and Privacy
  Does blockchain really bear privacy advantages by design? Matthias Berberich, Counsel at Hengeler Mueller assesses blockchain's strengths and weaknesses from a data protection standpoint. (01/11/2018)
Which Countries Win and Lose if the EU’s Digital Taxation Plans Are Adopted?
  Stan Veuger at the AEI gives his assessment of the European Commission's proposed directives on the taxation of the digital economy. (01/11/2018)
Can IFCs Build a Brand Around Cybersecurity?
  Today, the stakes are high for international finance centres (IFCs) as cyber criminality becomes an ever more prevalent and increasingly insidious menace. (01/11/2018)
FinTech and Big Data: Technological Innovations Shaping the Investment Fund Industry
  Technology and big data are radical transformational forces across all industries. Their impact does not stop at the fund industry as they fundamentally change the way investors interact with service providers. (01/11/2018)
How Digitalisation Will Change Fund Distribution?
  The funds distribution supply chain is fragmented and opaque, but digitalisation offers a way forward. Digital collaboration with wealth managers and client advisors will be an important feature of this new world. (01/11/2018)
Can Blockchain Curb De-risking and Improve Correspondent Banking Services?
  Distributed ledger technology and blockchain can help countries faced with the closure of correspondent banking accounts, but coordination, cooperation and governance will matter more than technology. (01/10/2018)
Blockchain ‘Briefly’
  David Shrier, Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School explains blockchain in simple terms. (30/09/2018)
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