Statutory and Case Law Developments in BVI’s Trust and Estates Law
  Helene Anne Lewis examines the latest developments within the BVI's Trusts and Estate Law. (01/02/2017)
Offshore Financial Centres: The Super Set
  Of the various forces that have buffeted offshore financial services in recent years, regulation and emerging demand bases are probably the most significant. (01/02/2017)
The OECD’s Conquest of Domestic Tax Codes: Understanding the Costs and Consequences of the BEPS Project
  A series of high-profile inversions have given international tax regulators both rhetorical ammunition and public support to execute a global crackdown on multinational tax planning. (01/02/2017)
IFCs as enablers of global growth
  The last 50 years have witnessed an unprecedented growth in international trade. Global inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) have grown threefold in just two decades.. (01/02/2017)
The Five Falsehoods surrounding IFCs
  There is a false narrative raging across the world in which ordinary citizens are being invited to believe that the general economic malaise is the existence of International Financial Centres (IFC). (01/01/2017)
Tax Non-Transparency: The Truth Will Out
  It has become conventional wisdom to lay the ‘blame’ for lawful tax avoidance firmly at the feet of the offshore financial centres. In the April 2016 edition of Alternative Domicile Intelligence, Simon Osborne goes further (01/01/2017)
International Tax Transparency: The Devil is in the Overview
  Sometimes the devil is in the detail but where international tax matters are concerned it is often in the overview...... (01/01/2017)
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