G20 finance chiefs to grapple with tackling tax evasion on 17/03/2017
  Australia: Tax avoidance: Coalition starts consultation over register for shell companies on 13/02/2017
  Canadian reporting under Fatca doubled in 2016 on 31/01/2017
  EU Council adopts directive on access to beneficial ownership information on 08/12/2016
  South Africa: Treasury Calls for Written Submissions On Corporate Income Tax on 08/12/2016
  OECD calls for improved design of funded private pensions on 07/12/2016
  OECD officials outline international tax initiatives, country-by-country reporting guidance released on 06/12/2016
  Andorra to renounce banking secrecy as it sheds tax haven status on 02/12/2016
  Nearly 100 Countries Poised to Adopt Multilateral Treaty on 09/11/2016
  More Permanent Establishments Expected Under OECD Draft on 11/10/2016
  UAE-UK hold joint conference on financial crimes on 27/09/2016
  Pakistan becomes signatory to OECD Convention in tax matters on 15/09/2016
  Low tax Zug aims to become Switzerland's 'Crypto Valley' on 08/09/2016
  EU ministers to discuss tax co-operation on 08/09/2016
  Ex-minister linked to Panama Papers renounces World Bank job on 07/09/2016
  HMRC opens the Worldwide Disclosure Facility on 07/09/2016
  After EU’s Apple decision, Obama says tax coordination needed on 06/09/2016
  Singapore, Australia agree to share financial data to fight tax evasion on 06/09/2016
  Businesses fear breakdown in BEPS consensus on 06/09/2016
  Hong Kong officials urged to act on banks closing accounts in anti-fraud drive on 06/09/2016
  US FATCA agreement with Curaçao enters into force on 06/09/2016
  Apple tax clawback raises questions on Singapore firms in EU on 05/09/2016
  Luxembourg may be focus of another Brussels tax inquiry on 05/09/2016
  Malta’s Premier says nations should decide on taxation policies on 05/09/2016
  Israel: High court imposes injunction against US FATCA on 05/09/2016
  Indonesia tax amnesty slowly shows progress on 02/09/2016
  Lack of US tax reform is `a shame,' says OECD’s Saint-Amans on 02/09/2016
  CISE updates listing rules for investment business on 02/09/2016
  US tax code may allow dramatic retaliation in EU Apple case on 01/09/2016
  Pakistan to sign tax agreement with OECD on 01/09/2016
  Singapore Reits hitting their limit over compliance rules on 01/09/2016
  Asian regulatory changes could hike demand for local reinsurance: Fitch on 31/08/2016
  Ireland risks being trampled in US/EU corporate tax fight on 31/08/2016
  White House 'concerned' EU tax penalty on Apple may hit US taxpayers on 31/08/2016
  Tougher rules for tax havens called for by Brazil on 30/08/2016
  Italy 'White Lists' Liechtenstein on 30/08/2016
  Concern over Brexit in vulnerable Commonwealth states on 30/08/2016
  US tech warns Netherlands over tax regime on 30/08/2016
  Pakistan FBR to brief cabinet on Swiss agreement, OECD convention on 30/08/2016
  Junk bond issuers mull delisting in latest push to evade MAR on 26/08/2016
  IMF concludes 2016 consultation with Barbados on 26/08/2016
  Talks on new US/Ireland tax treaty to focus on multinationals on 26/08/2016
  Liechtenstein ratifies multilateral CbC report pact on 25/08/2016
  HMRC proposes swingeing new sanctions to combat tax evasion on 25/08/2016
  Geneva’s corporate-tax fight becomes ‘mother of all battles’ on 25/08/2016
  US Treasury criticizes EU on corporate tax probes on 25/08/2016
  Many reporting entities unprepared For FATCA, CRS on 24/08/2016
  Swiss court clears former Cayman banker of breaking bank secrecy laws on 24/08/2016
  Panama Papers prompt race for tax haven dollars before crackdown on 24/08/2016
  FATCA lobby urges rethink to ease banking problems on 23/08/2016
  UK to alter inheritance tax rules on non-doms on 23/08/2016
  OECD draft tackles multinational corporation tax avoidance though payments to branches on 23/08/2016
  Foreign funds find new route to pump money into India on 22/08/2016
  Trinidad and Tobago signs inter-governmental FATCA agreement with US on 22/08/2016
  Sweden warns UK against aggressive tax cuts amid Brexit talks on 22/08/2016
  Republicans take new tack on taxing companies’ overseas profits on 22/08/2016
  Trans-Atlantic spat looms over EU crackdown on corporate tax deals on 19/08/2016
  Australia: Offshore hubs in ATOs sights on 19/08/2016
  UK financial sector targets Swiss-style deal for EU market access on 19/08/2016
  Experts urge clarity on UK rules on 'enabling' tax avoidance on 19/08/2016
  KPMG: 'what was seen as acceptable behaviour is no longer regarded as appropriate' on 18/08/2016
  Cyprus offers Thai investors EU citizenship on 18/08/2016
  MEPs raise concern yet again about Malta's passport scheme on 18/08/2016
  Luxembourg proposes law to enact global tax reporting rules on 17/08/2016
  China approves Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link, scraps limits on 17/08/2016
  Britain targets financial advisers with new tax-avoidance fines on 17/08/2016
  Singapore Exchange introduces sustainability reporting requirements on 16/08/2016
  Fund prices could rise with loss of EU rights on 16/08/2016
  Some shell companies sidestep new UK transparency rules on 15/08/2016
  Northern Ireland: Christian Aid 'thrilled' with new anti-tax dodging legislation on 10/08/2016
  Malaysia and Indonesia join forces to develop Islamic capital market on 10/08/2016
  US: Trump revamps his proposed tax cuts on 10/08/2016
  City Of London seeks continued access to EU single market on 08/08/2016
  US tax hunt overseas causes global headaches on 08/08/2016
  New Zealand: Shewan foreign trust changes enter Parliament on 08/08/2016
  Ukraine Malaysia sign agreement on avoidance of double taxation on 05/08/2016
  UK legislators criticise “sticking plaster” OECD tax avoidance reforms on 04/08/2016
  US and Singapore aim to sign TIEA and reciprocal FATCA IGA by year end on 04/08/2016
  Mauritius extends FATCA deadline on 04/08/2016
  Israel: Knesset Finance Committee ratifies US FATCA on 03/08/2016
  EU investigation would find New Zealand tax rules tight – Woodhouse on 02/08/2016
  US threatens to stop treating some FATCA IGAs as being “in effect” in 2017 on 02/08/2016
  With UK out, renewed push for common EU tax base on 02/08/2016
  South Africa: Treasury steps in to curb tax avoidance using trusts on 01/08/2016
  CIOT: New UK anti-evasion criminal offenses may not work on 01/08/2016
  EU considers blacklisting New Zealand over tax laws on 01/08/2016
  China's new tax form zeroes in on low-tax jurisdictions on 29/07/2016
  US, EU report on Re/Insurance covered agreement talks on 29/07/2016
  Cyprus: New tax breaks to boost start-up sector on 28/07/2016
  Switzerland losing lustre for wealthy clients: Hinduja on 28/07/2016
  St Lucia 'largely compliant' with tax transparency standards on 27/07/2016
  Canada: Banks to hand over offshore tax files on 27/07/2016
  UK: May pledges to curb use of tax havens on 26/07/2016
  G20 ministers urge tighter tax rules on 26/07/2016
  OECD in push for 'tax fairness' on 25/07/2016
  India: Give FATCA info by 31 Aug or face account freeze on 25/07/2016
  Ireland: Revenue takes aim at opaque financial special purpose vehicles on 25/07/2016
  Singapore denies 'thwarting' Indonesia’s tax amnesty program on 25/07/2016
  ESMA backs Guernsey for AIFMD passport on 20/07/2016
  UK seeks to ratify tax treaties with Uruguay, UAE on 20/07/2016
  EU regulator backs overseas-fund access in Brexit boost for UK on 20/07/2016
  US corporate tax directors have a hard time adjusting to BEPS on 19/07/2016
  Indonesia optimistic Singapore efforts to stymie tax amnesty will fail on 19/07/2016
  Singapore bank sector keeps eye on ‘onerous’ Basel IV on 18/07/2016
  Guernsey makes more commitments to crack down on tax evasion on 18/07/2016
  Lord Hill plans EU cross-border investment legacy on 15/07/2016
  Bermuda Minister Gibbons introduces Limited Liability Company Act on 15/07/2016
  Jersey, Cyprus agree new Double Taxation Agreement on 15/07/2016
  Curacao signs up to BEPS and agrees tax treaty with United Arab Emirates on 14/07/2016
  New Zealand to set up register of foreign trusts on 14/07/2016
  Ireland: Charities regulator to examine trusts after tax avoidance claims on 13/07/2016
  US pressure hurting local financial sector, expert says on 13/07/2016
  Pakistan and Switzerland agree to review avoidance of double taxation pact on 13/07/2016
  NI could slash corporation tax further post-Brexit on 07/07/2016
  MEPs make renewed push for common European tax regime on 07/07/2016
  UK business minister calls for corporate, personal tax cuts on 06/07/2016
  Multinational companies have increased their work on BEPS compliance, survey finds on 06/07/2016
  No Brexit risk for global rich says citizenship expert Chris Kalin on 06/07/2016
  "Deeply concerned" US multinationals call for Irish tax reform on 06/07/2016
  Tax Brits globally to stop scandals, says City standards group on 06/07/2016
  Gibraltar GFSC and Cayman CIMA sign a Memorandum of Understanding on 05/07/2016
  UK to set new corporation tax below 15% on 04/07/2016
  OECDs Pascal Saint-Amans calls for register of owners of corporate trusts on 04/07/2016
  Curacao and four other countries agree to exchange CbC reports on 04/07/2016
  Regulator to set rules for launching foreign hedge funds in China on 01/07/2016
  US IRS issues final country-by-country reporting regulations, rules allowing voluntary filing forthcoming on 30/06/2016
  ‘Texit’ fears as UK tech firms eye move to Ireland on 30/06/2016
  Malta could position itself as alternative for UK operators on 30/06/2016
  Isle of Man: Time runs out for tax avoiders on 29/06/2016
  QROPS: Brexit to fuel demand for overseas pension transfers on 29/06/2016
  Kyoto meeting a chance for nations to tighten screws on tax avoidance on 29/06/2016
  Asian markets in positive territory on 29/06/2016
  IMF urges Ireland to rebalance tax mix on 29/06/2016
  Countries gear up for key BEPS meeting on 28/06/2016
  New Zealand poised to toughen rules for offshore trusts on 27/06/2016
  EU Panama Papers inquiry to call top officials to testify on 27/06/2016
  Argentina: Assets agreement with US not quite ‘reciprocal’ on 27/06/2016
  Malta could be UK’s gateway to Europe – Muscat on 27/06/2016
  Britain's financial sector reels after Brexit bombshell on 24/06/2016
  Russia endorses agreement on double taxation avoidance with Singapore on 24/06/2016
  EC tackles Europe's splintered bank insolvency regimes on 23/06/2016
  Corbyn: Clamp down on Crown ‘tax havens’ on 23/06/2016
  Moscovici 'determined' to usher in common corporate tax base on 23/06/2016
  India approves double taxation avoidance agreement with Belgium on 23/06/2016
  US, Luxembourg agree to tax treaty changes to prevent double nontaxation on 23/06/2016
  Hong Kong joins BEPS project fight against multinational corporate tax avoidance on 22/06/2016
  US assets set to form larger part of Singapore Reits market on 22/06/2016
  EU struggles to close tax loopholes with new law on 22/06/2016
  China to maintain prudent monetary policy: Li on 22/06/2016
  Big investors hit out at EU over retail fund rules on 20/06/2016
  Jersey's financial services could suffer if Britain leaves EU on 20/06/2016
  OECD backs US international tax reform efforts on 20/06/2016
  Pain endures for hedge funds as more are shuttered than started on 20/06/2016
  Liberia to reduce investment uncertainty with new tax regulations on 17/06/2016
  Taxing issues: ESRI sets out likely impact of changes to Ireland’s corporate tax rate on 17/06/2016
  EU says new international bank rules may be too tough on 17/06/2016
  Swiss national council approves corporate tax reform on 16/06/2016
  Tax can be moral, says PwC head of tax on 16/06/2016
  EU push on tax avoidance threatened by Prague veto on 16/06/2016
  New Zealand should be net beneficiary of global clampdown on tax avoidance, Woodhouse says on 15/06/2016
  Netherlands and Switzerland clarify DTA fund treatment on 15/06/2016
  EU Parliament calls for crackdown on corporate tax avoidance on 15/06/2016
  UK To close property developer offshore tax loophole on 15/06/2016
  Switzerland amends rules on use of stolen data on 14/06/2016
  Ireland vulnerable to corporation tax changes in seeking FDI on 14/06/2016
  Singapore emerges as top Asian investor in Japan on 14/06/2016
  Australia takes small step along winding road to Sukuk equality on 14/06/2016
  ATO recruits executives for new 'tax avoidance taskforce' hunting tax cheats, multinationals on 13/06/2016
  Tax officials preview coming OECD guidance on profit splits, attribution of profits to Pes on 13/06/2016
  UK tax official sees no substitute for transfer pricing on 10/06/2016
  New tax rules may help Hong Kong close gap with Singapore as destination for company headquarters on 10/06/2016
  IMF praises St Kitts & Nevis’ comprehensive reform of CBI Programme on 10/06/2016
  US senators push for public CbC reporting requirement on 09/06/2016
  Beps would raise tax for the middle market business – RSM on 09/06/2016
  Taiwan: Legislators approve amendments to deal with firm tax evasion on 09/06/2016
  Malta: Muscat says technical experts should take decisions on citizenship schemes on 08/06/2016
  Bahamas Government ‘trying to do away’ with Limited Liability, claims opposition on 08/06/2016
  Turkmenistan, Hungary agree on avoidance of double taxation on 08/06/2016
  Buyers turn backs on EU fund sales plan on 07/06/2016
  Solvency II will increase reinsurance buying demand: Fitch on 07/06/2016
  Black money: Switzerland promises deeper cooperation, to send top official to India on 07/06/2016
  HMRC investigations into transfer pricing down 15% on 07/06/2016
  Progress stalls on Europe’s financial transaction tax on 06/06/2016
  HMRC claim it is winning the battle to crackdown on corporation tax on 06/06/2016
  BEPS: Mid-sized groups caught in fallout from tax clampdown on 06/06/2016
  Financial firms worried about FATCA and CRS compliance, study finds on 03/06/2016
  Demand falls for investor visas to UK on 03/06/2016
  Switzerland strengthens process to deal with illicitly acquired assets on 03/06/2016
  UAE signs two agreements on tax and investment with the Republic of Kosovo on 03/06/2016
  OECD seeks input on multilateral instrument on 02/06/2016
  Asian regulators ask banks to reveal Panama Papers' links on 02/06/2016
  European Commission tells Ireland to broaden tax base on 27/05/2016
  EU ministers fail to reach agreement on avoidance on 27/05/2016
  Malta's new alternative investment funds framework addresses one of the biggest issues in fund management on 26/05/2016
  MEPs call for stricter MNE tax avoidance rules on 26/05/2016
  Ireland delays EU corporate tax deal on 26/05/2016
  Singapore, Cambodia sign tax treaty on 25/05/2016
  Stung by loss of secrecy at home, Swiss banks run into trouble in Asia on 25/05/2016
  EU tax rules to be resisted by member states on 25/05/2016
  Luxembourg denies report it offers unwritten tax rulings on 25/05/2016
  EU, Panama to discuss offshore accounts on 25/05/2016
  Turks and Caicos to solicit public input on beneficial ownership information exchange on 24/05/2016
  Russia signs OECD agreement on Common Reporting Standard on 24/05/2016
  Liechtenstein releases consultation report on implementation of BEPS measures into tax law on 24/05/2016
  Don't equate Singapore tax treaty with Mauritius, FPIs tell Indian government on 23/05/2016
  Bell buoyant over Isle of Man's reputation on 23/05/2016
  Caribbean banks must adapt to survive de-risking, says industry consultant on 23/05/2016
  UK chancellor backs Cayman’s position on beneficial ownership on 20/05/2016
  US futures regulator plans to finalize three rules this year on 20/05/2016
  EU lays down the law on tax deals as Apple probe continues on 20/05/2016
  UAE tops region in global residence ranking index on 20/05/2016
  China plans to get tough on corporate tax evasion on 19/05/2016
  Ireland: Michael Noonan open to amending law to curtail vulture funds on 19/05/2016
  Cayman hasn’t committed to automatic sharing of ownership data on 17/05/2016
  Wheatley tells BBC: BVI won’t budge on Beneficial Ownership until all countries do on 17/05/2016
  Ireland hails Moody's upgrade as sign of confidence on 16/05/2016
  Prime minister casts doubt on whether United States can be part of ‘coalition of the committed’ against corruption on 13/05/2016
  Malta: Muscat pledges transparency on companies’ real owners on 13/05/2016
  India, Mauritius set to amend tax treaty on 11/05/2016
  Investor focus on solvency ratios could shape capital strategies on 11/05/2016
  US should be added to tax haven blacklist, says EU report on 11/05/2016
  UK has one of lowest corporation tax rates among major economies, research finds on 11/05/2016
  US companies are saving $100 billion a year by shifting profits overseas, report says on 11/05/2016
  US treasury drafts beneficial ownership legislation on 10/05/2016
  Parliament clears the way for Singapore to join global effort to combat tax evasion on 10/05/2016
  Overseas territories resist calls for concessions to end tax secrecy on 10/05/2016
  New global rules on firms' tax disclosure urged by economists on 09/05/2016
  Scandals deal blow to Panama's image as financial hub on 09/05/2016
  Panama Papers: US launches crackdown on international tax evasion on 06/05/2016
  Netherlands 'missed opportunity' on cross-border pensions on 06/05/2016
  US expats continue to give up passports, green cards on 06/05/2016
  EU transaction-tax plan on brink as Belgium inches toward exit on 05/05/2016
  Blacklist of tax havens coming within six months, says EU on 05/05/2016
  New Zealand legislates for tax system improvements on 05/05/2016
  US-based Caribbean bank under consideration on 05/05/2016
  Total Hong Kong tax revenue declines four per cent on 04/05/2016
  Multilateral tax convention effective in Singapore on 04/05/2016
  Accounting giant KPMG defends Isle of Man tax practices on 04/05/2016
  Cayman: Uncertainty remains over who will respond to companies requests on 04/05/2016
  Companies put US$221 billion into low-tax jurisdictions in 2015: UN on 04/05/2016
  Leading academic questions effectiveness of UK-style central registry on 04/05/2016
  Multinationals under fire for tax avoidance on 03/05/2016
  China financial regulator clamps down on shadow banking on 03/05/2016
  Panama Papers: Liberia defends its record as a tax haven on 03/05/2016
  ECB has not sought access to Panama Papers on 03/05/2016
  UK-Cayman beneficial ownership deal more secure than register on 03/05/2016
  Panama vows to share tax information with Colombia on 03/05/2016
  Dutch Parliament: “Remarkably many tax treaties for Dutch Caribbean countries” on 29/04/2016
  Hong Kong government sidesteps calls for action after revelations in Panama Papers on 28/04/2016
  UK accountancy watchdog issues final draft of guidance for auditors ahead of EU legislation on 28/04/2016
  OECD releases 40 comments to consultation on tax treaty entitlement for non-CIV funds on 28/04/2016
  US court dismisses FATCA challenges on 28/04/2016
  Tax crackdown comes with risk that shell firms will fall through the cracks on 27/04/2016
  Isle of Man: Chief Minister wary of G5 moves on 27/04/2016
  Cayman: Minister points to worrying trend at EU grilling on 27/04/2016
  CIP Saint Lucia responds to criticism on 27/04/2016
  Gramegna confirms Luxembourg corporate tax cut on 26/04/2016
  More nations and territories sign up to tax transparency scheme on 26/04/2016
  LuxLeaks trial shows peril of blowing whistle on tax dodgers on 26/04/2016
  Amendments made to Philippines, New Zealand tax treaty on 26/04/2016
  EU plan for tax transparency hits obstacle on 25/04/2016
  Gibraltar joins G5 initiative on Automatic Exchange of Beneficial Ownership Information on 25/04/2016
  Ireland listed alongside 'known money laundering havens' - US justice agency on 25/04/2016
  Seychelles says helping international probe into 1MDB on 25/04/2016
  China's about to start its biggest tax overhaul in two decades on 22/04/2016
  Switzerland consults on spontaneous exchange of tax information on 22/04/2016
  UN, IMF, World Bank, and OECD join forces in wake of Panama papers on 21/04/2016
  Switzerland issues drafts rules on exchange of tax information with foreign governments on 21/04/2016
  Mauritius issues draft CRS implementation guidance on 20/04/2016
  Bermuda adopts country-by-country reporting on 20/04/2016
  Panama Papers: US launches criminal inquiry into tax avoidance claims on 20/04/2016
  S&P: Bahamas will avoid ‘grey listing’ from Panama papers on 20/04/2016
  Panama vows to end use of bearer shares to improve transparency on 20/04/2016
  US urge CIP governments to issue citizenship only to bonafide applicants on 19/04/2016
  Panama’s president says vilification over tax haven issue is unfair on 19/04/2016
  Labuan IBFC: We abide by the rules on 19/04/2016
  Hedge Fund leverage faces new scrutiny by top US regulator on 19/04/2016
  Big insurers prefer fund management on 18/04/2016
  US Treasury readies new tax rules as G20 vows to fight evasion on 18/04/2016
  Fitch: Risks emerge from Chinese insurers' offshore investments on 18/04/2016
  Ireland: Revenue to close ICAV property fund loopholes, says Noonan on 18/04/2016
  Panama Papers sleuths expected in Cyprus on 15/04/2016
  Five EU nations agree tax crackdown in wake of Panama leak on 15/04/2016
  ESMA supports EU framework for lending by investment funds on 15/04/2016
  Ireland push for new regulation on special purpose vehicles in IFSC on 15/04/2016
  South Africa issues draft CbC regulations on 15/04/2016
  Swiss look to tackle multinational tax avoidance on 14/04/2016
  Abir backs Bermuda’s transparency efforts on 14/04/2016
  US court clears way for Argentina to re-enter capital markets on 14/04/2016
  France to urge G20 to push for new tax blacklist on 14/04/2016
  EU's country-by-country reporting proposals elicit mixed reactions on 14/04/2016
  HMRC raises extra £489m through SME crackdown on 13/04/2016
  UAE, UK sign double tax avoidance pact on 13/04/2016
  EU commission wants tax haven blacklist on 13/04/2016
  UAE: Shariah authority to supervise financial products on 13/04/2016
  Multinationals' holding companies in crosshairs of new rules on 13/04/2016
  BVI committed to international standards on tax and transparency on 13/04/2016
  Cameron introduces new tax transparency rules on 12/04/2016
  UAE, Jordan sign double taxation treaty on 12/04/2016
  India, Maldives sign pact to curb tax evasion on 12/04/2016
  Singapore: Offshore vehicles not to be used for illicit acts – MAS on 12/04/2016
  Cyprus: 86 people on ‘Lagarde List’ have been sent tax notices on 12/04/2016
  UK banks told to report on Panama papers links on 11/04/2016
  CARICOM concerned about tax haven brand caused by Panama Papers leak on 11/04/2016
  UK territories defended in Panama paper leak on 11/04/2016
  Dutch MPs want inquiry on Panama Papers, tax evasion on 11/04/2016
  Hong Kong overtaken by Singapore as third leading global financial centre on 08/04/2016
  EU threatens to put sanctions on Panama, other jurisdictions on 08/04/2016
  Swiss finance minister defends offshore business on 08/04/2016
  Panama leak “challenges the work and validity of international financial centres”, according to Bahamas’ Strachan on 07/04/2016
  OECD releases 28 comments to draft on tax treaty residence of pension funds on 07/04/2016
  Jersey leads on the capture and sharing of beneficial ownership information on 06/04/2016
  Fund industry to pay £54.4m for FCA budget on 06/04/2016
  New Zealand govt open-minded about tax law changes on 06/04/2016
  Cayman Ministry: Legislative changes concerning beneficial ownership and privacy coming on 06/04/2016
  Asia private-bank assets fall for first time since at least 2013 on 06/04/2016
  Solvency II tweaked to encourage infrastructure investment on 05/04/2016
  US moves to crack down on corporate inversions on 05/04/2016
  St Kitts PM: Citizenship By Investment the way to go for ailing Caribbean economies on 05/04/2016
  Apple’s tax affairs spark a transatlantic face-off on 05/04/2016
  OECD urges Panama to live up to tax transparency pledges on 05/04/2016
  QROPS flexible access ignored again by Osborne on 04/04/2016
  Europe insurer's buffers may give share buyback hints on 04/04/2016
  US tax executives believe tax reform's far away on 04/04/2016
  Banking challenges undermine many developing countries, says Bahamas ambassador on 01/04/2016
  ESMA publishes UCITS remuneration guidelines on 01/04/2016
  Antigua: Lower House removes requirement for CIP Board on 31/03/2016
  Dutch ports appeal against EU tax ruling on 31/03/2016
  US companies warn tax avoidance crackdown will hit earnings on 31/03/2016
  Fitch: Basel foreclosure proposal may push EU insolvency reform on 30/03/2016
  Indonesian Government cuts taxes on real estate investment trusts on 30/03/2016
  US investments in emerging markets show sudden spike on 30/03/2016
  Georgia to avoid double taxation with South Korea on 29/03/2016
  UK legislates for 2016 budget tax changes on 29/03/2016
  EU tax transparency plans won't work, say campaigners on 24/03/2016
  Swiss banks land in middle of money-laundering probe – again on 24/03/2016
  Countries dragging their feet over implementing BEPS: EY on 24/03/2016
  Bulgaria definitively removes Gibraltar from ‘tax haven’ list on 24/03/2016
  EU tax plans to make multinationals more transparent on 23/03/2016
  Prime Minister Harris: St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Unit is stronger and better after necessary reforms on 23/03/2016
  Isle of Man UK DTA loophole closed on 22/03/2016
  Monitor offshore investments, IMF tells Mauritius on 22/03/2016
  Brussels to force big companies to disclose more tax details on 22/03/2016
  OBR slashes HMRC Crown Dependencies target by £750m on 22/03/2016
  Australian government to scrap bitcoin 'double tax' on 21/03/2016
  Global tax enforcement puts Cayman in the crosshairs on 21/03/2016
  Initiatives underway to attract more funds to set up in Singapore on 21/03/2016
  Europe lawmakers grill multinationals on tax structures on 16/03/2016
  Brazil sets dates for amnesty window to offshore assets on 16/03/2016
  China plans Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link this year, Li says on 16/03/2016
  Shaikh Mohammed issues Dubai Govt Financial Regulation law on 16/03/2016
  Panama: OECD raises concerns over exchange of information on 15/03/2016
  Ten nations praised for tax transparency improvements on 15/03/2016
  China drafts rules for Tobin tax on currency transactions on 15/03/2016
  CIT reform, BEPS top concerns for US tax directors on 14/03/2016
  Solvency II: Insurers split over EU’s shared rules on 14/03/2016
  Hedge funds lose US$562 mln in renminbi bets on 14/03/2016
  Curacao: Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs foresees smooth exchange tax information with the US on 11/03/2016
  Solvency II costs 'outrageous' on 11/03/2016
  OECD tax director cautions against patent box tax incentives on 11/03/2016
  EU invites feedback on double tax resolution mechanisms on 11/03/2016
  Canadian probe into Isle of Man tax scheme on 10/03/2016
  European Council agrees its stance on the exchange of tax-related information on multinationals on 10/03/2016
  Cayman Islands firms agree to tax probe penalties on 10/03/2016
  Korea: Tax probe to get tougher following global treaty on 10/03/2016
  European insurers urge limits to EU BEPS response on 10/03/2016
  US and EU clash over tax practice clampdown on 09/03/2016
  Corporation tax: Cost of lowering Northern Ireland's rate 'may be lower than thought' on 09/03/2016
  Hedge Funds: New York legislators take aim at managers’ interest loophole on 09/03/2016
  Trusts face tougher listing requirements on 08/03/2016
  New Zealand continuing tax reform push on 08/03/2016
  UK: Tax code needs simplification on 08/03/2016
  Global Sukuk market to remain resilient on 08/03/2016
  IMF questions Luxembourg tax reform on 07/03/2016
  Cayman Finance welcomes CIG/UK beneficial ownership meeting on 07/03/2016
  HMRC sees surge in returns after tax squeeze on UK HNWIs on 07/03/2016
  Thailand, US sign agreement to share tax information on 04/03/2016
  Hedge Funds leery of moves to limit US reinsurance tax break on 04/03/2016
  Singapore banking secrecy makes ripe target for IRS on 04/03/2016
  ICC welcomes inclusion of developing countries in BEPS plan on 03/03/2016
  US agrees to FATCA exception for Swiss accounts held by lawyers, notaries for clients on 03/03/2016
  Labuan IBFC compliments Singapore and Hong Kong IFCs, says pioneer on 03/03/2016
  Panama government says it is ‘committed to fight against money laundering’ on 02/03/2016
  Dublin-based insurer shifts domicile to Bermuda on 02/03/2016
  Bankers fear failure of global economic recovery on 02/03/2016
  Singapore invites feedback on changes to the Income Tax Act to implement CRS on 02/03/2016
  London seeks insurance-linked securities business on 02/03/2016
  EU's Vestager says not penalising US firms or US tax system on 01/03/2016
  G20 finance ministers endorse OECD plan to open BEPS project to all countries on 01/03/2016
  Tax information exchange legislation passes Australian Senate on 01/03/2016
  China talks up growth agenda at G20 amid lack of wider policy unity on 26/02/2016
  EU agrees with San Marino to end banking secrecy next year on 26/02/2016
  AIFMD “not that complicated” for US managers, claims Indos on 25/02/2016
  UK tops global table of damaging tax deals with developing countries on 24/02/2016
  Countries that accept BEPS minimum standards may participate in global tax effort, OECD says on 24/02/2016
  UK-EU deal preserves Britain's leeway on market regulations on 24/02/2016
  UK financial regulator monitors development of blockchain technology on 24/02/2016
  EU, Monaco initial new tax transparency agreement on 24/02/2016
  International tax reforms do not go far enough, says IMF’s Lagarde on 23/02/2016
  Gibraltar targets small corporates, non EU managers with new exchange on 23/02/2016
  India clarifies FATCA/CRS reporting regarding currencies, fixed deposits on 23/02/2016
  Australia cracks down on tax avoidance through foreign investment rules on 23/02/2016
  New Zealand Government seeks feedback on implementation of OECD, G20 bank secrecy initiatives on 22/02/2016
  US judge orders Argentina to reach deal with ‘Vulture Funds’ on 22/02/2016
  Dubai’s regulatory network a big plus for foreign banks, according to senior banker on 22/02/2016
  Update to US model tax convention on 19/02/2016
  Financial services productivity held back by over-regulation – ONS on 19/02/2016
  Practitioners reassured on future of the Bahamas financial services sector on 19/02/2016
  "Financial markets have yet to get to grips with Solvency II," says Deloitte's Vet on 19/02/2016
  IRS warns on use of tax shelters on 18/02/2016
  EU should have carried out an impact assessment of tax changes – claims Malta’s Scicluna on 18/02/2016
  ICAEW: UK Government not doing enough to simplify tax code on 17/02/2016
  Ireland ranks as least complex compliance market for business on 17/02/2016
  Dubai: DIFC regulator amends collective investment fund rules on 17/02/2016
  June deadline for Cayman EU funds passport on 16/02/2016
  Malta criticizes EU's 'incomplete' BEPS response on 16/02/2016
  EU and Andorra sign deal on automatic exchange of tax data on 16/02/2016
  Draghi says growth fears, not regulation, driving bank turmoil on 16/02/2016
  UK consultation on tax and domicile changes on 15/02/2016
  UK: Vickers warns over weaker bank safety buffers on 15/02/2016
  US Treasury's Lew challenges EU on corporate tax investigations on 12/02/2016
  BoE's Cunliffe does not expect UK to join EU banking union on 12/02/2016
  Schelling sees March reckoning for EU Push on Transaction Tax on 12/02/2016
  Beps averts collapse of global tax rules, conference told on 11/02/2016
  FCA under pressure to crack down on closet trackers on 11/02/2016
  US push to change international corporate tax rules hits more hurdles on 11/02/2016
  Italy’s tax crackdown deals another blow to Swiss banks on 10/02/2016
  HMRC agrees new DOTAS IHT hallmark 'too broad' on 10/02/2016
  Ireland: Profits up at IFSC as corporate tax take reaches five-year high on 10/02/2016
  Westminster and Brussels raise the heat on corporate tax avoidance on 10/02/2016
  Australian tax chief promises legal action to crack down on multinational tax avoidance on 10/02/2016
  ECCB governor highlights issue of correspondent banking relations with US government official on 09/02/2016
  EU to force multinationals to publish tax deals on 09/02/2016
  Tobin tax leads to contraction in transactions in Belgium on 09/02/2016
  Record number of US citizens, green-card holders cut ties with US in 2015 on 08/02/2016
  EU proposals will force multinationals to disclose tax arrangements on 08/02/2016
  UK fears that rules harm insurance competition on 08/02/2016
  BEPS project's toughest challenge on the horizon: ACCA on 05/02/2016
  European Commission explains anti-tax avoidance directive on 04/02/2016
  FCA issues handbook changes on UCITS V implementation on 04/02/2016
  US lawmakers slam ‘hostile’ EU tax climate on 03/02/2016
  Smaller EU countries should retain flexibility in tax policies - Alfred Sant on 03/02/2016
  Central bank governor says Belize is compliant with money laundering regulations on 03/02/2016
  DOJ confirms action to continue against US tax evasion on 03/02/2016
  New EU tax blacklist floated on 03/02/2016
  Scicluna insists Malta won’t budge from ‘red line’ over tax sovereignty on 02/02/2016
  UK regulators fine insurers 19 million pounds over failures on 02/02/2016
  Ucits fund merger rules could raise costs by 50 per cent, warns IA on 02/02/2016
  UCITS funds among European investors is an opportunity for offshore managers on 01/02/2016
  China tightens money market regulation on 01/02/2016
  EU tax proposals may hit Maltese financial industry on 29/01/2016
  Chinese regulators ask some funds to defer new products amid capital flight: sources on 29/01/2016
  EU ready to scrutinise UK Google tax deal in avoidance crackdown on 29/01/2016
  OECD deal on corporate tax avoidance signed by 31 nations on 28/01/2016
  UK Treasury committee to investigate BEPS on 28/01/2016
  Irish tax advantages may be banned under new EU rules on 26/01/2016
  Treasury Select Committee to review UK tax policy on 26/01/2016
  South Korea, Macau to sign tax information exchange agreement on 26/01/2016
  CIFA: Outlook 2016: more collaboration for a stronger financial sector on Curaçao on 26/01/2016
  Budget may ease rules for offshore fund managers moving to India on 25/01/2016
  Insurers told to take on more pension risk on 25/01/2016
  Hedge funds told to improve cyber defences on 25/01/2016
  Basel III forces hedge funds to reform PB partnerships on 22/01/2016
  EU to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance schemes on 22/01/2016
  EU plans faster investment tax refunds from 2017 – document on 21/01/2016
  IRS: Banks get more time to certify accounts under FATCA on 21/01/2016
  MEPs want companies tax dodges repaid into EU budget on 20/01/2016
  Islamic finance eyes standard for gold-based products on 20/01/2016
  EU further delays vetting of hedge fund rules outside the bloc on 20/01/2016
  EU Parliament: EU needs to stock take financial services regulation, says report on 20/01/2016
  US Treasury urged to act on EU tax ruling probes on 19/01/2016
  MONEYVAL publishes positive report on Guernsey’s high standards on 18/01/2016
  EU’s Vestager vows to press forward with corporate tax probe on 18/01/2016
  UK: Prudential to make first move on new capital rules on 18/01/2016
  US delay in country-by-country reporting rules incites backlash on 15/01/2016
  Commission shelves ESRB report until Solvency II review on 15/01/2016
  Survey: FATCA negatively affects Americans living overseas on 14/01/2016
  EU to propose binding multinational tax rules on 13/01/2016
  Sustained growth in alternative funds shows successful EU marketing by Jersey fund managers on 13/01/2016
  Belgium's $762 million tax loophole shut in EU payback order on 12/01/2016
  Solvency II won’t be a direct driver of ratings: Fitch on 12/01/2016
  Plans to revise or repeal Dodd Frank on 11/01/2016
  Emerging markets see weakest flows since financial crisis: IIF on 08/01/2016
  India gears up for changes in tax laws and treaties on 08/01/2016
  MPs to quiz FCA heads on ditching banks probe on 08/01/2016
  UK entrepreneurs set to liquidate companies over tax rule changes on 07/01/2016
  UK bankers say EU has helped London financial center thrive on 07/01/2016
  Solvency II rules set to spark M&A surge in insurance sector on 06/01/2016
  Cyprus: Tax regime on royalties from intellectual property to be revised on 06/01/2016
  Cayman Islands: Tax dodgers beware, warns Panton on 06/01/2016
  Swiss bank nears $547M settlement of US tax probe on 05/01/2016
  HMRC hails success of tax avoidance clampdown on UK banks on 05/01/2016
  US collects US$1bn in Swiss bank program penalties on 05/01/2016
  FCA scraps banking and insurance probes on 04/01/2016
  Isle of Man leading a cryptocurrency revolution on 04/01/2016
  US Justice Department announces three banks reach resolutions under Swiss bank program on 16/12/2015
  Ireland: Multinational moves could prompt major losses in tax on 16/12/2015
  Cayman: Central public register may be inevitable on 15/12/2015
  Insurers struggling to meet policyholder guarantees on 15/12/2015
  Hedge funds plan liquid alternatives launches on 15/12/2015
  US said to be sceptical of EU's asset-backed securities drive on 15/12/2015
  ATO to unveil large business hit list, clamps down on Singapore hubs on 14/12/2015
  Regulatory changes force investment banks into ‘capital light’ activities on 14/12/2015
  A question of liquidity as UAE banks ‘creak’ on 14/12/2015
  Japan to target sub-30 corporate tax rate on 14/12/2015
  US funds freeze sparks fears over corporate bond market on 14/12/2015
  Cayman: Panton to tax evaders - Go someplace else on 11/12/2015
  ATAF pushes for scrapping of double taxation on 11/12/2015
  HSBC Jersey clients quizzed by HMRC on 11/12/2015
  Isle of Man to be removed from Spain’s ‘tax haven blacklist’ on 11/12/2015
  Globalisation and regulation driving industry growth on 11/12/2015
  New Zealand lawmakers endorse key tax policy changes on 10/12/2015
  Parliament to approve Turkey-US deal on tax evasion on 10/12/2015
  EU financial transaction tax on life support on 09/12/2015
  EU Corporate taxation proposals: Malta 'breaks silence on reservations' on 09/12/2015
  EU approves tax compliance agreements with Liechtenstein and Switzerland on 09/12/2015
  Hong Kong government seeks HK$650m funding to set up Insurance Authority on 08/12/2015
  Finance chiefs get ready for new rules on 08/12/2015
  Australian government tax reform plan passed by Parliament on 08/12/2015
  Hedge Funds hurt by ECB decision on 08/12/2015
  Noonan explains Ireland's stance on CCCTB, code of conduct on 07/12/2015
  Islamic finance body AAOIFI to revamp standards, expand agenda on 07/12/2015
  Bank of England approves 19 insurers' solvency II models for capital ratios ahead of EU 2016 rules on 07/12/2015
  India receives financial info from US under FATCA: Finance Ministry on 04/12/2015
  Individuals shouldering more of the tax burden than companies, warns OECD on 04/12/2015
  European parliament endorses Liechtenstein tax deal on 04/12/2015
  Banks count the cost of compliance on 04/12/2015
  Luxembourg plots to steal London’s financial crown on 04/12/2015
  Switzerland: Senate vote lays groundwork to end banking secrecy on 03/12/2015
  BoE warns insurers on temptations of tapping reserves on 03/12/2015
  Congress scrutinizes OECD BEPS corporate tax changes on 02/12/2015
  Hedge fund economics tested by challenging regulatory climate on 02/12/2015
  UK government amends view on DTA residence articles on 02/12/2015
  EU committee to vote on plans to curb tax avoidance on 01/12/2015
  UK: HMRC to be given new powers to demand personal financial details from Bermuda on 01/12/2015
  Bank of England warns banks will need to hold extra capital on 01/12/2015
  US: New York to propose banking rules to prevent illicit financing: source on 01/12/2015
  UK government issues disclosure facility deadline reminder on 01/12/2015
  The battle for preferential tax agreements: Malta fighting for its fiscal independence on 30/11/2015
  Cayman Islands reject Cameron’s tax offensive on 30/11/2015
  QFBA launches competency framework for finance sector on 30/11/2015
  UK escalates beneficial ownership demands on 27/11/2015
  Bermuda wins Solvency II equivalence from EC on 27/11/2015
  Maltese MEPs vote against EU tax convergence report on 27/11/2015
  US to seek 'prudential' assurances from EU as part of reinsurance deal on 26/11/2015
  New Zealand minister outlines anti-BEPS plans on 26/11/2015
  Taiwan, Japan sign agreement on avoidance of double taxation on 26/11/2015
  Preferential multinational tax agreements under fire – European Parliament on 25/11/2015
  European banks sitting on €1tn mountain of bad debt, survey finds on 25/11/2015
  Ireland's higher CIT receipts point to economic resurgence on 25/11/2015
  St Kitts and Nevis suspends citizens and residents of Syria from CBI programme on 25/11/2015
  Dutch DTA with Japan questioned by EU Commission on 24/11/2015
  UK, US differ on approaches to implement BEPS on 24/11/2015
  Cayman Islands regulator under fire in bank liquidation saga on 24/11/2015
  The offshore financial industry shows resilience as demand stays robust on 24/11/2015
  Extra corporate tax collected from largest companies falls 13 per cent on 23/11/2015
  UK parliamentary group seeking views on BEPS project on 23/11/2015
  Insurers gird for solvency swings as rule launch looms on 20/11/2015
  Swiss council adopts dispatch on AEOI with Australia on 20/11/2015
  US justice department announces three banks reach resolutions under Swiss bank program on 20/11/2015
  US unveils rules to make corporate inversions more difficult on 20/11/2015
  St Lucia signs FATCA agreement with US Government on 20/11/2015
  Finance Malta wants faster innovation on 19/11/2015
  Crackdown on Caribbean IFCs a surprise boon for Hong Kong on 19/11/2015
  St Kitts and Nevis PM Harris calls for a regional approach to Citizenship Programmes on 19/11/2015
  US and Azerbaijan to sign an additional interagency agreement on FATCA on 18/11/2015
  Pension reform, not EU capital rules, will influence insurer HQs - BoE's Bailey on 18/11/2015
  HMRC investigations prompt use of Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility on 18/11/2015
  HMRC updates overseas pension scheme list on 17/11/2015
  G-20 backs crackdown on tax avoidance by multinational firms on 17/11/2015
  Regulators should not give in to banks’ lobbying, says Tyrie on 17/11/2015
  Switzerland & Luxembourg among DTA approvals sent for US Senate vote on 16/11/2015
  Irish ‘shadow banking’ worth €2,250bn at end of 2014 - study on 13/11/2015
  France backs country-by-country corporate tax reporting from 2016 on 13/11/2015
  Osborne wants London to be ‘global centre for fintech’ on 12/11/2015
  Brazil lower house passes amnesty for unreported offshore assets on 12/11/2015
  UK: Policymakers urged to repair regulatory damage and promote City on 11/11/2015
  The Netherlands should speed up tax reforms: IMF on 11/11/2015
  Gibraltar to implement regulations bringing the IGA with the UK into effect on 11/11/2015
  EU calls corporations to account for low-tax deals on 11/11/2015
  France wants financial transactions tax accord in Brussels on 10/11/2015
  Shippers call for EU to stop interfering with global regulations and to focus on the single market on 10/11/2015
  Big banks may face shortfall of €1.1tn under new rules on 09/11/2015
  G20 leaders to get final Beps measures in Turkey on 09/11/2015
  ‘Perfect’ storm puts Europe’s investment banks further behind US on 09/11/2015
  Beset by regulation, bankers fear more pain ahead on 06/11/2015
  Leading MP urges UK competition watchdog to review new bank tax on 06/11/2015
  HMRC failing taxpayers, MPs say on 06/11/2015
  Swiss seek to beef up client protection in financial services on 05/11/2015
  Maltese bank complains about heavy regulatory pressure on 05/11/2015
  Insurers poised for new convertible issues on 05/11/2015
  Armenia, US to start talks on new Double Tax Treaty on 04/11/2015
  UK insurers' solvency models must stay fit for purpose – BOE on 04/11/2015
  UK: HMRC slammed in report over wealthy tax avoiders on 04/11/2015
  Thirteen countries, including Panama, join OECDs global tax information-sharing compact on 03/11/2015
  US overtakes Caymans and Singapore as haven for assets of super-rich on 03/11/2015
  Qatar regulatory changes present risks and opportunities for CFOs, says ICAEW on 03/11/2015
  Dijsselbloem - Netherlands does not want to be seen as enabler of tax avoidance on 03/11/2015
  US administration pushes for Swiss DTA update ratification on 03/11/2015
  DTAA has never been misused by India or Mauritius: Jugnauth on 02/11/2015
  Portcullis Trust company 'ready to move on' from controversy on 02/11/2015
  Asia: Attracting regional headquarters 'needs more than tax incentives' on 02/11/2015
  Challenges for family offices in emerging markets on 23/10/2015
  Netherlands sets out response to BEPS reports on 23/10/2015
  Ireland: Finance Bill shows signs of scrutiny of corporate tax regime on 23/10/2015
  NYSE pleads for rules to make Hedge Funds reveal short positions on 23/10/2015
  Finance watchdogs need to end roller coaster rulemaking on 23/10/2015
  St Kitts & Nevis committed to support financial regulatory systems says PM Harris on 22/10/2015
  Tax reforms seen not enough to boost Hong Kong appeal as treasury hub on 22/10/2015
  Abu Dhabi's tax-free financial zone says open for business on 22/10/2015
  Excessive bank regulation weighs on growth - Malta finance minister on 22/10/2015
  Gibraltar proposes new legislation introducing Private Foundations and amending the Limited Liability Partnerships Act. on 21/10/2015
  New UK bank rules not watered down - Bank of England's Bailey on 21/10/2015
  EU executive clamps down on dubious corporate tax deals on 21/10/2015
  Cantillon: Taxing times ahead for multinationals on 20/10/2015
  IRS says offshore disclosures have netted US$8bn on 20/10/2015
  Caribbean likely to suffer collateral damage from tax crackdown on 19/10/2015
  Cyprus to implement common reporting standard January 2016 on 19/10/2015
  Australia amends tax transparency law on 19/10/2015
  EU tax: Brussels set for multinational crackdown on 16/10/2015
  UK Treasury extends accountability rules across finance sector on 16/10/2015
  IRS updates guidance on US-Canada DTA on 15/10/2015
  Algeria, US ink agreement to share tax information on 15/10/2015
  UK softens demands on senior bankers, widens scope of regulation on 15/10/2015
  Ireland plans 6.25 per cent patent-box tax as `Double Irish' ends on 14/10/2015
  European Commission updates info on EU tax blacklists on 14/10/2015
  Richards: Bermuda’s critics have double standards on 13/10/2015
  Cayman trust law must evolve to stem flight to Bermuda on 13/10/2015
  New City Initiative warns regulation is destroying competition on 13/10/2015
  Regulatory reforms to cushion financial soundness of GCC insurance sector on 12/10/2015
  China to actively promote tax implementation on 12/10/2015
  Germany wants monitoring of new regime to fight corporate tax avoidance on 09/10/2015
  US chases Swiss bank secrets to Singapore and Israel on 09/10/2015
  Concerns expressed in US over BEPS plan on 09/10/2015
  UK consults on non-dom tax reforms on 08/10/2015
  Quarter of businesses to miss BEPS deadline on 08/10/2015
  EU ministers agree measures to curb multinationals' tax avoidance on 07/10/2015
  Call for collective action amongst Caribbean IFCs at recent financial services workshop on 07/10/2015
  OECD tax boss Pascal Saint-Amans forecasts company tax rates will fall as multinational rorts are stamped out on 07/10/2015
  UK FCA introduces new rules to boost financial whistleblowing on 07/10/2015
  Ireland could collect more corporation tax under new plan on 06/10/2015
  IRS commences data swaps under FATCA on 06/10/2015
  Fitch: EU bank resolution paths diverge, coordination important on 06/10/2015
  UAE: National Sharia Authority to strengthen regulations on 06/10/2015
  Plans to overhaul global tax system to be published on 05/10/2015
  China: PBOC's Yi proposes punitive Tobin tax to deter Yuan speculators on 02/10/2015
  Guernsey funds regime providing key route into Europe for AIFs on 02/10/2015
  EU Corporate tax regime to face renewed scrutiny on 02/10/2015
  Attorney predicts ‘long fight’ after effort to block FATCA is rejected on 02/10/2015
  George Osborne’s non-doms tax plan excludes offshore trusts on 01/10/2015
  David Cameron says not enough is being done to tackle tax evasion in Overseas Territories on 01/10/2015
  Ambassador Newry protests Bahamas' tax haven status in DC on 01/10/2015
  China to champion revamp of global corporate tax rules on 30/09/2015
  US IRS and Mexican SAT begin sharing info on bank accounts on 30/09/2015
  IMF advocates regulation to protect banks from corporate failures on 30/09/2015
  EU weighs regulatory burden, unveils boost to capital markets on 30/09/2015
  OECD says Ireland to benefit post-BEPS on 29/09/2015
  EU may stop corporate tax regimes favouring debt over equity –officials on 29/09/2015
  Noyer cautions on uniform regulation of shadow banking on 29/09/2015
  Crunchtime for OECD global tax-avoidance push on 28/09/2015
  Global standard to require 30 biggest banks to hold enough reserves in a crisis on 28/09/2015
  UK banks push back against government ringfencing reforms on 28/09/2015
  Commodities traders brace for new European rules on 25/09/2015
  Ireland: Insurance brokers attack ‘unacceptable’ levies on 25/09/2015
  US signs tax pacts with UK and Australia on 25/09/2015
  ATO hands over bank details to US Internal Revenue Service under FATCA on 24/09/2015
  Mauritius appoints minister for financial services on 24/09/2015
  HMRC clarifies inheritance tax changes on 24/09/2015
  Corporate taxation system has reached its limits, say ministers and MEPs on 23/09/2015
  St Kitts & Nevis: Amory dismisses concerns about FACTA's impact on the offshore financial sector on 23/09/2015
  Hedge fund launches on slower pace in 2015: HFR data on 23/09/2015
  Powerful Hong Kong insurance watchdog running before end of 2015 on 22/09/2015
  FATCA: Georgia informs United States of its residents’ financial assets on 22/09/2015
  Singapore urges need for tax competition after BEPS on 22/09/2015
  New accounting rules to challenge banking industry - ECB's Nouy on 22/09/2015
  Brussels to push ahead with common tax rules on 21/09/2015
  Juncker criticises 'unjust' EU tax rules on 21/09/2015
  UK banks brace for tax showdown on 21/09/2015
  US Treasury to delay enforcing part of tax law that curbs offshore tax evasion on 21/09/2015
  European banks opposed to financial transactions tax on 18/09/2015
  Switzerland’s bank lobby decries regulation “overload” on 18/09/2015
  Jean-Claude Juncker denies link to Luxembourg tax deals on 18/09/2015
  Brooks Macdonald boss warns of Mifid II demands on 18/09/2015
  Canada: Court challenge of US FATCA tax dragnet fails on 17/09/2015
  EU proposes new trans-Atlantic court for trade disputes on 17/09/2015
  Council calls for tax and regulatory changes to boost Hong Kong’s status as a centre for booking financial transactions on 17/09/2015
  HMRC updates overseas pension scheme list on 16/09/2015
  Luxembourg Stock Exchange and ALFI publish a compendium of investment fund laws and regulations on 16/09/2015
  Concerns raised in St Kitts & Nevis parliament about FACTA on 16/09/2015
  Cayman: CIMA takes aim at corporate governance standards on 15/09/2015
  Hong Kong's 'accidental Americans' caught in US tax jam on 14/09/2015
  Guernsey extends market access to EU on 14/09/2015
  Philippines preparing draft bill vs bank secrecy on 14/09/2015
  OECD BEPS project on track for October on 11/09/2015
  US tax rules catch out UK investors, warns wealth manager on 11/09/2015
  Malta: Simplified accounting rules to come into force on 10/09/2015
  Cayman-US couple fight tax exchange decision on 10/09/2015
  EU watchdog flags new rules for handling failing insurers on 09/09/2015
  EU urges Italy to close tax loophole on 09/09/2015
  Hedge Funds in South Africa fight 'cowboy image' with new rules on 08/09/2015
  Regulators risk causing unnecessary pain to investment banks on 08/09/2015
  ESMA recommends extending AIFMD marketing passport outside Europe on 08/09/2015
  Transfer pricing remains thorny issue for international trade on 08/09/2015
  Big UK companies halve provisions for disputed tax bills on 07/09/2015
  Tough new capital rules put pressure on Europe's insurers on 04/09/2015
  Panama reviews AML, tax info exchange legislation on 04/09/2015
  Member states stonewall EP tax probe on 02/09/2015
  Latest Irish Central Bank move on banking oversight will help reduce risk on 02/09/2015
  HMRC reintroduces Australian fund to Rops list on 02/09/2015
  Gibraltar FSC signs a MoU with the BVI FSC on 02/09/2015
  St Kitts and Nevis signs US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on 02/09/2015
  Crunch time for insurers on capital rules on 01/09/2015
  Black money: Swiss banks ask Indians to use compliance window on 01/09/2015
  Asia hedge fund startups slow on 01/09/2015
  Bermuda government responds to DC tax haven list on 01/09/2015
  Tax hunt neutralises Swiss bank secrecy, US envoy says on 28/08/2015
  Irish Central Bank to tighten rules on special purpose vehicles on 28/08/2015
  Ensure compliance with FATCA requirements, says SEBI on 27/08/2015
  EU needs early capital market union push, insurance revamp -French adviser on 27/08/2015
  US rule to give investment advisers anti-money laundering duty on 26/08/2015
  EU experts to discuss BEPS and effective tax rates on 26/08/2015
  China and Taiwan sign tax, aviation deals after 18-month hiatus on 26/08/2015
  Ucits funds must not escape EU disclosure push – UK FSC panel on 26/08/2015
  Grant Thornton survey - business leaders renew appeal for clarity on 'acceptable' tax planning on 26/08/2015
  Financial secretary fears 'new round of financial crisis' amid Hong Kong market uncertainty on 24/08/2015
  UK sets sights on large-scale tax dodgers on 24/08/2015
  Tax free profits to non-domiciled investors to boost Cyprus investment appeal on 24/08/2015
  Luxembourg performs poorly in anti-money laundering index on 24/08/2015
  Switzerland: Innovation tax breaks “key to attracting companies” on 21/08/2015
  Cayman well placed for EU hedge fund passport – AIMA on 20/08/2015
  FATCA legislation to impact the South Africa financial services sector on 20/08/2015
  India approves pact with Seychelles to curb tax evasion, avoidance on 20/08/2015
  Identity Malta says 'tangible proof' now required for residency on 20/08/2015
  UK: Tyrie warns Osborne against new bank surcharge on 20/08/2015
  Appetite for Alternative UCITS shows no sign of abating on 19/08/2015
  Tax expert warns Liechtenstein disclosure facility replacement will be tougher on 19/08/2015
  EU lures asset-backed debt buyers with capital relief in revamp on 18/08/2015
  IFAs urged to act amid UK government concerns about regulatory costs on 17/08/2015
  FATCA: Few takers for black money window, says SIT chief MB Shah on 17/08/2015
  OECD clarification reinforces Guernsey’s fund domicile position on 14/08/2015
  Tax authorities urged to be more vigilant over the super-rich on 14/08/2015
  Britain's non dom crackdown could affect UAE expatriates on 13/08/2015
  Indian HNWI's may face UK’s inheritance tax bill on 13/08/2015
  PwC report list cyber risk, interest rate, tax burden as major challenges facing insurance on 13/08/2015
  Singapore firms seeking to expand in Latin America may face challenges on 12/08/2015
  Bank of England to look more closely at costs of financial regulation on 12/08/2015
  EU confirms its endorsement of Guernsey on 11/08/2015
  Spain removes Barbados from tax blacklist on 11/08/2015
  KPMG suggests framework for disclosing tax information on 11/08/2015
  Bahamas set to comply with international FATCA standards on 11/08/2015
  Argentina wins a battle in its ongoing struggle with hedge funds on 11/08/2015
  Revenues surge as global crackdown on tax evasion gathers pace on 10/08/2015
  Hong Kong investment fund industry hurt by high fees, poor disclosure on 10/08/2015
  Regulatory burden making UK less competitive on 10/08/2015
  FATCA takes effect September 30 for Jamaica on 07/08/2015
  Basel IV is the buzzword as Europe’s big banks brace for costs on 07/08/2015
  Maltese fiduciary companies under the spotlight on 07/08/2015
  UK treasury takes action to close Qrops loophole on 06/08/2015
  New chief executive of the Isle of Man financial regulator announced on 06/08/2015
  Barbados: FATCA reporting deadline is August 15 on 05/08/2015
  Seychelles FATCA reporting portal launched on 05/08/2015
  Treasury admits currently pensioners can beat transfer ban on 05/08/2015
  More Asian hedge fund managers launch UCITS funds on 05/08/2015
  Slovakia signs FACTA agreement on 04/08/2015
  Industry bodies criticise ESMA passport delay on 04/08/2015
  Business execs divided on US tax reform prospects on 04/08/2015
  UK financial groups face watchdog antitrust investigation on 03/08/2015
  Cayman introduces opt-in AIFMD regime on 03/08/2015
  Firms see overseas pension referrals jump due to concerns on 31/07/2015
  US treasury offers IGA countries more favourable FATCA reporting on 31/07/2015
  FATCA: Barbados revenue authority faces tough IRS test on 31/07/2015
  ESMA recommends AIFMD passport expansion to Guernsey, Jersey and Switzerland, but not US on 31/07/2015
  Tighter regulation slows growth of China's shadow banking: Moody's on 30/07/2015
  Overseas Territories leaders prepare for UK meeting on 30/07/2015
  Indian cabinet nod to foreign investment in AIFs on 30/07/2015
  Luxembourg further extends FATCA reporting deadline on 30/07/2015
  MEPs urge tougher stand on corporation tax on 30/07/2015
  Italy confirms FATCA data instructions on 29/07/2015
  Barbados: Public consultation on FATCA Thursday on 29/07/2015
  'Unprecedented' regulatory burden for UK's fund giants on 29/07/2015
  Swiss corporate tax reform – patent boxes no panacea claim economists on 29/07/2015
  Crown Dependency tax disclosure facilities yield 'surprisingly low' returns for HMRC on 28/07/2015
  Russian corporates prepare foreign debt blitz on 27/07/2015
  US govt faces FATCA lawsuit on 27/07/2015
  Dearth of compliance expertise complicates Singapore's fight against unlawful money on 27/07/2015
  New Zealand Govt considering land tax on foreign buyers or stamp duty on 27/07/2015
  Malta is building a solid reputation as a global maritime hub on 27/07/2015
  Switzerland, Germany agree deal on cross-border banking on 24/07/2015
  UK: Dispute breaks out over non-dom double taxation on 24/07/2015
  FATCA takes effect next month in Jamaica on 24/07/2015
  HMRC claims victory against £29 million tax avoidance scheme on 24/07/2015
  UK consults to provide insurance Tier 1 tax clarity on 23/07/2015
  Turkey-US sign deal to share financial data of foreign account holders on 23/07/2015
  George Osborne: we will not backtrack on ring fence rules on 23/07/2015
  New Zealand: Offshore buyer rules 'rushed and confused' on 23/07/2015
  Financial regulation relief bill passes through appropriations panel on 23/07/2015
  US and Philippines sign anti-tax evasion pact on 22/07/2015
  Solvency-II in insurance may take longer to be implemented in India on 22/07/2015
  Only 15 per cent of US Hedge Fund managers are now AIFMD compliant on 22/07/2015
  Hong Kong gazettes private equity fund tax break on 21/07/2015
  US Fed adopts final capital buffer rule for banks on 21/07/2015
  India consults experts on allowing foreigners to directly invest in venture capital and PE funds on 21/07/2015
  US tax evasion crackdown widens net to Singapore on 20/07/2015
  Bermuda: New legislation to meet European standards for AIFMs on 20/07/2015
  NCI warns Mifid II could force out boutique asset managers on 20/07/2015
  UK to introduce tougher regime on tax evasion on 20/07/2015
  Clinton pledges to close carried interest tax loophole on 16/07/2015
  UK: Private equity managers to fork out £1.8bn more in tax as loophole is tightened on 16/07/2015
  US needs to finish financial reforms: IMF on 15/07/2015
  Cost of regulation has doubled since 2009, Irish Central Bank says on 15/07/2015
  Regulation-Imposed GSR sees Significant Investment: Accenture Report on 14/07/2015
  Swiss banks agree US tax evasion deal with Justice Department on 10/07/2015
  Italy ratifies FATCA agreement with US on 10/07/2015
  UK Budget 2015: new bank tax is flawed, warns IFS on 10/07/2015
  ATO warns multinationals over use of Singapore, Swiss and other offshore hubs on 08/07/2015
  India to sign US tax compliance law FATCA on 08/07/2015
  Qrops crackdown sees offshore pension options dwindle for expats on 08/07/2015
  Caribbean leaders: Withdraw EU blacklisting on 08/07/2015
  Samoa and New Zealand sign double tax agreement on 08/07/2015
  OECD backs Guernsey as a cooperative jurisdiction on 07/07/2015
  Fears mount HMRC will cull Canadian Qrops next on 07/07/2015
  St Kitts & Nevis: Opposition disappointed banking Act was not debated in parliament on 07/07/2015
  Ukraine to remove Austria from list of risky countries for transfer pricing on 07/07/2015
  UK: Institute of Directors urges Osborne to reform tax system on 06/07/2015
  BVI issues FATCA self-certification form templates on 03/07/2015
  China securities regulator sees favourable tax outcome for mutual fund scheme on 03/07/2015
  Belgium adopts law against 'vulture funds' on 02/07/2015
  Global regulators propose tighter credit risk rules for banks on 02/07/2015
  Taxpayers still facing big challenges one year after FATCA goes into effect on 02/07/2015
  HMRC cuts thousands of overseas schemes from recognised QROPS list on 02/07/2015
  Fund managers unsure about AIFMD data on 01/07/2015
  Latvia follows Poland, de-blacklists Bermuda on 01/07/2015
  QROPS: HMRC deems Australian superfunds non-compliant on 30/06/2015
  Dubai: Shrinking western banks prompt DIFC to shift east on 30/06/2015
  Bermuda: Richards meets EU to address tax ‘blacklist’ on 30/06/2015
  Barbados: BIBA official - See blacklist as an opportunity on 30/06/2015
  UK’s slimmer banks slip down global league table on 30/06/2015
  Barbados is a ‘fine jurisdiction’ for financial services: McClean on 29/06/2015
  Swiss banks looking to expand after purge on 29/06/2015
  UK banks want government to cut regulatory costs, survey finds on 29/06/2015
  HMRC gives penalty tax exemption to overseas scheme on 26/06/2015
  EU seeks to explain reasons behind black list on 26/06/2015
  Hedge Funds targeted by senate’s Wyden in reinsurance tax bill on 26/06/2015
  OECD fears alternative assets 'bubble' as investors chase yield on 25/06/2015
  Shadow lending crackdown looms over China’s stock market on 25/06/2015
  Dominica's PM condemns Caribbean's EU tax blacklisting on 25/06/2015
  Antigua – Antigua wants EU to apologize for naming it a tax haven on 25/06/2015
  Grenada, St Vincent reject tax haven label on 24/06/2015
  EU aims for tax ruling transparency this year on 24/06/2015
  St Kitts and Nevis PM promises to reform citizenship by investment programme on 24/06/2015
  Hong Kong chides EU for new tax blacklist on 23/06/2015
  Citizenship: Regional collaboration urged to protect existing CBIs on 22/06/2015
  US, UAE in new tax compliance agreement on 22/06/2015
  Crackdown on multinational tax avoidance likely to be thwarted, says expert on 22/06/2015
  Ireland: First meeting for new IFSC clearing house group on 22/06/2015
  Hong Kong enhances tax appeal mechanism on 19/06/2015
  Asset manager calls for greater regulation on 19/06/2015
  FCA asks for examples of regulation stifling innovation on 19/06/2015
  EU regulation on data protection may reduce cost of compliance on 19/06/2015
  Bahamas ‘unfairly dumped on’ with EU blacklisting on 19/06/2015
  Cayman on new EU blacklist on 18/06/2015
  ‘Surprise’ at Guernsey inclusion on EU ‘non-cooperative’ blacklist on 18/06/2015
  IRS warns of impending FBAR and FATCA deadlines on 18/06/2015
  Bahamas: Financial Industry fears FATCA start with no legislation on 17/06/2015
  Brussels to announce measures against corporations' ‘sweetheart’ tax deals on 17/06/2015
  ASEAN's RCEP trade negotiations stall on 17/06/2015
  Providers scramble to comply with Qrops clampdown on 17/06/2015
  US companies regain their appetite for tax inversion deals on 16/06/2015
  Ireland issues tax amnesty reminder on 16/06/2015
  Cantillon: Big names begin to shift on tax avoidance on 16/06/2015
  Hedge funds cut treasury shorts amid rout as central banks buy on 16/06/2015
  Trusts hit back as EU rules threaten to throttle industry on 15/06/2015
  High cost, regulation pushing Europe's smaller hedge funds to platforms on 15/06/2015
  Mexican banks say US regulatory clampdown has damaged legitimate activity on 15/06/2015
  Divisions in US over OECD corporate tax proposals on 15/06/2015
  Value of Irish-domiciled funds jumps to nearly €2 trillion on 12/06/2015
  Draghi denies ECB gave sensitive information to hedge funds on 12/06/2015
  Paper analyses BEPS effect on US on 12/06/2015
  Abu Dhabi financial free zone 'no rival to us', says DIFC on 12/06/2015
  Swiss federal council adopts AEOI dispatch on 11/06/2015
  Low taxes in Singapore threaten Australian funds management exports on 11/06/2015
  China and Chile sign DTA on 11/06/2015
  Vatican aids US crackdown on tax evasion on 11/06/2015
  Hong Kong financial sector seeks exemption from new tax reporting rule on 10/06/2015
  Bermuda: Minister Richards examines global tax threats on 10/06/2015
  Bahamas: Financial services keeping up with international best practices claims Strachan on 10/06/2015
  Ireland: Central Bank warns on ability to monitor insurance sector on 10/06/2015
  New EU anti-money laundering rules to take effect from 26 June on 10/06/2015
  Swiss federal council approves corporate tax reforms on 09/06/2015
  G7 leaders move toward automatic exchange of tax information on 09/06/2015
  Fund advisers demand charges standard on 08/06/2015
  Swiss government wants banks’ extra care to avoid untaxed money on 08/06/2015
  Global tax issues to impact GCC businesses on 08/06/2015
  Transitional period for EU banks' capital requirements extended on 05/06/2015
  Australia signs up to automatic tax info exchange on 05/06/2015
  First Australian pension scheme falls off HMRC list on 04/06/2015
  UK banks fight back against EU bonus cap extension on 04/06/2015
  Harsh realities dawn on Switzerland’s private banks on 04/06/2015
  Ireland consults entrepreneurs on tax reform on 04/06/2015
  New Zealand to share multinational tax information in OECD on 04/06/2015
  BVI extends FATCA deadlines on 03/06/2015
  Belgium to blacklist Luxembourg on 03/06/2015
  Bulgaria parliament to adopt Bulgaria-USA agreement on FATCA on 03/06/2015
  Ireland explains tax ruling practices at EU hearing on 03/06/2015
  UK financial system needs urgent overhaul, says thinktank on 02/06/2015
  Luxembourg key to EU debate on multinational tax systems on 02/06/2015
  PwC highlights need for Australian tax reform on 02/06/2015
  Dominica: 2015 Banking act passed in parliament on 02/06/2015
  Vatican bank still needs more reform – financial regulator on 01/06/2015
  South Korean shadow banking sector estimated at 1,500 tln won on 01/06/2015
  Top US fund managers attack regulators on 01/06/2015
  Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link offers opportunities, and more volatility on 01/06/2015
  ECB fears 'abrupt reversal' for global assets on Fed tightening on 29/05/2015
  Hong Kong government sells second Islamic sukuk bond to raise US$1.1 billion on 29/05/2015
  Ireland: R&D tax credits and 12.5% tax rate red-line issues - Noonan on 29/05/2015
  European Commission requests 11 Member States to apply EU rules on Bank Recovery and Resolution on 29/05/2015
  Oman: Taxpayers set to face more scrutiny on 28/05/2015
  IRS loses appeal in offshore reinsurance tax case on 28/05/2015
  Picardo briefs EU committee on Gibraltar tax facts on 28/05/2015
  Ireland: MEPs to grill Michael Noonan on tax deals on 28/05/2015
  India to ink G20 pact to get more data on bank accounts on 27/05/2015
  Common tax base proposed for EU by Brussels on 27/05/2015
  UK corporation tax take from banks slumps despite profit rebound – study on 27/05/2015
  US model tax convention changes to tackle inversions on 26/05/2015
  EU clears rules for ‘beneficial ownership’ registers on 26/05/2015
  Armenian firms seek end to US treaty void on 22/05/2015
  Financial services sees rise in litigation on 22/05/2015
  AIFMD burden hurting European investment on 22/05/2015
  MEPs push for stronger tax probe, threaten court action on 22/05/2015
  France challenges proposed British exemption to EU banking reform on 22/05/2015
  Malaysia targets 5-6 per cent growth in new economic plan on 21/05/2015
  India to go for ‘face-to-face’ talks with low tax jurisdictions for fast recovery of black money on 21/05/2015
  Swiss banks in US criminal probe face longer wait -US ambassador on 21/05/2015
  UK ‘non-doms’ urged to step up offshore tax plans on 20/05/2015
  Speculation grows over which offshore jurisdictions will gain pan-EU passport on 20/05/2015
  India: New rules soon to tackle offshore tax deferral on 20/05/2015
  HMRC ramps up tax avoidance crackdown programme on 20/05/2015
  Tough issues raised by US split from UK, Canada over FATCA on 19/05/2015
  LuxLeaks: Grand Duchy puts limits on transparency on 19/05/2015
  Financial sector bosses warn of dangers in new regulations on 19/05/2015
  US, Korea agree to exchange financial account information on 19/05/2015
  Insurance industry poised to overcome regulatory challenges on 19/05/2015
  Middle East’s banks squeezed by compliance costs on 18/05/2015
  OECD says countries won't be able to game tax system on 18/05/2015
  Little has changed in banking, says UK whistleblower on 18/05/2015
  New tax checks to stretch Hong Kong bank compliance teams on 18/05/2015
  BEPS analyses possible without new disclosures: stakeholders on 18/05/2015
  New Irish tax refund scheme announced for start-ups on 15/05/2015
  IMF urges Luxembourg to diversify tax base on 15/05/2015
  European supervisors call for more coherent securitisation framework on 15/05/2015
  Bahamas releases proposed FATCA legislation & guidance notes for industry consultation on 15/05/2015
  OECD attacks 'aggressive' tech tax plans on 14/05/2015
  China considers pilot programme to securitise bad assets this year -bank regulator on 14/05/2015
  UAE: MoF holds 2015 consultative meeting on double taxation avoidance on 13/05/2015
  India: Black Money Bill disallows foreign tax credits for undisclosed accounts on 13/05/2015
  Swiss banking to flourish after tax crackdown, says HSBC executive on 13/05/2015
  OECD insists tax playing field will be level on 13/05/2015
  US Senate Banking bill proposes several changes for Fed on 12/05/2015
  EU watchdog plans first pensions stress tests by end-2015 on 12/05/2015
  AIFs at risk from asset segregation on 12/05/2015
  Insurance regulation gains traction in GCC on 11/05/2015
  Tories aim to raise extra £5bn a year in tax avoidance clampdown on 11/05/2015
  Returns on investment banking fall again as regulation tightens on 11/05/2015
  Hong Kong may lose role guiding Chinese firms overseas in 15 years on 11/05/2015
  Indonesia to gradually cut corporate tax rate to below 18% to rival Singapore on 11/05/2015
  Australia to crack down on alleged tax avoidance by 30 multinationals on 11/05/2015
  Record number to give up US citizenship on 08/05/2015
  Europe and US fail to agree on derivatives rules on 08/05/2015
  IRS expands use of legal tools against tax evaders on 08/05/2015
  BEPS to have enormous impact on offshore managers on 08/05/2015
  Dodd-Frank Rules could shave US$895 billion off economic growth over a decade, think tank says on 07/05/2015
  Yellen, Lagarde tout progress in financial regulation on 07/05/2015
  EU delays decisions on tax probes into multinationals on 06/05/2015
  PM Skerrit discusses 2015 Dominica budget and new banking act with private sector on 06/05/2015
  Irish tax take behind expectations in April but ahead of target in year-to-date on 06/05/2015
  Global regulators shift focus to risk and conduct on 05/05/2015
  Saudi finalises rules for foreign opening of equity markets on 05/05/2015
  India: MAT demand on foreign investors may total Rs 7,000 crore on 05/05/2015
  Australia to crack down on corporate tax shifting in budget on 01/05/2015
  St Kitts & Nevis beefing up Citizenship by Investment programme on 01/05/2015
  HMRC faces legal challenge over HSBC tax amnesty on 01/05/2015
  Hong Kong reaffirms anti-tax evasion commitment on 01/05/2015
  April 30th Cayman Islands FATCA notification deadline on 30/04/2015
  Guernsey QROPS locked out of flexible access on 30/04/2015
  EU financial chief says won’t go it alone on sovereign bond capital on 29/04/2015
  Anti-money laundering reforms win support from committees of MEPs on 29/04/2015
  Luxembourg and Belgium introduce further AIFMD reporting requirements on 29/04/2015
  Islamic finance body IFSB launches industry indicators on 28/04/2015
  Countries and companies square off over international tax on 28/04/2015
  US banks push for delay in reporting corporate bond trades on 27/04/2015
  Trade to boost financial sector connectivity with Asia on 27/04/2015
  Switzerland to amend tax treatment of PEs on 24/04/2015
  Panama acts to clean up reputation for money laundering on 24/04/2015
  US, UK funds approach India on MAT citing OECD on 24/04/2015
  UK: Accountant warns of disclosure facilities early closure on 23/04/2015
  Relief for FIIs, India allays fears on tax claims topping US$6.4 bn on 23/04/2015
  Insurers lead moves to include financial services in TTIP on 23/04/2015
  Luxembourg thrives after tax regime shake-up on 22/04/2015
  EIB must tighten rules on low tax jurisdictions, NGOs warn on 22/04/2015
  Cayman: Money laundering reports spike on 22/04/2015
  Cyprus: Parliament urged to speed up on attracting foreign investment on 22/04/2015
  Basel watchdog curbs bank capital discretion for supervisors on 22/04/2015
  HMRC toughens overseas pension warnings on 21/04/2015
  IMF: Support builds for crucial renminbi move on 21/04/2015
  Volcker urges UK-style regulatory reforms on 21/04/2015
  GCC banks help China break into Islamic Finance on 21/04/2015
  Britain's bank tax jump threatens to push banks to new home on 20/04/2015
  Parties form consensus on tax avoidance crackdown on 20/04/2015
  Bahamas to be ready to comply to FATCA on 17/04/2015
  South Africa guides on corporate residency on 17/04/2015
  China rows back on bank technology regulation on 17/04/2015
  China and Hong Kong may relax stock-connect rules on 16/04/2015
  Global financial stability risks shifting towards emerging markets: IMF on 16/04/2015
  US: Colorado tax law targets offshores on 16/04/2015
  IRS names microcaptives as top abusive tax scheme on 16/04/2015
  Malaysia poised to become major renminbi clearing centre on 15/04/2015
  Low-tax Luxembourg supports reforms on 14/04/2015
  UK: Benefits of Basel III regulation shown by recent adoption rates on 14/04/2015
  Hong Kong needs financial reform to weather future financial crises on 14/04/2015
  Obama seeks Japan tax treaty action, despite Paul opposition on 14/04/2015
  Asset managers under threat as regulation mounts on 14/04/2015
  UK: Labour to crack down on private equity managers on 13/04/2015
  Europe slow to adopt new accounting standard despite Greek crisis on 13/04/2015
  US & Philippines in talks over implementation of FATCA on 13/04/2015
  Uzbekistan, US sign agreement on FATCA on 10/04/2015
  Philippine banks comply with US law on offshore accounts on 10/04/2015
  Australia: Bill to update managed funds on 10/04/2015
  Georgia considers tax code amendments on 09/04/2015
  'Stay tuned' for more Swiss bank deals over tax evasion: US official on 09/04/2015
  UK Treasury urges Bank of England to advocate time stamps for forex trades on 08/04/2015
  UK: Miliband to scrap non-dom status on 08/04/2015
  Demand for chief risk officers rises in tandem with regulation on 07/04/2015
  BVI resists UK pressure for company register on 02/04/2015
  UK banks braced for regulatory onslaught on 02/04/2015
  Basel III requirements to strengthen Islamic banks’ liquidity management on 02/04/2015
  Greeks target Ireland with corporation tax move on 01/04/2015
  Europe urged to safeguard spirit of derivatives regulation on 01/04/2015
  Italy-Vatican near deal on financial information sharing on 01/04/2015
  BSI is first Swiss bank to settle under US tax program on 31/03/2015
  British Virgin Islands issues updated FATCA guidance notes on 31/03/2015
  EU plans 'revolution' on sweetheart tax deals on 31/03/2015
  Fed's Fischer floats shadow bank regulation framework on 31/03/2015
  Inconsistent handling of new accounts under FATCA pacts raises concern on 31/03/2015
  Offshore centers told to make central register on 30/03/2015
  EU MEPs discuss new corporate tax reform plans on 30/03/2015
  US treasury help sought in cross-border swaps dispute on 27/03/2015
  Ex-pat savers to be barred from pension freedoms on 27/03/2015
  MPs slam financial watchdog over insurance debacle on 27/03/2015
  UK joins international crackdown on digital tax avoiders on 26/03/2015
  Bermuda well placed to be cyber risk insurance centre on 26/03/2015
  Croatia, United States sign FATCA IGA on 25/03/2015
  Banking enclave of Andorra shaken by US accusations on 25/03/2015
  Seven Caribbean countries on US money laundering list for 2015 on 25/03/2015
  UK financial watchdog plans scrutiny of dark pools, bank culture on 25/03/2015
  Fitch says hedge funds pose systemic risk on 25/03/2015
  Barbados: In a “good position” to thrive as an IFC on 24/03/2015
  FCA increases funding by £35m for 2015/16 on 24/03/2015
  Treasury rejects regulation clamp on UK tax advisers on 20/03/2015
  EU Commission release corporate tax reform plan on 20/03/2015
  HSBC declines to comment on Manx accounts on 20/03/2015
  Client confidentiality will not disappear, assert Swiss banks on 20/03/2015
  High regulatory costs here to stay, senior figures warn on 20/03/2015
  UK Budget 2015: Plan to turn London into cat bond centre on 19/03/2015
  New Zealand seeks to further streamline tax compliance on 19/03/2015
  Belarus, USA sign agreement to improve international tax compliance on 19/03/2015
  EU proposes new legislation to reveal all on tax deals on 19/03/2015
  UK Budget 2015: 'Google Tax' introduction confirmed on 19/03/2015
  HSBC closing Britons' Jersey accounts amid ID checks on 18/03/2015
  Third of super funds 'vulnerable' to conflicts of interest: APRA on 18/03/2015
  House Republicans take aim at Dodd-Frank in budget plan on 18/03/2015
  NY moves to be a 'laboratory' of financial regulation on 18/03/2015
  Pitfalls addressed in Samoa Citizenship by Investment scheme on 16/03/2015
  Bankers to face new fitness test under FCA rules on 16/03/2015
  Italy moves closer to freeing ownership of cooperative banks on 13/03/2015
  China cuts red tape for securities listings ahead of IPO reform on 13/03/2015
  UK targets 'high risk' tax scheme promoters on 11/03/2015
  Anti-avoidance powers to hunt multinationals 'ineffective': ATO on 11/03/2015
  Barbados moving to close loopholes on tax evasion on 11/03/2015
  Dominica accedes to Caribbean Court of Justice on 10/03/2015
  Singapore to monitor shell companies used for tax avoidance on 10/03/2015
  Europe Central Bank inspectors investigating shadow lenders on 09/03/2015
  India to sign deal on tax evasions with US FATCA on 09/03/2015
  Capital controls in Cyprus to be lifted soon on 06/03/2015
  FATCA Compliance: Bahamas races toward the finish line with EY and Convey on 05/03/2015
  Number of ultra-rich swells to almost 173,000 on 05/03/2015
  Lamassoure: Tax competition could destroy EU on 05/03/2015
  UK wins in European Central Bank court challenge on 05/03/2015
  UK: Tyrie demands FCA settlements are scrutinised on 04/03/2015
  US Senate banking panel launches effort at Fed reform on 04/03/2015
  UK retreat from investment banking gathers pace on 04/03/2015
  Italy signs tax deal with Monaco, cuts bank secrecy on 03/03/2015
  Czech Republic steps up transfer pricing scrutiny on 03/03/2015
  Indian IFSC set up as a part of Special Economic Zone on 03/03/2015
  Tax-dodgers are 'not acceptable': Luxembourg Finance Minister on 02/03/2015
  CBI says money laundering rules hurt UK trade on 02/03/2015
  Malta Investment Registration Scheme attracts 1,469 applications with €455m in assets on 02/03/2015
  US pushing for Panama to approve money laundering regulations on 27/02/2015
  Hong Kong seeks to rival Singapore as corporate FX hub on 27/02/2015
  Malta: Casa calls for taxation to remain at EU member state level on 27/02/2015
  EU and US struggle to resolve derivatives clearing dispute on 26/02/2015
  Mauritius: Government to relentlessly fight fraud, corruption and financial crime, says PM on 26/02/2015
  HMRC authorized by France to share Swiss data on 26/02/2015
  EU regulator wary of fed capital rules on 25/02/2015
  Indonesia to crack down on corporate tax avoidance through transfer pricing on 25/02/2015
  US business groups add to calls for DTA approvals on 25/02/2015
  US, Dominican Republic start tax info exchange on 24/02/2015
  Obama to call for more regulation on financial brokers on 24/02/2015
  Turks & Caicos Government moving to strengthen financial regulation on 24/02/2015
  UK regulators narrow senior managers regime on 24/02/2015
  Looming bank rules haunt US insurers on 23/02/2015
  Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect to allow short-selling from March on 23/02/2015
  UK: Firms to face tax dodge crackdown on 23/02/2015
  OECD calls on Italy to rein in tax breaks on 23/02/2015
  Barbados financial services sector gets thumbs up on 20/02/2015
  Switzerland to enforce stricter capital rules on major banks on 20/02/2015
  Carney conducts 'listening tour' in Delaware on US tax reform on 20/02/2015
  Business divided over FCA banking review on 20/02/2015
  EU seeks to force firms pay tax where profits earned on 19/02/2015
  FCA to investigate investment and corporate banking on 19/02/2015
  Europe seeks automatic exchange of sensitive tax data between states on 19/02/2015
  UAE to conclude FATCA IGA this month on 18/02/2015
  EU seeks to relax securitisation rules on 18/02/2015
  Insurance CEOs say over-regulation top threat to growth on 18/02/2015
  Concern raised on offshore pension transfers post-April on 17/02/2015
  GFSC signs MoU with Luxembourg on 17/02/2015
  Shanghai-Hong Kong trading link struggles to connect with investors on 17/02/2015
  OECD updates G20 on BEPS progress on 17/02/2015
  UK banking security rules frustrate foreign investors on 16/02/2015
  European money laundering rules strengthened on 13/02/2015
  Corporation tax rates set to rise for British businesses as MEPs work to standardise on 13/02/2015
  India to boost trade ties with US, commits to adopt FATCA soon on 13/02/2015
  New rules on bank capital, swaps clearing set to clash on 13/02/2015
  Indian Budget 2015: GAAR may be deferred by two years on 12/02/2015
  MPs: FCA bank regulation is still 'weak' on 11/02/2015
  US accountants call for DTA approvals on 11/02/2015
  Record number gave up US citizenship or long-term residency in 2014 on 11/02/2015
  EU commission hopes global standard will end tax evasion on 10/02/2015
  Carney urges the G20 to implement banking reforms on 10/02/2015
  Regulation of shadow banking takes a dark turn on 10/02/2015
  Ed Miliband and George Osborne clash over tax haven laws on 09/02/2015
  Bulgaria approves USA's FATCA agreement on 09/02/2015
  South Africa: Regulatory change driving banking agenda – S&P on 09/02/2015
  Russian banks look to build Islamic Finance knowledge on 09/02/2015
  Bahrain looks for regional banking edge with central sharia board on 06/02/2015
  MPs demand state regulation of tax advice industry on 06/02/2015
  Jersey FATCA processes now live on 05/02/2015
  Islamic finance to attract greater share of world's financial services industry on 04/02/2015
  Bid for EU Parliament tax-deals probe faces legal hurdle on 04/02/2015
  New rules to align UAE insurers with European solvency requirements on 03/02/2015
  China shadow bank regulation shows results on 03/02/2015
  Obama proposes one-time 14% tax on overseas earnings on 02/02/2015
  Guernsey positions itself on the front foot to meet regulatory demands on 02/02/2015
  UK lawmakers backs EU financial reforms on 02/02/2015
  India's first international finance centre set to take off in Gujarat by April on 02/02/2015
  GCC nationals may face surprise US tax on 02/02/2015
  Firms prepare for new tax rules as China vows crackdown on 02/02/2015
  No amount too big to recover in EU tax probes, official says on 30/01/2015
  EU reforms to break up big banks at risk on 30/01/2015
  EU signs off on enhanced parent-subsidiary directive on 29/01/2015
  Eurozone makes fresh push for finance tax on 28/01/2015
  Gibraltar Finance sector set for ‘ground breaking’ regulatory shake-up on 28/01/2015
  Global tax transparency rising in 2015 as FATCA, OECD initiatives gain momentum on 28/01/2015
  London enjoys AIFMD passporting benefits in Europe on 27/01/2015
  UK: Taxman’s hard line against wealthy yields extra £137m on 26/01/2015
  Malta: Financial regulator carried out 19 compliance visits in 2013 on 26/01/2015
  ECB's Mersch calls for European capital markets union on 26/01/2015
  France, Austria seek EU FTT breakthrough on 26/01/2015
  Bank of England says insurers are ready for new capital rules on 23/01/2015
  South African advisers brace for regulation on 23/01/2015
  UK: FCA defends retrospective regulation claims on 23/01/2015
  Treasury secretary optimistic on business tax overhaul on 22/01/2015
  US funds differ on managing tax liability as capital gains surge on 22/01/2015
  Cayman Insurance amendments a welcome development for insurance industry on 21/01/2015
  Hong Kong puts talent before cash with visa scheme suspension on 20/01/2015
  IMF cuts global economic-growth outlook on 20/01/2015
  Richest Russians repatriate assets as Putin turns tax screw on 20/01/2015
  China expected to pursue larger role in US insurance market on 19/01/2015
  Obama to propose new taxes on richest Americans in State of the Union Address on 19/01/2015
  Overseas territories snub Cameron on tax register on 16/01/2015
  HMRC's enforcement activities 'increasingly efficient' on 16/01/2015
  Debate launched on global exchange of tax data on 15/01/2015
  US and UK regulators set out market objectives for 2015 on 15/01/2015
  US SEC approves rules requiring public reporting of swap trades on 15/01/2015
  Ireland: New regulation of derivatives comes into force on 15/01/2015
  Swiss financial centre reforms work in progress as banking secrecy collapses on 14/01/2015
  US House approves bill creating extra hurdles for new rules on 14/01/2015
  OECD Global Forum agrees to Luxembourg transparency review on 13/01/2015
  Cayman Finance supports CIG’s beneficial ownership stance on 13/01/2015
  IRS opens FATCA data exchange service on 13/01/2015
  Cayman Islands: Financial Institutions failing to register may face penalties on 12/01/2015
  Lew calls efforts to weaken Dodd-Frank part of ‘assault’ on Wall Street oversight on 12/01/2015
  UK parliamentary hearing held on BEPS response on 09/01/2015
  Switzerland domestic banks reject EU finance fusion on 09/01/2015
  Shenzhen studies Hong Kong tie-up as Shanghai link boosted on 08/01/2015
  CIMA launches online system on 08/01/2015
  Legal twist to Barbados info exchange on 08/01/2015
  Swiss citizens come clean on undeclared funds following probes on 08/01/2015
  AIFMs not ready for Annex IV reporting on 07/01/2015
  Chilean financial regulator to share tax data on 07/01/2015
  Hedge funds have a mixed year betting on stocks on 07/01/2015
  Dutch-German tax treaty pushed back to 2016 on 07/01/2015
  Public consultation rejects beneficial ownership registry on 06/01/2015
  India: Only 442 entities registered for FATCA so far on 06/01/2015
  Fears of brain drain at Bank of England's PRA as staff leave on 05/01/2015
  MetLife says US regulators declared it 'systemically' important on 19/12/2014
  Revised US financial regulation bill clarifies ‘Twin Peaks’ on 18/12/2014
  EU braced for legal battle with Ireland over sweetheart tax deals on 17/12/2014
  OECD tax proposals threaten Irish deals with multinationals on 16/12/2014
  Swiss Bank exits FATCA programme on 16/12/2014
  China to establish three more free trade zones on 16/12/2014
  Industry grapples with Mifid II changes on 15/12/2014
  IRS issues updated US expatriate tax guide on 15/12/2014
  New legislation can bolster Jersey Hedge Fund appeal on 12/12/2014
  EU delays decision on US securities clearing rules on 12/12/2014
  Basel drafts ABS quality standards to restore confidence on 12/12/2014
  UK territories unite against public company registry on 11/12/2014
  Malaysian awareness on FATCA remains low, says PwC on 11/12/2014
  Singapore amends tax information exchange administration on 11/12/2014
  Tax leaks ‘tsunami’ sees Luxembourg push for fiscal law on 11/12/2014
  UK regulation damages competitiveness on 10/12/2014
  Singapore signs information sharing agreement with US on 10/12/2014
  Bulgaria concludes US FATCA deal on 10/12/2014
  Abu Dhabi financial zone prepares to receive licence applications on 10/12/2014
  Luxembourg calls tax leaks a ‘targeted campaign’ on 09/12/2014
  Large banks face US tougher than global capital rule on 09/12/2014
  Profits shrink as banks face regulation, slow growth on 08/12/2014
  Isle of Man: Positive update on Financial Services sector tinged with caution on 05/12/2014
  EU’s Hill considers shelving bank structural reforms on 05/12/2014
  HMRC changes its stance on pension schemes and VAT following EU court ruling on 05/12/2014
  UK tax avoidance crackdown 'futile' claims former City Minister on 04/12/2014
  Dutch set to vote for Brussels’ changes to double taxation rules: NRC on 04/12/2014
  Chinese tax authorities to step up supervision of multinationals on 03/12/2014
  Germany recruits France and Italy for fresh assault on tax havens on 02/12/2014
  UK gambling tax regime rules overhauled on 02/12/2014
  Cross-border capital flows return to 2011 levels on 01/12/2014
  Preference for global equities over bonds ‘makes sense’ 2015 – JP Morgan on 01/12/2014
  Cayman and UK government work to implement shared vision on 28/11/2014
  Swiss private bank drops out of US tax deal on 27/11/2014
  UK regulator consults on changes for Solvency II firms on 27/11/2014
  Global regulators seek ways to avert rule disputes on 26/11/2014
  UK Tax crackdown: perfect storm brewing for undeclared offshore assets on 26/11/2014
  Brussels moving on ownership registries, says STEP on 26/11/2014
  Latest G20 summit holds no surprises for Cayman on 26/11/2014
  Putin signs ‘anti-offshore’ law on 26/11/2014
  Tax compliance burden easing for businesses globally on 25/11/2014
  Beijing to step up tax evasion campaign on 25/11/2014
  Dubai’s economic success model for China, Arab world according to experts on 25/11/2014
  Switzerland: Tougher operating environment calls for a new business model on 25/11/2014
  Juncker defends handling of Luxembourg tax regime while PM on 25/11/2014
  CFTC warns EU rules may force tighter US derivatives regulation on 21/11/2014
  China to loosen bank lending rules to cut financing costs on 21/11/2014
  George Osborne backs down over EU cap on bankers’ bonuses on 21/11/2014
  T&T to be FATCA compliant soon on 20/11/2014
  Bahamas to Undergo CFATF Review in 2015 on 19/11/2014
  PBC approves offshore yuan plan on 19/11/2014
  Russian tax law aims to coax businesses back home on 19/11/2014
  HMRC: Tax clampdown 'unacceptably slow' on 18/11/2014
  Barbados and US sign FATCA agreement on 18/11/2014
  OECD sees G20 measures topping two per cent global growth target on 17/11/2014
  G20 makes progress on tax, corruption on 14/11/2014
  UK agrees with Germany to limit patent box regime on 13/11/2014
  Beijing denies blocking G20 corporate transparency talks on 13/11/2014
  Saudi Arabia, US sign deal to enforce FATCA on 12/11/2014
  Regulators fine global banks US$3.4 billion in forex probe on 12/11/2014
  Asian fund passports threaten billions in eastern Ucits business on 11/11/2014
  Malta staunchly opposed to 'unnecessary' regulation of gaming industry – Herrera on 11/11/2014
  Automatic exchange of tax info, balanced growth on G20 agenda on 11/11/2014
  Financial Stability Board to propose stricter capital rules for global banks on 10/11/2014
  Cyprus: New Troika team arrives, €350m tranche by December on 10/11/2014
  FATCA cost concerns grow on 07/11/2014
  Luxembourg and Juncker under pressure over tax deals on 07/11/2014
  Malta involved in EU tax avoidance investigations on 07/11/2014
  Australia: ATO rejects multinational tax agreements on 07/11/2014
  EU financial rule production line may slow down in budget crunch on 07/11/2014
  ICC calls for policymakers to pre-empt BEPS double tax risks on 06/11/2014
  China moving to ease rules on foreign participation in financial services on 06/11/2014
  Call for global cooperation over money laundering rules on 05/11/2014
  CFTC commissioner calls for flexible regulation of digital currencies on 05/11/2014
  Switzerland's first tax info exchange pacts to take effect on 05/11/2014
  Singapore says will adopt OECD pact to tackle tax cheats by 2018 on 04/11/2014
  Deloitte survey shows how Channel Islands are dealing with FATCA on 04/11/2014
  France proposes compromise for transaction tax on 04/11/2014
  China hedge funds to blossom under new rules on 03/11/2014
  Sydney set to become yuan hub, clearing bank appointment eyed on 03/11/2014
  Cyprus banks in the process of implementing FATCA, says ACB Director General on 31/10/2014
  China market regulator says Shanghai-HK connect in 'final stage' on 31/10/2014
  Governments sign deal against tax evasion on 30/10/2014
  EU bid for financial transaction tax falters on revenue disagreement on 30/10/2014
  Gibraltar joins landmark tax transparency drive on 29/10/2014
  Bank of England set to impose higher leverage ratio on banks – sources on 29/10/2014
  Black money disclosures may prove costly for Indian banks on 28/10/2014
  US institutions sour on hedge fund fees, survey shows on 28/10/2014
  UK shell company law will be easy to sidestep, MPs warn on 27/10/2014
  39 per cent rise in renounced US citizenship on 27/10/2014
  Maltese banks pass European stress test on 27/10/2014
  Russian government approves bill to reign in offshore companies on 27/10/2014
  Hedge Funds expose Argentina to US$14 billion payment risk on 24/10/2014
  EU, Singapore agree free trade deal on 24/10/2014
  Global regulators agree new capital yardstick for insurers on 24/10/2014
  Swiss banks urge US to amend demands in tax amnesty deals on 24/10/2014
  Shell firms might have to disclose owners as EU tackles money laundering on 24/10/2014
  EU’s top banker warns of rule fixation ‘going beyond reason’ on 23/10/2014
  Czech MPs pave way for FATCA deal with US on 23/10/2014
  OECD gives cautious welcome to Knowledge Box tax scheme on 23/10/2014
  Bahamas commission targets repeal of financial provider act on 22/10/2014
  Beijing ready to launch SH-HK stock connect program on 22/10/2014
  Switzerland to fill Argentinian double tax treaty void on 22/10/2014
  Insurance industry seeks reprieve from form 1099 FATCA reporting on 22/10/2014
  New international standards for regulating trust company business on 21/10/2014
  Compliance biggest concern for law firms on 21/10/2014
  Global regulators to fast-track bank leverage rule on 21/10/2014
  MFSA tightens financial licensing rules and raises capital requirement on 21/10/2014
  Fatca seen as threat for some Hong Kong banks, opportunity for others on 20/10/2014
  Irish budget has reassured investors – Bruton on 20/10/2014
  EU deems private equity safer than hedge funds on 20/10/2014
  Commission’s tax drive unsettles multinationals on 17/10/2014
  Hedge funds face their worst year since 2011 on 17/10/2014
  ATO commissioner urges international collaboration on BEPS on 17/10/2014
  Austria given extra year to automatically exchange tax data on 16/10/2014
  Singapore jostles with Hong Kong for financial crown on 16/10/2014
  Barbados: Focus on international finance services on 16/10/2014
  Cayman: Assessment of money laundering risks launched on 16/10/2014
  EU agrees laws to end banking secrecy on 15/10/2014
  IMF told of tax reforms in San Marino on 15/10/2014
  Monaco deepens commitment to fight offshore tax avoidance and evasion on 14/10/2014
  Ireland: Budget to end ‘double Irish’ tax scheme on 14/10/2014
  Terms laid down for taming shadow bank risk on 14/10/2014
  Singapore issues business trust e-tax guide on 14/10/2014
  Investment funds will come under new regulatory focus – Carney on 13/10/2014
  Administrators out on top from AIFMD on 13/10/2014
  IMF launches consultations on Islamic finance on 13/10/2014
  Banks face Basel clampdown on risk-model variation on 10/10/2014
  After AIFMD’s ‘grief’ some look for opportunities on 10/10/2014
  Singapore restructures corporate regulatory fees on 10/10/2014
  Surveys confirm FATCA compliance burden on 09/10/2014
  Investors warn on crisis plan for derivatives on 09/10/2014
  Clients demand more from fund administrators on 09/10/2014
  US delegation to Luxembourg calls for repeal of FATCA on 08/10/2014
  UK to clamp down on hybrid mismatch arrangements on 08/10/2014
  Cayman conference calls for update to trust law on 08/10/2014
  Obama urges regulators to tailor standards for financial firms on 07/10/2014
  Banks under pressure on UK ringfencing plans on 07/10/2014
  Indian, Swiss tax authorities expected to meet over controversial 'HSBC list' on 07/10/2014
  Asian fund houses to take market share from Europe on 06/10/2014
  Bank reform threat to law firm prosperity on 06/10/2014
  Banks collaborate to tackle KYC conundrum on 06/10/2014
  Lighter regulations at DIFC attract three new funds on 06/10/2014
  Fatca to catch trust companies and trustees according to Faust on 03/10/2014
  Basel III disarray, according to Blackstone CEO on 02/10/2014
  IMF warning over shadow banking risks on 02/10/2014
  European Commission extends probe into Gibraltar's corporate tax regime on 02/10/2014
  Singapore still lags behind in sukuk market on 02/10/2014
  Banks curtail services as financial crime rules set in on 01/10/2014
  Macau commits to new OECD tax info standard on 01/10/2014
  Ireland under pressure over low corporate tax rates on 01/10/2014
  EU trade nominee open to dropping investor rights in US pact on 30/09/2014
  Philippines signs multilateral tax assistance convention on 30/09/2014
  Osborne plans crackdown on tech groups with new anti-avoidance rules on 30/09/2014
  IMF demanded hike in 12.5% tax in Ireland bailout talks on 29/09/2014
  Re-regulation will change the dynamics of liquidity management on 29/09/2014
  George Osborne to cut 55% pension 'death tax' on 29/09/2014
  Apple braced for explosive Brussels tax probe on 29/09/2014
  Shadow banking's benefits to China undeniable - central bank official on 26/09/2014
  OECD to support developing states to exchange tax info on 26/09/2014
  New strategy for IFSC to be ready in first quarter of 2015 on 26/09/2014
  Luxembourg hails RDR as ‘modest success’ on 26/09/2014
  Hedge Funds get jostled by inversions' jiggles on 26/09/2014
  Mark Carney: Bank of England will get tough on the insurance industry on 26/09/2014
  US financial industry launches platform to thwart cyber attacks on 25/09/2014
  Sydney losing battle to become a leading financial centre on 25/09/2014
  Esma chairman underscores funding concerns on 25/09/2014
  New UK regulatory team to track funds to protect investors on 25/09/2014
  HMRC consults over Qrops tax status on 25/09/2014
  Mauritius, India in talks to address tax treaty concerns: FSC on 25/09/2014
  Ireland reviews strategy on financial centre on 24/09/2014
  Financial Secretary John Tsang eyes law reform to attract capital to Hong Kong on 24/09/2014
  Brazil, US sign tax pact frozen by spy scandal on 24/09/2014
  Ireland launches structure for passporting loan origination funds within EU on 24/09/2014
  China voices support for inclusive finance on 24/09/2014
  US business shows continuing concern over BEPS on 24/09/2014
  New Zealand banks baulking at global FATCA style initiative to combat tax evasion on 23/09/2014
  Middle East HNWIs can strategically invest in regional family businesses says KPMG on 23/09/2014
  SEC finds deficiencies at hedge funds on 23/09/2014
  Goldman Sachs Sukuk seen as too risky for US imitators on 23/09/2014
  US private equity firms wake up to EU compliance risks on 22/09/2014
  Funding model proves thorny issue for auditing reform in Hong Kong on 22/09/2014
  Singapore public consultation launched on proposed regulations for US FATCA on 22/09/2014
  Hedge Funds drawn to Shanghai-Hong Kong link, Goldman Sachs says on 22/09/2014
  Global tax reform top of the agenda for G20 finance ministers this weekend on 19/09/2014
  Turkey to exchange tax information with US on 19/09/2014
  EU to urge G-20 action on handling large failing banks on 19/09/2014
  Ireland shakes up fund rules in bid to improve management on 19/09/2014
  IMF warns of risks from 'excessive' financial market bets on 18/09/2014
  FSB sees little evidence of reforms hitting finance on 18/09/2014
  Banks’ VAT bills set to soar after Europe court ruling on 18/09/2014
  UAE reviews progress on tax transparency on 17/09/2014
  British Virgin Islands suffers amid push against money laundering on 16/09/2014
  Tax crackdown leads foreign banks to dump American expats on 16/09/2014
  OECD takes aim at Irish tax loopholes in new report on 16/09/2014
  Anti-money laundering crackdown to shift onus to China banks on 15/09/2014
  Russia sanctions bring compliance headaches for private equity owners on 15/09/2014
  Packwood: Bermuda is ally, not tax haven on 15/09/2014
  Treasury is weighing action on hedge-fund tax ‘loophole’ on 12/09/2014
  Cayman consultants recommend merging CIMA with General Registry on 12/09/2014
  Two senators introduce new anti-inversion bill on 11/09/2014
  EU commission urged to drop 'backroom' TTIP deal on 11/09/2014
  New Latvia QROPS are a surprise package on 11/09/2014
  Tax rules prod some Americans to renounce citizenship on 11/09/2014
  EU bank tests may miss trillion dollar risk – study on 10/09/2014
  UK tax agent requirement waived for Gibraltar, IoM gaming firms on 10/09/2014
  US: CFTC eases hedge fund advertising ban on 10/09/2014
  New financing channels 'pose risk to Chinese banks' on 10/09/2014
  Luxembourg has turned the page on banking secrecy, says FinMin on 09/09/2014
  US: Inversions require congressional action, Lew says on 09/09/2014
  Financial services to buoy China-ASEAN trade ties on 09/09/2014
  Law firms scrutinised in anti-money laundering push on 08/09/2014
  UK FCA withdraws ‘high risk’ country list on 08/09/2014
  Central Europe banks need to improve transparency on 08/09/2014
  FATCA threatens Russia's financial system, official says on 05/09/2014
  EU tax-asset moves bolster banks while sustaining sovereign link on 04/09/2014
  South Africa: New regulation ‘will increase access to hedge funds’ on 04/09/2014
  Switzerland urged to tighten its money laundering laws on 03/09/2014
  Canada holds off on tax treaty-shopping plan amid worry over investment on 03/09/2014
  Bahamas Ex-Attorney General: 'We're up to' coping with automatic tax information on 02/09/2014
  St Lucia announces economic citizenship task force on 02/09/2014
  Basel III deposit challenge looms over Islamic banks on 02/09/2014
  EU benchmark licensing plan splits industry on 01/09/2014
  Asia-Pac banks sail through Basel III transition on 01/09/2014
  Big banks stall on global tax evasion crackdown on 01/09/2014
  Reinsurers look to Southeast Asia for growth opportunities on 01/09/2014
  Overhaul Hong Kong tax to fund pension scheme: expert on 01/09/2014
  US hikes fee to renounce citizenship by 422 per cent on 29/08/2014
  New Zealand welcomes changes to ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA on 29/08/2014
  China considers opening up stock market further on 28/08/2014
  Australia: FSC calls for financial services consolidation on 28/08/2014
  IMF’s Blanchard sees global economy too close to ‘dark corners’ on 28/08/2014
  Weaker corporate tax receipts worsen US budget picture on 28/08/2014
  EU gives up on TTIP for US reinsurance reform on 27/08/2014
  China fund defaults expose foreign partners to shadow banking risk on 27/08/2014
  Shenzhen exchange explores stock pipeline with Hong Kong on 27/08/2014
  Market watchdog warns on danger of cyber attack on 27/08/2014
  Russians, Chinese said to be keen to buy EU passports from Malta on 27/08/2014
  HMRC consults on strict liability tax penalties on 26/08/2014
  No request from Pakistan to retrieve 'US$200 billion' in Swiss banks, says Swiss envoy on 26/08/2014
  Banks push for delay to introduction of derivatives rules on 22/08/2014
  FCA acts on complaints over retrospective regulation on 22/08/2014
  Lew: business tax reform best way to address 'inversions' on 22/08/2014
  G20 are close to deal on 'bail in' cushion for banks on 22/08/2014
  KPMG says EU bank-structure reforms should be scrapped on 21/08/2014
  Canada: CRA will not assist IRS in collecting penalties against dual citizens subject to FATCA on 21/08/2014
  Banks, funds agree on wider window for FX fix on 21/08/2014
  Cayman included on FCA high-risk list on 21/08/2014
  UAE: Amended DIFC law to enhance regulation and attract investors on 20/08/2014
  China announces plans to boost insurance industry on 20/08/2014
  Argentinian TIEAs uncover undeclared income on 20/08/2014
  UK government looks to make offshore tax evasion a criminal offence on 19/08/2014
  Bermuda amends UK FATCA Intergovernmental Agreement on 19/08/2014
  US treasury officials prepare options to address inversions on 19/08/2014
  Saudi Arabia eases rules for major global firms on 19/08/2014
  European commission ban ‘will hurt investors’ on 18/08/2014
  Protests and debate as Mifid II draws closer on 18/08/2014
  Tough competition in reinsurance, says S&P on 18/08/2014
  US bank bonus curb hit by regulatory squabble on 15/08/2014
  Irish tax changes must be in tandem with other countries, says US chamber on 14/08/2014
  OECD: St. Kitts and Nevis largely compliant with international financial standards on 14/08/2014
  EU Commission to ease Solvency II charges in September proposal on 14/08/2014
  Expat tax changes to trigger rise in Qrops demand on 13/08/2014
  Clients could face jail over disclosure facilities on 13/08/2014
  SEC reportedly investigating mutual funds that look like hedge funds on 13/08/2014
  Canadians file suit to block FATCA and prohibit handover of US names to IRS on 12/08/2014
  CIOT concerned about double tax on non-dom loans on 12/08/2014
  FCA receives over 1,000 overseas assistance requests on 12/08/2014
  Tax inversion crackdown 'unlikely to derail deals' on 12/08/2014
  Regulation transforms UK wealth management business on 12/08/2014
  Switzerland amends key law on foreign requests on 11/08/2014
  Europe grapples with new derivatives reporting rules on 11/08/2014
  No influx of European wealth for Singapore on 11/08/2014
  US$343bn repayments raise red flags over China’s trust industry on 11/08/2014
  Central collection box proposed for FTT on 08/08/2014
  Wealthy foreigners to sue Canada over end of visa plan on 08/08/2014
  ECCU countries reach agreement with US on FATCA on 08/08/2014
  US alternative funds assets to double – research on 08/08/2014