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  US: Credit Suisse admits wrongdoing in asset measure, to pay $90 million on 05/10/2016
  Study : 73% of Fortune 500 Companies Used Tax Havens in 2015 on 04/10/2016
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  White House 'concerned' EU tax penalty on Apple may hit US taxpayers on 31/08/2016
  Junk bond issuers mull delisting in latest push to evade MAR on 26/08/2016
  Talks on new US/Ireland tax treaty to focus on multinationals on 26/08/2016
  US Treasury criticizes EU on corporate tax probes on 25/08/2016
  FATCA lobby urges rethink to ease banking problems on 23/08/2016
  Trinidad and Tobago signs inter-governmental FATCA agreement with US on 22/08/2016
  Republicans take new tack on taxing companies’ overseas profits on 22/08/2016
  Trans-Atlantic spat looms over EU crackdown on corporate tax deals on 19/08/2016
  Cayman: FATCA notification and reporting due dates extended on 10/08/2016
  US: Trump revamps his proposed tax cuts on 10/08/2016
  Curaçao shares tax data US citizens with the US on 09/08/2016
  US tax hunt overseas causes global headaches on 08/08/2016
  US and Singapore aim to sign TIEA and reciprocal FATCA IGA by year end on 04/08/2016
  Mauritius extends FATCA deadline on 04/08/2016
  Israel: Knesset Finance Committee ratifies US FATCA on 03/08/2016
  US threatens to stop treating some FATCA IGAs as being “in effect” in 2017 on 02/08/2016
  US, EU report on Re/Insurance covered agreement talks on 29/07/2016
  India: Give FATCA info by 31 Aug or face account freeze on 25/07/2016
  India to sign new bilateral treaties in next few months on 19/07/2016
  US corporate tax directors have a hard time adjusting to BEPS on 19/07/2016
  Ireland pins growth plan on US companies on 18/07/2016
  US pressure hurting local financial sector, expert says on 13/07/2016
  US IRS issues final country-by-country reporting regulations, rules allowing voluntary filing forthcoming on 30/06/2016
  Argentina: Assets agreement with US not quite ‘reciprocal’ on 27/06/2016
  UBS hands Singapore client details to US on 24/06/2016
  US assets set to form larger part of Singapore Reits market on 22/06/2016
  OECD backs US international tax reform efforts on 20/06/2016
  US senators push for public CbC reporting requirement on 09/06/2016
  FATCA has Americans renouncing citizenship, tax lawyer says on 03/06/2016
  St Kitts-Nevis government revokes passports given to foreign investors named in SEC statement on 01/06/2016
  Florida and Delaware LLPs and LLLPs to be taxed as corporations, Canadian tax officials say on 01/06/2016
  Caribbean banks must adapt to survive de-risking, says industry consultant on 23/05/2016
  US futures regulator plans to finalize three rules this year on 20/05/2016
  Central banks selling off US debt at record pace on 19/05/2016
  Beneficial ownership: Cayman Govt says US must sign first on 18/05/2016
  Study shows US corporate tax rate among highest on 17/05/2016
  Prime minister casts doubt on whether United States can be part of ‘coalition of the committed’ against corruption on 13/05/2016
  US should be added to tax haven blacklist, says EU report on 11/05/2016
  US companies are saving $100 billion a year by shifting profits overseas, report says on 11/05/2016
  US treasury drafts beneficial ownership legislation on 10/05/2016
  Panama Papers: US launches crackdown on international tax evasion on 06/05/2016
  US expats continue to give up passports, green cards on 06/05/2016
  FATCA guidance on mergers, acquisitions: good news for banks on 06/05/2016
  US-based Caribbean bank under consideration on 05/05/2016
  Panama signs bank account info sharing deal with US on 28/04/2016
  US court dismisses FATCA challenges on 28/04/2016
  Ireland listed alongside 'known money laundering havens' - US justice agency on 25/04/2016
  Panama Papers: US launches criminal inquiry into tax avoidance claims on 20/04/2016
  US urge CIP governments to issue citizenship only to bonafide applicants on 19/04/2016
  Hedge Fund leverage faces new scrutiny by top US regulator on 19/04/2016
  US Treasury readies new tax rules as G20 vows to fight evasion on 18/04/2016
  US court clears way for Argentina to re-enter capital markets on 14/04/2016
  Multinationals' holding companies in crosshairs of new rules on 13/04/2016
  US moves to crack down on corporate inversions on 05/04/2016
  BVI financial institutions FATCA reporting deadlines extended on 04/04/2016
  US tax executives believe tax reform's far away on 04/04/2016
  US companies warn tax avoidance crackdown will hit earnings on 31/03/2016
  European stocks buoyed by dovish Yellen on 30/03/2016
  US investments in emerging markets show sudden spike on 30/03/2016
  BEPS infringing US national sovereignty, report says on 23/03/2016
  Global tax enforcement puts Cayman in the crosshairs on 21/03/2016
  Europe lawmakers grill multinationals on tax structures on 16/03/2016
  CIT reform, BEPS top concerns for US tax directors on 14/03/2016
  Curacao: Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs foresees smooth exchange tax information with the US on 11/03/2016
  Cayman Islands firms agree to tax probe penalties on 10/03/2016
  US and EU clash over tax practice clampdown on 09/03/2016
  Hedge Funds: New York legislators take aim at managers’ interest loophole on 09/03/2016
  US to have full reciprocity with India on tax info under FATCA on 04/03/2016
  Thailand, US sign agreement to share tax information on 04/03/2016
  Hedge Funds leery of moves to limit US reinsurance tax break on 04/03/2016
  Singapore banking secrecy makes ripe target for IRS on 04/03/2016
  US agrees to FATCA exception for Swiss accounts held by lawyers, notaries for clients on 03/03/2016
  EU's Vestager says not penalising US firms or US tax system on 01/03/2016
  AIFMD “not that complicated” for US managers, claims Indos on 25/02/2016
  US judge orders Argentina to reach deal with ‘Vulture Funds’ on 22/02/2016
  Update to US model tax convention on 19/02/2016
  IRS warns on use of tax shelters on 18/02/2016
  Market turmoil causes sharp losses at US hedge funds on 15/02/2016
  US Treasury's Lew challenges EU on corporate tax investigations on 12/02/2016
  US push to change international corporate tax rules hits more hurdles on 11/02/2016
  Record number of US citizens, green-card holders cut ties with US in 2015 on 08/02/2016
  EU proposals will force multinationals to disclose tax arrangements on 08/02/2016
  US lawmakers slam ‘hostile’ EU tax climate on 03/02/2016
  DOJ confirms action to continue against US tax evasion on 03/02/2016
  Hillary Clinton criticises Irish corporate tax ‘perversion’ on 01/02/2016
  ‘Category 2’ Swiss banks handed $1.36bn final bill by US on 28/01/2016
  Hedge funds told to improve cyber defences on 25/01/2016
  US overtakes China as top destination for foreign investment on 21/01/2016
  IRS: Banks get more time to certify accounts under FATCA on 21/01/2016
  Cayman copies Delaware for limited liability law on 19/01/2016
  US Treasury urged to act on EU tax ruling probes on 19/01/2016
  Panton – Clinton comments no direct threat to Cayman on 15/01/2016
  US delay in country-by-country reporting rules incites backlash on 15/01/2016
  Clinton: “End Bermuda Reinsurance Loophole” on 14/01/2016
  Survey: FATCA negatively affects Americans living overseas on 14/01/2016
  Argentina to make offer to US hedge funds to end legal standoff on 14/01/2016
  Plans to revise or repeal Dodd Frank on 11/01/2016
  Swiss bank nears $547M settlement of US tax probe on 05/01/2016
  US collects US$1bn in Swiss bank program penalties on 05/01/2016
  US House approves permanent tax breaks in massive bill on 18/12/2015
  Almost half of hedge fund firms plan 2016 fund launch on 18/12/2015
  US Justice Department announces three banks reach resolutions under Swiss bank program on 16/12/2015
  US said to be sceptical of EU's asset-backed securities drive on 15/12/2015
  US funds freeze sparks fears over corporate bond market on 14/12/2015
  Parliament to approve Turkey-US deal on tax evasion on 10/12/2015
  India receives financial info from US under FATCA: Finance Ministry on 04/12/2015
  Congress scrutinizes OECD BEPS corporate tax changes on 02/12/2015
  US: New York to propose banking rules to prevent illicit financing: source on 01/12/2015
  US to seek 'prudential' assurances from EU as part of reinsurance deal on 26/11/2015
  UK, US differ on approaches to implement BEPS on 24/11/2015
  US justice department announces three banks reach resolutions under Swiss bank program on 20/11/2015
  US unveils rules to make corporate inversions more difficult on 20/11/2015
  St Lucia signs FATCA agreement with US Government on 20/11/2015
  US and Azerbaijan to sign an additional interagency agreement on FATCA on 18/11/2015
  Switzerland & Luxembourg among DTA approvals sent for US Senate vote on 16/11/2015
  Armenia, US to start talks on new Double Tax Treaty on 04/11/2015
  US overtakes Caymans and Singapore as haven for assets of super-rich on 03/11/2015
  US administration pushes for Swiss DTA update ratification on 03/11/2015
  US ‘tax inversion’ deals skew Ireland’s FDI numbers on 30/10/2015
  Under FATCA Indian Trusts will now have to disclose details to IRS on 30/10/2015
  US lawmakers promise to push for long-delayed tax treaties on 30/10/2015
  NYSE pleads for rules to make Hedge Funds reveal short positions on 23/10/2015
  IRS says offshore disclosures have netted US$8bn on 20/10/2015
  IRS updates guidance on US-Canada DTA on 15/10/2015
  Algeria, US ink agreement to share tax information on 15/10/2015
  US chases Swiss bank secrets to Singapore and Israel on 09/10/2015
  Concerns expressed in US over BEPS plan on 09/10/2015
  CAB requests the removal of named Caribbean territories on US “Tax-haven” list on 07/10/2015
  IRS commences data swaps under FATCA on 06/10/2015
  US hedge funds brace for worst year since financial crisis on 05/10/2015
  Attorney predicts ‘long fight’ after effort to block FATCA is rejected on 02/10/2015
  Ambassador Newry protests Bahamas' tax haven status in DC on 01/10/2015
  US IRS and Mexican SAT begin sharing info on bank accounts on 30/09/2015
  US signs tax pacts with UK and Australia on 25/09/2015
  London passes New York as top financial centre in GFCI18 on 24/09/2015
  ATO hands over bank details to US Internal Revenue Service under FATCA on 24/09/2015
  DC’s Bahamas Blacklist Branded ‘Inconsequential’ on 23/09/2015
  St Kitts & Nevis: Amory dismisses concerns about FACTA's impact on the offshore financial sector on 23/09/2015
  FATCA: Georgia informs United States of its residents’ financial assets on 22/09/2015
  US Treasury to delay enforcing part of tax law that curbs offshore tax evasion on 21/09/2015
  US tax-evasion probe expands to Belize on 18/09/2015
  Canada: Court challenge of US FATCA tax dragnet fails on 17/09/2015
  EU proposes new trans-Atlantic court for trade disputes on 17/09/2015
  Concerns raised in St Kitts & Nevis parliament about FACTA on 16/09/2015
  Bermuda awaits IRS ruling on new rules targeting hedge funds on 15/09/2015
  Hong Kong's 'accidental Americans' caught in US tax jam on 14/09/2015
  US tax rules catch out UK investors, warns wealth manager on 11/09/2015
  Tax evader crackdown could reduce offshore banking options for expats on 11/09/2015
  Cayman-US couple fight tax exchange decision on 10/09/2015
  US extends hike in fees for relinquishing US citizenship on 10/09/2015
  St Kitts and Nevis will comply with US tax regulations on 09/09/2015
  Antigua-Barbuda takes protest over tax haven listing to Capitol Hill on 08/09/2015
  St Kitts and Nevis signs US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on 02/09/2015
  Bermuda government responds to DC tax haven list on 01/09/2015
  Tax hunt neutralises Swiss bank secrecy, US envoy says on 28/08/2015
  Ensure compliance with FATCA requirements, says SEBI on 27/08/2015
  US rule to give investment advisers anti-money laundering duty on 26/08/2015
  FATCA legislation to impact the South Africa financial services sector on 20/08/2015
  Bahamas: Fatca compliance 'will strengthen financial services industry' on 18/08/2015
  Bahamas set to comply with international FATCA standards on 11/08/2015
  FATCA takes effect September 30 for Jamaica on 07/08/2015
  Barbados: FATCA reporting deadline is August 15 on 05/08/2015
  Seychelles FATCA reporting portal launched on 05/08/2015
  Slovakia signs FACTA agreement on 04/08/2015
  Business execs divided on US tax reform prospects on 04/08/2015
  Debate begins on US 'innovation box' proposal on 31/07/2015
  US treasury offers IGA countries more favourable FATCA reporting on 31/07/2015
  FATCA: Barbados revenue authority faces tough IRS test on 31/07/2015
  US citizenship renunciations fall in second-quarter surprise on 31/07/2015
  Luxembourg further extends FATCA reporting deadline on 30/07/2015
  Italy confirms FATCA data instructions on 29/07/2015
  Barbados: Public consultation on FATCA Thursday on 29/07/2015
  US govt faces FATCA lawsuit on 27/07/2015
  Azerbaijan completed preparation of draft agreement with US on FATCA on 24/07/2015
  FATCA takes effect next month in Jamaica on 24/07/2015
  Turkey-US sign deal to share financial data of foreign account holders on 23/07/2015
  Financial regulation relief bill passes through appropriations panel on 23/07/2015
  US and Philippines sign anti-tax evasion pact on 22/07/2015
  South Korea may raise effective corporate tax rates on 22/07/2015
  Only 15 per cent of US Hedge Fund managers are now AIFMD compliant on 22/07/2015
  US Fed adopts final capital buffer rule for banks on 21/07/2015
  US tax evasion crackdown widens net to Singapore on 20/07/2015
  US Congress urged to be involved in OECD BEPS project on 17/07/2015
  Clinton pledges to close carried interest tax loophole on 16/07/2015
  US needs to finish financial reforms: IMF on 15/07/2015
  India, US Sign Tax Agreement on 15/07/2015
  Swiss banks agree US tax evasion deal with Justice Department on 10/07/2015
  Italy ratifies FATCA agreement with US on 10/07/2015
  US IRS cracks down on hedge funds' tax strategy on 10/07/2015
  NYSE resumes trading after three-hour outage amid Chinese market turmoil on 09/07/2015
  US - IRS cracks down on hedge funds' tax strategy on 09/07/2015
  India to sign US tax compliance law FATCA on 08/07/2015
  Taxpayers still facing big challenges one year after FATCA goes into effect on 02/07/2015
  UK banks want government to cut regulatory costs, survey finds on 29/06/2015
  Hedge Funds targeted by senate’s Wyden in reinsurance tax bill on 26/06/2015
  US, UAE in new tax compliance agreement on 22/06/2015
  Isle of Man FATCA reporting deadline nears on 18/06/2015
  IRS warns of impending FBAR and FATCA deadlines on 18/06/2015
  Bahamas: Financial Industry fears FATCA start with no legislation on 17/06/2015
  US companies regain their appetite for tax inversion deals on 16/06/2015
  Cantillon: Big names begin to shift on tax avoidance on 16/06/2015
  Mexican banks say US regulatory clampdown has damaged legitimate activity on 15/06/2015
  Divisions in US over OECD corporate tax proposals on 15/06/2015
  Paper analyses BEPS effect on US on 12/06/2015
  Vatican aids US crackdown on tax evasion on 11/06/2015
  Bermuda: Minister Richards examines global tax threats on 10/06/2015
  BVI extends FATCA deadlines on 03/06/2015
  Bulgaria parliament to adopt Bulgaria-USA agreement on FATCA on 03/06/2015
  Top US fund managers attack regulators on 01/06/2015
  IRS loses appeal in offshore reinsurance tax case on 28/05/2015
  US model tax convention changes to tackle inversions on 26/05/2015
  Armenian firms seek end to US treaty void on 22/05/2015
  Swiss banks in US criminal probe face longer wait -US ambassador on 21/05/2015
  Tough issues raised by US split from UK, Canada over FATCA on 19/05/2015
  Another offshore bank reaches resolution with US Department of Justice on 19/05/2015
  US, Korea agree to exchange financial account information on 19/05/2015
  Bahamas releases proposed FATCA legislation & guidance notes for industry consultation on 15/05/2015
  US Senate Banking bill proposes several changes for Fed on 12/05/2015
  Record number to give up US citizenship on 08/05/2015
  Europe and US fail to agree on derivatives rules on 08/05/2015
  IRS expands use of legal tools against tax evaders on 08/05/2015
  Dodd-Frank Rules could shave US$895 billion off economic growth over a decade, think tank says on 07/05/2015
  Ireland: US business body warns not to box in multinationals on 05/05/2015
  Kuwait signs FATCA pact to curb tax evasion on 30/04/2015
  April 30th Cayman Islands FATCA notification deadline on 30/04/2015
  US banks push for delay in reporting corporate bond trades on 27/04/2015
  US, UK funds approach India on MAT citing OECD on 24/04/2015
  Insurers lead moves to include financial services in TTIP on 23/04/2015
  House Republicans approve repeal of US estate tax on 22/04/2015
  Volcker urges UK-style regulatory reforms on 21/04/2015
  Switzerland: ‘Constructive’ talks on US banks tax evasion row on 20/04/2015
  Bahamas to be ready to comply to FATCA on 17/04/2015
  US: Colorado tax law targets offshores on 16/04/2015
  IRS names microcaptives as top abusive tax scheme on 16/04/2015
  Swiss banks strong-arm clients in US tax-evasion endgame on 15/04/2015
  Obama seeks Japan tax treaty action, despite Paul opposition on 14/04/2015
  US & Philippines in talks over implementation of FATCA on 13/04/2015
  Uzbekistan, US sign agreement on FATCA on 10/04/2015
  Philippine banks comply with US law on offshore accounts on 10/04/2015
  'Stay tuned' for more Swiss bank deals over tax evasion: US official on 09/04/2015
  Global reinsurance industry continues to deliver solid results despite challenges: A.M. Best on 08/04/2015
  IRS chases US citizens in Australia on 07/04/2015
  BSI is first Swiss bank to settle under US tax program on 31/03/2015
  British Virgin Islands issues updated FATCA guidance notes on 31/03/2015
  Fed's Fischer floats shadow bank regulation framework on 31/03/2015
  Inconsistent handling of new accounts under FATCA pacts raises concern on 31/03/2015
  US treasury help sought in cross-border swaps dispute on 27/03/2015
  Croatia, United States sign FATCA IGA on 25/03/2015
  Banking enclave of Andorra shaken by US accusations on 25/03/2015
  Seven Caribbean countries on US money laundering list for 2015 on 25/03/2015
  Fitch says hedge funds pose systemic risk on 25/03/2015
  Belarus, USA sign agreement to improve international tax compliance on 19/03/2015
  Korea, US to exchange accountholder data on 18/03/2015
  House Republicans take aim at Dodd-Frank in budget plan on 18/03/2015
  US rate hike fear keeps Asian firms in check; India most upbeat on 18/03/2015
  NY moves to be a 'laboratory' of financial regulation on 18/03/2015
  India to sign deal on tax evasions with US FATCA on 09/03/2015
  Foreign takeovers see US losing tax revenue on 06/03/2015
  Ireland ‘top global destination’ for US investment on 06/03/2015
  FATCA Compliance: Bahamas races toward the finish line with EY and Convey on 05/03/2015
  US Senate banking panel launches effort at Fed reform on 04/03/2015
  US pushing for Panama to approve money laundering regulations on 27/02/2015
  EU and US struggle to resolve derivatives clearing dispute on 26/02/2015
  US business groups add to calls for DTA approvals on 25/02/2015
  US, Dominican Republic start tax info exchange on 24/02/2015
  Obama to call for more regulation on financial brokers on 24/02/2015
  Looming bank rules haunt US insurers on 23/02/2015
  Carney conducts 'listening tour' in Delaware on US tax reform on 20/02/2015
  UAE to conclude FATCA IGA this month on 18/02/2015
  Brazil's trade chief sees no US tax treaty in short term on 16/02/2015
  UAE banks to comply with Fatca before deadline on 16/02/2015
  India to boost trade ties with US, commits to adopt FATCA soon on 13/02/2015
  New rules on bank capital, swaps clearing set to clash on 13/02/2015
  US accountants call for DTA approvals on 11/02/2015
  Record number gave up US citizenship or long-term residency in 2014 on 11/02/2015
  Regulation of shadow banking takes a dark turn on 10/02/2015
  Bulgaria approves USA's FATCA agreement on 09/02/2015
  Obama to raise trade talk concerns with Merkel on 09/02/2015
  Inversions: US companies may not be fleeing due to high tax rate on 09/02/2015
  Jersey FATCA processes now live on 05/02/2015
  Obama proposes one-time 14% tax on overseas earnings on 02/02/2015
  GCC nationals may face surprise US tax on 02/02/2015
  China overtakes US for foreign direct investment on 30/01/2015
  Hatch: Only tax reform can cure US inversions on 27/01/2015
  Treasury secretary optimistic on business tax overhaul on 22/01/2015
  US funds differ on managing tax liability as capital gains surge on 22/01/2015
  US and UK to coordinate on financial services cyber security testing on 20/01/2015
  China expected to pursue larger role in US insurance market on 19/01/2015
  Obama to propose new taxes on richest Americans in State of the Union Address on 19/01/2015
  Cypriot banks take steps to comply with FATCA on 15/01/2015
  US and UK regulators set out market objectives for 2015 on 15/01/2015
  US SEC approves rules requiring public reporting of swap trades on 15/01/2015
  Giving up US citizenship now costs 422 per cent more on 15/01/2015
  US House approves bill creating extra hurdles for new rules on 14/01/2015
  IRS opens FATCA data exchange service on 13/01/2015
  Tax Foundation suggests US corporate tax reforms on 13/01/2015
  Cayman Islands: Financial Institutions failing to register may face penalties on 12/01/2015
  Lew calls efforts to weaken Dodd-Frank part of ‘assault’ on Wall Street oversight on 12/01/2015
  Swiss citizens come clean on undeclared funds following probes on 08/01/2015
  India: Only 442 entities registered for FATCA so far on 06/01/2015
  US Treasury criticizes Europe’s plan to fix tainted benchmarks on 19/12/2014
  MetLife says US regulators declared it 'systemically' important on 19/12/2014
  Revised US financial regulation bill clarifies ‘Twin Peaks’ on 18/12/2014
  US business attacks proposed UK diverted profits tax on 17/12/2014
  Swiss Bank exits FATCA programme on 16/12/2014
  IRS issues updated US expatriate tax guide on 15/12/2014
  High US taxes pushing US companies into Ireland: Tax reform group on 12/12/2014
  EU delays decision on US securities clearing rules on 12/12/2014
  Malaysian awareness on FATCA remains low, says PwC on 11/12/2014
  Singapore signs information sharing agreement with US on 10/12/2014
  Bulgaria concludes US FATCA deal on 10/12/2014
  Large banks face US tougher than global capital rule on 09/12/2014
  Dollar surge endangers global debt edifice, warns BIS on 08/12/2014
  Time extension for 'in substance' FATCA IGAs on 03/12/2014
  US beefs up cybersecurity training for bank examiners on 01/12/2014
  Estonian government approves of tax information exchange bill with USA on 28/11/2014
  Swiss private bank drops out of US tax deal on 27/11/2014
  CFTC warns EU rules may force tighter US derivatives regulation on 21/11/2014
  T&T to be FATCA compliant soon on 20/11/2014
  Many companies seen as unprepared for Fatca on 20/11/2014
  Barbados and US sign FATCA agreement on 18/11/2014
  Hong Kong/US FATCA Agreement: Awaited by financial community on 17/11/2014
  US insurance regulators back ‘qualified’ status for Bermuda on 14/11/2014
  US businesses will not be put off by ‘double Irish’ removal: Ambassador on 13/11/2014
  Saudi Arabia, US sign deal to enforce FATCA on 12/11/2014
  FATCA costs spiral beyond expectations on 11/11/2014
  FATCA cost concerns grow on 07/11/2014
  Deloitte survey shows how Channel Islands are dealing with FATCA on 04/11/2014
  Cyprus banks in the process of implementing FATCA, says ACB Director General on 31/10/2014
  Israel to join international tax information sharing mechanism on 29/10/2014
  Black money disclosures may prove costly for Indian banks on 28/10/2014
  US institutions sour on hedge fund fees, survey shows on 28/10/2014
  39 per cent rise in renounced US citizenship on 27/10/2014
  Hedge Funds expose Argentina to US$14 billion payment risk on 24/10/2014
  Swiss banks urge US to amend demands in tax amnesty deals on 24/10/2014
  Czech MPs pave way for FATCA deal with US on 23/10/2014
  Insurance industry seeks reprieve from form 1099 FATCA reporting on 22/10/2014
  Fatca seen as threat for some Hong Kong banks, opportunity for others on 20/10/2014
  Surveys confirm FATCA compliance burden on 09/10/2014
  Investors warn on crisis plan for derivatives on 09/10/2014
  US delegation to Luxembourg calls for repeal of FATCA on 08/10/2014
  Obama urges regulators to tailor standards for financial firms on 07/10/2014
  New York and London vie for crown of world’s top financial centre on 02/10/2014
  EU trade nominee open to dropping investor rights in US pact on 30/09/2014
  Hedge Funds get jostled by inversions' jiggles on 26/09/2014
  US financial industry launches platform to thwart cyber attacks on 25/09/2014
  Brazil, US sign tax pact frozen by spy scandal on 24/09/2014
  US business shows continuing concern over BEPS on 24/09/2014
  SEC finds deficiencies at hedge funds on 23/09/2014
  Goldman Sachs Sukuk seen as too risky for US imitators on 23/09/2014
  US private equity firms wake up to EU compliance risks on 22/09/2014
  Singapore public consultation launched on proposed regulations for US FATCA on 22/09/2014
  Turkey to exchange tax information with US on 19/09/2014
  IMF warns of risks from 'excessive' financial market bets on 18/09/2014
  Tax crackdown leads foreign banks to dump American expats on 16/09/2014
  US residents flocking to QROPS in Malta on 16/09/2014
  Packwood: Bermuda is ally, not tax haven on 15/09/2014
  Treasury is weighing action on hedge-fund tax ‘loophole’ on 12/09/2014
  Two senators introduce new anti-inversion bill on 11/09/2014
  EU commission urged to drop 'backroom' TTIP deal on 11/09/2014
  Tax rules prod some Americans to renounce citizenship on 11/09/2014
  US: CFTC eases hedge fund advertising ban on 10/09/2014
  US: Inversions require congressional action, Lew says on 09/09/2014
  FATCA threatens Russia's financial system, official says on 05/09/2014
  Bahamas Ex-Attorney General: 'We're up to' coping with automatic tax information on 02/09/2014
  US hikes fee to renounce citizenship by 422 per cent on 29/08/2014
  Weaker corporate tax receipts worsen US budget picture on 28/08/2014
  EU gives up on TTIP for US reinsurance reform on 27/08/2014
  Lew: business tax reform best way to address 'inversions' on 22/08/2014
  Canada: CRA will not assist IRS in collecting penalties against dual citizens subject to FATCA on 21/08/2014
  US tax crackdown hits Swiss private banks on 21/08/2014
  Argentina moves to cut out US hedge funds on 21/08/2014
  US treasury officials prepare options to address inversions on 19/08/2014
  US bank bonus curb hit by regulatory squabble on 15/08/2014
  Swiss banks return to the United States on 14/08/2014
  Irish tax changes must be in tandem with other countries, says US chamber on 14/08/2014
  Malaysia to ink pact in line with Fatca on 13/08/2014
  SEC reportedly investigating mutual funds that look like hedge funds on 13/08/2014
  Canadians file suit to block FATCA and prohibit handover of US names to IRS on 12/08/2014
  Tax inversion crackdown 'unlikely to derail deals' on 12/08/2014
  ECCU countries reach agreement with US on FATCA on 08/08/2014
  US alternative funds assets to double – research on 08/08/2014
  Argentina pulls US into debt dispute with hedge funds on 08/08/2014
  Americans give up passports as asset-disclosure rules start on 07/08/2014
  US policymakers gird for rash of corporate expatriations on 07/08/2014
  Germany brings FATCA law into force on 05/08/2014
  US banks could lose US$1 trillion when Fed hikes rates on 01/08/2014
  Guyana, US reach pact on tax compliance Act on 01/08/2014
  Swiss banks send US client data before cascade of accords on 01/08/2014
  GOP blocks tax hike on firms moving overseas on 31/07/2014
  US derivatives regulator faces test in big courtroom showdowns on 29/07/2014
  US Lew can use tax rule to slow inversions, ex-official says on 29/07/2014
  Irish, Dutch, UK law firms in tax inversion beauty contest in US on 25/07/2014
  SEC approves tighter money-fund rules on 25/07/2014
  Frank testifies before House Financial Services Committee on 24/07/2014
  Banks and hedge fund grilled on tax schemes on 23/07/2014
  Merger rush for offshore tax break bets on US stalemate on 22/07/2014
  Wealthier New Yorkers aren’t fleeing the city for tax havens: Study on 21/07/2014
  Congress at odds over how to curb inversion deals on 17/07/2014
  TTIP will not include financial services, says US ambassador on 17/07/2014
  Cayman banks on course for FATCA on 15/07/2014
  Fed vice chair backs banking reform plans on 11/07/2014
  Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief pledges support for US dollar peg on 08/07/2014
  British Virgin Islands, United States sign FATCA agreement on 07/07/2014
  Rich Chinese in reach of new US tax law on 04/07/2014
  US high-speed firms granted FCA approval on 04/07/2014
  Israel latest country to sign tax-evasion agreement with US on 03/07/2014
  Banks’ living wills get silent treatment from US regulators on 02/07/2014
  Wall Street defends overseas swap trading from US regulation on 02/07/2014
  FATCA: International tax agreement comes into force on 01/07/2014
  Offshore tax crackdown opens with 30% penalties for banks on 30/06/2014
  China, US pact to curb offshore tax evasion on 30/06/2014
  US tax reform is biggest theoretical threat to Bermuda, says insurance boss on 27/06/2014
  Financial firms struggling with Fatca compliance as deadline looms on 27/06/2014
  US double-taxation case captures Canadian attention on 26/06/2014
  Russia signs FATCA agreement with US on 23/06/2014
  Cayman issues FATCA guidance notes, awaits industry feedback on 20/06/2014
  IRS changes offshore disclosure regime on 20/06/2014
  US Congress to deny federal contracts to Bermuda-based offshore companies — plan on 18/06/2014
  US: Moving tax base a hit with investors on 18/06/2014
  US tax case deal to trigger Swiss bank consolidation on 18/06/2014
  New Zealand concludes FATCA IGA on 17/06/2014
  EU threatens to cut financial services from trade deal on 16/06/2014
  UAE signs provisional FATCA agreement on 13/06/2014
  Asia to surpass North America as world's wealthiest region on 12/06/2014
  South Africa, US sign tax information-sharing pact on 11/06/2014
  Switzerland enacts law to support FATCA on 11/06/2014
  Costa Rica finalises law to prevent fiscal evasion on 06/06/2014
  US business chiefs fight global taxation changes on 04/06/2014
  Hong Kong to comply with FATCA on 04/06/2014
  Foreign banks sign up to help US battle tax evasion on 03/06/2014
  Swiss banks risk bigger than expected fines in US tax case on 02/06/2014
  Asian stocks higher after record Dow close on 02/06/2014
  Beijing urged to comply with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on 27/05/2014
  Caribbean pressures US on Antigua gambling spat on 23/05/2014
  Liechtenstein, US sign FATCA deal on 21/05/2014
  US Senators introduce proposal to curb inversions on 21/05/2014
  Asset managers seek to deflect new rules on 20/05/2014
  EU and US restart transatlantic trade talks on 19/05/2014
  EU-US clash over financial services in TTIP on 16/05/2014
  IRS tasked with determining good-faith FATCA compliance on 15/05/2014
  New tax law pushes record number of Americans to renounce US citizenship on 14/05/2014
  Hong Kong, US wrapping up FATCA agreement on 13/05/2014
  Gibraltar signs tax agreement with US on 12/05/2014
  US Fed official seeks radical change in bank regulation on 09/05/2014
  Regulators see growing financial risks outside traditional banks on 08/05/2014
  Singapore and US reach tax evasion deal on 06/05/2014
  IRS chief says it can’t end companies’ offshore tax deals on 02/05/2014
  Australia signs FATCA agreement with US on 29/04/2014
  Russia races to dodge sanctions by adapting law to FATCA on 25/04/2014
  New Zealand: New bank law raises privacy fears on 24/04/2014
  Jamaica at final stage to implement FATCA on 24/04/2014
  No warm EU welcome for US hedge funds on 24/04/2014
  Bahamas cabinet approves Fatca model 'in principle' on 23/04/2014
  India concludes pact with US on tax evasion under FATCA on 23/04/2014
  New US tax risks for owning overseas assets on 22/04/2014
  Nothing to fear for Guernsey as FATCA draws closer says EY on 17/04/2014
  US Fed chair might push for stronger regulations on 16/04/2014
  Belgium to strike FATCA deal with US on 16/04/2014
  US funds may get EU-tax relief as three billion-euros claimed on 11/04/2014
  IMF warns US is struggling with financial markets oversight on 10/04/2014
  Tech losses hit hedge fund returns on 10/04/2014
  Biggest US banks forced to hold US$68bn in extra capital on 09/04/2014
  South Africa and US plan foreign tax compliance deal on 07/04/2014
  US gives foreign banks more time on FATCA on 03/04/2014
  US gives New Zealand banks chance to share info on 03/04/2014
  Bahamas aims to complete Fatca by next week on 02/04/2014
  US stops talks with Russia over tax information on 02/04/2014
  Corporate America’s overseas cash pile rises to US$947bn on 01/04/2014
  East Caribbean states negotiating US FATCA pacts on 28/03/2014
  Regulator criticizes plan to monitor 'shadow insurance' on 25/03/2014
  US Virgin Islands lures businesses with tax breaks on 19/03/2014
  New York replaces London as financial capital of the world on 18/03/2014
  Hedge fund risk management faces scrutiny at US CFTC meeting on 18/03/2014
  SEC will step up information gathering from mutual fund industry on 18/03/2014
  Tax law to force US expats to seek new investments on 14/03/2014
  British Virgin Islands, US close to signing FATCA agreement on 12/03/2014
  Cayman banks ready for FATCA on 12/03/2014
  Insurance firms seek escape from US bank capital rules on 11/03/2014
  More Americans renouncing citizenship on 06/03/2014
  Obama's 2015 budget puts tax hikes on the wealthy on 05/03/2014
  US regulators seeking data on banks' attempts to slim down on 04/03/2014
  US fund groups caught out by European bonus rules on 03/03/2014
  Senate panel faults new US law to fight offshore tax on 28/02/2014
  US and Australia to sign tax agreement soon: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on 26/02/2014
  Moody's: Non-US transactions likely to take measures to avoid FATCA-related losses on 25/02/2014
  US backs G20 crackdown on global tax loopholes on 21/02/2014
  New Zealand banks calm fears on tax deal with US on 20/02/2014
  US: Fed issues final rules for foreign banks on 19/02/2014
  Barbados agrees to enter FATCA talks on 18/02/2014
  Judge opens door to US tax refunds for reinsurers on 18/02/2014
  G20 regulator to review foreign exchange trade on 17/02/2014
  US bankers drop lawsuit against regulators over Volcker rule on 13/02/2014
  Regulator plans purge of Wall Street arbitrators on 11/02/2014
  Americans renouncing citizenship up 221 per cent on 07/02/2014
  Bankers take fight over US anti-tax dodge rules to appeals court on 07/02/2014
  Canada, US strike tax-information sharing deal on 06/02/2014
  Global legislation drives improvements in due diligence on 06/02/2014
  US: Dispute over regulators’ access to Chinese documents on 06/02/2014
  US regulators coordinating Volcker implementation - SEC chair on 05/02/2014
  Cayman working group to tackle tax exchange framework on 05/02/2014
  Barbados moves closer to FATCA IGA with US on 04/02/2014
  SEC looking at how alternative funds value investments on 04/02/2014
  Isle of Man: Tax sharing has to comply with data protection on 29/01/2014
  Brussels wants finance rules back in US trade pact on 28/01/2014
  US Insurers push back against stricter regulation on 28/01/2014
  Global tax-avoidance rules to be aimed at digital economy on 24/01/2014
  Bahamas: Fatca compliance no 'flip of switch' on 23/01/2014
  New US tax regime trampling rights in New Zealand and beyond on 21/01/2014
  IRS advisers recommend delaying FATCA to 2015 on 17/01/2014
  Fund managers back US economy to grow on 17/01/2014
  Bank industry pushes for more revisions to Volcker rule on 16/01/2014
  US banks’ challenge to tax info exchange fails on 16/01/2014
  Foreign banks lured to Shanghai free-trade zone are left in limbo over regulation delay on 14/01/2014
  US lawmakers help small banks on Volcker on 13/01/2014
  US Senate panel to mull regulation of banks, physical commodities on 09/01/2014
  Americans unwanted by worldwide banks on 02/01/2014
  US signs FATCA pacts with Malta, Netherlands, Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man on 20/12/2013
  The Netherlands and US agree tax information exchange on 19/12/2013
  US hedge funds threaten EU boycott on 18/12/2013
  Malta signs up to FATCA on 18/12/2013
  US Treasury research office sees less riskiness in hedge funds on 17/12/2013
  US treasury official urges Senate action on tax treaties on 13/12/2013
  Banks, agencies draw battle lines over 'Volcker Rule' on 12/12/2013
  Swiss clocks tick past banks’ deadline to disclose hidden assets to US on 10/12/2013
  Volcker Rule weathering new attacks on 09/12/2013
  Barbados: 'Tough taxation stance necessary' on 06/12/2013
  Bush defends Cayman’s regulatory integrity on 06/12/2013
  IRS needs to make technology improvements for FATCA implementation on 06/12/2013
  US treasury chief to declare big gains in financial reform on 05/12/2013
  US banks brace for tighter regulation on 04/12/2013
  Cayman Islands, Costa Rica sign FATCA agreements with US on 03/12/2013
  International markets need regulation that transcends national boundaries on 02/12/2013
  Senators warn over non-banks regulation on 29/11/2013
  FATCA prompting US expats to question citizenship on 28/11/2013
  Hedge Funds: Turning ‘private’ the new game in town on 22/11/2013
  Calls grow for global regulator on 21/11/2013
  Treasury nominee says bank regulations won't work for insurance firms on 21/11/2013
  Top bank managers must set tone for anti-money laundering compliance - US officials on 20/11/2013
  Bitcoin investors cash in as US says it could embrace the virtual currency on 20/11/2013
  US Fed's Rosengren advocates streamlining bank capital rules on 19/11/2013
  US Federal Reserve considering a delay to Volcker rule on 18/11/2013
  Big US asset managers lobby against tougher federal regulation on 18/11/2013
  US and France sign FATCA agreement to exchange tax information on 15/11/2013
  US probes offshore bank accounts on 14/11/2013
  Looming EU rule change could spur insurance take-up on 14/11/2013
  Bermuda FM disputes TJN tax report on 13/11/2013
  Malta expected to sign US agreement regarding FATCA on 11/11/2013
  Lew said to warn banks of tough Volcker rule in private meeting on 07/11/2013
  US exchange-traded funds moving into Latin American pensions on 06/11/2013
  Republican critics of Irish tax regime blocked legislation on 06/11/2013
  US FATCA to curtail offshore tax in the Caribbean: US Treasury on 05/11/2013
  US Treasury gives more detail on offshore anti-tax evasion law on 30/10/2013
  Hedge funds focus more time, personnel on compliance on 29/10/2013
  Asian hedge funds outperform and raise more assets than US & European peers on 25/10/2013
  US regulators say new bank liquidity plan is tougher than Basel III on 25/10/2013
  Mutual funds begin to gear up for FATCA on 23/10/2013
  US financial regulation demand a big hurdle to Trans-Pacific Partnership on 22/10/2013
  Bermuda bond issue in doubt amid US debt crisis on 18/10/2013
  Investment managers gloomy about economy on 18/10/2013
  Questions remain for US senators over Irish tax law on 17/10/2013
  US banks no longer 'too big to fail', says Paul Tucker on 16/10/2013
  US crisis casts shadow over economic meetings on 14/10/2013
  Hong Kong seeks agreement with US over FATCA on 11/10/2013
  Hedge funds step into the shadows on 04/10/2013
  TCI and US agree to share tax information on 01/10/2013
  Financial services could derail talks on EU-US free trade on 01/10/2013
  Groundwork laid for stricter regulation of asset managers on 01/10/2013
  Asian bankers wary of new US rules on foreign acts on 23/09/2013
  HKMA warns firms to adhere to overseas tax requirements on 23/09/2013
  US dominates hedge fund industry on 20/09/2013
  G20 tax push to hit hard in finance sector on 16/09/2013
  Swiss backing of FATCA 'hits financial sector' on 10/09/2013
  Hedge funds hate Fatca regulation the most on 09/09/2013
  Curacao opts for the IGA Model 1 with the US on 05/09/2013
  India to ink 29 bilateral MNC tax deals in sign of softening stance on 30/08/2013
  G20 urges US to centralise insurance regulation on 30/08/2013
  Singapore finance minister urges US, Europe to harmonise financial rules on 30/08/2013
  Corporate breaks at risk in US plans to cut tax rates on 28/08/2013
  Investors flee US funds as Fed’s tapering looms on 28/08/2013
  The IT solution to Dodd-Frank compliance on 27/08/2013
  Swiss government to decide soon whether to keep seeking US tax deal: top diplomat on 27/08/2013
  US push Swiss banks to settle tax-shelter dispute on 23/08/2013
  Moody’s considers downgrading top US banks on 23/08/2013
  With cyber threats to financial services, questions loom about role of regulation on 22/08/2013
  Obama advocates finalization of financial services regulation on 22/08/2013
  BVI to comply with US tax evasion law on 21/08/2013
  US - IRS debuts online registration for firms ahead of FATCA law on 20/08/2013
  Cayman, US forging deal on pacts to uncover assets on 20/08/2013
  Antigua discusses settlement in US gambling dispute on 19/08/2013
  Bahamas makes statement on FATCA on 16/08/2013
  HMRC confirms six-month delay to tax information exchanges with Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on 16/08/2013
  FATCA announcements made in Bahamas House of Assembly on 14/08/2013
  Cayman Islands, United States conclude FATCA talks on 14/08/2013
  Regulators to test commodities bankers’ mettle on 12/08/2013
  Creditor-proof trusts replacing offshore accounts on 09/08/2013
  Financial Action Task Force rules ‘deep and intrusive’ on 08/08/2013
  Bermuda, US treasury finish FACTA negotiation on 05/08/2013
  Tax compliance program for Americans resident overseas on 05/08/2013
  GBST delivers financial transaction tax solution to US financial institutions on 01/08/2013
  US corporate taxes to fall but experts say that Ireland is safe on 31/07/2013
  FATCA infrastructure a ‘significant concern’ on 24/07/2013
  Malta and US conclude FATCA negotiations on 23/07/2013
  ESMA finalises AIF supervisory agreements on 22/07/2013
  Treasury's Lew: core of Dodd-Frank to be enacted by year-end on 18/07/2013
  FATCA delay blamed on push for IGA on 17/07/2013
  IMF pleased with economic performance of Belize on 17/07/2013
  Hedge funds lead Treasuries sell-off on 17/07/2013
  US want financial services off table in EU trade talks on 16/07/2013
  US delays offshore tax-dodge law on 16/07/2013
  US, Europe should align finance rules: Singapore finance minister on 11/07/2013
  US bill boosts Antigua-Barbuda's WTO case on 11/07/2013
  US continues making FATCA agreements despite doubts on implementation on 10/07/2013
  US: CFTC vote on cross-border swaps set for Friday on 09/07/2013
  Swiss banks to make US$522m potential loss on Britain's tax deal on 05/07/2013
  Swiss cabinet approves bank data transfer solution on 04/07/2013
  Half of all asset managers confused by FATCA, survey finds on 04/07/2013
  SEC to vote July 10 to lift US ban on hedge-fund advertising on 04/07/2013
  FATCA: ‘Headache of the decade’ for Cayman’s financial institutions on 02/07/2013
  Swiss parliamentary committee backs FATCA IGA on 28/06/2013
  Bahamas cabinet to decide Fatca approach by next week on 28/06/2013
  Study: Easier to set up puppet company in US and Britain than offshore on 26/06/2013
  Switzerland races to find 'Lex USA' plan B on 25/06/2013
  Singapore signs up for FATCA on 24/06/2013
  Switzerland bank secrecy deal with US collapses in Swiss parliament on 21/06/2013
  Hong Kong in path of US tax crackdown on 20/06/2013
  G8 leaders agree tax evasion measures on 19/06/2013
  Swiss committee says parliament should ditch debate on US tax deal on 14/06/2013
  Swiss senate approves US tax probes bill on 13/06/2013
  Hong Kong may widen renminbi business on 13/06/2013
  Cayman Islands bankers defend rules ahead of trade nominee vote on 11/06/2013
  Wealthy turn hedge funds into family offices on 10/06/2013
  Taxman presence at multinationals adds to avoidance fears on 10/06/2013
  Swiss and US agree on FATCA interpretation on 10/06/2013
  G8 tax avoidance drive alarms US business on 05/06/2013
  Focus on counter corporate tax avoidance could affect insurance on 03/06/2013
  Call to clear-up Irish 'tax haven' claims on 03/06/2013
  OECD doesn’t regard Ireland as a tax haven on 31/05/2013
  Switzerland to allow its banks to disclose hidden client accounts on 30/05/2013
  Volcker: Excessive regulation eroding confidence in government on 30/05/2013
  Switzerland orders Julius Baer to hand over US client data on 29/05/2013
  US expats feel the burden of FATCA on 29/05/2013
  Banks struggling with European reporting rules on 28/05/2013
  America turns screw on Irish tax regime on 24/05/2013
  Wall Street seeks Dodd-Frank changes through trade talks on 23/05/2013
  US Senate ‘misunderstood’ Irish tax regime, says Noonan on 23/05/2013
  Dublin cut tax burden on multinationals after US lobbying on 22/05/2013
  Luxembourg to negotiate automatic tax-exchange accord with US on 22/05/2013
  Banks ponder regulatory capital conundrum on 21/05/2013
  Switzerland ‘close to deal’ in US tax dispute on 20/05/2013
  UK judge says Goldman tax deal lawful, but "not glorious" on 17/05/2013
  Ireland may have ‘over-corrected’ on financial regulation, US regulator warns on 16/05/2013
  Hundreds rip up US passports to escape FATCA on 15/05/2013
  Australia's Wayne Swan rallies G20 over corporate tax evasion on 15/05/2013
  Austria eyes US FATCA deal on 10/05/2013
  Senator Paul offers bill to weaken US anti-tax evasion law on 08/05/2013
  Swap regulators face congressional pressure to curb Dodd-Frank on 07/05/2013
  US Derivatives regulation would take fee for transactions on 03/05/2013
  Channel Islands highlight cooperation in Washington on 02/05/2013
  Bermuda to sign Model IGA 2 for USA and UK FATCA on 01/05/2013
  Banks join legislators in regulatory stand-off on 29/04/2013
  US authorities keep up pressure on Swiss banks on 29/04/2013
  Call for NZ to be tax haven for retirees on 26/04/2013
  US, UK want financial services as part of trade pact on 19/04/2013
  Bermuda to help US combat tax evasion by its citizens on 18/04/2013
  Swiss government mulling solution to US tax dispute on 17/04/2013
  Congressman introduces bill to stop corporate tax haven abuse on 16/04/2013
  No US 'Strong-Arm' on Fatca compliance on 12/04/2013
  FATCA is ‘significant international matter’ says Bahamas’ Ryan Pinder on 11/04/2013
  Fatca en route for Swiss banks, as agreement adopted by Bern on 10/04/2013
  China and the US may ultimately strike a deal on Fatca on 08/04/2013
  Cayman moves forward with FATCA on 04/04/2013
  UAE looks at bank procedures to comply with new US tax act on 03/04/2013
  Americans moving Swiss cash to Asia face scrutiny, lawyers say on 25/03/2013
  Switzerland denies banking deal in principle reached with US on 25/03/2013
  US seeks answers in Liechtenstein on tax cheats on 25/03/2013
  Foreign tax rules have Hedge Funds worried on 20/03/2013
  Cayman opts for Model 1 IGA for FATCA on 19/03/2013
  US-China anti-tax evasion deal seen as crucial, but elusive on 15/03/2013
  Deal to Raise US Revenue on Foreign Income Gets Closer on 01/03/2013
  London mayor says EU bank bonus cap helps New York, Singapore on 01/03/2013
  Reform group sues US regulators over Volcker rule delays on 01/03/2013
  American expats warned against tax non-compliance on 28/02/2013
  A new European tax on financial transactions is set to go global on 27/02/2013
  US standing still on financial transaction tax as EU proceeds on 26/02/2013
  UK Court of Appeal rules on tax and Delaware LLC on 25/02/2013
  Tax expert urges Channel Islands not to follow Isle of Man on compliance deal on 22/02/2013
  US banking regulators aim to finalize Basel III requirements in Spring 2013, says Fed’s Tarullo on 21/02/2013
  Financial Services Ministry and industry regulators issue survey to assess readiness for FATCA on 21/02/2013
  Bermuda: Industry insiders see holes in ‘tax loophole’ story on 21/02/2013
  QC urges 'hybrid' IGA for Bahamas FATCA compliance on 20/02/2013
  US: Dodd-Frank offshoot cited as too secretive on 18/02/2013
  Swiss cabinet approves tax compliance deal with US on 14/02/2013
  US slams EU's tax-on-trades plan on 14/02/2013
  US: Sanders unveils bill to tax overseas corporations on 11/02/2013
  Cayman Islands directors vote for FATCA IGA model 1 on 07/02/2013
  Bahamas Trusts hauled in to FATCA tax net on 06/02/2013
  Levin introduces another anti-offshore bill into US Senate on 06/02/2013
  US: Key exception for foreign banking and finance income extended by fiscal cliff legislation on 06/02/2013
  Relief at Fatca’s fine print on 04/02/2013
  IT departments at the ready as FATCA becomes latest banking regulation on 30/01/2013
  Bahamas faces 'disadvantage' if no FATCA IGA on 29/01/2013
  Money Funds retreat as US managers work to limit rules on 28/01/2013
  Dodd-Frank will hit Asian banks onshore in the US on 28/01/2013
  Final Fatca regulations fail to include draft FFI agreement on 23/01/2013
  Spain, US sign DTA protocol on 18/01/2013
  Final Fatca regulations must provide clarity, experts warn on 16/01/2013
  Financial institutions struggle with FATCA on 10/01/2013
  US DOJ to respect Swiss law in tax investigations on 07/01/2013
  US funds return to eurozone banks on 03/01/2013
  Barbados formulating FATCA response on 03/01/2013
  US Congress backs deal to avert fiscal cliff on 02/01/2013
  Billionaires worth US$1.9 trillion seek advantage in 2013 on 02/01/2013
  Fed promises dramatically tougher rules for non-US banks on 20/12/2012
  Luxembourg, US to conclude FATCA in 2013 on 19/12/2012
  Obama Softens Stance on Taxes as He and Boehner Seek a ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Compromise on 18/12/2012
  Hong Kong Rejects US Compliance Law, Ireland Embraces It on 14/12/2012
  CFTC defeats challenge to Mutual Fund Commodities Rule on 13/12/2012
  Hong Kong on track to become world's No 1 financial centre on 13/12/2012
  Bank regulators edge towards ‘protectionism’ on 10/12/2012
  US Treasury finalises anti-tax evasion pact with Ireland on 07/12/2012
  Switzerland initials pact on US tax evasion law on 05/12/2012
  Banks advise clients on dodging Dodd-Frank rules on 04/12/2012
  Resistance grows to Fatca among key practitioners, customers and countries on 04/12/2012
  Wall Street finds a foreign detour around US derivatives rules on 03/12/2012
  US lawmakers, state regulators call for changes to Basel rules on 30/11/2012
  China central bank official slams US tax law on 29/11/2012
  Foreign banks rebuffed by Fed on 29/11/2012
  UK government rejects calls for British version of FATCA on 28/11/2012
  Europe 'to push for Basel III delay as it lobbies US' on 27/11/2012
  New US money transfer rules seen ‘welcome’ if not too onerous on 22/11/2012
  Government agreement on FATCA Best for Bahamas on 22/11/2012
  US Treasury issues FATCA Agreement Model 2 on 20/11/2012
  Fighting tax evasion: Russia and US to share information on bank accounts on 15/11/2012
  US regulators seek changes in how money-market funds operate on 14/11/2012
  New York to replace London as world's financial capital on 12/11/2012
  US in talks with dozens of nations on tax pacts on 09/11/2012
  FATCA burdens worry Caribbean economies on 08/11/2012
  Fatca start dates delayed by lack of preparation on 08/11/2012
  CFTC rules could force European funds to break the law on 07/11/2012
  US fiscal cliff, Europe's debt woes worry G20 on 05/11/2012
  US swaps shake-up set to boost exchanges on 02/11/2012
  FSB calls for end to Trans-atlantic rift on derivatives rules on 01/11/2012
  Dodd-Frank rules discourage non-US firms from doing business with American counter-parties on 30/10/2012
  Barbados might pursue FATCA agreement with US on 26/10/2012
  CFTC clarifies foreign regulators’ indemnification and confidentiality obligations on 24/10/2012
  NY Regulator seeks Basel III relaxation for small banks on 23/10/2012
  Antigua and Barbuda demands justice in US trade dispute on 18/10/2012
  Cayman FATCA implementation method remains uncertain for now on 17/10/2012
  Financial Centres shy from FATCA spotlight on 15/10/2012
  US considers giving St Kitts and Nevis, other Caribbean states CBERA status on 15/10/2012
  Monetary easing policy causes rift at IMF meeting on 15/10/2012
  Bilateral agreements set to give overall shape to FATCA on 12/10/2012
  US and European asset managers split on new money-fund rules on 11/10/2012
  Call to review for-profit exchanges rules on 05/10/2012
  Credit derivative markets need new rules – regulator on 05/10/2012
  Arab banks mull repercussions of US FATCA law on 04/10/2012
  US Senate panel targets offshore profits and taxes on 20/09/2012
  HMRC publishes consultation on bilateral FATCA agreement on 20/09/2012
  AIC welcomes UK-USA tax treaty on 18/09/2012
  US rules challenge global regulatory reform on 10/09/2012
  FATCA rules could cause banks to cut back on external asset managers on 07/09/2012
  Pruning Hedge Fund regulation without cultivating better rules on 06/09/2012
  Fitch Points out FATCA's implications for structured finance on 05/09/2012
  Asian regulators urge CFTC to review Dodd-Frank swap rules on 30/08/2012
  US banking reports put compliance in the spotlight on 29/08/2012
  US regulations need to be simpler - Nicholas Brady on 28/08/2012
  US takes lead in summer of discontent on 28/08/2012
  Uphill battle for additional US money fund regulation on 24/08/2012
  Swaps profits threatened by Dodd-Frank on 23/08/2012
  IFAs ‘dragged in’ to FATCA admin burden on 23/08/2012
  As Dodd-Frank looms, Asian banks look to cut US trading ties on 20/08/2012
  Fed and FSA pushing new regulator to play by rules on 17/08/2012
  Tensions run high between US and UK bank regulators on 14/08/2012
  Apologetic Swiss banks sweat it out as US, Europe mull redress on 13/08/2012
  Isle of Man issues update on Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on 10/08/2012
  US Fed extends comment period for Basel III on 09/08/2012
  House panel seeks alternatives to Volcker rule on 08/08/2012
  IRS urged to clarify tax-exempt donation rule intentions on 08/08/2012
  US demands drawing out tax dispute on 06/08/2012
  New York regulators probe 'Captives' on 06/08/2012
  Fatca reciprocity agreement may cause delays, experts warn on 03/08/2012
  SEC seeks more investor protections for US muni market on 01/08/2012
  OECD welcomes FATCA agreement on 31/07/2012
  Rivals look set to reap rewards after City of London scandals on 30/07/2012
  UK Treasury reaches agreement with US on new tax clampdown on 27/07/2012
  Attacks on Romney’s account have Swiss worried on 26/07/2012
  Bahamas 'uneven response' on Fatca on 26/07/2012
  US banks spawn 10,000 units worldwide to cut taxes on 23/07/2012
  Rivals clash on US corporate tax reform on 18/07/2012
  Asia managers brace for new swaps rules on 16/07/2012
  CFTC's Chilton: accept Volcker rule or get out of the way on 10/07/2012
  Illicit wealth under corporate veil maximum in US: Switzerland on 09/07/2012
  Swap definition vote set to trigger Dodd-Frank overhaul cascade on 09/07/2012
  A fragmented market with unfinished rules – but reporting deadline looms on 05/07/2012
  CFTC pitches cross-border swaps provisions on 03/07/2012
  IRS pledges to help dual citizens meet tax obligations on 28/06/2012
  Derivatives watchdog defends global reach on 27/06/2012
  Fatca timeline in question with new Swiss-US deal on 25/06/2012
  Frank, Warren renew call for tighter regulation of large banks' trading risks on 22/06/2012
  US reaches tax deal with Japan, Switzerland on 22/06/2012
  SEC chair fights for tighter regulation on 21/06/2012
  London stung by US attack on bank regulation record on 21/06/2012
  Concern over US exchange self regulation on 21/06/2012
  CFTC debates broader definition for high-frequency trading on 20/06/2012
  Israeli tax preparers snared on 18/06/2012
  CFTC may delay some derivatives rules for foreign banks on 15/06/2012
  Fitch: rising costs, regulation altering derivatives landscape on 14/06/2012
  US SEC issues derivatives regulation roadmap on 12/06/2012
  Swiss minister sees US tax deal by November on 11/06/2012
  Liechtenstein informs bank clients of US tax information request on 11/06/2012
  Regulation will wreak havoc on shadowy NDFs on 08/06/2012
  Financial regulatory efforts slowing growth on 07/06/2012
  US piles pressure on Europe for fiscal, financial union on 07/06/2012
  Geithner seeks bankers’ Dodd-Frank objections on 06/06/2012
  US aims at 5 EU tax deals this month on 06/06/2012
  Group forms to urge strict oversight of Wall Street on 06/06/2012
  Need regulatory overhaul, says ex-Fed chief Paul Volcker on 01/06/2012
  US: Fed to consider Basel III rules next week on 31/05/2012
  Chinese bank approval set to open US floodgates on 28/05/2012
  Bahamian commercial banks' still trying to get hands around Fatca on 23/05/2012
  Regulator spurred in push for swaps rules on 22/05/2012
  Nonbanks are clearing swaps under Dodd-Frank; many hesitant on 18/05/2012
  Fed’s Gibson says FSOC looking at finance companies on 17/05/2012
  Firms urge delay in IRS offshore tax rules on 16/05/2012
  Regulators to meet Tuesday on Volcker rule on 15/05/2012
  FDIC says capable to take down US financial giant on 11/05/2012
  CFTC proposes delay of some Dodd-Frank rules to end of 2012 on 11/05/2012
  Moody’s issues capital warning to global banks on 11/05/2012
  Banks expect to miss FATCA deadlines on 10/05/2012
  AIC: it may be better to take a hit on FATCA on 09/05/2012
  Hedge Funds bet wrong before biggest slump since October on 08/05/2012
  Gibraltar promotes E-Gaming specialism in US on 08/05/2012
  US corporate tax reform stays on back-burner on 04/05/2012
  Private equity firms urge flexibility in FATCA on 04/05/2012
  US regulation proposals ‘are wide off the mark’ on 04/05/2012
  Guernsey: Effect of implementing FATCA provisions will go far beyond the compliance team, financial organisations are told on 02/05/2012
  The Netherlands to join joint FATCA statement on 01/05/2012
  US Senator seeks to block tax treaty change on Swiss accounts on 30/04/2012
  US blow to Brussels over insurance rules on 30/04/2012
  Geithner urges China to loosen hold on finance system on 27/04/2012
  Ireland in talks with US officials over adopting FATCA partner model on 25/04/2012
  Funds struggle as regulation curbs investor appetite on 25/04/2012
  EU's Barnier voices concern on US derivatives rules on 24/04/2012
  Swiss hope to solve tax row with US this year on 24/04/2012
  US regulators look to ease swaps rules on 23/04/2012
  Fed gives banks until July 2014 to comply with Volcker Rule on 20/04/2012
  Top US, Swiss officials to discuss tax secrecy on 20/04/2012
  Feds soften rule on oversight of massive, lightly regulated market for financial derivatives on 19/04/2012
  US: The ''Buffett Rule'', a minimum tax on the rich on 16/04/2012
  US, Bermuda sign Mutual Legal Assistance treaty on 16/04/2012
  For Americans abroad, taxes just got more complicated on 16/04/2012
  Hedge Funds pleased with some parts of Dodd-Frank on 13/04/2012
  US weighs higher threshold for swap dealers on 12/04/2012
  Tax centres rush to clean up black money assets on 10/04/2012
  Bernanke warns of new financial risks on 10/04/2012
  Fatca could send fund groups ‘back to the dark ages’ on 03/04/2012
  US Democrats seek disclosure of offshore tax ties on 30/03/2012
  SEC registration captures more hedge funds on 29/03/2012
  Cayman: CIMA signs agreement with SEC on 28/03/2012
  US: House votes overwhelmingly to ease financial rules on 27/03/2012
  Bank lobby’s onslaught shifts debate on Volcker rule on 26/03/2012
  Frank urges regulators to simplify ‘Volcker rule’ on 23/03/2012
  Fed to review foreign bank capital rules on 23/03/2012
  CFTC approves ‘real-time’ swaps clearing on 22/03/2012
  Fed should not over-commit to easy policy: Bullard on 22/03/2012
  SEC's Schapiro renews call for money fund reforms on 16/03/2012
  Bernanke says Fed to make bank rules clearer on 15/03/2012
  Global regulator launches ETF consultation on 15/03/2012
  US FATCA uncertainty continues for institutions on 14/03/2012
  US: 15 of 19 big banks pass Fed’s latest stress test on 14/03/2012
  Funds unprepared for Dodd-Frank rules on 13/03/2012
  Obama tells business leaders the nation needs changes in tax laws to help the economy on 08/03/2012
  Tax Hunt Pushes Global Rich to Offshore Trusts on 07/03/2012
  US eases pressure on Switzerland over taxes for now on 07/03/2012
  SEC’s Gallagher Calls for Re-Proposing Volcker Trading Ban on 06/03/2012
  US: Money-Fund plan hits resistance on 06/03/2012
  Swiss lawmakers pass extended tax assistance law on 05/03/2012
  US: Bernanke says Volcker rule won't be ready by July on 01/03/2012
  Guernsey looks at Fatca partnership with US on 29/02/2012
  High hurdle for Volcker rule foreign debt exemption on 29/02/2012
  CFTC Votes to Re-Propose Dodd-Frank Block Trade Regulation on 24/02/2012
  US tax plan may undermine US investment in Ireland on 24/02/2012
  SEC widens probe of exchange-traded funds on 22/02/2012
  US: Obama proposes tax revamp on 22/02/2012
  Asian finance firms face a hefty Fatca compliance burden on 21/02/2012
  Ireland and Luxembourg support European Fatca deal on 20/02/2012
  Bahamas Financial sector: US Dual citizenship 'loophole' fears on 17/02/2012
  Swiss expats caught in middle of US tax conflict on 17/02/2012
  New US tax law to have big impact on Bermuda’s financial services sector on 15/02/2012
  Paul Volcker: My rule won't hit the UK gilt market on 14/02/2012
  European Fatca deal “threat to Swiss secrecy” on 14/02/2012
  US agrees to enter Fatca partnerships on 13/02/2012
  CFTC requires registration by mutual funds with commodities on 10/02/2012
  Singapore banks seek exemption from US compliance rules on 10/02/2012
  US Treasury issues proposal for overseas banks with US clients on 10/02/2012
  US enlists 5 EU nations in offshore tax crackdown on 09/02/2012
  Fund industry rejects money market proposals on 08/02/2012
  Banks to slam wide reach of Dodd Frank swap rules on 08/02/2012
  FICC in Europe set to suffer on 07/02/2012
  LSE enhances its sukuk listing prowess on 07/02/2012
  US hedge funds capitalise on Lehman collapse on 06/02/2012
  Asian shares rise on US data on 06/02/2012
  Swiss bank cautious about outcome of US tax evasion probe on 06/02/2012
  Swiss tax pact with US may come soon on 01/02/2012
  Volcker exemption for sovereign debt said to be weighed by US regulators on 01/02/2012
  CFTC weighs rules for high-frequency derivatives trading under Dodd-Frank on 31/01/2012
  US Geithner: Sees main components Of Dodd-Frank in place by year end on 27/01/2012
  OECD convention allows Australian tax office to recover offshore debt on 19/01/2012
  New initiative emerges to tackle regulatory confusion on 17/01/2012
  FSB's Carney rejects calls to delay bank reforms on 16/01/2012
  Hedge funds lobby SEC over secrecy rule on 16/01/2012
  European investors snub home turf for US funds on 13/01/2012
  US: Swap-Conduct rules for pensions, municipalities may be softened by CFTC on 12/01/2012
  Bruised hedge fund investors on the defensive on 11/01/2012
  IRS gives another chance to US citizens with undeclared assets on 10/01/2012
  US moves toward legal action against Swiss bank on 09/01/2012
  US: Gingrich targets offshore jurisdictions on 09/01/2012
  US regulators fleeing credit raters embrace zero-risk EU bonds on 05/01/2012
  More bankers face US tax evasion charges on 04/01/2012
  Goldman advisor defends US$2 billion Islamic bond scheme on 04/01/2012
  Bermuda Potential US Campaign Issue on 04/01/2012
  US tax “ultimatum” has Swiss banks sweating on 22/12/2011
  Ratings agency Fitch warns US of possible credit downgrade on 22/12/2011
  Fed proposes new bank capital rules on 22/12/2011
  Fed to embrace global banking rules: report on 19/12/2011
  Bernanke: Fed has no plans to aid European banks on 15/12/2011
  Fed's last 2011 meeting ends on downbeat note on 14/12/2011
  US Trading Tax could drive away financial firms on 13/12/2011
  US banks face pay disclosure in the UK on 07/12/2011
  Fed to hold off on easing, finalize policy framework on 07/12/2011
  Geithner to add US weight to euro zone talks on 06/12/2011
  Obama plans media blitz for US financial watchdog on 05/12/2011
  US senators introduce bill to ease path to IPOs on 02/12/2011
  US: Fed Names a New Chief Regulator on 01/12/2011
  OECD: Economic outlook slows for the global economy on 29/11/2011
  FATCA costs will fall on European firms, says JP Morgan exec on 25/11/2011
  US banks scale back mortgage collection on 25/11/2011
  US: Financial finger-pointing turns to regulators on 23/11/2011
  US Debt super-committee ready to announce failure on 21/11/2011
  US: CFTC's Gensler: Client Fund Segregation 'Heart' of Derivatives Regulation on 17/11/2011
  US: Commodities Future Trading Commission Budget Request Is Cut on 16/11/2011
  Republicans consider breaking no-tax promise as debt deal deadline looms on 15/11/2011
  Pacific trade pact gains, but friction remains on 14/11/2011
  Switzerland: Commission backs tax information concession on 11/11/2011
  Tarullo says Fed’s rule on Capital Reviews will address concern on payouts on 10/11/2011
  Bloomberg calls for ending Bush-era tax cuts, ‘loopholes’ on 09/11/2011
  China and US in standoff over auditors on 07/11/2011
  BRICS to play summit role on 04/11/2011
  CFTC and SEC finalise joint Dodd-Frank rule on 04/11/2011
  Swiss offer US tax deal for all Swiss banks on 04/11/2011
  US lawmakers to propose transaction tax for financial firms modelled on Europe on 02/11/2011
  IRS amnesty led offshore account holders to pay, report says on 28/10/2011
  Top US tax writer releases overhaul exempting overseas profits on 27/10/2011
  Rule allows US a close look at big hedge funds on 27/10/2011
  Swiss banks said ready to pay billions to US on 24/10/2011
  Google's US$3b tax loophole probed on 24/10/2011
  US rating likely to be downgraded again: Merrill on 24/10/2011
  US tax holiday penalties do little to discourage job cuts on 21/10/2011
  Take FATCA seriously - and quickly – Jersey professionals told on 21/10/2011
  Wall Street has worst quarter since crisis on 20/10/2011
  Fed officials at odds on inflation threat on 18/10/2011
  Lack of ECB firepower weakens Europe’s grand plan on 17/10/2011
  UK: HMRC withdraws Swiss tax amnesty on wealthy HSBC account holders on 14/10/2011
  US: Offshore Insurance Tax Bill re-introduced on 14/10/2011
  Volatility worries US investors, unsure what to do on 14/10/2011
  Warren Buffett brings his fight to raise taxes on rich to Congress’ supercommittee on 14/10/2011
  FSA and SEC hold strategic talks on market surveillance on 14/10/2011
  Biggest US Free-Trade Accord since ’94 passed on 13/10/2011
  US putting the clamps on banks on 13/10/2011
  Bermuda has built up US trade as other offshore centres suffered on 12/10/2011
  US eyes size threshold when picking systemic firms on 12/10/2011
  US: Regulators to set forth Volcker rule on 11/10/2011
  Top currency forecasters say best over for dollar as fed embraces easing on 11/10/2011
  US: Repatriation Bill to tax overseas profit at 8.75 per cent on 07/10/2011
  Asia private banks hit by local compliance costs, US moves on 06/10/2011
  US: Geithner says banks are trying to weaken financial overhaul on 05/10/2011
  China says US risks trade war with bill targeting currency on 04/10/2011
  Obama and Republicans cooperate to move trade pacts on 04/10/2011
  US markets hit year-low, as Greece is warned it will have no more concessions on 04/10/2011
  Funds spring up to invest in high-stakes litigation on 03/10/2011
  SEC registration plan may apply to mid-size hedge funds on 30/09/2011
  US investment in Ireland on 30/09/2011
  Germany slams 'stupid' US plans to boost EU rescue fund on 28/09/2011
  Fed officials hit road to defend latest push on 28/09/2011
  SEC mulls charges against S&P in CDO case on 27/09/2011
  US: Boehner says trade accords must move in tandem with worker aid on 26/09/2011
  Limited financial tax would work: Gates report on 23/09/2011
  US: Fed launches US$400bn ‘Operation Twist’ on 22/09/2011
  US accused of unfair antitrust tactic on 21/09/2011
  Eight offshore banks under investigation in US on 20/09/2011
  Obama deficit plan aimed at Democratic base on 19/09/2011
  Fund withdrawals top Lehman as US$75B pulled on 19/09/2011
  Thousands come clean as IRS gets US$2.7 billion on 16/09/2011
  US Senate panel seeks budget boosts for SEC, CFTC on 15/09/2011
  Large US banks must show how they would wind down on 14/09/2011
  US: Obama proposes further tax hikes on 13/09/2011
  Inflation Bonds Show Growth Bigger Worry as Rates Point to 1.3% Global CPI on 12/09/2011
  Swiss committed to solving US tax spat on 12/09/2011
  New regulators for investment advisers proposed in US House on 09/09/2011
  Switzerland resists US tax data call on 08/09/2011
  CEOs call for less regulation, better infrastructure on 07/09/2011
  Sub-prime crisis returns to haunt banks with a £121bn lawsuit on 06/09/2011
  Swiss bankers oppose another US tax treaty on 06/09/2011
  IMF: global economy faces a 'threatening downward spiral' on 05/09/2011
  Mutual Funds Face Curbs on Using Derivatives on 02/09/2011
  US: Tech groups’ foreign reserves come under scrutiny on 02/09/2011
  OECD urges governments to clamp down on ‘aggressive’ tax avoiders on 02/09/2011
  US: Fed's Bullard - QE3 possible if inflation eases on 02/09/2011
  Fund managers make millions from lending clients' shares, study shows on 01/09/2011
  Bonds beat all investments as S&P downgrade turns treasuries into favourite on 01/09/2011
  US: Fed divisions led to a compromise on interest rates on 31/08/2011
  Some US firms paid more to CEOs than taxes on 31/08/2011
  Cayman: Irene compels IRS to extend offshore disclosure deadline on 31/08/2011
  Hedge funds burned by August market heat on 30/08/2011
  Fearing inflation ‘Bogeyman’ is bad policy, Brownstein says on 29/08/2011
  US: Stocks rise on bank merger on 29/08/2011
  US: Repatriation tax break study challenges official estimates on 26/08/2011
  Showdown looms on US overseas profit tax break on 25/08/2011
  Swiss president slams US tax tactics on 24/08/2011
  Cayman affected by report suggesting the unlikelihood of US recovery in 2012 on 24/08/2011
  Wall Street rallies after four weeks of losses on 23/08/2011
  OECD Countries' Economic Growth Slows on 23/08/2011
  US: World looks for reassurance that the Fed will take steps on 22/08/2011
  US: Obama to unveil economic plan in September speech on 22/08/2011
  Americans living in Canada risk facing massive tax penalties on 19/08/2011
  US rejects Indian-Americans' plea on disclosing offshore accounts on 19/08/2011
  US appeals court backs government in tax shelter case on 18/08/2011
  Volatile US Stocks to Leave Lasting Scars on Fund Investors’ Psyche on 18/08/2011
  Buffett urges the Congress to raise tax on 'super rich' on 16/08/2011
  Moody’s lowers US economic growth outlook on 16/08/2011
  Fund of funds sales hit record £3.8bn on 16/08/2011
  Credit Suisse Likely to Settle Criminal Tax Probe on 15/08/2011
  Tax hike on 'rich' would hit 3% of Americans, IRS data show on 12/08/2011
  HSBC alerts US clients to offshore tax evasion probe on 11/08/2011
  S&P controversy fuels demands for ratings reforms on 11/08/2011
  S&P balks at SEC proposal to reveal rating errors on 10/08/2011
  US stocks suffer worst slump since crisis of 2008 on 09/08/2011
  Moody's says US needs to find more deficit cuts on 08/08/2011
  US: IRS amnesty program's deadline approaches on 05/08/2011
  US: Dodd-Frank regulators brace for lawsuits after SEC loss in appeals court on 05/08/2011
  Ex-UBS private banker faces tax charges on 03/08/2011
  US is still at risk of ratings downgrade on 02/08/2011
  US: Democrats renew push for business tax increases after deal on 02/08/2011
  US politicians to vote on last-minute debt deal on 01/08/2011
  US: Senate examines lowering corporate tax rate on 29/07/2011
  Wealthy are 'frozen' as debt uncertainty persists: UBS on 29/07/2011
  Wall Street says Fed not planning for US downgrade or default on 28/07/2011
  IMF sees global impact from US debt woes on 27/07/2011
  George Soros 'retires' as hedge fund manager, blaming US regulations on 27/07/2011
  US fails to break debt deadlock on 25/07/2011
  HSBC shuns private banking business from Americans outside US on 21/07/2011
  Debt ceiling crisis leaves Bahamas exposed on 20/07/2011
  US delays Fatca implementation by a year on 20/07/2011
  Crown dependencies removed from US tax haven 'blacklist' on 19/07/2011
  US abandons tax deal talks with Switzerland -paper on 19/07/2011
  Foreign banks to register with IRS by 2013 on 19/07/2011
  HSBC alerts US clients amid offshore tax evasion probe on 18/07/2011
  Moody's suggests US eliminates debt ceiling on 18/07/2011
  US: Business leaders look forward to Offshore Act on 15/07/2011
  Moody’s Places US on Review for Downgrade As Debt Talks Stall on 14/07/2011
  More talks on US debt impasse scheduled on 12/07/2011
  World's largest association of economists considers ethics guidelines on 11/07/2011
  Calls for US and International Accounting Standards to merge on 08/07/2011
  Treasury says Congress has month to reach debt deal on 06/07/2011
  US: Republican trade boycott derails swift vote on three FTA's on 05/07/2011
  Hedge fund returns US$230 million held in offshore account to US on 04/07/2011
  US: Democrats push offshore corporate tax changes in debt bill on 01/07/2011
  Obama wants hedge fund tax break gone on 30/06/2011
  US, Swiss at impasse on tax dodge accord -sources on 30/06/2011
  Capital Rules Tighten for Big Banks on 28/06/2011
  Obama Wants to Scrap US$72 Billion Corporate Tax Break on 28/06/2011
  Glut of rules risks driving funds to Asia on 27/06/2011
  Advanced economies must 'cut debt' to prevent new crisis on 27/06/2011
  US: SEC tightens reins on hedge funds on 24/06/2011
  Switzerland, US discuss tax pact on 23/06/2011
  US: Microsoft, others asking US Government for a tax holiday on 23/06/2011
  US: Reporting foreign bank accounts on 23/06/2011
  S&P restates political threat to US AAA rating on 22/06/2011
  Obama administration says foreign investment in US is growing on 21/06/2011
  IMF signals warning on slower US growth on 20/06/2011
  Swiss tax haven attracts millionaires from emerging markets on 17/06/2011
  Bahamas: Dodd-Frank Act threatening securities investment adviser business on 16/06/2011
  US: New financial rules delayed on 16/06/2011
  OECD: New indicators suggest growth will slow in most major economies on 15/06/2011
  Banks battle over US tax law on 13/06/2011
  Swiss, US in talks on tax probe settlement: sources on 10/06/2011
  IRS readies enforcement against at least one overseas bank on 09/06/2011
  IRS extends voluntary disclosure deadline on 08/06/2011
  EU official warns not to delay Dodd-Frank on 08/06/2011
  Taxes, rising rates will hit rich in the wallet, experts say on 06/06/2011
  US, Europe agree need to toughen bank capital rules on 03/06/2011
  Global Forum releases nine peer review reports on 03/06/2011
  BCG releases annual Global Wealth Report on 01/06/2011
  US wealthy exit Swiss bank accounts: BCG Report on 01/06/2011
  French Finance Minister announces bid to head IMF on 26/05/2011
  Krawcheck says wealth management firms should focus on individuals on 25/05/2011
  Europeans focus on keeping IMF leadership on 23/05/2011
  Private equity takes on taxman on 23/05/2011
  International financial centre to be 'housed' in Montego Bay on 19/05/2011
  SEC aims to tighten the rules on raters on 19/05/2011
  US tax fears prompt overseas M&A rush on 16/05/2011
  Executives urge US lawmakers to lower corporate tax rates on 13/05/2011
  Study finds tax burden rising on workers on 12/05/2011
  Heightened call for transparency is chief challenge facing multinationals: KPMG Survey on 12/05/2011
  US business coalition launches tax holiday ad campaign on 11/05/2011
  Singer rails against Dodd-Frank on 10/05/2011
  China, US could further strengthen financial cooperation: PBOC governor on 10/05/2011
  Emerging markets will be the driving force in the growth of millionaire wealth: study on 09/05/2011
  Singapore GIC: Risk of major economic crisis if US bonds lose AAA rating in disorderly manner on 09/05/2011
  Start-ups ride alternative strategies on 09/05/2011
  The new class of billionaires on 06/05/2011
  Wealth managers unprepared for tomorrow's client - Krawcheck on 06/05/2011
  US weighs corporate tax holiday with overhaul on 05/05/2011
  Dodd-Frank rules on swaps and ratings targeted by Republicans on 04/05/2011
  Cayman can handle new rules on 04/05/2011
  US business has high tax rates but pays less on 03/05/2011
  Take back CAN$10B in tax breaks from financial sector: study on 26/04/2011
  Wall Street, banks press to shape Dodd-Frank Rules on 22/04/2011
  US says IMF, World Bank “vital” to address global challenges on 21/04/2011
  Obama takes tax plan to Facebook billionaires on 20/04/2011
  World Bank, IMF urge quick action to avert new crisis on 18/04/2011
  Obama calls for cutting tax breaks to raise US$1 Trillion on 14/04/2011
  Banks may be fined over offshore tax evasion on 14/04/2011
  US lacks credibility on debt, says IMF on 13/04/2011
  Hatch seeks Dodd-Frank delay on 12/04/2011
  US seeks HSBC customers’ names as part of tax inquiry on 08/04/2011
  Bank group concerned with impact of new bank rules on 08/04/2011
  Overhaul needed of US housing finance: IMF on 07/04/2011
  Transatlantic tussle over US tax mounts on 06/04/2011
  GOP targets Dodd-Frank financial regulation on 04/04/2011
  Fund industry ‘overpaid by US$1,300bn’ on 04/04/2011
  US regulators divided on systemic risk list on 04/04/2011
  Subprime bonds are back on 01/04/2011
  Highest-paid 25 hedge fund managers got US$22 billion, NYT says on 01/04/2011
  Greenspan blasts US financial regulations on 31/03/2011
  US agencies may spend US$1 billion to initiate Dodd-Frank Act on 29/03/2011
  US corporate tax rates the primary cause for companies moving overseas on 29/03/2011
  Higher taxes loom for 401(k) savers on 28/03/2011
  Dodd-Frank clouds Basel III implementation on 25/03/2011
  Bermuda in the spotlight as SEC quizzes Google over tax planning on 24/03/2011
  G20 mulling giving IMF Forex swap mandate for central banks on 23/03/2011
  Cantor backs Cisco, Apple call for tax break on offshore profit on 22/03/2011
  Google questioned by SEC over earnings in low-tax countries on 22/03/2011
  North America to draw back ‘hot money’ on 21/03/2011
  Republicans' surprisingly benign financial regulation repeal effort on 21/03/2011
  Prospects for early US corporate tax reform in doubt on 18/03/2011
  Ranks of US millionaires rose eight per cent last year, trails high on 17/03/2011
  Hedge funds reach US$1.7 trillion AUM on 17/03/2011
  'Alternate budget' proposes tax on wealthy on 16/03/2011
  NZ managed funds still rate poorly - Morningstar study on 15/03/2011
  IRS boosted auditing of richest taxpayers, almost doubling rate last year on 15/03/2011
  Republicans mount first Dodd-Frank challenge on 15/03/2011
  More US citizens toss passports as IRS seeks hidden assets on 14/03/2011
  Budget cuts risk loss of US global influence on 11/03/2011
  US tax probe tightens noose on Swiss banks on 10/03/2011
  Countdown to registration on 07/03/2011
  Plan to lower New York income tax for top earners may bring New Jersey an extra US$350M in 2013 on 07/03/2011
  Bank rules could hit City on 04/03/2011
  Hedge funds in US may face unprecedented demands for information on risk on 03/03/2011
  Banks close down US accounts on 28/02/2011
  IRS overhauls tax lien system on 25/02/2011
  Taxing offshore profit up for debate on 18/02/2011
  Apple lobbies for offshore tax holiday to bring cash to US on 17/02/2011
  Bernanke says Dodd-Frank law is ‘major step forward’ on 17/02/2011
  Reinsurers face tax threat in Obama's budget on 16/02/2011
  New US tax laws may prompt many to renounce citizenship on 15/02/2011
  Second special voluntary disclosure initiative opens on 14/02/2011
  ‘Toxic’ US mortgage securities boost bank and hedge fund profits on 14/02/2011
  G-20 prepares to address oversight of 'hot money' on 14/02/2011
  SEC proposal removes reference to credit rating on 10/02/2011
  IRS launches second offshore tax amnesty period on 09/02/2011
  FDIC shifts burden for assessments to bigger banks on 09/02/2011
  Regulate and be damned on 07/02/2011
  Tax drives US tech groups to tap debt on 07/02/2011
  CFTC rules to add to Dodd-Frank cost burden-funds on 01/02/2011
  Fed faulted for lax mortgage regulation before financial crisis on 27/01/2011
  SEC adopts shareholder say-on-pay rules on 27/01/2011
  SEC toughens hedge fund, private equity disclosure on 26/01/2011
  A second IRS amnesty for offshore accounts on 25/01/2011
  US tax cuts give world growth a boost: IMF on 25/01/2011
  Billionaires may be the new millionaires on 24/01/2011
  McConnell says Obama will support lower corporate tax rate on 24/01/2011
  Business group backs overhaul of tax code on 21/01/2011
  Washington lawmakers pressed to act on business tax cut on 19/01/2011
  Investors' return to US stocks could be too late on 19/01/2011
  Deadlines missed on US financial-overhaul rules on 18/01/2011
  American investors may be shunned by banks as tax-compliance law kicks in on 14/01/2011
  Canadian corporate tax-cut fight heats up on 13/01/2011
  Europe needs dose of US medicine on 11/01/2011
  Survey shows that companies would create jobs in US if Fair Tax was instituted on 11/01/2011
  Big losses prompt fresh look at investment model on 10/01/2011
  Momentum builds for corporate-tax overhaul on 06/01/2011
  US estate tax changes verge on the absurd on 06/01/2011
  IRS considers extending amnesty program for taxpayers with undisclosed offshore accounts on 05/01/2011
  US estate tax spells taxing times for NRIs on 04/01/2011
  US shows stronger growth as investors look to 2011 tax cuts on 23/12/2010
  Hedge funds 'may avoid Fed scrutiny' on 23/12/2010
  Deutsche Bank settles US tax evasion case on 22/12/2010
  Senators drop tax item affecting foreign companies on 21/12/2010
  Tax deal cruises through Senate on 16/12/2010
  Highlights of US tax package before the Senate on 15/12/2010
  Estate measure in US creates way to give children US$10 million tax-free on 14/12/2010
  US lawmakers target China in tax bill on 14/12/2010
  Talent at a premium as banks compete for share of global market on 13/12/2010
  Senate nears key vote on Obama tax package on 13/12/2010
  Shulman says IRS `seriously considering' new amnesty for offshore accounts on 10/12/2010
  US stocks likely winners after tax deal on 10/12/2010
  Wall Street asks agencies to slow down on new derivatives rules on 09/12/2010
  Tax plan delays US' day of reckoning on 08/12/2010
  European shares get US tax cut boost on 07/12/2010
  Hedge funds win, economy loses in Volcker Rule, SkyBridge says on 03/12/2010
  Europe tops hedge fund managers' worries with Portugal's economy at risk on 03/12/2010
  NYSE builds liquidity hubs aggressively on 03/12/2010
  Canada Revenue won’t relax wealth disclosure rules on 02/12/2010
  Panama-US tax information sharing agreement inked on 02/12/2010
  Wealthy may ring out 2010 with tax-minded gifts on 01/12/2010
  Obama, congressional leaders launch tax-cut talks on 01/12/2010
  Return of estate tax looms as final impediment to extending Bush tax cuts on 29/11/2010
  US and Malta sign new double taxation avoidance treaty after 13-year wait on 26/11/2010
  US businesses urge Irish to keep low tax on 26/11/2010
  Hedge funds may overhaul business in wake of probe on 25/11/2010
  Banks seek exemption from Dodd-Frank for forex swaps on 25/11/2010
  Swiss wary as more foreign firms set up HQs on 24/11/2010
  SEC proposes hedge fund registration on 23/11/2010
  Banks try to undo new rules on 22/11/2010
  South Korea's bond tax may spur more emerging markets to raise barricades on 19/11/2010
  SEC to propose hedge fund registration rule Friday on 18/11/2010
  IRS withdraws summons In UBS offshore tax case on 17/11/2010
  Swiss gain from offshore company reshuffle on 17/11/2010
  Eurozone, China worries send Asian markets lower on 16/11/2010
  US bank survey finds wealthy haven't abandoned the market on 15/11/2010
  Proposals raise hopes on US corporate tax reform on 12/11/2010
  Boehner says permanent tax-cut extensions needed for certainty on 12/11/2010
  G20 warned against losing focus on regulation on 11/11/2010
  Leaders will back US on banks on 11/11/2010
  Private banks slow to adapt to taxing times on 11/11/2010
  Seoul could be the G-20's 'lost summit' on 10/11/2010
  Old customs swept away by strong new currents on 10/11/2010
  Singapore still tops for small business on 08/11/2010
  Fed creates office to implement Dodd-Frank overhaul law on 05/11/2010
  Leumi to US taxpayers: Disclose accounts on 04/11/2010
  Planned US legislation will be onerous for firms in Jersey on 03/11/2010
  Banks go toe to toe as Wall Street woos hedge funds on 03/11/2010
  Swiss Re leads fight over 35 per cent tax plan that cuts US profits on 02/11/2010
  UK schemes could face 30 per cent tax on US investments on 02/11/2010
  Almost half of managers say at least one hedge fund below peak in assets on 29/10/2010
  Banks, investors must end dependence on ratings firms, FSB Says on 29/10/2010
  Stock markets: Shanghai has some way to go to realise ambitions on 28/10/2010
  Puerto Rico unveils tax cuts to reignite economy on 27/10/2010
  Moscow seeks to rival London and New York on 27/10/2010
  EU 'passport' rule seen as hurdle for US hedge funds on 26/10/2010
  Women on the rise as wealth managers on 25/10/2010
  Prosecutors dismiss UBS criminal tax case on 25/10/2010
  Global macro funds jump back after slow summer on 22/10/2010
  Google uses Ireland to slash its tax bill on 22/10/2010
  Switzerland close to tax deal with Germany on 21/10/2010
  China ups rates, US revives strong dollar mantra on 20/10/2010
  Asian hedge funds struggle to raise cash even as economy booms on 19/10/2010
  Tapping the rich: US regional banks eye wealth management on 18/10/2010
  Sluggish economies in US, Europe slowing global recovery on 15/10/2010
  Hedge fund growth begins to slow in 2010 on 14/10/2010
  Expert says Cayman should court US law makers on 13/10/2010
  Swiss bid for referendum on bank secrecy fails on 13/10/2010
  Global financial ‘crisis’ a matter of perspective: Norton Rose global survey on 12/10/2010
  Rich guys split on income tax on 12/10/2010
  Extraditions could soar with Dodd-Frank on 11/10/2010
  Fears grow of emerging market 'bubble' on 11/10/2010
  IMF meeting dashes hopes for co-operation on 11/10/2010
  UK and France poised for EU hedge fund deal on 11/10/2010
  Leading bankers warn new rules will hit recovery on 11/10/2010
  Geithner backs EU hedge fund rules, wants France to sign on on 07/10/2010
  Weak US dollar fuels financial bubble fears on 07/10/2010
  EU-China tug-of-war hampers global recovery drive on 06/10/2010
  Basel pain not seen hitting private banks on 05/10/2010
  World financial reform agenda falters on 05/10/2010
  Wealthy look at hedge funds differently on 05/10/2010
  IMF urges broader financial system restructuring beyond Basel on 04/10/2010
  The cost of privacy: tax and trading in Panama on 01/10/2010
  Bahamas urged to 'regain offensive' on 30/09/2010
  NZ central banker reveals Asian anger at US crisis handling on 29/09/2010
  This is not the end for tax havens on 28/09/2010
  Clients told to rethink taking IRS amnesty offer on unreported offshore bank accounts on 28/09/2010
  New York hedge funds bet against Republic of Ireland on 27/09/2010
  Tax treaty heralds a brave new world on 27/09/2010
  The best tax breaks go to the rich on 23/09/2010
  Most hedge funds should escape new swaps regulation in US, ISDA Says on 22/09/2010
  Private banking makes a comeback on 22/09/2010
  Hedge fund closure rate may rise to 20 per cent on lack of capital, Merrill says on 21/09/2010
  Private banks battling for advisers to super-rich on 21/09/2010
  The slow death of funds of funds on 20/09/2010
  New York Insurance Exchange revival plans move ahead on 20/09/2010
  Shorts and hedge funds, welcome to China! on 17/09/2010
  Devising strategies while the estate tax is in limbo on 16/09/2010
  Industry warms to proposed global banking rules on 14/09/2010
  South Korea to keep easing financial regulation: official on 14/09/2010
  Estate-tax uncertainty will drag for a while on 13/09/2010
  New US laws could mean more power for the few on 10/09/2010
  Obama targets outsourcing ahead of India trip on 10/09/2010
  Economists want fresh start on Australian mining tax reform on 09/09/2010
  Obama to give US economy a jolt on 08/09/2010
  European bank worries unsteady the markets on 08/09/2010
  August results put pressure on hedge funds on 07/09/2010
  Ease on regulation attracts hedge funds on 06/09/2010
  Obama wants multi-billion dollar R&D grant on 06/09/2010
  Caymans reject tax ‘haven’ claims on 06/09/2010
  Ireland and the multinationals on 03/09/2010
  Regulator lowers low-income goals on 03/09/2010
  No double dip recession: ECB on 03/09/2010
  Eurozone growth forecast raised on 02/09/2010
  Japanese opposition calls for intervention on yen on 02/09/2010
  Bernanke decries ‘too big to fail’ system on 02/09/2010
  Asian superpowers differ on business rules on 02/09/2010
  SEC probe into Moody’s dropped on 01/09/2010
  Shariah experts want scholar certificates on 01/09/2010
  Credit Suisse to plan early bonus payments in UK on 31/08/2010
  New Scottish bond fund aims for £100m on 31/08/2010
  Call for mandatory disclosure of offshore accounts in India on 30/08/2010
  Aus political limbo de-stabilises international investment plans on 30/08/2010
  IRS says may it withdraw UBS lawsuit after handover of Swiss account data on 27/08/2010
  Insurers face hit from US tax rules on 27/08/2010
  Global hedge fund body to meet US policymakers in September on 27/08/2010
  Hedge funds - Bigger, safer but duller on 27/08/2010
  SEC votes in favour of proxy rule on 26/08/2010
  ‘No evidence’ of further US tax probes - top Swiss diplomat on 23/08/2010
  US ends probe on hedge fund ‘idea dinner’ on 23/08/2010
  China slowly diversifies its Forex holdings on 20/08/2010
  UK tax boost eases deficit and helps pound on 20/08/2010
  Frustrated investors turn to dividends for income on 19/08/2010
  Hedge fund group says EU derivatives-trading reforms should move forward on 19/08/2010
  IRS retools International Examination Program on 18/08/2010
  South Africa loses millions to offshore sites on 18/08/2010
  US court rules for India in New York tax dispute on 18/08/2010
  China doubles Korea bond holdings as Asia switches from dollar on 18/08/2010
  Foreign investment in China climbs for 12th month on 17/08/2010
  Islamic US mutual funds flocking to Malaysia seeking returns on 16/08/2010
  Greece sinks further into recession as European economy falters on 16/08/2010
  Hedge funds crowd into US bonds on 13/08/2010
  Will 'tax the rich' save the economy? on 13/08/2010
  Wall Street funds Republicans opposing new banking regulations on 13/08/2010
  Interest rates to buoy capital flows to emerging markets -IIF Study on 12/08/2010
  Investors reload the guns on euro on 12/08/2010
  Cayman Finance reacts to US business group attack on 12/08/2010
  Citigroup millionaires' heirs get website for allowances, one-click gifts on 12/08/2010
  The UK bonus tax: here's what banks will pay on 11/08/2010
  Tougher tax law for overseas assets on 11/08/2010
  Swiss Government confident of evaluating UBS data by Aug 26 on 11/08/2010
  Investors pull US$3.7 bln from hedge funds in June on 10/08/2010
  Tiger and the £1m tax bill: how British law may scare off Woods from Ryder Cup on 10/08/2010
  Crash of 2015 won't wait for regulators to rein in Wall Street on 09/08/2010
  Bahrain regulator may limit scholars’ role: Islamic Finance on 09/08/2010
  Volcker impact sends shivers through banks on 09/08/2010
  Proprietary traders may find hedge fund life harder on 06/08/2010
  US hedge funds embrace the benefits of Ucits on 06/08/2010
  US tax cheats pay for secret Swiss accounts on 05/08/2010
  IRS shifts to combat tax evasion on 05/08/2010
  Conn Gov to hedge funds: moving away from NY is wise tax choice on 04/08/2010
  Some firms OK international tax changes for US tax credits on 04/08/2010
  Billionaire brothers long suspected of tax evasion on 04/08/2010
  Repeal a tax cut no one can afford on 03/08/2010
  Long-term bond ETFs: coming back in style on 03/08/2010
  Global financial centres after the crisis on 03/08/2010
  HSBC Invest Bank aided by Asia, North America on 03/08/2010
  What is the current status of US estate tax? on 03/08/2010
  Dividends rise, tax hikes may follow on 02/08/2010
  House introduces Bill to close foreign tax loopholes on 29/07/2010
  Overseas investors fleeing after dramatic rise in funds on 29/07/2010
  EU: proposal to boost tax on foreign reinsurers protectionist, discriminatory on 28/07/2010
  Banks' unlikely hit from tax cuts on 27/07/2010
  No safe havens for dirty money on 27/07/2010
  OECD criticises DB funds taxation on 27/07/2010
  US not planning new tax investigations of Swiss banks on 26/07/2010
  Hedge funds meeting institutional demands on 26/07/2010
  US investors: no rally on Euro bank stress tests on 23/07/2010
  White House to allow tax cuts for wealthy to expire on 23/07/2010
  Bush tax cuts roil Democrats on 22/07/2010
  US banks pay bulk of UK bonus tax on 21/07/2010
  US could lose US$37 billion a year to tax havens: Levin on 21/07/2010
  Hedge funds’ potential threat is unclear, SEC’s Schapiro says on 21/07/2010
  Small businesses go after offshore tax havens on 20/07/2010
  Tough decisions for the 'Untied States' on 20/07/2010
  Should Bush's tax cuts be extended? on 20/07/2010
  Funds of hedge funds withstand financial hurricane on 19/07/2010
  Did Credit Suisse help its German customers evade taxes? on 19/07/2010
  Will companies dodge financial reform by moving abroad? on 19/07/2010
  UK bonus tax cost JPMorgan US$550m on 16/07/2010
  Tax collectors to relax rules for confessing secret accounts on 16/07/2010
  Credit Suisse raided in German tax evasion probe on 15/07/2010
  As US tax cuts' expiration date nears, little consensus on 15/07/2010
  World’s rich are hording $10trillion in cash on 14/07/2010
  Steinbrenner heirs may save millions on estate tax on 14/07/2010
  Treasury says businesses added 4.5 million jobs for tax break on 13/07/2010
  Tax cuts for high-income Americans depend on Democrats blinking on 13/07/2010
  Hedge funds cash in on uncertainty around European banks on 12/07/2010
  Forbes names Bermuda one of world's top 10 tax havens on 09/07/2010
  Hedge funds suffer in June, but beat markets on 09/07/2010
  US turns to Asia in its hunt for tax evaders on 09/07/2010
  Wealthy customers nervous of private banks on 08/07/2010
  Europe imposes caps on banker bonuses on 08/07/2010
  Bigger role assured for emerging financial centres like Mumbai on 08/07/2010
  Waning interest for investment banking, private equity: QFCRA on 08/07/2010
  Philadelphia collects more than expected from tax-amnesty program on 07/07/2010
  BNP Paribas: bank regulation should be adapted to Europe on 07/07/2010
  HSBC clients in US tax probe - report on 06/07/2010
  European banks’ hidden losses may threaten EU stress test plan on 06/07/2010
  Bahamas to host OECD meeting on 06/07/2010
  Banking overhaul treads softly on money managers on 06/07/2010
  IMF wants bank levy triple the size of Osborne's bailout tax on 05/07/2010
  A slick argument amid the oil subsidies on 05/07/2010
  US home sales dive record 30 per cent as tax break is removed on 02/07/2010
  SEC moves to bar ‘pay-to-play’ at public pensions on 02/07/2010
  IATA slams UK aviation tax plans on 01/07/2010
  Asia’s private bank boom ‘not what it was’ in 2007 on 01/07/2010
  Investors balk at plans for Moscow financial centre on 01/07/2010
  Connecticut starts border war over NY hedge funds on 01/07/2010
  US Finance Bill heads for final votes with bank fees removed on 30/06/2010
  Lawyer proposes making DC into a tax shelter for insurers on 30/06/2010
  Christie signs New Jersey budget on 30/06/2010
  Cuomo: Let tax hike die on 29/06/2010
  AIMA: Hedge Funds singled out for unfair tax in Finance Bill on 29/06/2010
  US lawmakers reach financial overhaul deal on 28/06/2010
  How BP's deepwater disaster will impact investors on 28/06/2010
  G20 summit: leaders agree to halve deficits by 2013 on 28/06/2010
  Regulation: Important staging post on road to Seoul on 25/06/2010
  British banks move offshore to avoid levy on 25/06/2010
  EU FDI outflows down, inflows up on 25/06/2010
  US new-home sales plummet in May after tax credit expires on 24/06/2010
  Isle of Man praised by American tax chief on 24/06/2010
  US may follow Britain's lead and pass bank tax on 24/06/2010
  World's millionaires are back to strength after banking crisis on 23/06/2010
  Volcker Rule under attack as lawmakers seek hedge fund loophole on 23/06/2010
  New Jersey battles over tax on millionaires on 21/06/2010
  Hedge funds leave Monaco conference in bleak mood on 18/06/2010
  St Kitts and Nevis and Canada sign Tax Information Exchange Agreement on 18/06/2010
  American study reveals US$52billion stock option tax break on 17/06/2010
  UK tax to cost United State banks US$2bn on 17/06/2010
  Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan's offshore tax accounts to be published on 17/06/2010
  Swiss parliament approves US tax deal on second try on 16/06/2010
  Hesitation by leaders drove cost of Europe's crisis higher on 16/06/2010
  Bermuda signs tax agreement with Canada on 15/06/2010
  Officials: EU rules will block United States hedge funds on 15/06/2010
  UBS tax deal at risk in game of political ping-pong on 15/06/2010
  Toxic Citizens? Banks cutting American expatriates adrift on 14/06/2010
  Hedge funds dodge European proposal with regulated ‘Newcits’ on 14/06/2010
  Australia’s delay in buy-out tax hits private equity on 14/06/2010
  Senate seeks to close hedge funds tax loophole on 11/06/2010
  Tax units to be set up to fight tax evasion on 10/06/2010
  Private equity hits out at US carried interest tax plans on 10/06/2010
  G20 nations must recognise the stimulus effect of IFCs in the global economy on 10/06/2010
  Swiss parliament rejects US deal on UBS tax data transfer on 09/06/2010
  Democrats propose further tax hike on offshore oil on 09/06/2010
  Hedge funds fall short on post-crisis due diligence on 08/06/2010
  New financial landscape emerges ahead of US reforms on 08/06/2010
  Hedge funds gain clout in newspaper industry on 07/06/2010
  Investors shun active ETFs on 07/06/2010
  Banks face higher capital rules on 07/06/2010
  Hedge funds now regularly trading in European sector ETFs on 04/06/2010
  Swiss Upper House backs tax deal with United States over UBS on 04/06/2010
  Bahamas Customs facing ‘massive reform’ on 04/06/2010
  US hedge funds in the wake of May mayhem on 03/06/2010
  Swiss parliament to debate UBS tax deal with US on 03/06/2010
  Financial hubs to be replaced by 'spider web' on 03/06/2010
  Europe to dominate G20 talks on 02/06/2010
  Japanese bond issue looks to attract foreign investment on 01/06/2010
  US and Germany at odds over regulation on 28/05/2010
  US signs tax exchange protocol in Paris on 28/05/2010
  Hedge fund managers wary of Obama moves on 28/05/2010
  Europe-wide bank tax in EU sights on 26/05/2010
  Swiss parliament to vote on banking secrecy on 24/05/2010
  Trade group worried about implications of finance overhaul for mutual funds on 24/05/2010
  EU claims US tax laws ‘protectionist’ on 21/05/2010
  US buyout tax meets opposition on 21/05/2010
  US Senate supports Wall St reforms on 21/05/2010
  Canada seek anti-tax allies in US, India, China on 20/05/2010
  Tighter hedge funds rules approved by Euro authorities on 18/05/2010
  US financial overhaul legislation keeps its shape on 17/05/2010
  Governments across eurozone and beyond tackle debt on 14/05/2010
  US hedge funds look to Europe on 14/05/2010
  Senators lobby for venture capitalist exemptions on 14/05/2010
  Investors critical of Japan’s fiscal deficits on 14/05/2010
  Swiss govt to meet over bankers’ bonuses on 13/05/2010
  EU won’t cave on hedge funds despite US pressure on 13/05/2010
  Mexico, Canada score top spots in KPMG tax report on 13/05/2010
  New ‘frontman’ for Irish regulator on 12/05/2010
  ‘Living wills’ for dying banks: FDIC on 12/05/2010
  US financial overhaul legislation makes steady progress on 12/05/2010
  Australian budget proposals confirm IFC ambitions on 10/05/2010
  EU draft directive on hedge funds expected to pass despite opposition on 10/05/2010
  IMF aid for Greece worth €30bn on 10/05/2010
  Sovereign wealth funds urge finance sector reforms on 10/05/2010
  Greece, UK election cause market turmoil on 07/05/2010
  Tax increase for US hedge funds, private equity firms on 07/05/2010
  French aid for Greek passes in Parliament on 07/05/2010
  €40m hole in German tax receipts on 07/05/2010
  Cox says reforms should go further on 06/05/2010
  AIFM impasse due to UK resistance on 05/05/2010
  Not all Democrats in favour of regulation reforms on 05/05/2010
  Eurozone’s prospects improve despite Greek bailout on 05/05/2010
  Big banks on edge over Wall Street’s regulation overhaul on 04/05/2010
  No relent in Canada’s opposition to global bank tax on 04/05/2010
  Basel chief not convinced time is right for new tax on 04/05/2010
  Greece receive €110bn aid package on 03/05/2010
  US offshore probe set to continue on 03/05/2010
  Changes due at Goldman Sachs on 03/05/2010
  Shanghai continues ascent toward IFC powerhouses on 30/04/2010
  UK recovery will remain sluggish: think tank on 30/04/2010
  Geithner champions Wall St reforms for greater good on 30/04/2010
  Euro hedge funds eye move to Asia, Switzerland on 29/04/2010
  Feisty Obama demands immediate action on finance bill on 29/04/2010
  Greece crisis: investors maintain wariness until details emerge on bailout on 29/04/2010
  Bahamian TIEA key evidence in US tax evasion trial on 28/04/2010
  Obama formalises support for Senate legislation on 27/04/2010
  Euro Central Bank sceptical on bank tax proposals on 27/04/2010
  Key partners reject global bank tax on 26/04/2010
  Greek PM warns investors off default bets on 26/04/2010
  Canada’s Flaherty defiant on bank tax on 23/04/2010
  Further debt downgrade imperils Greek economy on 23/04/2010
  IMF suggest a second bank tax on 22/04/2010
  US improvement set to benefit Bermuda on 22/04/2010
  Obama predicts scrap over swaps reforms on 22/04/2010
  G20 to meet over bank tax, China on 21/04/2010
  Goldman Sachs decision will have international implications on 21/04/2010
  US tax investigation widens offshore net on 20/04/2010
  Bank tax on legislative agenda on 20/04/2010
  Real estate no safe bet for investors on 19/04/2010
  TIEA system comes in for criticism on 19/04/2010
  Debate over financial overhaul intensifies in US Senate on 16/04/2010
  Quotes from the Eurozone finance ministers' meeting on 16/04/2010
  Survey says US investors bullish on economy on 16/04/2010
  Canadian Finance Minister says global bank tax too risky on 15/04/2010
  US recovery to continue: Bernanke on 15/04/2010
  Eurozone output better than expected for February on 15/04/2010
  Swiss authorities set to turn over UBS detail to America on 14/04/2010
  IMF measures risk of banks levy to global economy on 14/04/2010
  US Treasury Secretary sees leverage and risk reforms as defining step on 13/04/2010
  EU rules for all fund managers: Gauzes on 13/04/2010
  US HNWs likely to be hit hardest by tax plans on 12/04/2010
  Bernanke counsels strong action for continued economic growth on 09/04/2010
  US hopes high after talks on yuan on 09/04/2010
  Obama administration will defend financial overhaul on 08/04/2010
  EU bank tax could net €50bn on 07/04/2010
  Asset-backed securities to come under scrutiny from US lawmakers on 07/04/2010
  Swiss regulators warn against using ‘wrappers’ on 07/04/2010
  EU funds should not discriminate against US: Geithner on 07/04/2010
  More Caribbean TIEAs inked on 06/04/2010
  Global bank tax closer: Brown on 06/04/2010
  China now a bigger trading partner for Asian countries than the US on 01/04/2010
  US and Swiss authorities agree on UBS settlement upgrade on 01/04/2010
  New Zealand set to launch as international fund-management hub on 31/03/2010
  Bond issue should raise €5bn for Greece on 30/03/2010
  Sarkozy urges US to push for new global monetary order on 30/03/2010
  Bank tax to fund future bailouts? on 29/03/2010
  UK BUDGET 2010: UK to sign TIEA with Belize on 25/03/2010
  Bahamas must look to ‘trust-plus’ solutions on 25/03/2010
  Private equity rules debated by industry insiders on 24/03/2010
  US overhaul of financial regulations gets Senate green light on 23/03/2010
  Bank levy could net German economy €1bn annually on 23/03/2010
  Chinese central bank not happy with ‘noisy’ US on 23/03/2010
  Canada Revenue unearths millions on 22/03/2010
  Push for US financial reform intensifies on 22/03/2010
  Fed not to blame for catastrophic housing bubble: Greenspan on 19/03/2010
  Role of the Fed at the heart of the battle on 18/03/2010
  Japanese minister counsels US and China over yuan push on 18/03/2010
  TIEA not financial ‘Armageddon’ for Bahamas on 18/03/2010
  Gordon Brown forces AIFMD off the table on 17/03/2010
  AIFMD could cripple venture capital investment: EVCA on 16/03/2010
  IRS to launch prosecution against second foreign bank on 16/03/2010
  Ireland not concerned about US tax haven crackdown on 16/03/2010
  HSBC Fund Managers Survey returns positive results on 16/03/2010
  Wall Street regulation bill: the key provisions on 16/03/2010
  US voices concern over cross-border ramifications of AIFMD on 12/03/2010
  Bipartisan disunity could stall US financial rules overhaul on 12/03/2010
  Millionaire count increases in US on 10/03/2010
  Senators push for a widened scope for ‘Volcker rule’ on 10/03/2010
  Tax-free bond sale launched in California on 09/03/2010
  UK’s top earners set to pay highest income tax on 08/03/2010
  OECD indicators put world economy on upwards trajectory on 08/03/2010
  New tax panel head targets hedge fund taxes on 05/03/2010
  Obama bank plan facing stiff resistance in Congress on 04/03/2010
  Republicans and Democrats closing in on new banking deal on 03/03/2010
  UBS cases just the beginning for US tax prosecutors on 26/02/2010
  New US jobs bill includes crackdown on offshore centres on 23/02/2010
  FAT has Iran at top of its financial blacklist on 19/02/2010
  Obama to close transfer pricing loophole on 18/02/2010
  US banks lobby Congress in fight against regulation on 16/02/2010
  International agreement close on bank levy: Brown on 12/02/2010
  Treasury delivers Gift Aid blow to charities on 09/02/2010
  US Senators urge British-style bonus tax on 05/02/2010
  US to broaden anti-money laundering regulation on 04/02/2010
  Obama budget targets offshore wealth on 02/02/2010
  ‘Tax havens’ targeted by California lawmakers on 01/02/2010
  OECD head backs Obama plan for banks on 01/02/2010
  Reform the key word among leaders at Davos on 29/01/2010
  OECD move on country-by-country reporting on 29/01/2010
  Swiss aim to renegotiate tax pact with US on 28/01/2010
  Wall St bosses take fight to Obama on 28/01/2010
  Poorer countries will benefit from stricter worldwide regulation on 27/01/2010
  Court ruling threatens to prevent exchange of information between Swiss and US on 26/01/2010
  G7 to discuss banks bail out alternative on 25/01/2010
  Swiss warning on Obama plan on 25/01/2010
  UK to join Obama’s fight against banks? on 22/01/2010
  Ex E&Y partner sentenced to gaol on 22/01/2010
  Europe behind Obama bank-breaking plans on 22/01/2010
  OECD lauds TIEA success on 20/01/2010
  Swiss whistleblower catches attention of IRS on 19/01/2010
  Asset management industry to shape-shift on 18/01/2010
  British banks not safe from US recoup on 15/01/2010
  EU banks in Obama’s sights on 15/01/2010
  'Crisis Tax' sounds alarms in EU on 15/01/2010
  $11.4 trillion: the global stake on 14/01/2010
  Swiss Government called to account by private bankers on 14/01/2010
  White House coy on bank tax on 13/01/2010
  UK regulations threaten insuperability of City of London on 11/01/2010
  Banks warned against complacency on 11/01/2010
  America’s ‘death tax’ on 06/01/2010
  Canellos’ sweep to target hedge funds on 05/01/2010
  Goldman Sachs to quit City of London? on 04/01/2010
  Congress likely to re-authorise expired estate tax on 31/12/2009
  World stocks enjoy upward curve after disastrous low on 31/12/2009
  Caymans set to combat hedge-fund exodus with immigration sweeteners on 30/12/2009
  Hedge-fund replicators growing in popularity on 29/12/2009
  US investors stick with financial advisors on 14/12/2009
  US lawmakers reject plans for Madoff victims on 10/12/2009
  Canada considers suing UBS on 03/12/2009
  Double tax agreement with US and New Zealand on 01/12/2009
  Lehman's prepare to thaw funds on 25/11/2009
  More than 14,700 US citizens admit having offshore accounts on 18/11/2009
  Former Bear Sterns managers acquitted of fraud on 12/11/2009
  US charges 14 in mis-management of hedge funds on 06/11/2009
  Delaware named as 'top' secrecy destination for investors on 04/11/2009
  American man pleads guilty to hedge fund fraud on 04/11/2009
  US unveils new tax evasion legislation on 29/10/2009
  UBS ex-client seeks leniency for tax conviction on 28/10/2009
  Panama pushes US Treasury to accept double tax agreement on 28/10/2009
  Three found guilty of thoroughbred tax fraud on 27/10/2009
  Rich Seek Cover as 'Elephants' Stomp Wealth World on 27/10/2009
  US judge freezes assets on 26/10/2009
  Californian man charged in UBS case on 21/10/2009
  End of US amnesty on 15/10/2009
  Scant appetite for Californian bonds on 14/10/2009
  Two days remain for US offshore investors on 13/10/2009
  Only days left for New Yorkers to declare offshore income on 12/10/2009
  Court moves against US tax fraud scheme on 09/10/2009
  Further arrests in UBS case on 07/10/2009
  Internet gambling to fund US health care on 06/10/2009
  US investigates taxpayers with offshore holdings on 06/10/2009
  Arnold Schwarzenegger pledges new business tax on 30/09/2009
  Offshore investors take advantage of dollar parity on 28/09/2009
  US examines tax liabilities of citizens living in Hong Kong on 28/09/2009
  US extends offshore deadline for a second time on 23/09/2009
  World's largest investors urge climate change action on 21/09/2009
  US tax rules may drive jobs from India on 18/09/2009
  Taxing times for New Orleans businesses on 17/09/2009
  US regulators to work on hedge funds on 17/09/2009
  US to introduce new hedge fund regulations on 16/09/2009
  US amnesty draws to close as Italian one begins on 16/09/2009
  US presses for 'sin tax' on 15/09/2009
  US to tax travel permits on 14/09/2009
  Monaco signs tax deal with US on 10/09/2009
  US tax amnesties backfire on 04/09/2009
  IRS may target hedge funds next on 28/08/2009
  Swiss bank pulls out of US on 26/08/2009
  Washington Claims UBS Tax Battle Triumph on 20/08/2009
  Court Orders Textron To Release Confidential Documents To IRS on 18/08/2009
  Reckitt Benckiser to consider UK Tax Move on 17/08/2009
  IRS extends deadline on 12/08/2009
  UBS case still in turmoil on 11/08/2009
  Drop in US tax reserves on 10/08/2009
  US ploughs ahead with offshore reinsurance tax bill on 05/08/2009
  UBS deal averts us tax showdown on 03/08/2009
  Hundreds come forward in UBS case on 31/07/2009
  Tax on business income set to rise in US on 30/07/2009
  US and UK spark hedge fund row on 29/07/2009
  Man pleads guilty in UBS case on 29/07/2009
  Changes for US hedge funds on 28/07/2009
  UBS case scaled on 28/07/2009
  UBS deadline looms on 23/07/2009
  US to monitor hedge funds on 17/07/2009
  US plans to tax wealthy to pay for the sick on 13/07/2009
  UBS court case postponed on 13/07/2009
  US plans to pursue UBS account holders on 06/07/2009
  Swiss banks to close American accounts on 01/07/2009
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