The Future of State Sovereignty and Taxation in The European Union.
  Giving up independent taxation would wrench a crucial element of economic sovereignty out of the hand of national governments. The question cannot be considered in isolation; it is part of the entirety of the EU’s economic and political environment (01/05/2019)
Barbarians at the Gate: The Populist Attack on Globalisation and its Threat to Smaller IFCs
  The next paragraph will be controversial. The purpose of this is twofold. First, you are more likely to read the article in full, if only to utterly disagree with it. Second, it is not going to be easy to explain how protectionism, as espoused by th (01/02/2019)
The EU Tax Blacklist: Is This the Future for Globalisation?
  “It’s probably the most spectacular thing we’ve done,” said Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, when he described the EU’s plans for a tax blacklist (01/02/2019)
Pardon my Mistake: Why is the Court’s Mistake Jurisdiction so Useful?
  The court’s ability to help out by relieving against the consequences of mistake has long been a cornerstone of the equitable jurisdiction exercised by courts based on the English common law system (01/02/2019)
Economic Colonialism and the European Union Blacklist
  “The higher races have a right over the lower races. They have a duty to civilise the inferior races”. These are the words of Jules Ferry, a leading 19th century proponent of French colonialism. It seems from the extraterritorial expansionist intenti (01/02/2019)
The Sustainability of International Finance Centres
  The issue facing many international financial centres (IFCs) today is whether, realistically, they can survive increasing transparency on tax and beneficial ownership. Is the model broken? (01/12/2018)
It’s Never Gonna be Like it Was: Smart Ledger Futures for IFCs
  Can IFCs be the world’s home for central (and increasingly trusted third parties)? Professor Michael Mainelli discusses sustainable strategies for IFCs, delving into blockchain and smart ledgers as one potential area for growth. (01/08/2018)
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