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  Ireland happy to be nowhere near the residence-for-investment list on 25/10/2018
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  Scholz wants minimum corporate tax rate in OECD on 19/10/2018
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  Brussels tees up new battle on tech, tax and Trump on 15/10/2018
  Investment Migration Council Defends “Golden Visas”, Says Ethics Code Vital on 15/10/2018
  Trump Tax Law Fails to Kill Off Corporate America’s Prized Dodge on 15/10/2018
  Isle of Man: Sharp rise in island based mergers and acquisitions on 12/10/2018
  Ed Sheeran paid more in tax last year than both Starbucks and Amazon on 12/10/2018
  Hedge Funds Hold Up in Rout as Defensive Stance Finally Pays Off on 12/10/2018
  Is the world on the brink of a financial crash? Europe, Asia and US markets plummet. on 11/10/2018
  Offshore investors buy more China policy bank bonds after tax change on 11/10/2018
  20 Percent of Hedge Funds Launched in 2018 are Crypto Funds on 11/10/2018
  Panama shares financial accounts data with 31 countries on 11/10/2018
  Switzerland to hold new referendum on financing for first-pillar system on 10/10/2018
  Ireland: Multinationals hit with surprise tax on assets exiting State on 10/10/2018
  Challenging the UK’s imposition of public registers of beneficial ownership will be no easy task, says Cayman government lawyer. on 10/10/2018
  IMF: 'Dangerous undercurrents' threaten global economy on 10/10/2018
  Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC deny promoting tax avoidance schemes on 09/10/2018
  'Big Four' audit firms face competition probe on 09/10/2018
  Facebook's UK tax bill triples to £15.7m on 08/10/2018
  The Bahamas makes tax transparency progress on 04/10/2018
  Key points from the NYT investigation accusing Donald Trump of massive tax evasion on 04/10/2018
  May to rush final deal through in weeks to fight off Tory rebellion on 04/10/2018
  Investors Call On SEC To Require Tax Reporting Transparency on 03/10/2018
  EU removes Palau from tax havens blacklist on 03/10/2018
  BVI hires $400,000 lawyer to avoid EU’s blacklist on 02/10/2018
  Europe’s Harmful Tax Deals with Poor Countries Detailed in New Study on 01/10/2018
  MEP Threatens To Campaign for HSBC To Leave Malta Over Money Laundering Concerns on 01/10/2018
  Tax change lures foreign investors to China policy-bank bonds on 28/09/2018
  Malta’s Cryptocurrency Regulations Come into Effect In November on 28/09/2018
  Irish Republican party Sinn Féin released a report on Wednesday discussing the effects of EU member-states' tax treaties with developing nations. on 28/09/2018
  Saudi Arabia signs OECD multilateral instrument: key takeaways for foreign companies on 27/09/2018
  Advocacy Group Says EU’s Tax Haven Blacklist Is Failing on 26/09/2018
  US-China Trade Tensions: What these May Mean for the Caribbean on 24/09/2018
  Wealth-Management Firms Battle Over Millennials on 24/09/2018
  The Netherlands, a Tax Avoidance Center, Tries to Mend Its Ways on 21/09/2018
  BlackRock's Fink: U.S. a short-term 'big winner' in China trade war on 21/09/2018
  U.S. Companies Repatriated $169.5 Billion in Second Quarter on 20/09/2018
  Public Owner Register Is ‘Sector Killer’ says Bahamas ex-attorney general on 20/09/2018
  As ICOs falter, crypto hedge funds approach $5 billion in assets on 20/09/2018
  Wall Street Fears the End of an Era on 19/09/2018
  Cayman: Minister Rivers to meet EU officials on tax blacklist on 19/09/2018
  Turkey lowers requirements for citizenship by investment on 19/09/2018
  India: To woo dollars, govt won't tax interest payable on offshore rupee bonds on 18/09/2018
  Why Trillions in Offshore Profits May Stay Offshore on 18/09/2018
  Gibraltar represented at Liberal Democrat Conference on 18/09/2018
  Cyprus: Greens want to boost transparency in citizenship by investment scheme on 18/09/2018
  Luxembourg: ALFI Wants Subscription Tax Review on 18/09/2018
  First prosecution for failing to comply with FATCA on 18/09/2018
  IRS Ending Offshore Tax Confession Program on 17/09/2018
  Conflict between UK, Cayman over financial investigations on 17/09/2018
  MiFID II: Clients' research charges seven times higher than costs borne by asset managers on 17/09/2018
  IRS Moves to Ease Pain of New Tax That Targets Offshore Profits on 14/09/2018
  Venezuelan ex-officials charged in Andorra over $2.3bn graft scheme on 14/09/2018
  Introduction of new LLC legislation in Jersey set to provide attractive proposition for US institutions and fund managers on 13/09/2018
  London loses top spot to New York in financial survey due to Brexit on 13/09/2018
  Tory Attorney General faces questions after he objected to plans to make tax havens more transparent on 13/09/2018
  Progress remains slow in bridging Africa’s tax divide on 13/09/2018
  HMRC opens 27 new serious tax evasion cases on 03/09/2018
  Tax avoidance blocks celebrities from honours on 03/09/2018
  Boris Johnson: UK gets 'diddly squat' from May's Brexit plans on 03/09/2018
  UAE expats target Caribbean for second passport on 03/09/2018
  Panasonic runs from Brexit Britain on tax haven fears on 30/08/2018
  IRS warns of looming deadline for US offshore amnesty on 30/08/2018
  Transfer pricing in China: SAT tapping into the tax big data paradise on 30/08/2018
  More Iranians 'buying' passports in other countries to evade US travel ban, sanctions on 30/08/2018
  Strip out Trump tax cut and S&P 500 profits are still surging on 29/08/2018
  India: No place to hide for beneficial owners after September 11 on 29/08/2018
  New Tax Law Favors Hedge Funds Over Managed Accounts on 29/08/2018
  May Vows Post-Brexit UK Will be Leading Investor in Africa on 28/08/2018
  Wealth Managers Underestimating Investment Needed for Digital Change on 28/08/2018
  Brexit: Conservative anger at Philip Hammond's 'dodgy project fear' on 24/08/2018
  Bull market ‘nears end’ as wealth managers talk Trump, bears and recession on 24/08/2018
  Apple is a Hedge Fund That Makes Phones on 24/08/2018
  HMRC in fresh warning to overseas bank account holders on 24/08/2018
  Should BVI seek special powers to reject UK laws? on 24/08/2018
  Will Israel, India, France Get Data on Citizens’ Swiss Bank Accounts? on 23/08/2018
  Caribbean citizenship programmes a big draw among investors: New CBI Index on 23/08/2018
  Corbyn floats plan for windfall tax on tech firms to fund journalism on 23/08/2018
  Guernsey and Jersey launch joint cyber security study on 23/08/2018
  Deposits of Indians in tax havens fell 62% in 2017, says report on 22/08/2018
  London keeps its crown as world's top foreign exchange venue on 22/08/2018
  Jury Convicts Manafort on Eight Counts of Tax Fraud, Lengthy Jail Time Expected on 22/08/2018
  Transfer Pricing Tax Hit on the Horizon on 22/08/2018
  Belgium’s Rich Liquidate Investment Funds as Tax Break Ends on 21/08/2018
  Passports-for-sale lobby defends ‘Malta standard’ after Brussels threatens clampdown on 21/08/2018
  HMRC consults on AML supervision fees on 21/08/2018
  What next for Russia’s super-rich? on 21/08/2018
  Imran Khan sheds hundreds of servants and says Pakistan's elite must pay tax as his first cabinet is sworn in on 21/08/2018
  Director liability 'should only apply when insolvent company evaded tax' on 20/08/2018
  Managers adapting to new landscape of MiFID II regulations on 20/08/2018
  Global corporates shifted $616 billion in profits to 11 tax havens on 20/08/2018
  Standard Chartered chief warning over Brexit staff moves on 20/08/2018
  Facebook, Coke Could Face Tax Hit After Ruling Against Medtronic on 20/08/2018
  Falling offshore T-bond holdings highlight U.S. cash repatriation on 17/08/2018
  Hunt clarifies no-deal comments: UK 'would survive' on 17/08/2018
  Hong Kong wealthy save millions using property tax loopholes on 17/08/2018
  Israel’s Bank Hapoalim Delays Dividend Amid U.S. Tax Evasion Probe on 17/08/2018
  Whistleblower law to expand to cover all entities in Cayman on 17/08/2018
  UK taxman does Monaco roadshow in tax avoidance crackdown on 16/08/2018
  Deloitte says AI to overturn financial services ‘ecosystem' on 16/08/2018
  Vistra concludes Deutsche Bank corporate services business acquisition on 16/08/2018
  Living abroad not ideal for US expats facing new taxes on 16/08/2018
  Will protests derail Jordan's reform agenda? on 16/08/2018
  Lord Lilly: If we leave the EU without a Brexit deal we could end up £40billion better off on 15/08/2018
  Manafort lawyers rest fraud case without calling witnesses on 15/08/2018
  Tax warning for Brits with holiday homes or overseas bank accounts on 15/08/2018
  World Bank’s Blockchain-Based Bonds — A Step Toward Adoption? on 15/08/2018
  Tax haven link to rainforest destruction and illegal fishing on 14/08/2018
  Switzerland's ZKB to pay $98 million to end U.S. probe of tax evasion on 14/08/2018
  The Prime Minister of Grenada to investigate citizenship-by-investment programmes on 14/08/2018
  IFCs step in to support Asia-Pacific’s ICO boom on 13/08/2018
  Korea gears up to fight international tax evasion on 13/08/2018
  Of course the tax cuts are good for the banks on 13/08/2018
  New split in Tory party as moderate Brexit group takes on Rees-Mogg's no-deal hardliners on 13/08/2018
  Chinese authorities crack down on tax dodges, illegal capital remittances by celebrities on 13/08/2018
  UK Real Property Beneficial Ownership Register – Draft Legislation Published on 10/08/2018
  Cold Turkey for European banks as lira slides further on 10/08/2018
  Regulatory bodies consult on creation of Global Financial Innovation Network on 10/08/2018
  Software magnate Anthony Castagna jailed for $2.6 million tax fraud on 10/08/2018
  Britain's wealthiest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe leaves the UK to move to Monaco on 09/08/2018
  Private Banks Are the New Hedge Funds on 09/08/2018
  Why the Tax Justice Network is launching in New Zealand on 09/08/2018
  'Computer Says No' to Jacob Rees-Mogg on Brexit on 09/08/2018
  Why unexplained wealth orders now have ‘extra-terrestrial powers’ on 09/08/2018
  Wetherspoon founder calls on leaders not to pay £39bn Brexit divorce bill on 08/08/2018
  Why does Betsy Devos’s family yacht fly a foreign flag? Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ administration and the Cayman Islands on 08/08/2018
  Rick Gates Delivers a Public Lesson on Money Laundering and Political Corruption on 08/08/2018
  Visiting UK MPs do not support the imposition of a public register of beneficial ownership across the BOTs on 07/08/2018
  Offshore? Yes. Off Limits? No. Asset Recovery in Paradise on 07/08/2018
  Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue starts action against people hiding assets in UK on 07/08/2018
  Asset Managers Can No Longer Ride An Easy-Money Boom on 07/08/2018
  New research shows the downsides of scrapping tax havens on 06/08/2018
  Belgian businesses sent 129 billion euros to tax havens in 2016 on 06/08/2018
  The trial of Paul Manafort and the global business of corruption on 06/08/2018
  Soviet Land: Blockchain States Lure Citizens with Political Nostalgia and Voting Rights on 06/08/2018
  India hands over request to Antigua to extradite Mehul Choksi on 06/08/2018
  Starbucks, ICE and Microsoft could launch Bakkt, a company specialised in cryptocurrency on 06/08/2018
  Firms being 'left in the dark' on Brexit on 03/08/2018
  Amazon UK tax payment falls to £1.7m on 03/08/2018
  Ireland: €88m pulled in by Revenue in offshore tax evasion haul on 02/08/2018
  BVI hasn’t mentioned any public register legal challenge says UK minister on 02/08/2018
  Mauritius offers to return Kenyans’ hidden billions on 02/08/2018
  Bermuda: Anti-money laundering laws passed on 02/08/2018
  HMRC warns it's time to declare offshore assets on 01/08/2018
  Russia passes tax haven laws to bypass sanctions on 01/08/2018
  Bank of England urged to be more open about Brexit on 01/08/2018
  Singapore’s financial sector to undergo IMF’s comprehensive assessment for 3rd time on 01/08/2018
  EU Split on Using Company Transparency Rules to Blacklist Tax Havens on 31/07/2018
  Greater Numbers of US Expats Hand Back Passports on 31/07/2018
  You won’t find a free lunch by clamping down on tax havens on 31/07/2018
  The Cayman Islands - Third Largest Foreign Investor into Israel on 31/07/2018
  You Can Now Buy Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship with Bitcoin on 31/07/2018
  Have a Cryptocurrency Company? Bermuda, Malta or Gibraltar Wants You on 31/07/2018
  Cayman Islands: Businesses host petition calling for governor’s return on 30/07/2018
  Indonesia: Ending poverty requires ending tax evasion on 30/07/2018
  Wall Street Fears New International Tax That Was Aimed at Tech on 30/07/2018
  HMRC clarifies 'requirement to correct' penalties on 27/07/2018
  Hedge funds lose nearly $6 billion on Facebook, their favourite holding on 27/07/2018
  Montenegro to Launch Citizenship by Investment Program in October on 27/07/2018
  Rising private wealth tops $200 trillion worldwide – report on 26/07/2018
  Gibraltar: Spain warns UK over 'cliff-edge' Brexit on 26/07/2018
  Isle of Man tax transparency could change after UK commitment on 25/07/2018
  Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange officially launches to public on 24/07/2018
  New crackdown on offshore tax avoiders on 24/07/2018
  China moves to support economy amid trade tensions on 24/07/2018
  OECD Global Forum rates Guernsey transparency on 24/07/2018
  Switzerland's UBS boosts profits but trade tensions dim future on 24/07/2018
  The ‘great wealth transfer’ is coming on 23/07/2018
  Five Nordic banks fined €2.5m for illegal 'shadow credit ratings' on 23/07/2018
  UK to adopt EU laws on combating terrorism and money laundering on 23/07/2018
  Are the Caribbean's wealthy new citizens a lifeline or a liability? on 20/07/2018
  New research finds 40% of multinationals’ profits shifted to tax havens – EU biggest loser while US firms most shifty on 20/07/2018
  HMRC plans £3.2bn tax raid on contractors who used offshore avoidance schemes on 19/07/2018
  How the ‘unknown unknowns’ terrorise tax on 19/07/2018
  Manafort Jury to See Images of High Life at Tax-Fraud Trial on 19/07/2018
  Parliamentary system could collapse with a no deal Brexit warns Remain MP on BBC on 18/07/2018
  The future role of wealth structures and international financial centres on 18/07/2018
  The latest status symbol for rich people? A foreign passport collection on 17/07/2018
  Blockchain islands: Jersey launches ICO regulatory guidelines on 17/07/2018
  Collective Investment Schemes in Cyprus: Important Legislative Measures on 17/07/2018
  How technology companies can benefit from the U.S.’ move to a hybrid territorial tax system on 16/07/2018
  China’s super-rich lead the way as applications for British millionaire visas surge on 16/07/2018
  Pugachev, the Illusionist: Shams and powers on 16/07/2018
  Brexit: UK's blueprint for future EU relations to be published on 12/07/2018
  Freelancers in tax avoidance schemes hit with bill for £1bn on 12/07/2018
  Tax Transparency and Compliance Top Priorities for Asian HNWIs on 12/07/2018
  IRS spent $380M on FATCA, but still can’t enforce it on 11/07/2018
  Figures reveal elite HMRC unit 'on the attack' on offshore assets on 11/07/2018
  The Problems Hedge Funds And PE Firms Have Connecting With The Super Rich And Single-Family Offices on 11/07/2018
  Guernsey Green Fund is first regulated product of its kind on 11/07/2018
  Big Four’s Sway Over EU Tax Policy Is Unjust: Report on 10/07/2018
  Liechtenstein Bank Eyes Asia after Stemming Tax-Related Outflows on 10/07/2018
  Japan and Singapore Take 1st Place in the Latest Henley Passport Index on 10/07/2018
  Who is Dominic Raab, Britain's new Brexit minister? on 09/07/2018
  Tax agreement with the UK replaces 1955 version on 05/07/2018
  Hedge funds Bridgewater and Winton get the nod in China on 05/07/2018
  US bill would establish beneficial ownership registry on 05/07/2018
  Other Countries May Copy U.S.'s Minimum Offshore Income Tax: OECD on 04/07/2018
  Time to ‘definitively address’ Ireland’s tax haven reputation on 04/07/2018
  ‘Accidental Americans’ ask Trump for independence on 04/07/2018
  UK Partners with 4 Countries to Tackle International Tax Crime on 03/07/2018
  Malta Passes Favorable Cryptocurrency Laws in Next Step as a Blockchain Island on 02/07/2018
  One of Hottest Hedge Funds in Korea Returns 14% as Stocks Slide on 02/07/2018
  Delaware Supports Bill to End its Status as Tax Haven on 28/06/2018
  The Tax Act Actually Promotes Off-Shore Tax Tricks on 28/06/2018
  Hedge Fund Managers See Echo of Past Crashes in Markets on 27/06/2018
  U.S. Offshore Corporate Cash Pile Rose 15% to Fresh Record in 2017 – S&P on 27/06/2018
  Why India's Richest Are Seeking Citizenship in Cyprus on 27/06/2018
  How a Trade War Could Turn Into a Recession on 27/06/2018
  'ARROGANCE' Rees-Mogg hits out at IMF chief Lagarde in Brexit row on 26/06/2018
  Maltese Parliament to Pass Second Reading on 3 Cryptocurrency Bills on 26/06/2018
  EU Crackdown Hasn’t Made U.S. Tech Change Its Behaviour on 25/06/2018
  Major tax changes afoot for UK nationals living in Cyprus on 25/06/2018
  ‘New’ Panama Papers documents show Poroshenko’s offshore firm targeted in money laundering case on 25/06/2018
  Study suggests US$1 billion in profits shifted from New Zealand to tax havens over 12 months on 25/06/2018
  Ireland is the world’s biggest corporate ‘tax haven’, say academics on 13/06/2018
  UK banks face Brexit blow in France's tilt at MiFID rules on 07/06/2018
  New Legislation Would Close Significant Offshore Loopholes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on 07/06/2018
  New Report Highlights the Value IFCs Bring to the Global Economy on 06/06/2018
  Ministers ‘played no part’ in removal of threat to finance on 05/06/2018
  Two Caribbean Countries Removed from EU Tax Haven Blacklist on 01/06/2018
  Implementation of the Dutch UBO-register postponed on 01/06/2018
  Why the Home Office is complicating investor visas on 01/06/2018
  Big Banks to Get a Break from Limits on Risky Trading on 31/05/2018
  Facebook Facing Shareholder Scrutiny for Its Offshore Tax Avoidance on 31/05/2018
  UK: Information exchanges driving up serious tax evasion cases on 31/05/2018
  Profile: Billionaire philanthropist George Soros on 31/05/2018
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  How tax can restore ‘generational fairness’ on 30/05/2018
  Gina Rinehart looks offshore to avoid Aussie red tape and taxes on 29/05/2018
  Blackstone’s Tax-Free Hedge Fund Pitch Woos Even More Clients on 29/05/2018
  Carlo Cottarelli: Italy president names stop-gap PM on 28/05/2018
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  Namibia’s ‘erroneous’ tax haven status to be removed as quickly as possible on 23/05/2018
  Henley Passport Index: The most powerful passports in a time of global travel access growth on 23/05/2018
  Ministers seek permission to use £400m fund frozen since 1928 on 23/05/2018
  Corporate board directors with island tax haven ties signal greater levels of tax avoidance, study finds on 22/05/2018
  Cyprus: limit on citizenship scheme announced on 22/05/2018
  St. Kitts-Nevis carves economic pathway on 21/05/2018
  Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange working in association with the Government against Tax Evasion on 21/05/2018
  UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs on 21/05/2018
  US to resume prosecutions of deliberate offshore tax avoiders on 17/05/2018
  Malaysia: Global Perspectives from Asia's "Middle Shore" on 17/05/2018
  Requirement to correct rule – prompt action advised to avoid penalties on 17/05/2018
  US on Course to Land on European Tax Blacklist Says EU Official on 16/05/2018
  How Automation Can Help With FATCA Compliance on 16/05/2018
  UK: Concern about extension of time limits on offshore tax investigations on 16/05/2018
  South Korea’s Chaebol Challenge on 15/05/2018
  Korea: Concerns Grow over LG as Owner Family Faces Broadening Investigation on 15/05/2018
  Hedge Fund Managers are Mad Republicans Didn’t Give Them a Bigger Tax Cut on 15/05/2018
  UK second to Ireland in tax competitiveness but Brexit increases likelihood of businesses moving functions out of the UK on 15/05/2018
  Investors are unprepared for market volatility and need to hold their nerve, warns UBS on 14/05/2018
  Advance payments a ‘worrying erosion’ of taxpayer rights on 11/05/2018
  Ranked: Britain's richest hedge managers - Michael Platt prospers, but its hard times for Harding on 11/05/2018
  IoM: 82% already submitted to register on 11/05/2018
  The unintended consequences of MIFID II are hitting home on 10/05/2018
  NYSE Isn’t Planning a Bitcoin Futures Market, but a Proper Crypto Exchange on 10/05/2018
  Algo Traders Warn U.K. Over MiFID II Rules on 09/05/2018
  Hedge funds back in the black despite losses for emerging markets focused funds on 08/05/2018
  Brexit: How should the UK capitalize on its financial services? on 04/05/2018
  UK tax-haven move could have Irish business implications on 04/05/2018
  There’s nothing straightforward about the word ‘domicile’ on 04/05/2018
  Isle of Man minister reveals plan to avoid EU tax blacklist on 01/05/2018
  More bank computer chaos expected on 27/04/2018
  Cryptocurrency Fund Numbers Set to Rocket on 27/04/2018
  IOM: Quayle Confident over EU Greylist on 27/04/2018
  Barclays, Goldman Champion ISDA Standard for Blockchain Derivatives on 26/04/2018
  Credit Suisse Asia pretax profits surge 59% on 26/04/2018
  MPs to force Theresa May to take tougher action on money laundering on 26/04/2018
  Many Hedge Funds are Overpaying for Depositary Services on 25/04/2018
  EU Issues Plan to Target Letterbox Company Tax Avoidance on 24/04/2018
  Even the CBO Says the GOP Tax Reform Will Incentivize Corporate Offshoring on 24/04/2018
  Morgan Stanley says EU banks are losing ground as Mifid II bites on 24/04/2018
  Mifid II Rules Failing Investors, Warns City of London Veteran on 23/04/2018
  Hedge funds make historic and increasingly desperate FX, bond bets on 23/04/2018
  French Nationality Ranked Highest in the World on 20/04/2018
  BEPS adoption calls for tax treaty renegotiations on 20/04/2018
  Expat families comprise 83% of second citizenship applicants in Saudi on 20/04/2018
  Hedge Fund Titans Pull Money From Funds to Pay Massive Tax Bills on 20/04/2018
  Bahamas Recommended for Removal from EU List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes. on 19/04/2018
  A taxing headache from Congress on 18/04/2018
  Top rate tax now a bane for many more Britons on 09/04/2018
  New Russia Sanctions Are 'What Obama Should Have Done in 2014' on 09/04/2018
  UK Treasury Select Committee announces new offshore tax inquiry on 04/04/2018
  U.S. Stocks Would Bear the Brunt of a Trade War on 03/04/2018
  Top Barclays analyst leaves due to Mifid II on 03/04/2018
  9 Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Have Closed in 2018 on 03/04/2018
  Hedge funds see huge surge of investor cash on 29/03/2018
  Cayman Islands AEOI Update - March 2018 on 29/03/2018
  Brexit, one year to go: Time is running out for Theresa May to get a deal on 29/03/2018
  EU tax committee to focus on Crown Dependencies on 29/03/2018
  Public register of beneficial owners of UK real estate to go live in 2021 on 29/03/2018
  BEPS and ATAD Reshaping International Landscape on 28/03/2018
  EU targets US for tax haven blacklist on 28/03/2018
  Six lose Saint Lucia citizenship under CIP on 28/03/2018
  Trading software threatens to become next Mifid II cost battle on 28/03/2018
  HMRC faces probe over tax collecting powers on 27/03/2018
  Latest Pronouncements From OECD, EU & G20 Allow Fintech To Flourish on 27/03/2018
  U.S. Recession May Come Just in Time for Trump's Re-election Bid on 26/03/2018
  London remains on top of the world for global financial services says major report on 26/03/2018
  EU tax proposals are a political move dressed up as a technical argument on 23/03/2018
  Britain’s EU partners agree terms for post-Brexit ties on 23/03/2018
  China slams Trump’s ‘reckless’ and ‘arrogant’ tariffs as global stocks slump on 23/03/2018
  EU plan for digital tax ‘poses threat to Ireland’ on 22/03/2018
  UK to Launch Cryptocurrency Task Force on 22/03/2018
  Asset managers concerned with MiFID II transparency standards and Brexit on 22/03/2018
  EU warned: Liam Fox confirms London will maintain 'global dominance' over financial sector on 22/03/2018
  Technology giants face European 'digital tax' blow on 21/03/2018
  Hedge-fund managers that do the most research will post the best returns, study suggests on 21/03/2018
  MiFID II driving tech revolution in asset management firms on 20/03/2018
  Brexit Deal Too Late to Stop Some EU Firms from Moving Business on 20/03/2018
  Europe’s Planned Digital Tax Heightens Tensions With U.S. on 20/03/2018
  Ireland's digital tax battle - OECD to the rescue on 19/03/2018
  World’s Largest Economies Can’t Agree on How to Tax Digital Companies on 16/03/2018
  British billionaires now worth £200 billion on 16/03/2018
  Could Jersey be the solution to Britain's Brexit trade deal with EU? on 15/03/2018
  David Davis accepts that the Brexit transition will end in December 2020 on 15/03/2018
  HMRC predicts £1.2bn tax windfall as offshore clampdown gets Royal nod on 15/03/2018
  IRS Announces End to Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program on 14/03/2018
  EU Adds Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, St Kitts to Tax Haven List on 14/03/2018
  Hedge Funds Bet on Volatility on 13/03/2018
  Dubai Free Zone Pitching For UK Business on 13/03/2018
  Post-Brexit UK financial markets 'offer' for Gibraltar on 08/03/2018
  MiFID Dark-Pool Caps Curb Trading in Hundreds of Stocks on 08/03/2018
  How Hedge Funds Are Winning Back Investors on 07/03/2018
  EU trade deal must include financial services, says Hammond on 07/03/2018
  Mnuchin's Move to End Hedge Fund Loophole Could Face Legal Challenges on 06/03/2018
  AXA buys Bermuda-based XL for $15 billion in latest insurance mega-deal on 06/03/2018
  IoM given Brexit assurance on 06/03/2018
  St. Lucia: Chastanet supports OECS oversight of Citizenship by Investment on 05/03/2018
  Why BEPS-Related Tax Policy in the Caribbean Must Evolve on 02/03/2018
  IRS Seeks to Close Hedge-Fund Tax Loophole for Carried Interest on 02/03/2018
  Mifid Implementers run head first into GDPR on 02/03/2018
  FCA boss: Firms are prepared for ‘massive undertaking’ of Mifid II on 01/03/2018
  'Decentralized Hedge Funds' Ripe For Volatile Cryptocurrency Market on 01/03/2018
  St. Kitts' citizenship-by-investment demand jumps to 250% after new 50% slash in investment amount on 01/03/2018
  MIFID ‘Big Bang’ Dark Trading Caps to Impact Hundreds of Stocks on 28/02/2018
  Cyprus Passport Sales Revealed on 28/02/2018
  Singapore's Digital Tax Agenda: A matter of Time on 28/02/2018
  New IRS Task Force + Whistleblowers Could Mean Tougher International Tax Enforcement on 27/02/2018
  Jordan: Investors begin applying for citizenship one week after Cabinet decision on 27/02/2018
  Advisers urged not to underestimate new MiFID II costs and charges requirements on 27/02/2018
  OECD warns over interim moves to curb tax avoidance on 26/02/2018
  Internet giants could lose their offshore tax loophole on 26/02/2018
  Here's How Much Tax Reform Saved Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway on 26/02/2018
  Boost to Funds Industry as BVI Launches Innovative Limited Partnership Law on 20/02/2018
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