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  UK: HMRC took over £500 million from British taxpayers with offshore interests. on 01/10/2019
  UK: Britain's investment funds face scrutiny as Bank of England's Carney blasts liquidity 'lie'. on 01/10/2019
  UK: FinTech alliance to officially launch next week. on 07/06/2019
  UK: Government consults industry on insurance premium tax avoidance. on 06/06/2019
  UK: HMRC's employment status tool needs to be improved, says tax body. on 05/06/2019
  UK: The European Banking Authority leaves London. on 03/06/2019
  UK: Calls for tax breaks to be capped for wealthy. on 03/06/2019
  UK: Authorities target properties in corruption investigation on 31/05/2019
  UK: UK and territories are 'greatest enabler' of tax avoidance, study says. on 30/05/2019
  UK: Prosecutions top 1,000 as HMRC focuses on tax evasion by individuals. on 30/05/2019
  UK: One in three tax advisers unregulated by professional bodies. on 30/05/2019
  UK: Court 'discovery' decision may make it harder to obtain tax return certainty. on 24/05/2019
  UK: MPs criticise anti-money laundering bill as unenforceable. on 21/05/2019
  UK: HMRC wins two disguised remuneration cases. on 17/05/2019
  UK: HMRC toughens position on use of offshore trusts to avoid tax. on 17/05/2019
  UK: Companies House regime faces major overhaul to tackle tax evasion. on 10/05/2019
  UK: Government is currently considering major reform of the taxation of trusts. on 10/05/2019
  UK: HMRC makes reclaiming QROPS transfer charge easier. on 07/05/2019
  UK: United Kingdom outstrips other EU nations as top investment destination in Europe. on 03/05/2019
  UK: Government targets Limited Partnerships in money laundering clampdown. on 03/05/2019
  UK: More Tax Guidance Needed, Not Enforcement, Firms Say. on 02/05/2019
  UK: HMRC’s hi-tech system tracks down more tax evaders. on 02/05/2019
  UK: HMRC says tax underpaid by US-based multinationals up 35% from last year. on 25/04/2019
  UK: New offshore tax avoidance warning as data sharing starts. on 17/04/2019
  UK: FCA reveals 'large number' of money laundering investigations in pipeline. on 08/04/2019
  UK: Anti-tax avoidance scheme broke state aid rules, says EU. on 03/04/2019
  UK: HMRC wins £40 million battle against tax avoidance promoters. on 29/03/2019
  UK: Government details scale of loan scheme tax avoidance. on 26/03/2019
  UK: Offshore tax evasion clampdown produces 5.67m financial records. on 22/03/2019
  UK: Advisers risk 'sleepwalking' into criminal prosecution. on 22/03/2019
  UK: HMRC ramps up investigations on professional service companies suspected of tax evasion on 19/03/2019
  Amid Brexit turmoil, UK reassures overseas territories on 14/12/2018
  FATF: UK Crypto Exchanges Pose ‘Low’ Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing Risk on 13/12/2018
  UK scores top marks in anti-money laundering review on 07/12/2018
  Z/Yen Finance Center List Grows To 100 And Shows Asia Rising on 07/12/2018
  HMRC criticised for not pursuing tax ‘proportionately to circumstances’ on 05/12/2018
  UK Budget: Tax avoidance clampdown to raise £2bn over five years on 30/10/2018
  This Budget, I’m dreaming of a tax system fit for the future on 24/10/2018
  The Unexplained Wealth Order strikes again on 23/10/2018
  EU 'wants to control Britain's tax policies after Brexit to stop the UK becoming a low-tax economy' on 23/10/2018
  Hammond targets offshore gambling in Budget tax swoop on 22/10/2018
  Brexit: Cabinet meeting kicks off crucial 48 hours on 16/10/2018
  Brussels tees up new battle on tech, tax and Trump on 15/10/2018
  Challenging the UK’s imposition of public registers of beneficial ownership will be no easy task, says Cayman government lawyer. on 10/10/2018
  IMF: 'Dangerous undercurrents' threaten global economy on 10/10/2018
  New UK offshore tax evasion and avoidance measures on 05/10/2018
  May to rush final deal through in weeks to fight off Tory rebellion on 04/10/2018
  Chancellor warns over 'stalling' digital tax talks on 02/10/2018
  Theresa May promises to make UK ‘low tax haven of Europe’ on 26/09/2018
  Advocacy Group Says EU’s Tax Haven Blacklist Is Failing on 26/09/2018
  HMRC error may mean over-payment of tax by non-resident trustees on 21/09/2018
  Brexit: May urges EU leaders to consider 'serious' UK plans on 20/09/2018
  Public Owner Register Is ‘Sector Killer’ says Bahamas ex-attorney general on 20/09/2018
  Gibraltar represented at Liberal Democrat Conference on 18/09/2018
  Conflict between UK, Cayman over financial investigations on 17/09/2018
  London loses top spot to New York in financial survey due to Brexit on 13/09/2018
  Tory Attorney General faces questions after he objected to plans to make tax havens more transparent on 13/09/2018
  HMRC opens 27 new serious tax evasion cases on 03/09/2018
  Tax avoidance blocks celebrities from honours on 03/09/2018
  Boris Johnson: UK gets 'diddly squat' from May's Brexit plans on 03/09/2018
  Panasonic runs from Brexit Britain on tax haven fears on 30/08/2018
  May Vows Post-Brexit UK Will be Leading Investor in Africa on 28/08/2018
  Football Clubs ‘Somewhat Uncertain’ about Complying with UK Tax Obligations on 28/08/2018
  Brexit: Conservative anger at Philip Hammond's 'dodgy project fear' on 24/08/2018
  HMRC in fresh warning to overseas bank account holders on 24/08/2018
  Should BVI seek special powers to reject UK laws? on 24/08/2018
  Corbyn floats plan for windfall tax on tech firms to fund journalism on 23/08/2018
  Labour really has to understand that hypothecated taxes undermine the very logic of its own political reason for being on 23/08/2018
  London keeps its crown as world's top foreign exchange venue on 22/08/2018
  HMRC consults on AML supervision fees on 21/08/2018
  Director liability 'should only apply when insolvent company evaded tax' on 20/08/2018
  Standard Chartered chief warning over Brexit staff moves on 20/08/2018
  Hunt clarifies no-deal comments: UK 'would survive' on 17/08/2018
  UK taxman does Monaco roadshow in tax avoidance crackdown on 16/08/2018
  Britain Contemplates Online Retailer Tax on 16/08/2018
  Vistra concludes Deutsche Bank corporate services business acquisition on 16/08/2018
  Lord Lilly: If we leave the EU without a Brexit deal we could end up £40billion better off on 15/08/2018
  Tax warning for Brits with holiday homes or overseas bank accounts on 15/08/2018
  New split in Tory party as moderate Brexit group takes on Rees-Mogg's no-deal hardliners on 13/08/2018
  UK Real Property Beneficial Ownership Register – Draft Legislation Published on 10/08/2018
  Britain's wealthiest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe leaves the UK to move to Monaco on 09/08/2018
  'Computer Says No' to Jacob Rees-Mogg on Brexit on 09/08/2018
  Why unexplained wealth orders now have ‘extra-terrestrial powers’ on 09/08/2018
  Wetherspoon founder calls on leaders not to pay £39bn Brexit divorce bill on 08/08/2018
  Peter Hargreaves: Government hasn't got 'a clue' on Brexit on 07/08/2018
  Visiting UK MPs do not support the imposition of a public register of beneficial ownership across the BOTs on 07/08/2018
  Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue starts action against people hiding assets in UK on 07/08/2018
  Firms being 'left in the dark' on Brexit on 03/08/2018
  Amazon UK tax payment falls to £1.7m on 03/08/2018
  UK to Benefit from EU Transaction Tax After Brexit on 02/08/2018
  BVI hasn’t mentioned any public register legal challenge says UK minister on 02/08/2018
  HMRC warns it's time to declare offshore assets on 01/08/2018
  Bank of England urged to be more open about Brexit on 01/08/2018
  EU Split on Using Company Transparency Rules to Blacklist Tax Havens on 31/07/2018
  You won’t find a free lunch by clamping down on tax havens on 31/07/2018
  UK passes legislation, compelling offshore entities to reveal real owners of properties on 30/07/2018
  HMRC clarifies 'requirement to correct' penalties on 27/07/2018
  New crackdown on offshore tax avoiders on 24/07/2018
  Switzerland's UBS boosts profits but trade tensions dim future on 24/07/2018
  UK to adopt EU laws on combating terrorism and money laundering on 23/07/2018
  HMRC plans £3.2bn tax raid on contractors who used offshore avoidance schemes on 19/07/2018
  How the ‘unknown unknowns’ terrorise tax on 19/07/2018
  Parliamentary system could collapse with a no deal Brexit warns Remain MP on BBC on 18/07/2018
  China’s super-rich lead the way as applications for British millionaire visas surge on 16/07/2018
  Freelancers in tax avoidance schemes hit with bill for £1bn on 12/07/2018
  Figures reveal elite HMRC unit 'on the attack' on offshore assets on 11/07/2018
  Who is Dominic Raab, Britain's new Brexit minister? on 09/07/2018
  Tax agreement with the UK replaces 1955 version on 05/07/2018
  UK Partners with 4 Countries to Tackle International Tax Crime on 03/07/2018
  Brexit: Third customs model devised ahead of cabinet talks on 02/07/2018
  Offshore Tax Evaders Face Imprisonment and Enormous Fines on 29/06/2018
  'ARROGANCE' Rees-Mogg hits out at IMF chief Lagarde in Brexit row on 26/06/2018
  Major tax changes afoot for UK nationals living in Cyprus on 25/06/2018
  Why the Home Office is complicating investor visas on 01/06/2018
  UK: Information exchanges driving up serious tax evasion cases on 31/05/2018
  How tax can restore ‘generational fairness’ on 30/05/2018
  Why Meghan Markle’s tax affairs are now more complicated on 25/05/2018
  Ministers seek permission to use £400m fund frozen since 1928 on 23/05/2018
  UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs on 21/05/2018
  Requirement to correct rule – prompt action advised to avoid penalties on 17/05/2018
  UK: Concern about extension of time limits on offshore tax investigations on 16/05/2018
  UK second to Ireland in tax competitiveness but Brexit increases likelihood of businesses moving functions out of the UK on 15/05/2018
  Advance payments a ‘worrying erosion’ of taxpayer rights on 11/05/2018
  Algo Traders Warn U.K. Over MiFID II Rules on 09/05/2018
  Public Beneficial Ownership Registers: Steve McField Weighs in on Possible Cayman Vs UK Legal Challenge on 09/05/2018
  Brexit: How should the UK capitalize on its financial services? on 04/05/2018
  UK tax-haven move could have Irish business implications on 04/05/2018
  There’s nothing straightforward about the word ‘domicile’ on 04/05/2018
  The UK’s recent decision on public registries: ineffective, discriminatory and out of touch on 04/05/2018
  MPs to force Theresa May to take tougher action on money laundering on 26/04/2018
  Mifid II Rules Failing Investors, Warns City of London Veteran on 23/04/2018
  Mifid II author warns Brexit could undo years of financial reform on 18/04/2018
  Top rate tax now a bane for many more Britons on 09/04/2018
  UK Treasury Select Committee announces new offshore tax inquiry on 04/04/2018
  Brexit, one year to go: Time is running out for Theresa May to get a deal on 29/03/2018
  Public register of beneficial owners of UK real estate to go live in 2021 on 29/03/2018
  HMRC faces probe over tax collecting powers on 27/03/2018
  London remains on top of the world for global financial services says major report on 26/03/2018
  Britain’s EU partners agree terms for post-Brexit ties on 23/03/2018
  UK to Launch Cryptocurrency Task Force on 22/03/2018
  EU warned: Liam Fox confirms London will maintain 'global dominance' over financial sector on 22/03/2018
  Brexit Deal Too Late to Stop Some EU Firms from Moving Business on 20/03/2018
  Ireland's digital tax battle - OECD to the rescue on 19/03/2018
  British billionaires now worth £200 billion on 16/03/2018
  Could Jersey be the solution to Britain's Brexit trade deal with EU? on 15/03/2018
  David Davis accepts that the Brexit transition will end in December 2020 on 15/03/2018
  HMRC predicts £1.2bn tax windfall as offshore clampdown gets Royal nod on 15/03/2018
  Dubai Free Zone Pitching For UK Business on 13/03/2018
  Post-Brexit UK financial markets 'offer' for Gibraltar on 08/03/2018
  EU trade deal must include financial services, says Hammond on 07/03/2018
  IoM given Brexit assurance on 06/03/2018
  May's Brexit Speech Was Good and Changed Nothing on 05/03/2018
  Mifid Implementers run head first into GDPR on 02/03/2018
  Internet giants could lose their offshore tax loophole on 26/02/2018
  Jeremy Corbyn vows to curb City of London's power on 20/02/2018
  Surprise dip in tax from offshore-held property on 20/02/2018
  Divorcing couples may clash over Bitcoin on 19/02/2018
  Ukrainian mercenaries are using Scottish ‘tax haven’ firm as front on 16/02/2018
  How Christine Lagarde planned to use EU rules to force business from London to Paris — 7 years before Brexit on 14/02/2018
  London shares hit lowest level since 2016 on 06/02/2018
  Davos 2018: Bosses confident global growth will continue on 23/01/2018
  Luxembourg to advocate 'delegation' model post-Brexit: finance minister on 22/01/2018
  Macron to May: ‘Be my guest’ to Norway-model Brexit on 19/01/2018
  House of Lords rejects public beneficial ownership registers for six overseas territories on 19/01/2018
  Evercore shuts London trading desk weeks after start of Mifid II on 18/01/2018
  Hedge Funds are Buying Carillion Debt for Pennies on 18/01/2018
  Gina Miller threatens to sue FCA over its handling of Mifid II on 15/01/2018
  Fund managers seek Brexit tax assurances on 15/01/2018
  HMRC 'hit by Brexit and Paradise Papers' on 12/01/2018
  Brexit could see UK economy lose £54bn by 2030, Sadiq Khan's impact papers warn on 11/01/2018
  Daniel Hannan: Let's trade with the world, not just the EU on 08/01/2018
  UK ratifies the Multilateral Instrument on BEPS on 05/01/2018
  Launch of 'Mifid II' does not mean mission accomplished, City warned on 03/01/2018
  Time for financial PR to up its game now Mifid II has arrived on 03/01/2018
  Trump’s tax reform could spur us to build a British system fit for the economy of the future on 22/12/2017
  Gibraltar Covered in Brexit Transition, UK PM Says on 22/12/2017
  Hey EU, remember the spirit of Christmas on 21/12/2017
  EU says Brexit transition to end by 31 December 2020 on 20/12/2017
  Brexit: Theresa May claims new sense of optimism in talks on 11/12/2017
  UK could make £470m in post-Brexit cost savings on 04/12/2017
  Incoming Requirement to Correct rules - a potential breach of human rights on 01/12/2017
  A call for fairness on tax transparency on 01/12/2017
  Brexit: UK divorce bill offer worth up to 50bn euros on 29/11/2017
  UK banks could handle 'disorderly Brexit' on 28/11/2017
  Philip Hammond just declared war on tech firms like Amazon and Apple that avoid UK tax on 23/11/2017
  Time to lay off the rich on 22/11/2017
  HMRC Given New Powers against Tax Scheme Promoters on 21/11/2017
  Brexit secretary seeks transition deal 'early next year' on 15/11/2017
  Bloomberg says London will remain Europe's financial capital on 14/11/2017
  Theresa May to meet EU business leaders on 13/11/2017
  Asia shares slip on U.S. tax uncertainty, sterling falls on doubts over May on 13/11/2017
  Britain tries to water down EU anti-tax haven measures days after Paradise Papers revelations on 09/11/2017
  HMRC asks to see Paradise Paper leaks on 06/11/2017
  Jeremy Corbyn confronts Theresa May about private jet owners dodging tax in Isle of Man on 02/11/2017
  EU launches inquiry into UK offshore tax scheme on 02/11/2017
  Britain’s Taxman Wants to Make Money from MiFID on 01/11/2017
  What the City needs to know about Mifid II: The landmark legislation coming into force next year on 31/10/2017
  UK: When it comes to tax avoidance this Tory government is living on Mars on 30/10/2017
  Gibraltar: Garcia highlights value of stronger bond with the Commonwealth on 30/10/2017
  UK: Here's how much banks paid to the taxman over the last fiscal year on 26/10/2017
  EU to investigate UK tax loophole for multinationals on 26/10/2017
  Britain can’t prosper as a tax haven. It has to stop these hollow threats on 24/10/2017
  UK: Dividend payouts this year are on track for a record £94bn on 23/10/2017
  Jeremy Corbyn warns the UK should not become a tax haven after Brexit during Brussels visit on 20/10/2017
  Home Office ‘illegal migrant’ crackdown to threaten bank clients on 20/10/2017
  Theresa May to dine with EU chiefs amid Brexit 'deadlock' on 16/10/2017
  Brexit: EU 'to prepare' for future trade talks with UK on 13/10/2017
  Brexit: David Davis and Michel Barnier to sum up state of talks on 12/10/2017
  Tax Evasion – How Would You Plead? Guilty or Not Guilty? on 09/10/2017
  Standard Chartered faces investigation over $1.4 billion client transfer from tax haven, source says on 06/10/2017
  The Guardian view on taxing the digital economy: crunch time on 05/10/2017
  Hijacking Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency Is All the Rage on 05/10/2017
  How HMRC will know your personal affairs on 29/09/2017
  UK: It’s all fun and games, until Labour crashes the economy on 27/09/2017
  Interpreting double tax treaties in light of the BEPS multilateral instrument on 20/09/2017
  UK: Government set to crack down on tax perks for well-off investors on 20/09/2017
  EU Countries to Probe Brexit Effect on Financial Tax on 20/09/2017
  Fintech firm opens up 'elite' hedge funds for wealth managers on 19/09/2017
  London ranked world’s top financial centre despite Brexit on 14/09/2017
  Banking reform is 'unfinished business', warns Sir John Vickers on 13/09/2017
  Brexit: Theresa May accused by TUC of 'Santa wish list' on 11/09/2017
  Only one in a dozen of Scotland’s increasingly notorious “tax haven” shell firms has named a real person as its owner under new transparency rules. on 11/09/2017
  Is offshore a dirty word? on 08/09/2017
  UK government finalises guidance on new corporate 'failure to prevent' tax evasion offences on 08/09/2017
  Brexit hampered by Conservative division, says ex-minister on 08/09/2017
  No 10 seeks Brexit backing from business on 07/09/2017
  UK at centre of secret $3bn Azerbaijani money laundering and lobbying scheme on 05/09/2017
  UK:Tax paid by non-doms exceeds £9bn on 01/09/2017
  Deloitte passes PwC to become second-largest ‘Big Four’ firm on 01/09/2017
  Misleading Claims about Multi-National Corporate Tax Avoidance on 31/08/2017
  Isle of Man joins Commonwealth body in strategic Brexit move on 30/08/2017
  Countries to Exchange Account Information in September on 30/08/2017
  OSC charges offshore firms with unregistered trading on 29/08/2017
  Smallest Hedge Funds Will Be Quick to Drop Research Under MiFID on 29/08/2017
  Brexit: UK officials in Brussels for latest talks on 28/08/2017
  Swedish Prime Minister: Aggressive tax cuts from Britain threaten good relations on 28/08/2017
  British Virgin Islands: Put Your Tax Havens In Order, America on 25/08/2017
  Wealth managers risk fines over offshore asset warning letters on 24/08/2017
  Channel Island interests 'to be taken into account' during Brexit negotiations on 22/08/2017
  'Hard' Brexit offers '£135bn annual boost' to economy on 21/08/2017
  Hedge funds betting on stocks are having their best year since 2009 — but they're still getting smoked by the market on 21/08/2017
  The countries to target when investing offshore on 18/08/2017
  EC mulls four types of sanctions to target blacklist tax havens on 17/08/2017
  Estonia Welcomes Chance to Steer in EU Digital Tax Storm on 16/08/2017
  Brexit: UK suggests 'temporary customs union' with EU on 15/08/2017
  Hedge Funds Break Up With Long-Adored Apple and Facebook Shares on 15/08/2017
  UK: Tax Avoidance Crackdown Raises £30 Billion on 14/08/2017
  Jersey 'should have MP in Westminster' on 10/08/2017
  Alastair Darling reveals the 'most scary moment' of the financial crisis on 10/08/2017
  Ireland: Ibec calls for change as 80% of firms lack Brexit readiness on 07/08/2017
  Trump could have a winner with a 15% corporate tax on 07/08/2017
  Brexit gives us opportunities says UK Minister on 04/08/2017
  Is the UK Already the Kind of Tax Haven It Claims It Won't Be? on 02/08/2017
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  Britain will not become a tax haven after Brexit, Philip Hammond insists on 31/07/2017
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  These Five Countries Are Conduits For The World's Biggest Tax Havens on 27/07/2017
  The Netherlands is world’s biggest conduit to offshore tax havens: research on 25/07/2017
  Gibraltar raised in House of Lords debate on Crown Dependencies on 24/07/2017
  Cayman Islands: Financial Services Minister Holds Meetings in London on 20/07/2017
  We Don’t Need To Tolerate Tax Avoidance That Costs Britain Billions Every Year on 14/07/2017
  HMRC record £29bn haul as tax avoidance crackdown bites on 14/07/2017
  Recruitment advisers' tax scheme liquidated after HMRC asks questions on 11/07/2017
  The UK has led the charge for a fairer worldwide tax landscape on 10/07/2017
  Manchester mayor demands bigger Brexit role for English regions on 07/07/2017
  Spotlight On The EU Code Of Conduct Group on 04/07/2017
  OECD Lists One Tax Haven, Tax Justice Network Says ‘Nonsense!’ on 03/07/2017
  UK: New reporting rules to increase burden on thousands of trusts on 03/07/2017
  BVI firms hold $1.5T in assets, benefit global economy on 03/07/2017
  FERMA Calls For Consistent BEPS Rules For Captives on 30/06/2017
  Regulation must be 'appropriate,’ says advisory body chairman on 26/06/2017
  Business confidence on the up, Lloyds survey finds on 26/06/2017
  Brexit One Year On: Keep Calm and Hedge The Pound on 22/06/2017
  Macron Says Brexit Talks Difficult to Reverse as Schedule Agreed on 22/06/2017
  UK economy set to grow faster than expected this year, says Confederation of British Industry on 20/06/2017
  Barclays charged with fraud in Qatar case on 20/06/2017
  Final opportunity to correct offshore tax irregularities before tough new penalties on 16/06/2017
  Jersey will be ‘fully represented’ in Brexit talks on 15/06/2017
  Foreign investors snapping up London homes suitable for first-time buyers on 15/06/2017
  David Cameron vowed to crack down on offshore tax evasion – so why has it disappeared from the Tory manifesto? on 13/06/2017
  BEPS regime poses ‘collateral damage’ threat to AM industry – conference hears on 25/05/2017
  UK: Gold bullion disguised remuneration still marketed despite HMRC clampdown on 25/05/2017
  UK economy slows more than expected in first quarter of 2017 on 25/05/2017
  France to Berlin, Brussels: This time we’re serious on 23/05/2017
  UK leader commits to adviser clampdown over tax avoidance on 22/05/2017
  Brexit: Why bankers leaving London may not enjoy Luxembourg life on 22/05/2017
  OECD says new deal will help fight tax avoidance on 15/05/2017
  Gibraltar responds angrily to leaked report from Spanish Foreign Ministry on 04/05/2017
  BEPS focus drives global tax innovation on 03/05/2017
  Tax 'Lost' In Panama Papers Worth Up To EUR237bn For EU on 03/05/2017
  EU Brexit Guidelines Set Taxation Safeguards on 02/05/2017
  UK: Tax Hike For Offshore Pensions Slammed As Unfair on 02/05/2017
  Ireland: PAYE workers face penalties in offshore tax clampdown on 02/05/2017
  Chevron Loss in Australian Court May ‘Empower’ OECD Tax Reform on 27/04/2017
  UK Tax Practitioners Welcome Decision To Defer Tax Moves on 27/04/2017
  Deutsche Bank: 4,000 jobs at risk of being moved out of UK after Brexit on 27/04/2017
  Ireland: Revenue warns offshore assetholders not to avoid disclosure on 27/04/2017
  Canadian businesses pull billions out of tax havens on 27/04/2017
  UK: Newcastle United and West Ham raided in HMRC tax fraud investigation on 26/04/2017
  UK: May shelves tax raid on investors and non‑doms on 26/04/2017
  Cayman: Citizens in G-20 countries favor government cooperation over tax competition on 26/04/2017
  U.K. Said to Consider Scrapping Plan for Digital Tax System on 25/04/2017
  UK: HMRC penalties to net self-employed couriers and workers on 25/04/2017
  Trust Companies, Banks Should Be Main Haven Targets: EU Report on 25/04/2017
  Ireland could lose €4bn in revenue if EU tax plans go ahead, says Ibec on 24/04/2017
  Pakistan: JIT can’t use OECD channel to probe Sharif family assets on 24/04/2017
  UK: HMRC collects £943m through Accelerated Payment Notices on 21/04/2017
  Brexit knocks UK’s appeal as business destination in KPMG rankings on 20/04/2017
  Spectre of tax evasion haunts Swiss banks on 19/04/2017
  EU to Propose VAT Overhaul to Combat $63 Billion Fraud on 13/04/2017
  Germany sets out plan to tackle tax evasion on 13/04/2017
  Turning CRS uncertainty into opportunity on 13/04/2017
  European stocks firmer after mixed Asia session on 12/04/2017
  Tax Treaty Loophole Triggers Tax-Free Pension Cash on 11/04/2017
  EU Sets Sights on Tax Privileges in Special Economic Zones on 11/04/2017
  UK Tax Man Goes After Image Rights Tax Avoidance on 11/04/2017
  Pakistan: No law being enacted to give amnesty to offshore assets’ owners: FBR on 10/04/2017
  UK: AIG targets non-doms hit by inheritance tax change on 10/04/2017
  UK: NHS plans to borrow £10bn from hedge funds called 'desperate' by health campaigners on 10/04/2017
  Law society of Scotland under fire over tax haven firms on 07/04/2017
  OECD issues new tax guidance for automatic exchange of financial account information on 07/04/2017
  UK: Arrest in suspected £3.8m offshore tax fraud on 06/04/2017
  UK: HMRC’s patience runs out over unpaid tax avoidance bills on 05/04/2017
  American investors used secret Scottish ‘zero-tax’ firms in £6bn Formula One takeover on 05/04/2017
  Gibraltar says EU boss like 'cuckolded husband,' Spain bullying on 03/04/2017
  Swiss bank targeted in vast tax evasion probe on 03/04/2017
  Panama Papers boosts fight against tax evasion on 03/04/2017
  UK: Look beyond Brexit to find the real risks to the City’s dominance on 31/03/2017
  Lloyd’s of London chooses Brussels for post-Brexit EU hub on 31/03/2017
  UK launches tax evasion, laundering probe into unnamed global financial institution on 31/03/2017
  UK: HMRC fails to clamp down on tax evasion as avoidance plummets on 30/03/2017
  UK: The Tories want to turn Brexit Britain into a low wage tax haven – Corbyn on 30/03/2017
  UK: The government must move fast in Brexit talks to stop a City exodus on 29/03/2017
  French banks posted 'multi-billion euro profits' in tax havens on 28/03/2017
  Tax haven debate shows many people don't know the difference between a business and a company on 28/03/2017
  UK: QROPS Winners And Losers After Pensions Shake-Up on 27/03/2017
  China: HSBC to add 1,000 new jobs in Asian wealth business on 27/03/2017
  Cyprus-Malta: competition, cooperation on passports on 27/03/2017
  UK: RBS to close 150 branches and axe jobs in digital shift on 24/03/2017
  Finance no longer the enemy as bankers come in from the cold on 24/03/2017
  Fate of EU Financial Tax Hinges on Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia on 24/03/2017
  Gibraltar names date for Qrops test regulations to go live on 24/03/2017
  Think tanks give thumbs down to taxpayer rescue of failed banks on 23/03/2017
  Cayman Finance hosts seminar on new UK bill on 23/03/2017
  EU Lawmakers Visit IRS, Delaware as Tax Haven Concerns Mount on 22/03/2017
  Cabinet opposes new EU tax rules on 22/03/2017
  Indonesia’s tax amnesty nets $330bn, beats president’s target on 22/03/2017
  G20 ministers fail to agree on trade but maintain tax agenda on 22/03/2017
  Switzerland: UBS Rejects Settlement with France on 20/03/2017
  London lobbies for lower taxes to stop exit of financial services companies on 20/03/2017
  U.K.'s Corporate Tax Allure Outweighs Brexit Concerns, CEO Says on 16/03/2017
  EU: Panama Papers, PANA committee off to the USA on 16/03/2017
  The idea that London will be replaced as Europe’s financial centre is completely potty on 16/03/2017
  UK: Ultra-rich protect wealth with spread of 'family offices' on 16/03/2017
  UK: The new era of pension freedom is a boon to the Treasury on 15/03/2017
  UK: How AI could transform wealth management on 14/03/2017
  UK: Solicitors feel the pinch in spring budget on 13/03/2017
  UK: Budget 2017: changes to non dom rules effective 5 April on 10/03/2017
  UK: Post-BEPS tax regime getting more complex: KPMG's global head of tax on 09/03/2017
  UK: The Treasury is plotting an £820m tax avoidance crackdown on 09/03/2017
  Gibraltar: Spain government is greasing its anti-Brexit machinery on 09/03/2017
  UK: Budget 2017: New QROPS Tax Charge For Expats on 09/03/2017
  UK: HMRC issues guidance on tax avoidance penalties for partnerships on 08/03/2017
  USA: Hedge funds bracing for a market selloff on 08/03/2017
  AICPA wants Senate to get moving on tax treaties on 07/03/2017
  London Stock Exchange Warns on U.K. ‘Google Tax’ Charge on 07/03/2017
  UK: HMRC gets tough on finance directors at big firms on 06/03/2017
  UK: The state of play on tax evasion and avoidance on 03/03/2017
  Cayman: Premier to update UK on beneficial ownership on 02/03/2017
  UK should adopt Trump-style border tax, says former chancellor Lord Lawson on 01/03/2017
  It’s pure rubbish to claim a low tax, low regulation Britain would be a disaster on 01/03/2017
  UK: Estates over £1m face 1% ‘stealth tax’ as probate fees rise on 01/03/2017
  UK faces EU push on transparency of trusts on 28/02/2017
  UK: JPMorgan: Cutting corporation tax is 'no silver bullet for a hard Brexit' on 27/02/2017
  Cayman Islands vote could pull back veil of secrecy for businesses on 24/02/2017
  How France scrapping the euro could go beyond a ‘Lehman moment’ on 23/02/2017
  Ireland: Only 15 taxpayers voluntarily disclose undeclared offshore assets on 23/02/2017
  EU: Member states’ broad definition of tax havens raises concerns on 22/02/2017
  Denmark would not oppose Britain turning itself into tax haven on 22/02/2017
  U.K. Lawmakers Want More Transparency in Overseas Territories on 21/02/2017
  UK: These mystery 'tax haven' billboards are appearing in Birmingham on 20/02/2017
  Struggling European banks see light at end of low-rates tunnel on 17/02/2017
  EU Panama Papers Inquiry Chief Condemns U.K. No-Show on 16/02/2017
  International HNW Looking to Rent, Not Buy on 16/02/2017
  UK: HMRC crackdown nets £140m on 16/02/2017
  UK: QROPS online reporting to close in April on 15/02/2017
  UK: Offshore crackdown: a taxing time for the law? on 14/02/2017
  Top German regulator: London won’t stay EU financial services capital on 10/02/2017
  U.K. Becoming ‘Prime’ Tax Haven: EU Panama Inquiry Vice Chair on 10/02/2017
  Country: UK, Bank warns 'lax financial rules' are a route to failure on 09/02/2017
  Country: UK, Specialist HMRC fraud investigation unit pushes up tax recovery on 08/02/2017
  Country: UK. UK could lose 30,000 banking jobs after Brexit on 08/02/2017
  Country: UK, Bank of England's Forbes breaks ranks, says rates could rise soon on 08/02/2017
  Country: Bermuda, 'The UK is a tax haven' – Bermuda attacks plan to end financial secrecy on 07/02/2017
  Country: Cayman and UK, Cayman’s leaders in London for Brexit summit on 06/02/2017
  HMRC nets £2.6bn in corporate tax from big businesses on 02/02/2017
  Italy to set up task force to lure banks and businesses from the City to Milan on 02/02/2017
  Will the U.K.’s Non-Doms Ever Escape the Spotlight? on 01/02/2017
  The Irish model: How low should taxes go? on 31/01/2017
  Dublin, Frankfurt and New York emerging as Brexit winners on 31/01/2017
  The U.K.'s Threat to Weaponize Tax Is No Bluff on 23/01/2017
  Final Response to UK Non-Domiciliaries Consultation Published on 09/12/2016
  UK: Banks want to be subject to EU laws for five years in post-Brexit dea on 09/12/2016
  UK: Finance Bill 2017: Corporate tax reporting requirements ‘a burden’ on 07/12/2016
  QROPS Tax Overhaul Underway on 07/12/2016
  HMRC demands notification of ‘complex’ offshore financial arrangements on 06/12/2016
  UK: Finance sector 'paid £71.4bn in tax' on 06/12/2016
  UK ministers say listening closely to City of London's Brexit concerns on 05/12/2016
  UK: Banks at risk from post-Brexit property turbulence, BOE says on 02/12/2016
  Brexit 'may never happen', claims Polish foreign minister on 01/12/2016
  Gibraltar: Jolly sorry over ‘negative’ Gib comment on 01/12/2016
  UK: Disputed ‘transfer pricing’ tax up 60% to £3.8bn on 29/11/2016
  U.K. Should Extend Tax Offenses Bill to its Territories on 10/11/2016
  UK: Panama papers investigations launched on 09/11/2016
  Bank lobby hopes tax data will sway UK's stance in Brexit talks on 09/11/2016
  New Bank of England rules bring UK closer to ending taxpayer bailouts on 08/11/2016
  UK: Corporation tax is low enough already, don't cut it again, businesses say on 07/11/2016
  UK-Colombia double taxation agreement signed on 04/11/2016
  Swiss offer tough Brexit lessons for Britain's banks on 03/11/2016
  UK: ‘Clear’ tax avoidance guidance for advisers issued by institutes on 03/11/2016
  HMRC investigation aims to bring in £1.9bn in unpaid taxes from the UK's richest people on 01/11/2016
  BVI demanding a big say in Brexit talks on 01/11/2016
  Mark Carney likely to serve full term as Bank governor on 31/10/2016
  Bank of England's Carney faces up to pressure from prices and politics on 24/10/2016
  Frankfurt property in demand as London prepares for the loss of its financial centre on 24/10/2016
  Brexit: Government 'may have to slash corporation tax' to put pressure on EU in negotiations on 24/10/2016
  French ambassador says London's financial crown is now fair game for Paris on 21/10/2016
  RBS chairman warns that major banks plan to shift from London to the eurozone on 20/10/2016
  Is an Alliance of Non-EU Finance Hubs Taking Shape? on 14/10/2016
  UK: New HMRC proposals place tax lawyers between a rock and a hard place on 13/10/2016
  New York best placed to benefit from lost Cityof London business on 13/10/2016
  UK: City Financial services sector will get a seat at the Brexit negotiations table on 11/10/2016
  EU has ‘no problem’ with Ireland’s 12.5% corporation tax on 11/10/2016
  UK:The shock that will shift a nation’s business model on 10/10/2016
  Garrod: Brexit Could Bring Business To Bermuda on 06/10/2016
  May pledges action on ‘tax dodgers’ and corporate governance on 06/10/2016
  UK should lead charge on global anti-tax avoidance, CIPFA fringe told on 05/10/2016
  Study : 73% of Fortune 500 Companies Used Tax Havens in 2015 on 04/10/2016
  City firms keeping close eye on HMRC consultation on 03/10/2016
  London mayor launches​ ​​inquiry into foreign property​ ​ownership on 29/09/2016
  UK now seventh most competitive global economy on 28/09/2016
  EU may refuse to sign up to new banking rules on 27/09/2016
  UAE-UK hold joint conference on financial crimes on 27/09/2016
  UK: Directors Risk Action For Selling Companies To Avoid Tax on 26/09/2016
  UK: Tax raids up 28% on 26/09/2016
  UK:How developers are buying Norfolk land through offshore tax havens on 20/09/2016
  The rise of the corporate colossus threatens both competition and the legitimacy of business on 16/09/2016
  UK : Non-doms pay 10 times more in income tax than average taxpayer group on 15/09/2016
  High net worth’s new challenge: they're not rich enough for private banking on 13/09/2016
  UK : Billions in tax revenue risked by changing non-dom taxpayer rules on 12/09/2016
  HMRC opens the Worldwide Disclosure Facility on 07/09/2016
  Multinationals to publicly declare profits and tax on country by country basis on 07/09/2016
  London to remain world leader post Brexit on 07/09/2016
  UK think-tanks says corporation tax should be abolished on 02/09/2016
  Concern over Brexit in vulnerable Commonwealth states on 30/08/2016
  HMRC proposes swingeing new sanctions to combat tax evasion on 25/08/2016
  UK to alter inheritance tax rules on non-doms on 23/08/2016
  Sweden warns UK against aggressive tax cuts amid Brexit talks on 22/08/2016
  UK financial sector targets Swiss-style deal for EU market access on 19/08/2016
  Experts urge clarity on UK rules on 'enabling' tax avoidance on 19/08/2016
  KPMG: 'what was seen as acceptable behaviour is no longer regarded as appropriate' on 18/08/2016
  Britain targets financial advisers with new tax-avoidance fines on 17/08/2016
  Fund prices could rise with loss of EU rights on 16/08/2016
  Indian court clarifies on the India-UK tax treaty benefit using MFN clause on 16/08/2016
  Some shell companies sidestep new UK transparency rules on 15/08/2016
  Northern Ireland: Christian Aid 'thrilled' with new anti-tax dodging legislation on 10/08/2016
  City Of London seeks continued access to EU single market on 08/08/2016
  UK legislators criticise “sticking plaster” OECD tax avoidance reforms on 04/08/2016
  Global M&A to remain sluggish until UK decides on EU exit plan – survey on 03/08/2016
  With UK out, renewed push for common EU tax base on 02/08/2016
  CIOT: New UK anti-evasion criminal offenses may not work on 01/08/2016
  Corporation tax cut to cost Northern Ireland £500m on 29/07/2016
  BVI Premier wants fresh look at relations with UK on 26/07/2016
  UK: May pledges to curb use of tax havens on 26/07/2016
  Think Tank calls for UK to do away with corporation tax entirely on 22/07/2016
  Bermuda ‘stronger than some’ on Brexit on 22/07/2016
  Threat to Irish FDI as UK urged to cut its corporation tax to zero on 21/07/2016
  UK seeks to ratify tax treaties with Uruguay, UAE on 20/07/2016
  EU regulator backs overseas-fund access in Brexit boost for UK on 20/07/2016
  Lord Hill plans EU cross-border investment legacy on 15/07/2016
  Investors will shun Europe's 'golden visas' after Brexit, claims Arton Capital on 14/07/2016
  NI could slash corporation tax further post-Brexit on 07/07/2016
  UK's lower corporate tax unlikely to affect Singapore on 07/07/2016
  UK business minister calls for corporate, personal tax cuts on 06/07/2016
  No Brexit risk for global rich says citizenship expert Chris Kalin on 06/07/2016
  Tax Brits globally to stop scandals, says City standards group on 06/07/2016
  Economy minister denies Brexit will harm Malta’s tax harmonisation stance on 05/07/2016
  UK to set new corporation tax below 15% on 04/07/2016
  ‘Texit’ fears as UK tech firms eye move to Ireland on 30/06/2016
  NI Corporation tax: UK Treasury will not waive cut cost, says Villiers on 30/06/2016
  Malta could position itself as alternative for UK operators on 30/06/2016
  QROPS: Brexit to fuel demand for overseas pension transfers on 29/06/2016
  Malta could be UK’s gateway to Europe – Muscat on 27/06/2016
  Britain's financial sector reels after Brexit bombshell on 24/06/2016
  Corbyn: Clamp down on Crown ‘tax havens’ on 23/06/2016
  Big investors hit out at EU over retail fund rules on 20/06/2016
  Jersey's financial services could suffer if Britain leaves EU on 20/06/2016
  Isle of Man fears loss of trade links with EU in event of Brexit on 20/06/2016
  UK To close property developer offshore tax loophole on 15/06/2016
  UK tax official sees no substitute for transfer pricing on 10/06/2016
  HMRC investigations into transfer pricing down 15% on 07/06/2016
  HMRC claim it is winning the battle to crackdown on corporation tax on 06/06/2016
  Demand falls for investor visas to UK on 03/06/2016
  Algeria and UK agree tax treaty on 01/06/2016
  Ireland more competitive than the UK, global report shows on 31/05/2016
  Listed UK hedge funds lose two-thirds of their assets on 23/05/2016
  UK chancellor backs Cayman’s position on beneficial ownership on 20/05/2016
  Cayman hasn’t committed to automatic sharing of ownership data on 17/05/2016
  Wheatley tells BBC: BVI won’t budge on Beneficial Ownership until all countries do on 17/05/2016
  Prime minister casts doubt on whether United States can be part of ‘coalition of the committed’ against corruption on 13/05/2016
  UK has one of lowest corporation tax rates among major economies, research finds on 11/05/2016
  Overseas territories resist calls for concessions to end tax secrecy on 10/05/2016
  Leading academic questions effectiveness of UK-style central registry on 04/05/2016
  UK-Cayman beneficial ownership deal more secure than register on 03/05/2016
  Dunkley defends Bermuda in letter to Corbyn on 29/04/2016
  UK accountancy watchdog issues final draft of guidance for auditors ahead of EU legislation on 28/04/2016
  More nations and territories sign up to tax transparency scheme on 26/04/2016
  Isle of Man: Chief promises more on tax transparency on 19/04/2016
  Isle of Man: Bell signs deal on company ownership on 15/04/2016
  HMRC raises extra £489m through SME crackdown on 13/04/2016
  UAE, UK sign double tax avoidance pact on 13/04/2016
  BVI committed to international standards on tax and transparency on 13/04/2016
  Cameron introduces new tax transparency rules on 12/04/2016
  UK banks told to report on Panama papers links on 11/04/2016
  Fund industry to pay £54.4m for FCA budget on 06/04/2016
  FCA writes to firms over Panama Papers disclosure on 06/04/2016
  QROPS flexible access ignored again by Osborne on 04/04/2016
  Brexit ‘will negate Northern Ireland's corporation tax advantage' on 01/04/2016
  UK legislates for 2016 budget tax changes on 29/03/2016
  Isle of Man UK DTA loophole closed on 22/03/2016
  OBR slashes HMRC Crown Dependencies target by £750m on 22/03/2016
  Isle of Man: New agreement reached with UK over tax revenue on 16/03/2016
  Solvency II costs 'outrageous' on 11/03/2016
  Corporation tax: Cost of lowering Northern Ireland's rate 'may be lower than thought' on 09/03/2016
  Trusts face tougher listing requirements on 08/03/2016
  UK: Tax code needs simplification on 08/03/2016
  Cayman Finance welcomes CIG/UK beneficial ownership meeting on 07/03/2016
  Tax agreement between United Kingdom and Uruguay on 07/03/2016
  HMRC sees surge in returns after tax squeeze on UK HNWIs on 07/03/2016
  London seeks insurance-linked securities business on 02/03/2016
  UK tops global table of damaging tax deals with developing countries on 24/02/2016
  UK-EU deal preserves Britain's leeway on market regulations on 24/02/2016
  UK financial regulator monitors development of blockchain technology on 24/02/2016
  Bank of England weighs Shariah-compliant facilities on 19/02/2016
  Financial services productivity held back by over-regulation – ONS on 19/02/2016
  ICAEW: UK Government not doing enough to simplify tax code on 17/02/2016
  UK consultation on tax and domicile changes on 15/02/2016
  UK: Vickers warns over weaker bank safety buffers on 15/02/2016
  HSBC keeps headquarters in London, rejects Hong Kong move on 15/02/2016
  BoE's Cunliffe does not expect UK to join EU banking union on 12/02/2016
  Google boss: International tax laws should be rewritten on 11/02/2016
  FCA under pressure to crack down on closet trackers on 11/02/2016
  HMRC agrees new DOTAS IHT hallmark 'too broad' on 10/02/2016
  Westminster and Brussels raise the heat on corporate tax avoidance on 10/02/2016
  UK fears that rules harm insurance competition on 08/02/2016
  BEPS project's toughest challenge on the horizon: ACCA on 05/02/2016
  New UK fund vehicle to challenge Cayman, Ireland and Luxembourg on 04/02/2016
  FCA issues handbook changes on UCITS V implementation on 04/02/2016
  UK regulators fine insurers 19 million pounds over failures on 02/02/2016
  Britain complains about EU blacklist on 01/02/2016
  EU ready to scrutinise UK Google tax deal in avoidance crackdown on 29/01/2016
  OECD deal on corporate tax avoidance signed by 31 nations on 28/01/2016
  UK Treasury committee to investigate BEPS on 28/01/2016
  Treasury Select Committee to review UK tax policy on 26/01/2016
  A Hong Kong move unlikely to slash HSBC tax bill on 25/01/2016
  Google to pay less tax in Ireland on British profits after deal on 25/01/2016
  UK: Financial services profits stronger than expected on 19/01/2016
  UK: Prudential to make first move on new capital rules on 18/01/2016
  HMRC chief: HSBC Swiss tax prosecutions 'unlikely' on 14/01/2016
  UK Financial regulator FCA denies 'going soft' on banks on 11/01/2016
  Northern Ireland signs MoU on setting corporation tax rate on 11/01/2016
  MPs to quiz FCA heads on ditching banks probe on 08/01/2016
  UK entrepreneurs set to liquidate companies over tax rule changes on 07/01/2016
  UK bankers say EU has helped London financial center thrive on 07/01/2016
  Crown Dependencies tax disclosure facility 'down 20 per cent' on 05/01/2016
  HMRC hails success of tax avoidance clampdown on UK banks on 05/01/2016
  FCA scraps banking and insurance probes on 04/01/2016
  Insurers struggling to meet policyholder guarantees on 15/12/2015
  HSBC Jersey clients quizzed by HMRC on 11/12/2015
  EU financial transaction tax on life support on 09/12/2015
  Bank of England approves 19 insurers' solvency II models for capital ratios ahead of EU 2016 rules on 07/12/2015
  BoE warns insurers on temptations of tapping reserves on 03/12/2015
  UK government amends view on DTA residence articles on 02/12/2015
  UK: HMRC to be given new powers to demand personal financial details from Bermuda on 01/12/2015
  Bank of England warns banks will need to hold extra capital on 01/12/2015
  UK government issues disclosure facility deadline reminder on 01/12/2015
  Cayman Islands reject Cameron’s tax offensive on 30/11/2015
  UK escalates beneficial ownership demands on 27/11/2015
  UK, US differ on approaches to implement BEPS on 24/11/2015
  Extra corporate tax collected from largest companies falls 13 per cent on 23/11/2015
  UK parliamentary group seeking views on BEPS project on 23/11/2015
  UK competitiveness being eroded, bankers warn on 19/11/2015
  Pension reform, not EU capital rules, will influence insurer HQs - BoE's Bailey on 18/11/2015
  HMRC investigations prompt use of Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility on 18/11/2015
  HMRC updates overseas pension scheme list on 17/11/2015
  Regulators should not give in to banks’ lobbying, says Tyrie on 17/11/2015
  British Bankers' Association: London is losing its edge as a financial centre on 13/11/2015
  Osborne wants London to be ‘global centre for fintech’ on 12/11/2015
  UK: Policymakers urged to repair regulatory damage and promote City on 11/11/2015
  Shippers call for EU to stop interfering with global regulations and to focus on the single market on 10/11/2015
  Leading MP urges UK competition watchdog to review new bank tax on 06/11/2015
  HMRC failing taxpayers, MPs say on 06/11/2015
  UK insurers' solvency models must stay fit for purpose – BOE on 04/11/2015
  UK: HMRC slammed in report over wealthy tax avoiders on 04/11/2015
  UK financial regulation eases for senior managers on 29/10/2015
  HSBC shifts derivatives trading out of London to cut costs on 29/10/2015
  Credit Suisse boss delivers blow to costly London on 27/10/2015
  UK: no climb down on challenger bank tax on 27/10/2015
  Finance watchdogs need to end roller coaster rulemaking on 23/10/2015
  New UK bank rules not watered down - Bank of England's Bailey on 21/10/2015
  Caribbean likely to suffer collateral damage from tax crackdown on 19/10/2015
  UK Treasury extends accountability rules across finance sector on 16/10/2015
  London unlikely to capture catastrophe bond market: report on 15/10/2015
  UK softens demands on senior bankers, widens scope of regulation on 15/10/2015
  New City Initiative warns regulation is destroying competition on 13/10/2015
  UK consults on non-dom tax reforms on 08/10/2015
  UK FCA introduces new rules to boost financial whistleblowing on 07/10/2015
  George Osborne’s non-doms tax plan excludes offshore trusts on 01/10/2015
  David Cameron says not enough is being done to tackle tax evasion in Overseas Territories on 01/10/2015
  UK banks push back against government ringfencing reforms on 28/09/2015
  US signs tax pacts with UK and Australia on 25/09/2015
  London passes New York as top financial centre in GFCI18 on 24/09/2015
  HMRC clarifies inheritance tax changes on 24/09/2015
  New accounting rules to challenge banking industry - ECB's Nouy on 22/09/2015
  UK banks brace for tax showdown on 21/09/2015
  HMRC updates overseas pension scheme list on 16/09/2015
  UK Revenue & Customs 'winding down' inquiries into HSBC Swiss tax evaders on 10/09/2015
  Regulators risk causing unnecessary pain to investment banks on 08/09/2015
  Big UK companies halve provisions for disputed tax bills on 07/09/2015
  UK seems to relax pressure on Caymans over company register on 03/09/2015
  HMRC reintroduces Australian fund to Rops list on 02/09/2015
  Ucits funds must not escape EU disclosure push – UK FSC panel on 26/08/2015
  UK sets sights on large-scale tax dodgers on 24/08/2015
  UK: Tyrie warns Osborne against new bank surcharge on 20/08/2015
  Tax expert warns Liechtenstein disclosure facility replacement will be tougher on 19/08/2015
  IFAs urged to act amid UK government concerns about regulatory costs on 17/08/2015
  Tax authorities urged to be more vigilant over the super-rich on 14/08/2015
  Britain's non dom crackdown could affect UAE expatriates on 13/08/2015
  Indian HNWI's may face UK’s inheritance tax bill on 13/08/2015
  Bank of England to look more closely at costs of financial regulation on 12/08/2015
  Regulatory burden making UK less competitive on 10/08/2015
  UK treasury takes action to close Qrops loophole on 06/08/2015
  Treasury admits currently pensioners can beat transfer ban on 05/08/2015
  IoD: UK Govt should better promote investment tax reliefs on 03/08/2015
  UK financial groups face watchdog antitrust investigation on 03/08/2015
  Firms see overseas pension referrals jump due to concerns on 31/07/2015
  Overseas Territories leaders prepare for UK meeting on 30/07/2015
  'Unprecedented' regulatory burden for UK's fund giants on 29/07/2015
  Crown Dependency tax disclosure facilities yield 'surprisingly low' returns for HMRC on 28/07/2015
  UK: Dispute breaks out over non-dom double taxation on 24/07/2015
  UK: ‘Naming and shaming’ threat for wealthy tax avoiders on 24/07/2015
  HMRC claims victory against £29 million tax avoidance scheme on 24/07/2015
  UK consults to provide insurance Tier 1 tax clarity on 23/07/2015
  George Osborne: we will not backtrack on ring fence rules on 23/07/2015
  NCI warns Mifid II could force out boutique asset managers on 20/07/2015
  UK to introduce tougher regime on tax evasion on 20/07/2015
  UK Budget – double edged sword for IoM on 17/07/2015
  UK steps up efforts to help new banks, rejects tax critics on 17/07/2015
  Expats keep the faith in offshore banks despite poor rewards on 17/07/2015
  Carney says UK taxpayers still on the hook for bank failures on 16/07/2015
  UK: Private equity managers to fork out £1.8bn more in tax as loophole is tightened on 16/07/2015
  Dividend rules change to hit 700,000 taxpayers on 16/07/2015
  Battle over online gambling tax referred to Europe on 15/07/2015
  UK: Hedge funds hit back at carried interest claim on 15/07/2015
  UK: Bank levy could hit ‘challenger’ banks hard on 14/07/2015
  HMRC update QROPS list on 14/07/2015
  UK Budget 2015: new bank tax is flawed, warns IFS on 10/07/2015
  UK Budget 2015: Permanent non-dom tax status to end on 09/07/2015
  UK Budget 2015: Government targets offshore schemes and ‘aggressive tax planning’ on 09/07/2015
  Qrops crackdown sees offshore pension options dwindle for expats on 08/07/2015
  Fears mount HMRC will cull Canadian Qrops next on 07/07/2015
  UK bankers call for Budget rethink on levy on 06/07/2015
  UK: Institute of Directors urges Osborne to reform tax system on 06/07/2015
  HMRC cuts thousands of overseas schemes from recognised QROPS list on 02/07/2015
  QROPS: HMRC deems Australian superfunds non-compliant on 30/06/2015
  UK’s slimmer banks slip down global league table on 30/06/2015
  HMRC gives penalty tax exemption to overseas scheme on 26/06/2015
  Manager turnover speeds up at investment companies on 23/06/2015
  UK bankers more likely to misbehave under pressure, PwC says on 22/06/2015
  FCA asks for examples of regulation stifling innovation on 19/06/2015
  Providers scramble to comply with Qrops clampdown on 17/06/2015
  Fallout continues as Irish Qrops pull out of market on 11/06/2015
  HSBC to weigh up UK and Hong Kong regulatory regimes on 09/06/2015
  Rise in FTSE 100 companies disclosing UK tax information on 08/06/2015
  Fund advisers demand charges standard on 08/06/2015
  First Australian pension scheme falls off HMRC list on 04/06/2015
  UK banks fight back against EU bonus cap extension on 04/06/2015
  UK financial system needs urgent overhaul, says thinktank on 02/06/2015
  London sets up catastrophe bond task force on 27/05/2015
  UK corporation tax take from banks slumps despite profit rebound – study on 27/05/2015
  France challenges proposed British exemption to EU banking reform on 22/05/2015
  Financial services sees rise in litigation on 22/05/2015
  UK ‘non-doms’ urged to step up offshore tax plans on 20/05/2015
  HMRC ramps up tax avoidance crackdown programme on 20/05/2015
  Tough issues raised by US split from UK, Canada over FATCA on 19/05/2015
  Little has changed in banking, says UK whistleblower on 18/05/2015
  Guernsey funds facilitate £25 billion of inward investment to the UK from global investors on 13/05/2015
  Tories aim to raise extra £5bn a year in tax avoidance clampdown on 11/05/2015
  India: No information on black money a/c provided by Switzerland: FM Arun Jaitley on 06/05/2015
  HMRC faces legal challenge over HSBC tax amnesty on 01/05/2015
  Guernsey QROPS locked out of flexible access on 30/04/2015
  HSBC must weigh up UK and Hong Kong regulatory regimes on 29/04/2015
  Hedge funds short UK asset managers on 28/04/2015
  US, UK funds approach India on MAT citing OECD on 24/04/2015
  UK: Accountant warns of disclosure facilities early closure on 23/04/2015
  HMRC toughens overseas pension warnings on 21/04/2015
  Britain's bank tax jump threatens to push banks to new home on 20/04/2015
  Parties form consensus on tax avoidance crackdown on 20/04/2015
  UK: Benefits of Basel III regulation shown by recent adoption rates on 14/04/2015
  Asset managers under threat as regulation mounts on 14/04/2015
  UK: Labour to crack down on private equity managers on 13/04/2015
  UK Treasury urges Bank of England to advocate time stamps for forex trades on 08/04/2015
  UK: Miliband to scrap non-dom status on 08/04/2015
  BVI resists UK pressure for company register on 02/04/2015
  UK banks braced for regulatory onslaught on 02/04/2015
  Offshore centers told to make central register on 30/03/2015
  UK financial services industry 'optimistic about future' on 30/03/2015
  Ex-pat savers to be barred from pension freedoms on 27/03/2015
  MPs slam financial watchdog over insurance debacle on 27/03/2015
  UK joins international crackdown on digital tax avoiders on 26/03/2015
  UK financial watchdog plans scrutiny of dark pools, bank culture on 25/03/2015
  HMRC issues almost 500 foreign requests on 24/03/2015
  FCA increases funding by £35m for 2015/16 on 24/03/2015
  Gibraltar betting industry renews court bid to reverse UK tax regime on 23/03/2015
  Treasury rejects regulation clamp on UK tax advisers on 20/03/2015
  HSBC declines to comment on Manx accounts on 20/03/2015
  High regulatory costs here to stay, senior figures warn on 20/03/2015
  UK Budget 2015: Plan to turn London into cat bond centre on 19/03/2015
  UK Budget 2015: 'Google Tax' introduction confirmed on 19/03/2015
  HSBC closing Britons' Jersey accounts amid ID checks on 18/03/2015
  Bankers to face new fitness test under FCA rules on 16/03/2015
  Doha poised to develop Islamic finance in the UK on 13/03/2015
  UK targets 'high risk' tax scheme promoters on 11/03/2015
  Number of ultra-rich swells to almost 173,000 on 05/03/2015
  UK wins in European Central Bank court challenge on 05/03/2015
  UK: Tyrie demands FCA settlements are scrutinised on 04/03/2015
  UK retreat from investment banking gathers pace on 04/03/2015
  CBI says money laundering rules hurt UK trade on 02/03/2015
  Britain to lead the world in Islamic finance on 26/02/2015
  Mauritius: Government to relentlessly fight fraud, corruption and financial crime, says PM on 26/02/2015
  HMRC authorized by France to share Swiss data on 26/02/2015
  UK regulators narrow senior managers regime on 24/02/2015
  UK: Firms to face tax dodge crackdown on 23/02/2015
  Business divided over FCA banking review on 20/02/2015
  FCA to investigate investment and corporate banking on 19/02/2015
  Concern raised on offshore pension transfers post-April on 17/02/2015
  UK banking security rules frustrate foreign investors on 16/02/2015
  Corporation tax rates set to rise for British businesses as MEPs work to standardise on 13/02/2015
  Turks & Caicos responds to Miliband’s letter on 13/02/2015
  MPs: FCA bank regulation is still 'weak' on 11/02/2015
  Isle of Man hits back after Ed Miliband tax warning on 11/02/2015
  Carney urges the G20 to implement banking reforms on 10/02/2015
  Ed Miliband and George Osborne clash over tax haven laws on 09/02/2015
  MPs demand state regulation of tax advice industry on 06/02/2015
  UK lawmakers backs EU financial reforms on 02/02/2015
  UK, Singapore welcome deeper cooperation in first financial dialogue on 29/01/2015
  DIFC to expand cooperation with City of London on 28/01/2015
  London enjoys AIFMD passporting benefits in Europe on 27/01/2015
  UK: Taxman’s hard line against wealthy yields extra £137m on 26/01/2015
  Bank of England says insurers are ready for new capital rules on 23/01/2015
  UK: FCA defends retrospective regulation claims on 23/01/2015
  US and UK to coordinate on financial services cyber security testing on 20/01/2015
  UK financial services industry records fastest growth in nearly 20 years on 19/01/2015
  Overseas territories snub Cameron on tax register on 16/01/2015
  HMRC's enforcement activities 'increasingly efficient' on 16/01/2015
  US and UK regulators set out market objectives for 2015 on 15/01/2015
  UK: Cameron’s team pledging to cut inheritance tax on 12/01/2015
  UK parliamentary hearing held on BEPS response on 09/01/2015
  Irish cross-border tax competition to heat up on 09/01/2015
  UK government wants insurance sector to thrive on 09/01/2015
  Fears of brain drain at Bank of England's PRA as staff leave on 05/01/2015
  UK publishes DPT draft legislation on 18/12/2014
  US business attacks proposed UK diverted profits tax on 17/12/2014
  Industry grapples with Mifid II changes on 15/12/2014
  UK territories unite against public company registry on 11/12/2014
  UK regulation damages competitiveness on 10/12/2014
  UK ‘Google tax’ will hit multinationals on 10/12/2014
  HMRC changes its stance on pension schemes and VAT following EU court ruling on 05/12/2014
  UK tax avoidance crackdown 'futile' claims former City Minister on 04/12/2014
  FTSE 350 prefer Ireland to UK as top tax regime on 02/12/2014
  UK gambling tax regime rules overhauled on 02/12/2014
  Cayman and UK government work to implement shared vision on 28/11/2014
  UK regulator consults on changes for Solvency II firms on 27/11/2014
  UK Tax crackdown: perfect storm brewing for undeclared offshore assets on 26/11/2014
  George Osborne backs down over EU cap on bankers’ bonuses on 21/11/2014
  HMRC: Tax clampdown 'unacceptably slow' on 18/11/2014
  UK: Top 3,000 earners pay more tax than bottom nine million on 17/11/2014
  UK agrees with Germany to limit patent box regime on 13/11/2014
  Investors find a warmer welcome in Europe on 10/11/2014
  Britain’s Islamic finance market widens on 03/11/2014
  Bank of England set to impose higher leverage ratio on banks – sources on 29/10/2014
  Bank of England says 'anything goes' attitude in finance must end on 28/10/2014
  UK shell company law will be easy to sidestep, MPs warn on 27/10/2014
  UK dream of becoming Islamic Hub needs corporate assist on 20/10/2014
  Investment funds will come under new regulatory focus – Carney on 13/10/2014
  UK to clamp down on hybrid mismatch arrangements on 08/10/2014
  Gibraltar: UK e-gaming tax decision delayed on 08/10/2014
  Banks under pressure on UK ringfencing plans on 07/10/2014
  Fatca to catch trust companies and trustees according to Faust on 03/10/2014
  UK now main rival to Swiss private banks on 03/10/2014
  IMA welcomes OECD rethink on funds tax changes on 03/10/2014
  New York and London vie for crown of world’s top financial centre on 02/10/2014
  IMF warning over shadow banking risks on 02/10/2014
  Cameron criticises Ireland's tax regime for multinationals on 30/09/2014
  Osborne plans crackdown on tech groups with new anti-avoidance rules on 30/09/2014
  George Osborne to cut 55% pension 'death tax' on 29/09/2014
  Mark Carney: Bank of England will get tough on the insurance industry on 26/09/2014
  New UK regulatory team to track funds to protect investors on 25/09/2014
  HMRC consults over Qrops tax status on 25/09/2014
  FSB sees little evidence of reforms hitting finance on 18/09/2014
  Bank of England takes a closer look at bitcoin potential on 12/09/2014
  New Latvia QROPS are a surprise package on 11/09/2014
  UK tax agent requirement waived for Gibraltar, IoM gaming firms on 10/09/2014
  Law firms scrutinised in anti-money laundering push on 08/09/2014
  UK FCA withdraws ‘high risk’ country list on 08/09/2014
  Insurers attack Bank of England over capital rules on 04/09/2014
  UK FS industry warms to cloud but security concerns remain on 03/09/2014
  Swiss complete tax payments to Britain and Austria on 02/09/2014
  HMRC strikes tax deal with the Seychelles on 29/08/2014
  HMRC consults on strict liability tax penalties on 26/08/2014
  FCA acts on complaints over retrospective regulation on 22/08/2014
  Cayman included on FCA high-risk list on 21/08/2014
  UK government looks to make offshore tax evasion a criminal offence on 19/08/2014
  Bermuda amends UK FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement on 19/08/2014
  Inheritance tax: 'Pay up before you die' plan to combat avoidance on 15/08/2014
  George Osborne unveils UK Plans to explore Bitcoin on 15/08/2014
  Expat tax changes to trigger rise in Qrops demand on 13/08/2014
  Clients could face jail over disclosure facilities on 13/08/2014
  CIOT concerned about double tax on non-dom loans on 12/08/2014
  FCA receives over 1,000 overseas assistance requests on 12/08/2014
  Regulation transforms UK wealth management business on 12/08/2014
  Jersey to oust abusive UK tax scheme promoters on 07/08/2014
  AIFMD rules fuel offshore fund boom on 06/08/2014
  Britain eyes regulation for virtual currencies on 06/08/2014
  UK House of Lords pushes FCA to tackle HFT on 05/08/2014
  UK banks step up opposition to new EU financial services tsar on 04/08/2014
  Former Treasury minister criticises new AIFMD rules on 30/07/2014
  Bankers braced for Bank of England crackdown on 30/07/2014
  Google pays £21.6m tax in UK, where revenues are US$5.6bn on 25/07/2014
  UK Gambling Act to shake up global igambling market on 25/07/2014
  Lords to study impact of EU regulation since crisis on UK on 22/07/2014
  HMRC recovers £135m from Swiss banking clients on 17/07/2014
  HMRC publishes list of tax avoidance schemes on 16/07/2014
  Fund groups 'not proactive enough' as AIFMD deadline looms on 15/07/2014
  UK, India to partner on tackling tax evasion on 15/07/2014
  ‘Tsunami’ of lawsuits after crackdown creates £5bn tax bill on 10/07/2014
  UK insurers criticise EU's insurance Solvency II regulation on 09/07/2014
  UK and ECB set to clash in court over clearing houses on 09/07/2014
  FCA’s new mandate could be ‘very expensive’ for firms on 09/07/2014
  US high-speed firms granted FCA approval on 04/07/2014
  China to set yuan clearing banks in Luxembourg, Paris on 30/06/2014
  UK banks urge government to counter EU influence threat on 26/06/2014
  UK Treasury jostles for position on Islamic finance map on 24/06/2014
  Cayman issues FATCA guidance notes, awaits industry feedback on 20/06/2014
  UK delegation promotes beneficial ownership registry in Cayman on 19/06/2014
  FCA demands ‘mountains of detail’ in disclosure tool on 19/06/2014
  UK deploying Swiss disclosure facility data on 19/06/2014
  UK’s debut sukuk unlikely to buoy Islamic banking on 18/06/2014
  DFSA signs MoU with UK financial regulator on 17/06/2014
  Vickers reforms fall foul of EU lawyers on 17/06/2014
  UK to be first non-Muslim nation to issue sukuk on 13/06/2014
  George Osborne to reject EU banker law for tougher UK rules on 12/06/2014
  Private client community divided by public disclosure plans on 11/06/2014
  Guernsey seeks equal rules on beneficial ownership disclosure on 10/06/2014
  UK inheritance tax drive 'could drive elderly overseas' on 09/06/2014
  Bank regulation issues seen settled in six months: UK finance minister on 05/06/2014
  Risk, regulation and rehabilitation: bankers meet to gauge progress on 04/06/2014
  George Osborne poised to regulate FX market on 03/06/2014
  Switzerland tells UK of bank deposit movements on 03/06/2014
  Sipps market faces regulation changes on 02/06/2014
  FCA head warns against using recovery to fight regulation on 30/05/2014
  Bank of England and IMF chiefs slam banks on 28/05/2014
  Swiss government set to give HMRC ‘hit list’ on 27/05/2014
  HMRC crackdown yields record £23.9bn in additional tax on 27/05/2014
  UK approves Cayman Islands budget plan on 23/05/2014
  UK banks face yearly standards report on 20/05/2014
  Richard Lambert unveils voluntary UK banking standards body backed by finance giants on 19/05/2014
  Slow start to UK hunt for ‘hidden millions’ on 19/05/2014
  Prime Minister David Cameron is unconcerned over financial tax on 12/05/2014
  Regulation landscape set for more change on 09/05/2014
  Fund managers’ complex bills targeted in UK regulatory review on 08/05/2014
  UK hedge funds see assets jump, beat continental peers on 08/05/2014
  UK Treasury to review financial regulators on 07/05/2014
  Cameron urges OTs again to adopt public registries on 07/05/2014
  Tax penalties aim to increase transparency on 06/05/2014
  UK to fight on against FTT despite loss on 01/05/2014
  Osborne set for defeat over financial transaction tax on 30/04/2014
  IoM considers beneficial ownership registry on 30/04/2014
  Bank of England prepares stress tests to ensure banks can survive housing crash on 29/04/2014
  London braced for EU ruling on financial transactions tax on 28/04/2014
  Singapore pips London as yuan clearing center helped by ICBC on 28/04/2014
  London mayor sees broad appeal for £200mn UK sukuk on 25/04/2014
  Court to rule on UK's challenge to financial transaction tax on 25/04/2014
  UK-Spain double tax pact to take force on 24/04/2014
  Financial services companies are registering more new products on 23/04/2014
  UK taxman ramps up probes into gift aid claims on 22/04/2014
  HMRC targets evasion in further powers push on 16/04/2014
  UK gets tight with GCC as debut sukuk looms on 15/04/2014
  Osborne’s plan to give taxman more powers faces Tyrie scrutiny on 14/04/2014
  Brussels’ financial reform scuppers BoE’s bank lifeline on 11/04/2014
  Bahrain-UK in major Islamic finance deal on 10/04/2014
  UK banks face capital hit from ‘punitive’ EU pensions rule on 08/04/2014
  UK banks to face more pain amid conflict, KPMG says on 07/04/2014
  Banks told they must renew creaky IT systems on 07/04/2014
  Dubai to challenge London with Islamic Financing platform on 04/04/2014
  FCA hikes fund manager levy 24 per cent on AIFMD costs on 01/04/2014
  Britain’s tax take comes up short on 31/03/2014
  New UK finance watchdogs hike costs and fines on 25/03/2014
  City watchdogs train sights on biggest hedge funds on 25/03/2014
  UK Treasury backs global overhaul of tax rules for multinationals on 21/03/2014
  UK budget 2014: Osborne beefs up tax avoidance clampdown on 20/03/2014
  City of London urges ‘muscular’ defence against EU regulation on 19/03/2014
  New York replaces London as financial capital of the world on 18/03/2014
  HMRC proposals to help clear tax avoidance case backlog come under fire on 05/03/2014
  Chamber, lawyers blast UK 'beneficial ownership' plan on 04/03/2014
  Prudential Regulation Authority conducts stress tests on exposure to an Asian crisis on 03/03/2014
  UK investors, banks at odds over who to cover clearing house risks on 27/02/2014
  UK proposes tougher rules for non-EU banks on 27/02/2014
  FCA consults on AIFMD funds under management definition on 25/02/2014
  HMRC sticks to timetable for partnership tax changes on 25/02/2014
  HMRC to target offshore accounts on 24/02/2014
  EU finance tax to wipe £3.6bn off UK savings on 18/02/2014
  G20 regulator to review foreign exchange trade on 17/02/2014
  UK and French regulators warn on reporting rules on 12/02/2014
  Multi-asset ETFs set to burst into UK market on 11/02/2014
  Guernsey's Chief Minister praises progress with UK on 10/02/2014
  New UK banking reforms will require careful regulation on 06/02/2014
  Zambia, UK seal new taxation deal on 05/02/2014
  QROPS industry in split over pre-age-55 pension commencement on 04/02/2014
  UK partnership tax crackdown could spark wealth firm exodus on 03/02/2014
  Clarify QROPS pension rules, urges provider on 03/02/2014
  Insurers shake up disaster modelling on 27/01/2014
  Osborne pressed to defend City against EU on 27/01/2014
  Global tax-avoidance rules to be aimed at digital economy on 24/01/2014
  Guernsey still leads in LSE listings, added most in 2013 on 24/01/2014
  HMRC reviews Bitcoin taxation rate on 23/01/2014
  UK change in rules on the taxation of partnerships on 23/01/2014
  Humiliation for UK as Europe overrules finance veto on 23/01/2014
  HMRC issues letters to suspected Cayman Islands evaders on 21/01/2014
  UK: Disclosure rules push up fraud cases in finance on 20/01/2014
  UK set for landmark court ruling on Esma powers on 20/01/2014
  Investment industry faces up to risks of more transparency on 16/01/2014
  Tax amnesty for Singapore QROPS pension savers on 13/01/2014
  London challenges Hong Kong with BOC's yuan bond on 10/01/2014
  UK capital gains tax ‘is bad news for SA’ on 08/01/2014
  QROPS rules still unclear after new HMRC guidance on 07/01/2014
  CFA UK: Investors report overvaluation in major asset classes on 03/01/2014
  HMRC not doing enough to tax big businesses on 19/12/2013
  UK financial services tax contribution hits £65bn in 2012/13 on 18/12/2013
  Number of FCA regulated firms set to soar in 2014 on 18/12/2013
  HMRC launches 'more secure' online QROPS reporting service on 17/12/2013
  HMRC issues further QROPS guidance after judicial review on 16/12/2013
  HMRC’s exit from Qrops case creates uncertainty on 13/12/2013
  UK: Warning over EU 'transaction tax' on 10/12/2013
  FCA admits more rules did not prevent misconduct on 10/12/2013
  Barbados: 'Tough taxation stance necessary' on 06/12/2013
  Autumn Statement 2013: Hedge funds may relocate after crackdown on partnerships on 06/12/2013
  Bush defends Cayman’s regulatory integrity on 06/12/2013
  Confidence in UK financial services reaches 17-year high on 05/12/2013
  UK banks rush to meet tax avoidance code deadline on 04/12/2013
  The British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar & Bermuda sign tax agreement with UK on 02/12/2013
  Basel compliance coming sooner for UK banks on 02/12/2013
  International markets need regulation that transcends national boundaries on 02/12/2013
  French asset management industry opens up to UK investors on 29/11/2013
  Overseas Territories to consult on beneficial ownership registry on 28/11/2013
  HMRC launches Qrops amnesty after High Court defeat on 28/11/2013
  UK builds appetite for international bonds on 27/11/2013
  Multinationals head back to UK as lower corporation tax takes effect on 27/11/2013
  PwC: 20 per cent of asset managers unsure of compliance resources on 27/11/2013
  Bermuda signs UK FATCA Intergovernmental Model 2 Agreement on 26/11/2013
  Gibraltar signs Tax Agreement with UK on 26/11/2013
  Dubai races to become global Islamic finance hub on 25/11/2013
  OECD: A boost to transparency and international tax co-operation on 22/11/2013
  FCA data reveals rise in clone companies reported on 20/11/2013
  UK to help developing nations tackle tax evasion on 20/11/2013
  UK Treasury says it is ‘serious’ about supporting fund management on 15/11/2013
  Dubai, London, Kuala Lumpur vie for Islamic finance crown on 14/11/2013
  US probes offshore bank accounts on 14/11/2013
  Professional services firms aim to compete with banks on 12/11/2013
  Financial sector embracing software and services on 12/11/2013
  The Netherlands risks losing foreign investment to Britain on 12/11/2013
  HMRC on continued crackdown on tax avoidance on 08/11/2013
  Lawyers call for clarity of rules if UK is to become Western hub of Islamic finance on 08/11/2013
  FCA finds failings in firms' money laundering and bribery controls on 07/11/2013
  Solvency II may stifle innovation: Dowthwaite on 07/11/2013
  Cayman Islands, United Kingdom sign FATCA-type agreement on 06/11/2013
  FCA fee clampdown piles pressure on boutiques on 04/11/2013
  Gibraltar: European Commission response debunks Spanish finance centre accusations on 04/11/2013
  FCA outlines plans to tighten regulation in asset management industry on 01/11/2013
  UK Treasury considers tax raid on foreign property owners on 01/11/2013
  UK to make public true owners of companies on 31/10/2013
  UK - Cameron unveils Islamic bond plan on 30/10/2013
  Shake-up on charges for UK asset managers on 30/10/2013
  UK, Malaysia top in Islamic finance research on 28/10/2013
  Bank of England governor Carney strikes new, softer tone on banks on 25/10/2013
  Isle of Man signs tax information-sharing extension on 24/10/2013
  Jersey Finance welcomes IGA signing with the UK on 24/10/2013
  Guernsey signs ‘FATCA’ agreement with the UK on 24/10/2013
  David Cameron wants UK to become centre of Islamic finance on 23/10/2013
  UK VAT receipts buoyed by HMRC enforcement efforts on 22/10/2013
  HMRC tightens pension transfer regs in scheme liberation crack-down on 22/10/2013
  Britain to ratchet up capital requirements for banks on 21/10/2013
  London luring foreign companies with low taxes on 17/10/2013
  EU probes Gibraltar tax regime on 17/10/2013
  Chancellor George Osborne cements London as renminbi hub on 16/10/2013
  UK - Companies lack trust in forecasts, warns study on 14/10/2013
  London now a key Islamic finance centre on 14/10/2013
  FCA admits costly disclosure rules have failed advisers on 11/10/2013
  UK Government accused of double standards over tax avoidance on 11/10/2013
  Wealth management advice should be improved, UK regulator says on 09/10/2013
  Relations between the Isle of Man and UK have ‘entered a new era’ on 08/10/2013
  FCA endorses banking commission's proposed reforms on 08/10/2013
  Financial services join the charge to UK growth on 08/10/2013
  FCA crackdown on fund managers gathers pace on 07/10/2013
  UK - Small businesses bear the brunt of HMRC crackdown on tax evasion on 04/10/2013
  Britain won't intervene in catastrophe bond market for now on 03/10/2013
  FCA consults on AIFMD, CRD IV and reporting requirements on 03/10/2013
  London still top financial centre but ratings fall on 30/09/2013
  Tax treatment of ETFs on 27/09/2013
  Financial sector has been riding a tide of regulation on 26/09/2013
  HMRC is disappointed with UK-Swiss tax agreement on 26/09/2013
  Watchdog writes to hedge funds on derivatives on 25/09/2013
  Bermuda: UK involved in France ‘BlackList’ issue on 24/09/2013
  UK government announces board to boost financial services on 24/09/2013
  Dubai to be home of Arab world’s first British Centre on 24/09/2013
  Praise for PM Cameron statements that BOT should not be described as tax havens on 19/09/2013
  Britain gains edge in fight over EU financial reforms on 17/09/2013
  Lib Dem MEP urges financial services regulators to support growth on 16/09/2013
  QROPS rule changes as HMRC readies to go online on 16/09/2013
  Bermuda asks to join OECD tax transparency convention on 13/09/2013
  OT leaders find common ground in Gibraltar on 13/09/2013
  KPMG warns UK banks face capital pressure under tougher regulation on 12/09/2013
  A plan to finish fixing the global financial system on 10/09/2013
  Dubai and London are well placed to capitalise on global interest in Islamic Finance on 10/09/2013
  Vickers calls for doubling of bank capital levels on 09/09/2013
  Vodafone may have no UK tax liability on impending Verizon sale on 04/09/2013
  India to ink 29 bilateral MNC tax deals in sign of softening stance on 30/08/2013
  UK markets supervisor rejects EU regulatory guidance on 27/08/2013
  UK hailed as best place in Europe for entrepreneurs on 27/08/2013
  Divergence fears over insurer resolution proposals on 22/08/2013
  UAE ranks third most popular hub for British expats on 21/08/2013
  HMRC makes QROPS announcement on 21/08/2013
  UK tackles gaming tax avoidance on 20/08/2013
  New rules for banks pose 'excessive’ burden on 19/08/2013
  FCA ups pace for AIFMD compliance, sparking an early fight for funds on 19/08/2013
  FCA writes to 11 groups as it launches fund charge probe on 16/08/2013
  HMRC confirms six-month delay to tax information exchanges with Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on 16/08/2013
  UK Government defines "high-risk" tax avoidance and predicts £240m windfall on 15/08/2013
  The case for QROPS and QNUPS on 15/08/2013
  FCA 'needs to engage with firms' on 15/08/2013
  Tax avoidance scheme crackdown '10 years too late' on 14/08/2013
  AIFMD confusion threatens banks issuing offshore SPV structured products on 14/08/2013
  UK’s financial services continue to build their competitive edge on 13/08/2013
  Tax clampdown hits UK hedge fund LLPs on 13/08/2013
  Blame bank regulation for Britain’s stagnation on 13/08/2013
  Tax advisers could face £1m fines in HMRC crackdown on 13/08/2013
  Companies spurn UK over taxation, says Deloitte boss on 12/08/2013
  Tax evasion prosecutions double in a year on 09/08/2013
  Support for IMA plans to create better fund cost disclosur on 09/08/2013
  Hong Kong QROPs culled by HMRC on 08/08/2013
  HMRC to go ahead with 'nudge' letters for non-dom remittance basis users on 08/08/2013
  New regulation threatens the success of Britain’s thriving insurance sector on 06/08/2013
  QROPS still have their advantages on 06/08/2013
  UK and Panama agree double-taxation treaty on 05/08/2013
  AIFMD comes into force in UK, but survey shows "mixed progress" elsewhere in EU on 02/08/2013
  Standard Life warns over UK leaving EU on 01/08/2013
  UK corporate tax ‘not working and needs reform’, say peers on 31/07/2013
  Switzerland transfer millions to Britain and Austria in tax deal on 26/07/2013
  House of Commons HFT tax proposal “not good for market” on 26/07/2013
  MPs call for UK financial transactions tax on 25/07/2013
  Requests rise points to HMRC tax crackdown on 25/07/2013
  UK leads on foreign investment on 24/07/2013
  Taxman ramps up search for international bank information on 22/07/2013
  UK Watchdog pulls back on audit shake-up on 22/07/2013
  Warning over 'regulatory burdens' on financial services sector on 22/07/2013
  UK Government to recover international regulation costs through FCA on 18/07/2013
  Size of Jersey’s finance industry is not disproportionate when UK comparisons are made on 17/07/2013
  Offshore tax schemes ‘set to remain a niche choice’: survey on 16/07/2013
  New UK regulatory chiefs talk tough after first 100 days on 15/07/2013
  Dubai loses ground to London in battle of banking on 15/07/2013
  Lloyd’s says taxes, regulation burden European firms on 10/07/2013
  US continues making FATCA agreements despite doubts on implementation on 10/07/2013
  Insurers caught between regulation and government policy on 09/07/2013
  UK: Government to scrap 'failed' approved persons regime on 09/07/2013
  HMRC overhauls IHT treatment of transfers on 05/07/2013
  London aims to win bigger slice of thriving Islamic finance market on 04/07/2013
  Jersey brings billions of investment and thousands of jobs to the UK on 03/07/2013
  FCA brings UK in line with EU in AIFMD policy statement on 02/07/2013
  Fund managers ‘optimistic’ but regulation remains a drag on 01/07/2013
  Big job losses expected in financial services, says CBI on 01/07/2013
  FCA to scrutinise funds' op risk, expert warns on 28/06/2013
  Tax-avoidance crackdown could see PI insurers hit with third-party claims on 26/06/2013
  Study: Easier to set up puppet company in US and Britain than offshore on 26/06/2013
  HMRC forced into climb down over tax charge on delisted QROPS on 24/06/2013
  Britain's FCA cracks down on hedge funds on 21/06/2013
  City fears rise over financial transaction tax on 20/06/2013
  G8 leaders agree tax evasion measures on 19/06/2013
  Pre-G8 discussions ‘constructive and candid’ says Guernsey’s chief minister on 18/06/2013
  Channel Islands support Isle of Man’s tax views on 18/06/2013
  G8 summit to make 'real difference' on tax avoidance on 17/06/2013
  Isle of Man and Jersey hit back at G8 pressure on 14/06/2013
  Bermuda committed to transparency convention on 14/06/2013
  New QROPS removal proposals announced by HMRC on 14/06/2013
  Hong Kong may widen renminbi business on 13/06/2013
  Bermuda not committed to tax deal on 13/06/2013
  Tory MPs calling for Britain to leave the EU are 'in denial', says David Cameron on 11/06/2013
  Tax transparency – Isle of Man Chief Minister reaffirms his pledge on 10/06/2013
  UK businesses hamstrung by more regulation than required by EU on 10/06/2013
  Crown dependencies to sign up to convention fighting tax evasion on 07/06/2013
  FCA announces UK is a step closer to AIFMD on 07/06/2013
  Richards defends Bermuda finance sector at Brussels talks on 07/06/2013
  Transparency changes for Cayman on 06/06/2013
  Cameron calls in tax havens ahead of G8 summit in June on 05/06/2013
  Gibraltar touts low-tax status to London hedge funds on 04/06/2013
  FFT overhaul is welcome news for the whole of Europe on 04/06/2013
  UK government closes capital allowance tax loophole on 03/06/2013
  IMF tells UK government: Give regulators more power on 23/05/2013
  Bermuda Premier on UK calls for tax transparency: “We are already there” on 23/05/2013
  CBI President calls for international tax rules to be fixed on 22/05/2013
  David Cameron calls for EU tax evasion crackdown on 22/05/2013
  Boom in Ucits hedge funds helps London keep the edge on 21/05/2013
  David Cameron warns overseas territories on tax on 20/05/2013
  UK judge says Goldman tax deal lawful, but "not glorious" on 17/05/2013
  UK investors plan to pour more money into markets, Schroders finds on 15/05/2013
  Australia's Wayne Swan rallies G20 over corporate tax evasion on 15/05/2013
  George Osborne urges EU finance ministers to sign tax directive on 14/05/2013
  Osborne: G7 agree to target tax evasion and avoidance on 13/05/2013
  Cameron: Financial transactions tax 'not a good idea' on 10/05/2013
  100s of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens on 10/05/2013
  Accountants call for greater UK tax transparency on 09/05/2013
  UK territories commit to tackle tax evasion on 09/05/2013
  EU Financial Transaction Tax could undermine industry, BBA says on 08/05/2013
  UK tax changes 'luring multinationals' on 07/05/2013
  All British overseas territories now in tax information deals on 03/05/2013
  British lobbying group condemns a proposed European financial transaction tax on 03/05/2013
  UK steps up tax crackdown with Caribbean accord on 02/05/2013
  Guernsey Chief Minister asks PM for details on tax deal on 02/05/2013
  London and Dubai want Islamic finance crown on 01/05/2013
  Cameron sets out case for global anti-avoidance action on 29/04/2013
  UK wealth management industry forced to re-examine value post-RDR on 26/04/2013
  Tax avoidance: HMRC ‘too cosy’ with accountancy giants on 26/04/2013
  David Cameron presses EU on tax evaders on 25/04/2013
  Luxembourg supports Britain's legal challenge to Financial Transaction Tax on 23/04/2013
  EU nations split over transaction tax after UK files challenge on 22/04/2013
  UK: Super-rich taxed £220m more on 22/04/2013
  FCA sets out when it will investigate regulatory failure on 19/04/2013
  US, UK want financial services as part of trade pact on 19/04/2013
  Ireland fears threat from UK tax overhaul on 19/04/2013
  Eddie Teare: Chancellor's £1bn tax claim 'wildly overestimated' on 18/04/2013
  G5 to develop and pilot multinational tax info exchange on 12/04/2013
  FCA fees hiked 24 per cent as Treasury pockets £380m fines on 10/04/2013
  Banks braced for £600m city regulation bill on 09/04/2013
  UK: Overseas investment loophole questioned on 09/04/2013
  UK accountants warn on legality of General Anti-Avoidance Rule on 08/04/2013
  No change for QROPS in UK budget 2013 on 08/04/2013
  Financial transaction tax will cost City £4bn, study warns on 05/04/2013
  Lack of regulatory clarity hampering PRA code of conduct on 04/04/2013
  Prudential Regulation Authority urged to rein-in banks' proprietary trading on 03/04/2013
  Firms expect cost of compliance to grow on 03/04/2013
  Bank of England given power to regulate City on 02/04/2013
  The clampdown to come will make funds perform better on 02/04/2013
  HMRC continues ‘tax cheat’ fight as it claims court victory on 28/03/2013
  Advisers fear regulatory costs will hit clients hard on 28/03/2013
  Spain, UK sign revised DTA on 27/03/2013
  Advisers remain in dark on fees as FSA postpones paper on 27/03/2013
  Banks are best judge of their own capital, says IEA on 27/03/2013
  FSA finalises new regulations for financial benchmarks on 26/03/2013
  UK 2013 budget confirms anti-avoidance initiatives on 26/03/2013
  No hiding place as tax noose tightens on 25/03/2013
  Treasury sets its sights on tax avoidance on 22/03/2013
  Channel Islands and Isle of Man face raid on off-shore accounts on 22/03/2013
  Captives warned Of UK, Guernsey regime changes on 22/03/2013
  States of Jersey agrees ‘FATCA style’ package of tax measures with UK on 21/03/2013
  Osborne seeks to curb drift of UK fund managers to Ireland on 21/03/2013
  UK Budget 2013: The big financial sector issues on 21/03/2013
  FSA launches consultation on fund pay on 20/03/2013
  Guernsey to agree 'FATCA style' reporting with UK, says Guernsey's chief minister on 19/03/2013
  Bermuda singled out in UK tax avoidance debate on 15/03/2013
  UK sets up task force set up to attract more Islamic finance on 13/03/2013
  New British tax law won't stop corporate avoidance on 13/03/2013
  Jersey financiers move closer to joining UK FATCA on 12/03/2013
  Banking commission wants stricter rules on 12/03/2013
  Banking reform 'still does not go far enough' on 11/03/2013
  Hedge funds look to avoid EU’s bonus cap on 08/03/2013
  UK and China update double taxation agreement before it comes into force on 08/03/2013
  Matching adjustment ring-fencing provisions ‘a threat’ to mutual insurers on 07/03/2013
  Government and FSA seek to restrict UCITS managers' 'inducements' to advisers on 07/03/2013
  EU pushes ahead with bonus cap despite UK concerns on 06/03/2013
  FSA puts insurers in risk spotlight on 04/03/2013
  London mayor says EU bank bonus cap helps New York, Singapore on 01/03/2013
  Professor John Kay calls for rethink of 'intrusive and ineffective' regulation on 01/03/2013
  Capital road eased for new banks on 01/03/2013
  UK leads 12-state rebellion against EC hedge fund rules on 28/02/2013
  'UK FATCA' consultation under way in Jersey on 28/02/2013
  Warning on Qrops ‘timebomb’ as FSA confirms IFAs must advise on 27/02/2013
  Extension of UK austerity worries Moody’s on 25/02/2013
  UK Court of Appeal rules on tax and Delaware LLC on 25/02/2013
  HMRC warns wealthy professionals over tax dodging on 25/02/2013
  Andrew Bailey named as head of Prudential Regulation Authority on 20/02/2013
  Isle of Man signs tax sharing agreement with UK on 20/02/2013
  FSA successor to launch clampdown on manager remuneration on 19/02/2013
  Insurer demands have complicated Solvency II says UK regulator on 15/02/2013
  Uncertainty remains over post-FSA regulatory structure on 13/02/2013
  Solvency II cost branded ‘indefensible’ on 08/02/2013
  Financial tax could harm single market and jobs, critics argue on 07/02/2013
  George Osborne reforms will devalue British banks, analysts warn on 05/02/2013
  Turks and Caicos elected politicians vote against VAT on 05/02/2013
  UK to give regulators powers to split up banks on 04/02/2013
  Switzerland hands Britain a US$545 million advance in tax deal on 31/01/2013
  Reality dawns for alternatives sector on 28/01/2013
  Bank funding threatened by Basel III and Solvency II, Thiam says on 24/01/2013
  HMRC eyes tax clampdown on platform rebates on 23/01/2013
  UK regulator says changes afoot for "too complex" bank rules on 22/01/2013
  UK asset managers facing 'exceptionally high' regulatory uncertainty on 22/01/2013
  Belgium, UK DTA protocol now in force on 16/01/2013
  UK Treasury consults on "key policy decisions" stemming from new fund manager rules on 16/01/2013
  Law firm warns of HMRC clampdown on 10/01/2013
  UK Financial Services Act must not end reform, advisers warn on 10/01/2013
  Success of LDF sees fall in HMRC information requests to foreign tax authorities on 09/01/2013
  UK hedge funds crack elite list of performers on 09/01/2013
  Future shape of adviser regulation set in stone on 08/01/2013
  Almost £3m recovered in Guernsey unpaid tax on 07/01/2013
  Fears that cuts are taking toll on UK taxman on 07/01/2013
  UK Treasury to pocket FSA fines on 04/01/2013
  UK names and shames in evasion crackdown on 04/01/2013
  Bank regulation a worry for Ireland's legacy debt negotiations on 04/01/2013
  Bank of England's top minds raise questions over QE on 04/01/2013
  Liechtenstein, UK Double Tax Treaty in force on 02/01/2013
  Bank Reform Plans Should Be Tougher, UK Banking Commission Says on 21/12/2012
  FSA successor handed unfettered power to issue requirements on 20/12/2012
  British Government Rumoured to be Planning ‘Son of FATCA’ for Overseas Territories on 18/12/2012
  UK Regime Change Taxing for Ireland on 17/12/2012
  Hong Kong on track to become world's No 1 financial centre on 13/12/2012
  Relief as Treasury makes only minor changes to QROPS regs in Draft Finance Bill on 12/12/2012
  Banks bracing themselves for regulatory flood on 11/12/2012
  Jersey and Guernsey say tax regulation should be global on 11/12/2012
  Bill on new financial regulation 'rushed' on 11/12/2012
  UK-Isle of Man tax agreement may be sign of things to come for Bermuda on 11/12/2012
  Bank regulators edge towards ‘protectionism’ on 10/12/2012
  UK financial services firms struggle with change on 07/12/2012
  Regulations making UK banks 'uninvestable' on 07/12/2012
  Regulations may leave firms facing funding 'paralysis’ on 05/12/2012
  UK: Osborne vows £10bn tax-dodging purge on 03/12/2012
  Treasury insists on disclosure from islands on 30/11/2012
  UK's big banks may be forced to sell assets to meet regulatory demands on 30/11/2012
  Cayman: UK fiscal framework may stay in law on 30/11/2012
  UK government rejects calls for British version of FATCA on 28/11/2012
  Guernsey heads for vital talks on UK’s new line on tax on 27/11/2012
  UK tax plans could hit Crown Dependencies on 26/11/2012
  Compliance culture takes over the city on 23/11/2012
  Twin Peaks regulators not scared by banking lobby on 22/11/2012
  Reformed UK regulation is more complicated, Bill Winters tells TSC on 21/11/2012
  Regulation moves higher in Bank of England risk list on 20/11/2012
  Compliance has emerged as a growth industry in the UK on 20/11/2012
  FSA: Give MPs more scrutiny powers over regulators on 20/11/2012
  FSA reform greeted warmly in City survey on 19/11/2012
  Swiss bank secrecy tax row rolls on on 19/11/2012
  Tenet slams FSCS funding model as ‘crippling’ on 14/11/2012
  FSA review points to regulatory resource lack among managers on 13/11/2012
  Insurer regulation costs hit £730m on 13/11/2012
  Cayman: Attempt at passing UK ‘framework’ bill flops on 12/11/2012
  New York to replace London as world's financial capital on 12/11/2012
  More than half of investment decisions go against UK, warns City lobby on 09/11/2012
  Fatca start dates delayed by lack of preparation on 08/11/2012
  UK: Haldane calls for common bank infrastructure on 08/11/2012
  HMRC publishes Swiss/UK tax agreement factsheet on 07/11/2012
  More changes for Cayman finance law on 07/11/2012
  George Osborne threatens big business with global tax crackdown on 06/11/2012
  FSA delays Sipp commission disclosure rules on 02/11/2012
  FSA fees reform to push up costs for firms earning over £100k on 01/11/2012
  FSB calls for end to Trans-atlantic rift on derivatives rules on 01/11/2012
  FSA proposes two sets of fees for dual-regulated firms on 31/10/2012
  India, UK amend pact on avoidance of double taxation on 31/10/2012
  Chinese banks flee London’s tough rules on 29/10/2012
  Overseas tax collectors aim for UK workers on 29/10/2012
  EU challenges UK taxation rules on 26/10/2012
  UK Government rejects compulsory consultations for EU regulation on 25/10/2012
  Insurers welcome FSA clarity amid Brussels delays on 24/10/2012
  UK: Cameron vows to protect financial services from EU regulation on 23/10/2012
  FCA could launch fund manager fee review post-RDR on 22/10/2012
  Top banker sets out vision for regulation on 22/10/2012
  UK Government sees competition as FCA priority on 18/10/2012
  UK watchdog says will clarify bank capital requirements on 18/10/2012
  Volcker criticises UK banking reforms on 18/10/2012
  New UK watchdog sees alternatives emerging to banks on 17/10/2012
  FSA moves to dual authorisation regime ahead of split on 16/10/2012
  Treasury plans to force financial regulators to cover its expenses on 15/10/2012
  Turner: FSA was 'asked to do too much' on 12/10/2012
  UK insurers push for seat at regulators' top table on 12/10/2012
  Financial regulation new frontline for growth on 09/10/2012
  Subtle shift signals 'profound change' in bank regulation on 08/10/2012
  Jersey legislates to block 'Vulture Funds' on 08/10/2012
  FSA: Mindset change needed to avoid ‘no failure’ trap on 05/10/2012
  City minister promotes tough rules to EU on 04/10/2012
  Mifid II may extend commission ban to structured deposits on 04/10/2012
  FSA consults on changes to listing rules on 03/10/2012
  Financial services see unexpected fall in business volumes on 02/10/2012
  Regulators rule, according to FSA on 01/10/2012
  Banks braced for trading activities review on 01/10/2012
  FSA has 'lost sight' of Europe due to restructure on 21/09/2012
  Tory treasurer wants UK to become more like an offshore jurisdiction on 21/09/2012
  Regulation tops list of concerns for financial planners on 20/09/2012
  FSA's UCIS restrictions missing some detail on 20/09/2012
  HMRC publishes consultation on bilateral FATCA agreement on 20/09/2012
  HMRC launches new tax evasion task forces and targets lawyers on 19/09/2012
  Financial regulator’s powers outlined on 19/09/2012
  AIC welcomes UK-USA tax treaty on 18/09/2012
  QE has been effective, says Bank of England's David Miles on 12/09/2012
  Safeguards on ECB regulatory powers not enough for Britain on 11/09/2012
  Ucits from Gibraltar available in the UK on 11/09/2012
  FSA ramps up technology to spot market abuse on 11/09/2012
  UK moves to safeguard client assets on 07/09/2012
  HMRC urged to close Qrops tax-free cash loophole on 06/09/2012
  Tax-exempt funds sought for UK tech sector on 03/09/2012
  Liechtenstein to require LDF filers to deposit min amount in its banks on 03/09/2012
  Haldane calls for rethink of Basel III on 03/09/2012
  UK Taxman delists Cyprus QROPS on 30/08/2012
  UK Banking commission goes through evidence on 30/08/2012
  Wealth managers to face closer scrutiny as FSA unearths ‘widespread' failings on 30/08/2012
  Regulation costs could jump 20% after FSA split on 29/08/2012
  FSA in clampdown on broker risk transfers on 29/08/2012
  US takes lead in summer of discontent on 28/08/2012
  Hong Kong and Singapore a bigger draw than London for financial services high-fliers on 28/08/2012
  MPC veteran warns on plans to extend Bank's powers on 24/08/2012
  Liechtenstein lines up more tax amnesties on 24/08/2012
  HMRC to ‘visit’ up to 90 tax advisers on 23/08/2012
  Ucis regulation changes to cost industry millions on 23/08/2012
  Hedge funds are a 'limited' risk, says FSA on 22/08/2012
  IFA: Raise FSCS levies for IFAs using ‘high-risk’ products on 22/08/2012
  CME move highlights demand for 'regulatory choice' on 21/08/2012
  Tax-soaked French bankers feeling London’s lure on 21/08/2012
  BoE: Regulatory reform will address MPs’ Libor concerns on 20/08/2012
  OFT fees hike 'threatens merger regulation' on 20/08/2012
  Fed and FSA pushing new regulator to play by rules on 17/08/2012
  IFAs call for better qualified FSA staff on 16/08/2012
  Cyprus Qrops dropped from HMRC approved list on 16/08/2012
  Bermuda: Cox rejects UK MP’s call for tax policy change on 16/08/2012
  Sipp providers 'unable to satisfy FSA requirements' on 15/08/2012
  Regulation could create uneven playing field for structured products, say participants on 15/08/2012
  Alarm sounded over HMRC scrutiny of Qrops alternatives on 14/08/2012
  Tensions run high between US and UK bank regulators on 14/08/2012
  FSA 'may impose tighter HFT rules' on 14/08/2012
  Outgoing MPC member urges further action to boost growth on 13/08/2012
  Emir prompts Treasury to amend Companies Act on 13/08/2012
  FSA offers no help with regulatory costs disclosure on 10/08/2012
  Tenet proposes premium tax to fund levies on 09/08/2012
  Bank of England to slash growth forecast to ‘zero’ on 08/08/2012
  SIPP providers urged to raise due diligence levels on 08/08/2012
  Tenet calls for product tax to fund regulatory costs on 07/08/2012
  UK Government consults on winding down non-bank finance firms on 02/08/2012
  Bermuda ‘more stable on tax and regulation than the UK’ says insurance veteran Hiscox on 01/08/2012
  Review finds FSA sloth responsible for detriment on 31/07/2012
  Financial sectors jobs to rise in compliance as regulation hits on 31/07/2012
  Rivals look set to reap rewards after City of London scandals on 30/07/2012
  Jersey scraps new law for non-resident QROPS on 30/07/2012
  UK Treasury reaches agreement with US on new tax clampdown on 27/07/2012
  Tenet: 30 per cent of IFAs could exit due to rising regulatory costs on 27/07/2012
  Tory peer: 'Regulators must know what they are doing' on 26/07/2012
  Sipp trade body warns more regulation will not stop fraud on 25/07/2012
  FSA bifurcation will intensify regulatory malaise on 24/07/2012
  UK firms optimistic on job growth but warn of over-regulation on 23/07/2012
  UK must force funds to disclose more information on 23/07/2012
  HMRC could gain billions as court rules against 'artificial' scheme on 20/07/2012
  Think tank calls for Financial Services Bill amendments on 20/07/2012
  Relax liquidity rules to boost lending – CBI on 20/07/2012
  UK: New push for investor protection measures on 17/07/2012
  Qatar finance hub pulls out of QROPS market on 17/07/2012
  Banks only need 'one referee' says Adam Smith Institute on 16/07/2012
  Lords warn of ‘rushed’ Mifid changes on 10/07/2012
  Brussels to act over Libor scandal on 09/07/2012
  Anti tax-avoidance rule to overwhelm HMRC say lawyers on 09/07/2012
  IMA: Bank ringfencing bill should be strengthened on 05/07/2012
  FSA’s Turner: regulation alone is ‘insufficient’ on 04/07/2012
  MP wants right to choose your regulator on 04/07/2012
  EU will have greater say in insurance rules: FSA on 03/07/2012
  City braced for tougher regulation on 02/07/2012
  Calls for a minister to scrutinise European financial regulation on 02/07/2012
  UK finance firms see regulation denting prospects – CBI on 29/06/2012
  Lack of definition sets up AIFMD for failure in implementation on 29/06/2012
  Guernsey Chief Minister says UK must police own taxes on 29/06/2012
  Jersey minister suggests splitting from UK over tax attacks on 28/06/2012
  S&P warns OBR's UK growth forecasts are too optimistic on 26/06/2012
  Britain needs more QE, says BoE's David Miles on 25/06/2012
  Peers run rule over 'defective' banking reform bill on 25/06/2012
  London stung by US attack on bank regulation record on 21/06/2012
  Don’t rush into regulating shadow banking sector, IIF warns on 20/06/2012
  LSE chief says regulation 'killing the equity markets' on 19/06/2012
  City’s status under threat, warns Sants on 19/06/2012
  Businesses turn against the EU integration on 18/06/2012
  FSA disrupted by changeover on 15/06/2012
  UK poised to boost banks’ liquidity on 14/06/2012
  Liechtenstein, UK sign tax agreement on 14/06/2012
  UK-Liechtenstein tax disclosures bring in £363m on 13/06/2012
  City braced for further row over regulation Bill on 11/06/2012
  TSC urges House of Lords to reform Finance Bill on 08/06/2012
  UK scraps plans to cap tax relief on charitable donations on 01/06/2012
  Swiss tax accords clear parliamentary hurdle on 31/05/2012
  IMA warns regulators on sidelining investors on 30/05/2012
  MPs question Bank's new regulatory 'tools' on 30/05/2012
  FSA reduces regulatory fees on 30/05/2012
  FSA panel chief warns of rule change impact on 28/05/2012
  Excessive regulation may have stunted credit, says Bank official on 25/05/2012
  City watchdog reform clears hurdle on 23/05/2012
  FSA 'very conscious' of industry feeling on FSCS levy on 21/05/2012
  Investors call for tighter London listing rules on 21/05/2012
  UK moves on cross-border insolvency on 21/05/2012
  Peer slams FSA's 'loss of proportion' over Solvency II on 18/05/2012
  FSA sets out draft crisis plan rules on 15/05/2012
  FSA to delay rules on winding down financial services companies on 11/05/2012
  Funds in line for €20bn rebate on French withholding tax ruling on 11/05/2012
  City chief warns over fresh regulation on 09/05/2012
  Regulation: FSA highlights ‘emerging risk’ as a factor on 08/05/2012
  Peers warn against transactions tax on 04/05/2012
  Isle of Man contributes to UK tax transparency program on 03/05/2012
  Osborne hits out as EU bank capital talks stall on 03/05/2012
  Sir Mervyn King blasts banks for bringing UK to brink of ruin on 03/05/2012
  FSA to restrict access to exotic investments on 03/05/2012
  Government must strengthen governance and accountability of new regulatory bodies, banks warn on 02/05/2012
  UK Regulator prepares crackdown on market abuse on 30/04/2012
  Advisers warn FSA over sending out jumbled message on ETPs on 27/04/2012
  Letting Brussels regulate banks would deepen EU instability, warns FSA chairman Lord Turner on 27/04/2012
  FSA chief Hector Sants blames financial sector for global crisis on 25/04/2012
  MP reveals £32m cost to firms of FSA review orders on 25/04/2012
  Funds struggle as regulation curbs investor appetite on 25/04/2012
  FSA highlights exchange-traded product concerns on 24/04/2012
  City funds prepare assault on excessive executive pay on 23/04/2012
  UK financial chiefs throw weight behind London’s RMB initiative on 20/04/2012
  Chancellor George Osborne hails 'significant' renminbi bond on 19/04/2012
  EU Backing for tax deals with Switzerland on 19/04/2012
  Ministers to set up inquiry into City regulation reforms on 18/04/2012
  UK: Expat tax warning on offshore bonds on 18/04/2012
  Treasury proposes overhaul of Reits tax rules on 17/04/2012
  Guernsey ‘extremely disappointed’ at HMRC’s QROPS stance on 11/04/2012
  George Osborne: I'm going after the wealthy tax dodgers on 10/04/2012
  FSA: New regulatory regime does not come cheap on 09/04/2012
  FSA threatens action on investment banks on 03/04/2012
  British economy to avoid double-dip recession but growth weak on 03/04/2012
  Isle of Man rules out knee jerk reaction to QROPS on 03/04/2012
  UK: Peers reject "flawed" EU transaction tax on 02/04/2012
  ‘Disconnect’ in financial regulation says IMA chief on 02/04/2012
  World's wealthy favour London and New York, with Asian hubs rising. on 02/04/2012
  IMA welcomes UK adoption of Ucits IV on 30/03/2012
  BOE’s FPC may seek powers over UK banks’ liquidity buffers on 29/03/2012
  HK, Singapore, London compete for offshore yuan market on 29/03/2012
  UK: City fury as watchdog calls for extra powers on 27/03/2012
  EU: Transaction Tax Could Save UK Billions on 23/03/2012
  Gibraltar’s two year deadline to defeat UK gaming transaction tax on 22/03/2012
  UK: Revised tax deal reached on Swiss accounts on 21/03/2012
  Europe urged to copy UK financial regulation on 20/03/2012
  Shadow banking faces tough assessment on 20/03/2012
  UK Budget 2012: Tax avoidance crackdown will target big business on 19/03/2012
  FSA seeks total ban on inducements on 19/03/2012
  Technology could take the bankers out of banking, says BoE policy maker on 15/03/2012
  Turner calls for radical action on shadow banking on 15/03/2012
  Global regulator launches ETF consultation on 15/03/2012
  Fitch puts UK debt on negative outlook days away from budget on 15/03/2012
  Structured products and Ucits IV no longer a high priority, says FSA on 14/03/2012
  BoE official warns on financial stability body on 13/03/2012
  FSA guidance puts suitability on advisers’ shoulders on 12/03/2012
  Isle of Man keeps tinder dry over QROPS changes on 09/03/2012
  UK: Swiss tax deal criticised by MPs on 09/03/2012
  Tax warning to expats in banking sector on 09/03/2012
  UK urges EU states to back strong bank capital rules on 08/03/2012
  Andrew Tyrie: I want 70 per cent to disclose regulatory costs on 08/03/2012
  Ex-FSA staff warn on risks of regulatory split on 06/03/2012
  British banks borrow £22bn from ECB's emergency programme on 05/03/2012
  Report identifies obstacles towards UK regulatory reform on 02/03/2012
  UK QROPS Proposals 'Grossly Unfair On Guernsey' on 02/03/2012
  British bank chief warns quantitative easing is 'laying seeds for next crisis' on 01/03/2012
  Further legislative delays could compress Solvency II ‘soft launch’ period - FSA on 29/02/2012
  MPs warn on cost burden of FSA reform on 29/02/2012
  MPs warn regulatory change could create 'defective' system on 28/02/2012
  Government closes bank bond buyback tax loophole on 28/02/2012
  Legacy rules will force business change on 27/02/2012
  Tyrie: FCA must lower the cost of compliance on 24/02/2012
  UK, Singapore Ink DTA Protocol on 24/02/2012
  Pound dives on fears Bank of England will print more money on 23/02/2012
  FSA defends delay over ‘death bonds’ ban on 20/02/2012
  Bank of England fears bail-out protection won't be used on 20/02/2012
  UK: Financial transaction tax would raise €10bn on 17/02/2012
  Enforcement chief at British regulator to step down on 17/02/2012
  More quantitative easing possible as Bank predicts challenging 2012 on 16/02/2012
  Ministers step up fight to protect City from EU trading shake-up on 15/02/2012
  Moody's issues credit warnings on nine European countries on 14/02/2012
  Paul Volcker: My rule won't hit the UK gilt market on 14/02/2012
  UK files extra lawsuit against ECB on central clearing rules on 14/02/2012
  City attacks 'flawed' EC analysis of transaction tax merits on 13/02/2012
  CBI slashes growth forecasts for UK economy on 13/02/2012
  Bank of England injects £50bn into economy on 10/02/2012
  Bank of England poised to restart QE stimulus on 09/02/2012
  UK Liechtenstein tax amnesty extended on 08/02/2012
  Financial sector must change, says FSA’s Sants on 07/02/2012
  Think-tank urges FSA to ‘reverse’ £80m budget hike on 07/02/2012
  EU transactions tax will hit hardest in London, ITEM club says on 06/02/2012
  FSA provokes City by adding £78m to funding requirement on 03/02/2012
  IFS calls for George Osborne to make tax cuts to avoid recession on 02/02/2012
  UK: More quantitative easing likely after fall in money supply on 01/02/2012
  Bank's Tucker says banks must reclaim proper role on 31/01/2012
  Financial Stability Board to 'name and shame' countries over financial security on 30/01/2012
  FSA divided over toxic loans to pension schemes on 30/01/2012
  Cameron: EU financial tax would be madness on 27/01/2012
  Chancellor George Osborne to unveil new powers to rein in the banks on 27/01/2012
  UK financial regulation plan wins support on 26/01/2012
  Angela Merkel in 'Tobin tax' jibe at Britain on 26/01/2012
  Hedge fund and private equity pay targeted by FSA on 25/01/2012
  Transactions tax 'won't be imposed on UK', says EU's Barnier on 24/01/2012
  FSA to reconsider promotion of UCIS on 24/01/2012
  Call for FSA disclosure rules for life settlements funds on 24/01/2012
  Plans to curb Bank of England powers 'fall well short' on 23/01/2012
  FCA is set to succeed where FSA failed: TSC on 20/01/2012
  OECD convention allows Australian tax office to recover offshore debt on 19/01/2012
  Crown dependencies hit back at Ed Miliband's call for offshore crackdown on 19/01/2012
  FSA legacy proposal could distort market, IMA on 19/01/2012
  New initiative emerges to tackle regulatory confusion on 17/01/2012
  ‘Bloated’ London banks shrink in the city on 17/01/2012
  Nick Clegg plans a 'John Lewis economy' on 16/01/2012
  UK Lawmakers: New regulatory regime should push competition on 13/01/2012
  UK is committed to pan-EU financial services market on 13/01/2012
  UK grew 0.1 per cent in fourth quarter, says think tank Niesr on 13/01/2012
  UK tightens up overseas pension rules on 12/01/2012
  UK banks told by Chancellor to slash pay to fund reforms on 12/01/2012
  Hoban: Insurance regulation will not take back seat on 11/01/2012
  UK banks left vulnerable by Bank of England and politicians on 11/01/2012
  Tax disputes service launched for UK SMEs on 11/01/2012
  Financial services firms in UK to cut jobs, invest less in 2012 on 10/01/2012
  Cameron out of step on top rate of tax on 10/01/2012
  UK Taxman gains new powers to prosecute from the end of this month on 06/01/2012
  UK: Clegg and Cameron pledge action on firms' tax avoidance on 06/01/2012
  EU transaction tax ‘in law by year end’ on 05/01/2012
  UK 'double dip' recession expected by most finance directors on 03/01/2012
  City watchdog targets big names on 03/01/2012
  Mervyn King warns of dangerous dependence on central banks on 23/12/2011
  Bank of England: Brussels is an obstacle to reducing risk on 21/12/2011
  EU tax on financial trading may raise nothing for UK – Osborne on 21/12/2011
  UK: Vickers reforms could cost sector £8bn a year on 20/12/2011
  MPs condemn tax breaks for big business on 20/12/2011
  Regulation: 2012 set to bring more FSA intervention on 20/12/2011
  UK lawmakers want more oversight on bank regulator on 19/12/2011
  Aifa: FSA should review interventionist policy on 19/12/2011
  UK financial firms’ tax contributions rose in 2011 on 19/12/2011
  IMA calls for ‘more crossover’ between FSCS and FSA on 16/12/2011
  UK feels out banks' Euro plans on 15/12/2011
  Cost of EU regulation ‘too high’ on 15/12/2011
  Bosses of failed banks could be banned on 13/12/2011
  OECD and Fitch see slowdown in UK growth on 13/12/2011
  QE might not work, BIS tells Bank of England on 12/12/2011
  FSA denies negligence over RBS on 12/12/2011
  David Cameron vetoes EU-wide treaty change on 09/12/2011
  HMRC attempts to stop Qrops abuse on 09/12/2011
  UK’s Cameron wants greater freedoms for financial industry in exchange for backing EU changes on 08/12/2011
  UK: Swiss tax deal 'still fiscal risk' on 07/12/2011
  US banks face pay disclosure in the UK on 07/12/2011
  UK: Government to relax offshore tax rules on 06/12/2011
  Banks must cut executive pay, warns shareholders group on 06/12/2011
  Fewer new jobs and more competition in City, firm says on 05/12/2011
  UK banks face higher financing costs on 05/12/2011
  Mervyn King: banks 'must start hoarding cash’ to meet euro turmoil on 02/12/2011
  Britain has entered second credit crunch, confirms Downing Street on 01/12/2011
  Solvency II at risk through lacklustre leadership: AFM on 01/12/2011
  Financial transaction tax decision welcomed in Channel Islands on 01/12/2011
  UK: Osborne insists City will be protected from Tobin tax on 30/11/2011
  Mervyn King says eurozone crisis has cost UK up to £15bn on 29/11/2011
  Writ looms over Swiss tax deal with UK on 28/11/2011
  Andrew Bailey: 'UK banks must brace themselves for euro break-up' on 25/11/2011
  Cayman signs FCO fiscal rules on 24/11/2011
  Banks accused of ‘dishonesty’ on reform on 23/11/2011
  Tisa fails to allay FSA fears over IFAs' DIF use on 22/11/2011
  More than half of City of London owned by foreign investors on 22/11/2011
  Avalanche of new FSA rules to cost business £1.4bn a year on 21/11/2011
  UK's link to offshore financial centres is positive on 18/11/2011
  UK: Ring-fencing put on the back burner by chancellor on 17/11/2011
  City confidence on tax plan faces test on 17/11/2011
  'Thousands more' City banking jobs could go on 17/11/2011
  Bank of England's King may flag more QE as economic outlook darkens on 16/11/2011
  Germany rebukes UK over Tobin tax opposition on 16/11/2011
  EU financial transaction tax would be "suicide" – Osborne on 15/11/2011
  Adviser sounds alarm over HMRC tax evasion team on 11/11/2011
  CBI calls for £500m of tax cuts to 'liberate' UK business investment on 09/11/2011
  MPs demand ‘radical overhaul’ of Bank of England on 08/11/2011
  UK experts discount expat fears over back-tax ruling on 07/11/2011
  Inaugural IFC Forum Conference on 04/11/2011
  NIESR predicts 70 per cent chance of UK recession on 03/11/2011
  FSA chiefs join call for regulator accountability on 02/11/2011
  Tax havens benefit the economy, say Tory MP on 02/11/2011
  Potential US investors 'positive' about Ireland on 02/11/2011
  UK: Tax team to hunt wealthy evaders on 01/11/2011
  Funds still risk-shy despite euro rescue plan on 01/11/2011
  UK economy may struggle to grow on 01/11/2011
  Andrew Tyrie blasts Bank of England over secrecy on 31/10/2011
  UK: Almost 30,000 City jobs slashed this year on 27/10/2011
  FSA lacks business know-how, says finance industry on 26/10/2011
  UK: MP warns King over bank asset regulation on 25/10/2011
  British economy may already be contracting, warns MPC's Martin Weale on 25/10/2011
  Swiss-UK tax agreement may be ‘Revenue-Negative,’ group says on 25/10/2011
  Key tax ruling may hit UK non-doms on 21/10/2011
  Call for law to boost financial customers’ rights on 20/10/2011
  Mervyn King: time 'running out' to solve world economy crisis on 19/10/2011
  Trusts conference: Confidentiality not threatened by TIEAs on 19/10/2011
  Britain pays first instalment of £3.25bn bailout loan to Ireland on 18/10/2011
  Banks and insurers defend ‘liquidity swaps’ on 17/10/2011
  Funds flee offshore to evade ‘bad’ regulation on 17/10/2011
  UK: HMRC withdraws Swiss tax amnesty on wealthy HSBC account holders on 14/10/2011
  FSA and SEC hold strategic talks on market surveillance on 14/10/2011
  Think tank calls for tax cut to boost UK economy on 13/10/2011
  UK bankers believe ring-fencing plans are a 'done deal' on 12/10/2011
  UK: FSA censured over Keydata on 12/10/2011
  Bank of England abandons part of QE program after traders make bonds too expensive on 11/10/2011
  Funds eye distressed debt opportunities on 10/10/2011
  Swiss, UK sign agreement to end dispute over tax evasion on 07/10/2011
  British economy slams on the brakes on 06/10/2011
  UK wins ground on derivatives regulation on 05/10/2011
  UK Financial Regulator Looking Into Solvency II Approach on 04/10/2011
  UK Financial Firms’ confidence drops on 03/10/2011
  UK: Osborne urges debt crisis resolution on 03/10/2011
  UK faces defeat over derivatives clearing on 30/09/2011
  European Commission head Jose Barroso backs EU tax on City deals on 29/09/2011
  EC backs financial transaction tax on 28/09/2011
  UK: BCC blasts ministers on regulation on 28/09/2011
  UK: Broadbent fuels expectations of further QE this autumn on 27/09/2011
  Stock markets stabilise after heavy falls. on 23/09/2011
  Bank of England's MPC indicates QE2 is a case of if not when on 22/09/2011
  Bank of China halts FX swaps with some European banks on 21/09/2011
  FSC promise to protect public on 20/09/2011
  QE saved Britain from double-dip recession, says Bank of England on 19/09/2011
  Christine Lagarde hints UK 'pushing too hard' with austerity cuts on 16/09/2011
  UK to sue ECB over clearing house regulations on 15/09/2011
  UK Banks welcome to shift to Hong Kong: Tsang on 14/09/2011
  UK: Companies urged to challenge late-tax fines on 13/09/2011
  UK: ICB bank reforms - Sir John Vickers' measures could end free banking on 13/09/2011
  UK Coalition divides over 50p tax rate and banking reforms before Vickers report on 12/09/2011
  Inflation Bonds Show Growth Bigger Worry as Rates Point to 1.3% Global CPI on 12/09/2011
  UK: Business leaders call for more central bank stimulus to aid economy on 08/09/2011
  Customers will ‘have to pay for bank reform’ on 08/09/2011
  Chancellor George Osborne: UK 'ahead of the curve' in reducing deficit on 07/09/2011
  Bank ring-fencing gets backing from leading investors on 06/09/2011
  Bank liquidity requirements may be eased by global regulators on 06/09/2011
  HMRC targets offshore trusts in tax evasion clampdown on 05/09/2011
  Boardroom pay packages soar to average of £4.5m in 2010 on 05/09/2011
  OECD urges governments to clamp down on ‘aggressive’ tax avoiders on 02/09/2011
  UK: Bank shares up as reform is delayed on 02/09/2011
  'Draconian' UK bank reforms will push lenders into a crisis on 01/09/2011
  Fund managers make millions from lending clients' shares, study shows on 01/09/2011
  Weak UK confidence raises recession fears on 31/08/2011
  UK: Osborne pledges crackdown on tax evaders on 30/08/2011
  Google says it would pay more tax in UK on 29/08/2011
  EU fears harm to its tax plans on 26/08/2011
  UK: Chancellor George Osborne launches £5bn tax raid on Swiss bank accounts on 25/08/2011
  UK growth lagging behind world's leading economies on 24/08/2011
  UK: Businesses challenged by tax and red tape on 23/08/2011
  Hedge fund staff hit by Swiss franc rise on 23/08/2011
  OECD Countries' Economic Growth Slows on 23/08/2011
  UK: Banks 'should take more risk' argues BoE executive director on 19/08/2011
  UK pensioners caught up in market turbulence turn to QROPS on 19/08/2011
  UK anger over eurozone plan to tax all City transactions on 18/08/2011
  UK: Government expands business tax cuts to new enterprise zones on 17/08/2011
  Banks warn pay curbs will hit UK competitiveness on 17/08/2011
  Fund of funds sales hit record £3.8bn on 16/08/2011
  Long-term debt markets 'closed' for European banks on 15/08/2011
  FSA points to EU study of under-fire 'black box' trading on 15/08/2011
  UK: Doubts cast on FSA’s pay code for banks on 15/08/2011
  Bank cuts UK's 2011 economic growth forecast to 1.5 per cent on 11/08/2011
  Swiss near tax treaties with Germany and Britain on 10/08/2011
  Bank of England will leave door open for QE on 08/08/2011
  European Central Bank to 'actively' buy bonds to fight eurozone debt crisis on 08/08/2011
  Hedgies lose hundreds of millions in UK banks on 05/08/2011
  UK: PM and Chancellor plan to cut top rate of income tax from 50p to 45p on 05/08/2011
  King may prevail as UK’s ‘insipid’ recovery hurts case for rate increase on 04/08/2011
  Banks scale back as regulations weigh on 03/08/2011
  IMF report on UK: main points on 03/08/2011
  IMF: UK may miss plan to eliminate deficit on 02/08/2011
  London faces threat as centre of finance on 01/08/2011
  UK: Virgin to move brand division to Switzerland on 01/08/2011
  New report into HMRC identifies concerns and warns if this continues "it may undermine respect for the tax system on 01/08/2011
  EU to force regulations on hedge fund pay on 29/07/2011
  Banks protected against hedge-fund default, UK watchdog says on 28/07/2011
  Bermuda insurer to move tax base to UK on 27/07/2011
  Weak UK growth puts AAA rating at risk, experts warn on 26/07/2011
  BVI: Overseas Territories leaders achieved common objective at Overseas Territories Consultative Council on 26/07/2011
  FSA clashes with banker in HBOS inquiry on 25/07/2011
  UK recovery under threat from lack of investment by businesses, report warns on 25/07/2011
  Wealthy Britons want to leave UK on 22/07/2011
  UK: Banks cannot argue 'behind closed doors' – MPs on 21/07/2011
  EU: Cameron calls for cross-border tax transparency on 21/07/2011
  UK: FCA regulator will not have a quiet life, warns MP on 20/07/2011
  London banks fall on eurozone debt exposure on 19/07/2011
  UK: George Osborne to signal changes to offshore gambling tax rules on 18/07/2011
  FSA stands firm on new financial advice rules on 18/07/2011
  BSkyB 'bloodbath' hits hedge funds on 15/07/2011
  UK: Bank submissions attack ICB proposals on 14/07/2011
  Clients exit hedge funds after poor returns on 14/07/2011
  FSA: Tax-advantaged schemes must not be misleading on 13/07/2011
  UK: Osborne corporate tax plan ‘will fail’ on 12/07/2011
  UK: A third of finance directors believes UK economy will double-dip on 11/07/2011
  UK: Accounting change to show extra public debt on 11/07/2011
  Eurozone split over Greece bailout on 07/07/2011
  UK: Investment bankers in line for bonus bonanza as income soars on 07/07/2011
  UK: Chancellor George Osborne faces grilling by Treasury Select Committee over bank regulation on 05/07/2011
  UK: Controlled foreign companies consultation launched on 01/07/2011
  UK tax set to fall on Bolt, Olympians on 30/06/2011
  FSA: FCA Will Be Tougher, Bolder, More Engaged With Consumers on 28/06/2011
  Capital Rules Tighten for Big Banks on 28/06/2011
  New non-dom rules boost UK's appeal on 27/06/2011
  Glut of rules risks driving funds to Asia on 27/06/2011
  UK: Treasury rules out PFI tax overhaul on 27/06/2011
  UK: Division to spawn specialist regulation on 24/06/2011
  No Zero-10 support from Nick Clegg on 23/06/2011
  UK: Mutuals will be kept separate under new PRA powers on 22/06/2011
  UK: FSA says insurers must be ready for EU rules on 21/06/2011
  UK: PFI projects switched to tax havens, report claims on 20/06/2011
  UK: Higher earners play waiting game to pay less tax on 17/06/2011
  Belgium lifts lid on 15,000 UK account holders on 17/06/2011
  IMA delays managed sector overhaul on 16/06/2011
  FSA hits out at wealth managers on 16/06/2011
  OECD: New indicators suggest growth will slow in most major economies on 15/06/2011
  Hedge funds shun short-selling as EU regulations loom – ISLA on 15/06/2011
  UK: Chancellor to call for retail banks to be ring-fenced on 15/06/2011
  FSA levies record £98.5m in final notice fines on 14/06/2011
  High earners could flee UK because of top tax rate on 14/06/2011
  UK: Treasury insiders slam FSA break-up on 10/06/2011
  UK: Crime investigations launched from tax amnesties on 10/06/2011
  IRS readies enforcement against at least one overseas bank on 09/06/2011
  UK banks try to poke holes in ring-fencing on 09/06/2011
  Liechtenstein amnesty yields £300,000 per disclosure on 09/06/2011
  Revised rules could help trusts to compete with rivals on 08/06/2011
  IMF backs UK belt-tightening as economic growth to stay weak in 2011 on 07/06/2011
  Brits probed over Swiss bank assets on 07/06/2011
  ‘Credibility crisis’ for UK in Europe on 07/06/2011
  Inheritance tax valuations targeted by HMRC on 06/06/2011
  FSA to assess levels of risk behind big banks’ profits on 06/06/2011
  London and Luxembourg battle over sukuk listing domicile on 06/06/2011
  UK: First revision since 1965 for investment trust rules on 01/06/2011
  Minister pushes more UK sway on 25/05/2011
  Britons with home in France warned over tax rule change on 24/05/2011
  UK millionaires’ club will get IFAs more high net-worth business on 24/05/2011
  London’s new fund queens on 23/05/2011
  EC tells UK to amend CFC legislation on 20/05/2011
  Asia’s rich look to London property investments, Standard Chartered says on 20/05/2011
  EU red tape threatens property and banking industry on 20/05/2011
  Fresh plea for 10 percent corporation tax on 19/05/2011
  Swiss tax negotiations 'putting people off' Liechtenstein tax amnesty on 18/05/2011
  London finance staff to jump ship in droves - survey on 18/05/2011
  Operators resigned to UK passenger tax on 17/05/2011
  High earners tax take "has been artificially increased" on 17/05/2011
  Tax experts slam offshore trusts crackdown on 16/05/2011
  Study finds tax burden rising on workers on 12/05/2011
  Usain Bolts over Britain’s tax laws on 12/05/2011
  Banks endorse option of creditor ‘bail-in’ on 11/05/2011
  Leda Braga: 'London not at risk as a hedge fund centre' on 11/05/2011
  Unsettled London climate puts off business on 10/05/2011
  Britain's super-rich getting wealthier again on 09/05/2011
  HMRC to upgrade Barbados' tax transparency status due to new legislation on 09/05/2011
  IMA warns FSA measures will not stop mis-selling on 06/05/2011
  Britons to be taxed on secret billions on 03/05/2011
  Revenue’s offshore trust amnesty premature - STEP on 27/04/2011
  FSA hit by staff exodus on 26/04/2011
  UK may lure big investors with plan to cut tax for bulk home purchases on 21/04/2011
  UK should cut corporation tax to 18 per cent - CBI on 20/04/2011
  Britons fail to understand inheritance tax on 20/04/2011
  UK government’s focus on regulation attacked on 19/04/2011
  ABI warns of duplicate levies under new regime on 15/04/2011
  Tax haven tag 'does harm to Guernsey's image' on 14/04/2011
  Big banks threaten exodus from UK on 12/04/2011
  UK and Netherlands to sue Iceland over lost deposits on 11/04/2011
  UK Treasury plugs pensions tax loophole on 08/04/2011
  EU court advocate backs Gibraltar over tax regime on 08/04/2011
  UK online gaming firms slump on German tax worries on 08/04/2011
  Gibraltar says talks with Spain over tax deal 'advanced' on 06/04/2011
  British bank accounting standards 'not fit for purpose' on 05/04/2011
  Deutsche Bank fights tax ruling on £92m bonus pool on 04/04/2011
  UK holding back international financial regulation, says think tank on 01/04/2011
  Court of Appeal wipes out Hastings Bass ruling on 31/03/2011
  Reits' Budget boost on 30/03/2011
  Tax breaks aim to lure seed investors on 29/03/2011
  Bankers' pay cuts lead to £5bn tax loss on 28/03/2011
  'Mansion tax' to be introduced when economy recovers on 28/03/2011
  UK Budget 2011: Number of 50p taxpayers to increase by 44 per cent on 25/03/2011
  Corporation tax cut: £300m gamble or golden opportunity for Northern Ireland? on 25/03/2011
  UK Budget 2011: City pain as Osborne tax measures reap £5bn on 24/03/2011
  UK Budget 2011: Ucits tax reform and tax transparent funds will create efficiencies - IMA on 24/03/2011
  UK Budget 2011: UK wealth industry relief at new rules on non-doms on 24/03/2011
  Osborne plans biggest tax avoidance clampdown since 2004 on 22/03/2011
  London tops financial-center list on 22/03/2011
  Wealthy foreigners offered fast track to settle in Britain on 17/03/2011
  OECD cuts UK growth forecast on 17/03/2011
  NZ managed funds still rate poorly - Morningstar study on 15/03/2011
  Northern Ireland corporation tax cut 'next year' on 14/03/2011
  Betfair worries racing industry with move offshore to save tax on 10/03/2011
  UK concerns about offshore pension schemes on 08/03/2011
  Gov't alters pension tax relief for high earners on 08/03/2011
  Cable to investigate tax haven subsidiaries on 08/03/2011
  Inheritance tax squeeze expected in budget on 07/03/2011
  HSBC prefers to stay in London, talk of change speculative on 07/03/2011
  'Perfect storm' for advisers and wealthy clients on 04/03/2011
  Luxembourg and London: financial centres join forces on 03/03/2011
  Treasury wants large business tax transparency on 02/03/2011
  IUA warns of regulatory threat to London’s competitiveness on 01/03/2011
  London gets jump on New York in Islamic finance on 24/02/2011
  Financial Conduct Authority gives UK a chance to bolster regulation on 23/02/2011
  Europe demands UK tax changes on 22/02/2011
  City escapes deferred-bonus crackdown on 22/02/2011
  UK banks may be forced to reveal tax breakdown on 21/02/2011
  EC ruling could "significantly" hit UK tax take on 18/02/2011
  Umbrella companies using Employee Benefit Trusts end due to "disguised renumeration" laws on 17/02/2011
  Tax evasion penalties 'make offshore services vital' on 14/02/2011
  Merlin should mean less tax and regulation, says Bottley on 11/02/2011
  Banks agree Project Merlin lending and bonus deal on 10/02/2011
  Fears of City exodus from ‘non-dom’ plan on 08/02/2011
  £2.5bn bank tax made permanent on 08/02/2011
  George Osborne considers greater tax on non-doms on 07/02/2011
  UK Liechtenstein tax agreement success on 03/02/2011
  Wheatley to lead Britain’s planned finance regulator on 03/02/2011
  English warming to tax breaks for savings on 02/02/2011
  Top 20 UK firms have over 1,000 offshore subsidiaries on 02/02/2011
  UK cutbacks slowing down Jersey’s finance legislation on 01/02/2011
  Richest to lose 3% of income from tax changes on 01/02/2011
  Tax fines to rise sharply on 01/02/2011
  UK games industry lobbies for tax relief on 27/01/2011
  Tax receipts from financial services sector fall 13% on 26/01/2011
  Investors beat tax by using CFDs on 24/01/2011
  Keep banking giants in London with tax regimes that "allows them to stay competitive" on 24/01/2011
  UK Tote makes plans to move bets offshore on 17/01/2011
  UK sees non-dom 'exodus' as £30,000 levy hits home on 13/01/2011
  European derivatives regulations “commercially ludicrous”, property industry warns on 13/01/2011
  Bad start to year for alternatives on 12/01/2011
  UK Government set for £3bn offshore tax boost on 12/01/2011
  EU: Bank taxes are an uneven playing field on 12/01/2011
  One million people to receive new tax demands on 11/01/2011
  Britain hosts only 15 per cent of top hedge funds last year on 07/01/2011
  Cut in corporation tax 'could cost NI £280m', PwC says on 07/01/2011
  UK finance industry employees happy to stay put in 2011 on 05/01/2011
  UK Osborne: No plans for additional tax rises on 04/01/2011
  Clampdown on offshore retirement schemes on 24/12/2010
  Swiss Government: Tax talks with UK, Germany at start of '11 on 23/12/2010
  Hedge funds rush bonus payments on 22/12/2010
  Government to revive 'Dracula' tax on family businesses on 21/12/2010
  New tax on banks only a ‘possibility’, says Cable on 20/12/2010
  City accounts for 10th of UK tax on 17/12/2010
  UK releases further details on recently-signed tax treaties on 17/12/2010
  Fears of tax rises as government revenues near 20-year low, says OECD on 16/12/2010
  City fears exodus as EU boosts regulation on 15/12/2010
  UK tax breaks under review on 15/12/2010
  London 2012 Olympics tax concessions confirmed on 14/12/2010
  Executives in new call for tax cut on 14/12/2010
  Nick Clegg pledges support for 'transparent' tax on 14/12/2010
  UK moves to ease corporate tax burden on 10/12/2010
  Rate of planned bank tax raised on 10/12/2010
  Launch of UK's first Sharia-compliant DPS on 09/12/2010
  Backlash over Cadbury's move to Switzerland on 06/12/2010
  Asset chief would turn Scotland into tax haven on 01/12/2010
  Banks sign tax 'code of practice' on 01/12/2010
  George Osborne changes corporation tax to stop firms moving overseas on 30/11/2010
  Tax should be devolved - Northern Ireland business leaders on 30/11/2010
  Exodus of companies from Britain prompts tax review on 29/11/2010
  Expert says HMRC is moving LDF goalposts on 26/11/2010
  Hedge fund directive 'a failure of British foreign policy' on 26/11/2010
  Maldives is easiest place in the world to pay taxes on 25/11/2010
  UK opens door to wealthy migrants on 24/11/2010
  Taxman plotting more offshore clampdowns on 23/11/2010
  Osborne accused of retreat on big bonuses on 23/11/2010
  Overseas investors return to City of London on 22/11/2010
  Alex Salmond strips Scottish Parliament of tax powers on 19/11/2010
  'UK's advantages will avert offshore exodus' on 19/11/2010
  UK hedge fund registrations pick up speed on 17/11/2010
  UK hedge fund managers may escape FSA bonus rules on 17/11/2010
  Cayman Finance chair says UK MPs still don’t get it on 17/11/2010
  Millionaires' philanthropy at highest level in three years - Coutts Study on 16/11/2010
  World turns to UK's Independent Banking Commission for financial regulation on 15/11/2010
  MEPs EU tax demands 'may require British referendum’ on 15/11/2010
  Northern Ireland 'unable to afford' cut to corporate tax on 12/11/2010
  UK tax system is ‘costly and inequitable’, review finds on 11/11/2010
  Soaring deficits prompt fresh regulatory clampdown on 10/11/2010
  Old customs swept away by strong new currents on 10/11/2010
  Swiss banks offer Germany, UK guaranteed minimum tax proceeds on 10/11/2010
  Tax shake-up targets 1,000 reliefs on 09/11/2010
  There is an unnoticed hiring spree in wealth management on 05/11/2010
  IT consultant handed £100,000 tax bill accuses HMRC of violating his human rights on 04/11/2010
  Swiss deal brings promise of minimal tax penalties on 04/11/2010
  Isle of Man life assurance companies thrive as high earners try to escape tax rises on 04/11/2010
  Tax havens send ‘massive capital’ to London, lawmaker says on 03/11/2010
  Asset managers still not ready for EU directive on 03/11/2010
  Banks go toe to toe as Wall Street woos hedge funds on 03/11/2010
  UK schemes could face 30 per cent tax on US investments on 02/11/2010
  New rules help British offshore investors on 02/11/2010
  Top Swiss banker sees tax talks with France and Italy on 01/11/2010
  Betfair boss ups the ante by making UK quit threat public on 01/11/2010
  Swiss deal drives taxpayers to Liechtenstein amnesty on 29/10/2010
  Lord Lawson calls for review of IFRS accounting 'fiasco' on 29/10/2010
  Moscow seeks to rival London and New York on 27/10/2010
  LSE chief warns over European regulation on 27/10/2010
  Vontobel says withholding tax unavoidable -paper on 27/10/2010
  UK, Swiss to discuss tax on offshore bank accounts on 26/10/2010
  EU 'passport' rule seen as hurdle for US hedge funds on 26/10/2010
  Women on the rise as wealth managers on 25/10/2010
  Insurance firms damaged by changes to UK and Euro rules on 22/10/2010
  UK Spending Review 2010: Bankers shrug off higher tax threat on 21/10/2010
  Guernsey rated above financial competitors on 21/10/2010
  UK government stakes future on austerity plan on 20/10/2010
  Swiss village cuts tax rate to attract more hedge funds from London on 19/10/2010
  Banks to sign up to tax avoidance code on 19/10/2010
  Wealthy take control of investment decisions on 18/10/2010
  Taxes and regulation 'exile talent from City' on 18/10/2010
  Hedge fund talks derail again as France and Britain clash on 15/10/2010
  Will Betfair be the next company to leave the UK? on 13/10/2010
  Talks on EU hedge fund rules to resume Friday on 13/10/2010
  'New regulator will fail without top-notch staff', warn finance chiefs on 13/10/2010
  Wealthy find fresh allure in alternative investments on 12/10/2010
  Extraditions could soar with Dodd-Frank on 11/10/2010
  Fears grow of emerging market 'bubble' on 11/10/2010
  Leading bankers warn new rules will hit recovery on 11/10/2010
  UK leads global growth in higher rate taxes on 08/10/2010
  Tax change could boost FDI on 07/10/2010
  Weak US dollar fuels financial bubble fears on 07/10/2010
  Pace of UK hedge fund exits debated on 06/10/2010
  Offshore emerging market funds top of performance tables on 05/10/2010
  IMF urges broader financial system restructuring beyond Basel on 04/10/2010
  Banks move to calm fears over City's future on 04/10/2010
  HMRC poised to launch crackdown on 04/10/2010
  France threatens to veto EU hedge fund legislation on 29/09/2010
  This is not the end for tax havens on 28/09/2010
  Gibraltar transition from tax haven paying off: leader on 28/09/2010
  Wolseley's move to Swiss tax haven raises fears of second UK exodus on 28/09/2010
  Flexibility is key to investment trust tax changes on 27/09/2010
  Tax evasion scrutiny for HSBC’s Swiss clients on 27/09/2010
  Hedge fund rule talks to go a further round on 27/09/2010
  LSE: UK Government should cut taxes to boost small company investment on 24/09/2010
  IMA proposes improvements to ‘unfair’ key investor information on 23/09/2010
  London fund industry under threat, bosses warn on 22/09/2010
  Offshore accounts set to be hit by HMRC crackdown on 22/09/2010
  Government plans crackdown on wealthy tax dodgers on 20/09/2010
  Treasury condemns £42bn tax gap on 17/09/2010
  UK hedge fund groups push back on EU pay rules on 15/09/2010
  FSA founder says scrapping regulator is a mistake on 14/09/2010
  Top UK earners face extra tax bills in 2011 on 13/09/2010
  New US laws could mean more power for the few on 10/09/2010
  Hedge funds warned to curb speculation on 10/09/2010
  ECB chief: tougher rules for eurozone members on 10/09/2010
  Regulatory shake-up gets EU nod on 09/09/2010
  Malaysia looks to topple UK as centre for Islamic finance law on 09/09/2010
  Vodafone case could have ramifications for foreign investors on 09/09/2010
  Economists want fresh start on Australian mining tax reform on 09/09/2010
  UK spearheads green economy on 08/09/2010
  European bank worries unsteady the markets on 08/09/2010
  August results put pressure on hedge funds on 07/09/2010
  Ease on regulation attracts hedge funds on 06/09/2010
  Ireland and the multinationals on 03/09/2010
  No double dip recession: ECB on 03/09/2010
  Japanese opposition calls for intervention on yen on 02/09/2010
  Bernanke decries ‘too big to fail’ system on 02/09/2010
  First corporate sukuk bought in UK on 02/09/2010
  Shariah experts want scholar certificates on 01/09/2010
  Credit Suisse to plan early bonus payments in UK on 31/08/2010
  New Scottish bond fund aims for £100m on 31/08/2010
  Jersey offers enhanced marine services on 31/08/2010
  Call for mandatory disclosure of offshore accounts in India on 30/08/2010
  Aus political limbo de-stabilises international investment plans on 30/08/2010
  Insurers face hit from US tax rules on 27/08/2010
  Global hedge fund body to meet US policymakers in September on 27/08/2010
  UK banks may face higher capital charges for illiquid assets on 26/08/2010
  Tax regime drives 20 per cent of big businesses to consider leaving UK on 25/08/2010
  End of FSA could leave 'accountability gap', newspaper report claims on 25/08/2010
  Tax officials to soften stance on avoidance on 20/08/2010
  UK tax boost eases deficit and helps pound on 20/08/2010
  First UK Islamic bond launches on 17/08/2010
  Resurgence of controversial hedge fund strategy on 17/08/2010
  UK corporate borrowers look East on 17/08/2010
  Bankers threaten to move abroad over bonus restrictions on 16/08/2010
  ABI and HMRC clarify IFA tax rules on 13/08/2010
  The UK bonus tax: here's what banks will pay on 11/08/2010
  France rejects EU-wide tax plan on 11/08/2010
  Tiger and the £1m tax bill: how British law may scare off Woods from Ryder Cup on 10/08/2010
  New rules spark IMA sector review on 09/08/2010
  FSA exodus adds to concern over regulation on 09/08/2010
  Taxpayers stand to gain £7.4bn from rescued banks on 06/08/2010
  Sports stars show UK red card over tax bills on 06/08/2010
  London is becoming less attractive, Standard Chartered warns on 05/08/2010
  Banking system on verge of new crisis, hedge fund Noster Capital warns on 04/08/2010
  Real estate drives alternatives renaissance on 04/08/2010
  Government out to foil IHT scheme tax dodges on 03/08/2010
  Global financial centres after the crisis on 03/08/2010
  HSBC Invest Bank aided by Asia, North America on 03/08/2010
  UK hedge funds to be hit by EU capital requirements directive on 30/07/2010
  New FSA powers could signal return of the long-stop on 30/07/2010
  HMRC wants disclosure of new IHT avoidance schemes on 29/07/2010
  MPs to look at tax on Northern Ireland businesses on 29/07/2010
  UK details tax reform plan on 28/07/2010
  UK FS welcomes Virgin Islands on OECD ‘White List’ on 28/07/2010
  Hedge fund B&G faces French insider trading charge on 28/07/2010
  Banks' unlikely hit from tax cuts on 27/07/2010
  IMA: tax confusion could spark business exodus on 27/07/2010
  Fund managers raise tax and immigration fears on 26/07/2010
  Hedge funds meeting institutional demands on 26/07/2010
  London MP defends Isle of Man on 23/07/2010
  Hungarian lawmakers to approve `brutal' bank tax in defiance of IMF, EU on 22/07/2010
  US banks pay bulk of UK bonus tax on 21/07/2010
  UK to attract foreign investment by reforming taxes on 21/07/2010
  Hedge funds keep their heads down in bumpy markets on 20/07/2010
  Tough decisions for the 'Untied States' on 20/07/2010
  Finance experts call for 'Tobin tax' on foreign exchange trades on 19/07/2010
  Liechtenstein's heir backs radical new tax plans on 19/07/2010
  Treasury proposes to make pensions free of inheritance tax on 16/07/2010
  Cayman funds still growing on 16/07/2010
  UK bonus tax cost JPMorgan US$550m on 16/07/2010
  OECD urges Britain to drop 50p tax rate for top earners on 15/07/2010
  EU vows transparency in bank stress tests on 14/07/2010
  World’s rich are hording $10trillion in cash on 14/07/2010
  Usain Bolt snubs London meeting over tax laws on 13/07/2010
  Bankers warned of further tax on profits and pay on 13/07/2010
  FSA to seek exemption for the City from EU rules on bankers' pay on 09/07/2010
  Forbes names Bermuda one of world's top 10 tax havens on 09/07/2010
  Wealthy customers nervous of private banks on 08/07/2010
  'Freedom to flourish' thanks to low Isle of Man taxes on 08/07/2010
  Europe imposes caps on banker bonuses on 08/07/2010
  Bigger role assured for emerging financial centres like Mumbai on 08/07/2010
  Waning interest for investment banking, private equity: QFCRA on 08/07/2010
  European banks’ hidden losses may threaten EU stress test plan on 06/07/2010
  Bahamas to host OECD meeting on 06/07/2010
  EU bonus rules and hedge funds – too soon to panic on 06/07/2010
  IMF wants bank levy triple the size of Osborne's bailout tax on 05/07/2010
  Wealth managers target high-end mortgages on 05/07/2010
  Miners win major compromises on Oz mining tax on 02/07/2010
  Equal bank bonus crackdown urged on 02/07/2010
  Hedge funds caught in European Union capital requirements directive on 02/07/2010
  IATA slams UK aviation tax plans on 01/07/2010
  Investors balk at plans for Moscow financial centre on 01/07/2010
  Computer games industry hits at tax rethink on 30/06/2010
  Hedge fund founder quits UK for Geneva on 30/06/2010
  Tax: Six million in UK face top-rate bills by 2015 on 28/06/2010
  G20 summit: leaders agree to halve deficits by 2013 on 28/06/2010
  European Union talks on hedge fund rules collapse on 25/06/2010
  British banks move offshore to avoid levy on 25/06/2010
  EU FDI outflows down, inflows up on 25/06/2010
  CGT move brings stealth tax for trustees on 24/06/2010
  US may follow Britain's lead and pass bank tax on 24/06/2010
  UK Budget 2010: 'Super law' to close tax loopholes on 23/06/2010
  Guernsey Finance welcomes tax consultation document on 23/06/2010
  Industry warns on levy's unintended consequences on 23/06/2010
  World's millionaires are back to strength after banking crisis on 23/06/2010
  Forget austerity, the Budget must show that Britain is open for business on 21/06/2010
  Jersey wins Best International Finance Centre award on 18/06/2010
  St Kitts and Nevis and Canada sign Tax Information Exchange Agreement on 18/06/2010
  London 'at risk' from EU reforms on 18/06/2010
  UK tax to cost United State banks US$2bn on 17/06/2010
  UK Chancellor says reforms would have eased banking crisis on 17/06/2010
  Bermuda signs tax agreement with Canada on 15/06/2010
  Advisers fear being caught in Liechtenstein tax net on 15/06/2010
  Officials: EU rules will block United States hedge funds on 15/06/2010
  IFS: UK government could hit deficit goals without new tax hikes on 15/06/2010
  Toxic Citizens? Banks cutting American expatriates adrift on 14/06/2010
  Hedge funds dodge European proposal with regulated ‘Newcits’ on 14/06/2010
  Swiss canton aims to lure FTSE companies to low tax environment on 14/06/2010
  OFT probe into investment banking fees on 11/06/2010
  London funds yet to be seduced by Swiss appeal on 11/06/2010
  Tax units to be set up to fight tax evasion on 10/06/2010
  G20 nations must recognise the stimulus effect of IFCs in the global economy on 10/06/2010
  Europe to go it alone with bank tax after G20 failure on 09/06/2010
  Plea to boost UK's competitiveness on 09/06/2010
  Economists defend UK film tax breaks on 08/06/2010
  UK PM backs down on capital gains tax on 07/06/2010
  Banks face higher capital rules on 07/06/2010
  Chancellor to strip FSA of City regulation powers on 04/06/2010
  Europe to dominate G20 talks on 02/06/2010
  Japanese bond issue looks to attract foreign investment on 01/06/2010
  Canadian regulator to probe offshore tax cases on 01/06/2010
  UK coalition dilutes ambitions for capital gains tax on 27/05/2010
  Europe-wide bank tax in EU sights on 26/05/2010
  Regulators and lawyers scramble to measure toll of German ban on 26/05/2010
  UK cuts raise fears about a ‘double dip’ recession on 25/05/2010
  British Chancellor nominates private sector as pet project on 20/05/2010
  Canada seek anti-tax allies in US, India, China on 20/05/2010
  7000 HSBC accounts to be reviewed by Italian tax police on 19/05/2010
  Tighter hedge funds rules approved by Euro authorities on 18/05/2010
  European Commission to keep closer eye on ratings agencies on 18/05/2010
  Cable to concentrate on tax avoidance by big business on 17/05/2010
  HNWIs bet on gold on 17/05/2010
  Governments across eurozone and beyond tackle debt on 14/05/2010
  US hedge funds look to Europe on 14/05/2010
  Senators lobby for venture capitalist exemptions on 14/05/2010
  Investors critical of Japan’s fiscal deficits on 14/05/2010
  ‘Offshore’ critic gets banks and businesses seat in new UK coalition on 13/05/2010
  EU won’t cave on hedge funds despite US pressure on 13/05/2010
  Mexico, Canada score top spots in KPMG tax report on 13/05/2010
  New ‘frontman’ for Irish regulator on 12/05/2010
  Australian budget proposals confirm IFC ambitions on 10/05/2010
  EU draft directive on hedge funds expected to pass despite opposition on 10/05/2010
  IMF aid for Greece worth €30bn on 10/05/2010
  Sovereign wealth funds urge finance sector reforms on 10/05/2010
  Greece, UK election cause market turmoil on 07/05/2010
  French aid for Greek passes in Parliament on 07/05/2010
  €40m hole in German tax receipts on 07/05/2010
  Greek strife will spread across Europe, UK on 06/05/2010
  AIFM impasse due to UK resistance on 05/05/2010
  Eurozone’s prospects improve despite Greek bailout on 05/05/2010
  Gibraltar and Spain close to signing TIEA despite strains on 04/05/2010
  No relent in Canada’s opposition to global bank tax on 04/05/2010
  UK parties will back hedge fund managers against European reforms on 04/05/2010
  Basel chief not convinced time is right for new tax on 04/05/2010
  Greece receive €110bn aid package on 03/05/2010
  US offshore probe set to continue on 03/05/2010
  Shanghai continues ascent toward IFC powerhouses on 30/04/2010
  UK recovery will remain sluggish: think tank on 30/04/2010
  Euro hedge funds eye move to Asia, Switzerland on 29/04/2010
  Liechtenstein signs TIEA with St. Kitts and Nevis on 27/04/2010
  Euro Central Bank sceptical on bank tax proposals on 27/04/2010
  Key partners reject global bank tax on 26/04/2010
  UK offshore tax crackdown delivers huge revenue boost on 26/04/2010
  Greek PM warns investors off default bets on 26/04/2010
  Canada’s Flaherty defiant on bank tax on 23/04/2010
  UK fears of double-dip recession ease on 23/04/2010
  Further debt downgrade imperils Greek economy on 23/04/2010
  IMF suggest a second bank tax on 22/04/2010
  G20 to meet over bank tax, China on 21/04/2010