New Report Highlights the Value IFCs Bring to the Global Economy on 06/06/2018
  Ministers ‘played no part’ in removal of threat to finance on 05/06/2018
  Lord Ahmad: No Imposition of Public Register on the Crown Dependencies on 04/06/2018
  New Euro Probe into Offshore Tax on 15/02/2018
  Jersey Court stops Italian princess taking millions from her sister...again on 19/01/2018
  Jersey Foundation figures continue to rise as indications point to ongoing appeal of structure for philanthropy on 16/01/2018
  Top tax transparency rating for Crown dependencies on 20/11/2017
  Study Released On Jersey Pension Industry's Impact Worldwide on 16/11/2017
  Jersey Taskforce to Assess AML/CTF Risks on 06/10/2017
  Jersey Budget Raises Taxes on Companies, HNWIs on 05/10/2017
  London ranked world’s top financial centre despite Brexit on 14/09/2017
  Misleading Claims about Multi-National Corporate Tax Avoidance on 31/08/2017
  Countries to Exchange Account Information in September on 30/08/2017
  Channel Island interests 'to be taken into account' during Brexit negotiations on 22/08/2017
  Jersey 'should have MP in Westminster' on 10/08/2017
  Brexit liaison MP makes his first visit to Island on 09/08/2017
  Isle of Man: Study discredits 'tax haven' label on 27/07/2017
  Former IMF Economist becomes Jersey Finance Chairman on 07/07/2017
  OECD Lists One Tax Haven, Tax Justice Network Says ‘Nonsense!’ on 03/07/2017
  BRUSSELS OUT David Davis will sidestep official EU divorce process with a series of one-on-one talks with member countries on 21/06/2017
  Jersey will be ‘fully represented’ in Brexit talks on 15/06/2017
  BEPS regime poses ‘collateral damage’ threat to AM industry – conference hears on 25/05/2017
  UK leader commits to adviser clampdown over tax avoidance on 22/05/2017
  SMP Partners buys Royal Bank of Canada offices in Caribbean on 16/05/2017
  Jerey,Guernsey and Isle of Man brings BEPS signatories to 49 on 24/10/2016
  Jersey’s reliance on finance highest of offshore centres on 07/10/2016
  Ex-minister linked to Panama Papers renounces World Bank job on 07/09/2016
  Jersey financial services sector steady over past year on 18/08/2016
  Jersey and Liechtenstein’s financial regulators sign MoU on 15/08/2016
  Jersey sees increase in European marketing as fund industry grows on 05/08/2016
  Jersey, Cyprus agree new Double Taxation Agreement on 15/07/2016
  Corbyn: Clamp down on Crown ‘tax havens’ on 23/06/2016
  Jersey's financial services could suffer if Britain leaves EU on 20/06/2016
  Isle of Man fears loss of trade links with EU in event of Brexit on 20/06/2016
  Jersey publishes text of new tax treaty with UAE on 19/05/2016
  Jersey signs MoU with Rwanda on 17/05/2016
  Leading academic questions effectiveness of UK-style central registry on 04/05/2016
  UAE inks deal with Jersey to avoid double taxation on 21/04/2016
  Jersey: Treasury Minister announces tax amnesty on 21/04/2016
  Cameron introduces new tax transparency rules on 12/04/2016
  Jersey leads on the capture and sharing of beneficial ownership information on 06/04/2016
  OBR slashes HMRC Crown Dependencies target by £750m on 22/03/2016
  Fund manager migration to Jersey highlighted as exciting trend at annual conference on 14/03/2016
  Jersey confident as offshore financial centre despite credit downgrade on 11/03/2016
  Business from Russia part of future for Channel Islands on 08/03/2016
  Guernsey & Jersey credit ratings downgraded on 17/02/2016
  Switzerland agrees AEOI with Guernsey, Isle of Man & Jersey on 22/01/2016
  Successful EU marketing by Jersey fund managers evidenced by sustained growth in AIFMD private placement statistics on 15/01/2016
  Sustained growth in alternative funds shows successful EU marketing by Jersey fund managers on 13/01/2016
  Italy’s ‘white listing’ of Channel Islands important step in attracting European business, says Ogier partner on 12/01/2016
  Crown Dependencies tax disclosure facility 'down 20 per cent' on 05/01/2016
  HSBC Jersey clients quizzed by HMRC on 11/12/2015
  UK government amends view on DTA residence articles on 02/12/2015
  UK government issues disclosure facility deadline reminder on 01/12/2015
  Brazil concludes TIEAs with the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey on 17/11/2015
  Jersey to introduce 'light touch' Bitcoin regulation on 30/10/2015
  Jersey: Alternative funds underpin stable second quarter finance industry performance on 28/08/2015
  Alternative funds growth for Jersey as private placement uptake breaks 200 barrier on 27/08/2015
  Jersey signs finance agreement with Switzerland on 25/08/2015
  Growing trend: Islamic finance goes offshore on 12/08/2015
  ESMA recommends AIFMD passport expansion to Guernsey, Jersey and Switzerland, but not US on 31/07/2015
  Crown Dependency tax disclosure facilities yield 'surprisingly low' returns for HMRC on 28/07/2015
  Report highlights Jersey as a conduit for FDI on 08/07/2015
  Jersey sees 10% rise in new company incorporations in 2014 on 05/06/2015
  Jersey fund assets hit 7-year high in 2014 on 30/04/2015
  Strong uptake in private placement as Jersey funds industry reaches seven year high on 24/02/2015
  Jersey signs Memorandum of Understanding with South Africa on 06/02/2015
  Jersey FATCA processes now live on 05/02/2015
  Jersey maintains leading position for high value corporate listings as global market capitalisation rises on 30/01/2015
  New legislation can bolster Jersey Hedge Fund appeal on 12/12/2014
  Deloitte survey shows how Channel Islands are dealing with FATCA on 04/11/2014
  Bailiwick of Jersey keen to be part of global renminbi family on 13/10/2014
  Switzerland to expand tax info sharing network on 22/08/2014
  Jersey Finance welcomes new chairman on 15/08/2014
  Jersey to oust abusive UK tax scheme promoters on 07/08/2014
  Surge in Jersey private placement registrations as AIFMD transitional period comes to an end on 29/07/2014
  Digital industry welcomes Jersey position on cryptocurrency business and the first regulated Bitcoin fund on 16/07/2014
  Jersey's finance sector makes £1.18bn in 2013 on 04/07/2014
  Jersey to take on Bali as best place for cryptocurrency on 25/06/2014
  Arguments against international finance centres are ‘flawed’, new study finds on 10/06/2014
  Slow start to UK hunt for ‘hidden millions’ on 19/05/2014
  Jersey eyes closer ties with UAE financial sector on 12/05/2014
  ESCA, Jersey Financial Services Commission sign MoU on 07/05/2014
  Minister proposes Jersey Aircraft Registry on 01/05/2014
  Channel Islands financial ombudsman 'may be in place by 2015' on 08/04/2014
  Jersey launches financial services policy framework on 04/04/2014
  IFCs set deadline to open up with automatic data exchange on 20/03/2014
  Jersey Finance welcomes 20th tax agreement with EU Member States on 18/03/2014
  Jersey sees growth in landmark RE and PE funds on 27/02/2014
  Jersey focuses on building financial services links with Africa and North America on 21/02/2014
  Jersey seeks powers to quiz former staff of firms under investigation on 21/02/2014
  Jersey FSC publishes feedback on miscellaneous amendments to Regulatory Legislation on 13/02/2014
  France clears Bermuda, Jersey on tax cooperation on 20/01/2014
  Paris wants to remove Bermuda and Jersey from tax haven list on 06/01/2014
  Seminar concludes outlook for Jersey funds sector remains positive on 10/12/2013
  Jersey FSC publishes implementation details for island’s ‘RDR’ on 09/12/2013
  New tax info exchange regulations in force in Jersey on 25/11/2013
  France's conditions for Jersey's blacklist removal on 07/11/2013
  Jersey minister confident in French blacklist removal on 05/11/2013
  Jersey amends trust legislation on 29/10/2013
  Jersey Finance welcomes IGA signing with the UK on 24/10/2013
  Jersey strategically well positioned to maximise opportunities in mainland China on 18/10/2013
  Jersey finance firms ‘should target opportunities in Africa’ on 09/10/2013
  Channel Islands abandon aircraft registry plans on 27/09/2013
  Jersey extends tax information exchange network with Swiss agreement on 19/09/2013
  OT leaders find common ground in Gibraltar on 13/09/2013
  David Cameron: Crown dependency tax haven banner 'not fair' on 11/09/2013
  France adds Bermuda, BVI and Jersey to tax blacklist on 30/08/2013
  Jersey finance strategy review ‘demonstrates reputation is crucial’ on 28/08/2013
  HMRC confirms six-month delay to tax information exchanges with Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on 16/08/2013
  Jersey’s position under threat from Hong Kong on 13/08/2013
  Jersey to submit to new regulations on EU Savings Tax on 09/08/2013
  Jersey Finance comments on automatic information exchange under the EU Savings Tax Directive on 07/08/2013
  Jersey courting Asian investors as fund domicile on 05/08/2013
  Security Interests (Jersey) Law 2012 to be brought into force on 01/08/2013
  OECD congratulates Jersey on its action on tax transparency on 30/07/2013
  Taxman ramps up search for international bank information on 22/07/2013
  Size of Jersey’s finance industry is not disproportionate when UK comparisons are made on 17/07/2013
  Further regulatory steps taken to meet AIFMD requirements welcomed by Jersey Finance on 16/07/2013
  Hong Kong, Jersey DTA in force on 11/07/2013
  Jersey launches new structure for captive insurance products on 05/07/2013
  Jersey brings billions of investment and thousands of jobs to the UK on 03/07/2013
  Channel Islands support Isle of Man’s tax views on 18/06/2013
  Jersey growth showcases expertise in funds sector on 17/06/2013
  Isle of Man and Jersey hit back at G8 pressure on 14/06/2013
  Positive first quarter of 2013 as Jersey’s finance industry shows growth across the board on 12/06/2013
  Crown dependencies to sign up to convention fighting tax evasion on 07/06/2013
  Four centres get ESMA's AIFMD seal of approval on 05/06/2013
  Cameron calls in tax havens ahead of G8 summit in June on 05/06/2013
  Jersey offers to share tax standards with EU and OECD on 23/05/2013
  Flight to quality plays to Jersey’s strengths as a centre for wealth management on 21/05/2013
  David Cameron warns overseas territories on tax on 20/05/2013
  Jersey considers ‘codifying’ key trust rule days after UK disallows it on 16/05/2013
  All British overseas territories now in tax information deals on 03/05/2013
  Channel Islands highlight cooperation in Washington on 02/05/2013
  Jersey finance 'needs to do more' to protect itself on 01/05/2013
  Long-term prospects look good for Jersey finance industry on 30/04/2013
  Jersey Foundations break through 200 milestone and reflect Jersey’s expertise as a centre for philanthropy on 25/04/2013
  Jersey and Luxembourg sign DTA on 18/04/2013
  Channel Islands and Isle of Man face raid on off-shore accounts on 22/03/2013
  States of Jersey agrees ‘FATCA style’ package of tax measures with UK on 21/03/2013
  Jersey financiers move closer to joining UK FATCA on 12/03/2013
  'UK FATCA' consultation under way in Jersey on 28/02/2013
  Tax expert urges Channel Islands not to follow Isle of Man on compliance deal on 22/02/2013
  Jersey signs TIEAs with Brazil and Latvia on 31/01/2013
  Jersey signs DTAs with Guernsey and Isle of Man on 28/01/2013
  Channel Islands collaboration taking shape on 21/01/2013
  Channel Islands to follow Isle of Man? on 17/12/2012
  Jersey FSC Planning Fines for Codes of Practice Breaches on 17/12/2012
  Jersey and Guernsey say tax regulation should be global on 11/12/2012
  Treasury insists on disclosure from islands on 30/11/2012
  Guernsey heads for vital talks on UK’s new line on tax on 27/11/2012
  UK tax plans could hit Crown Dependencies on 26/11/2012
  Greece asks UK chancellor for HSBC account holders in Jersey on 16/11/2012
  US in talks with dozens of nations on tax pacts on 09/11/2012
  Jersey: Finance plea for ‘flexible’ regulation on 26/10/2012
  Report on Jersey's foreign-owned, non-finance companies released on 25/10/2012
  Jersey and Singapore sign tax information agreement on 19/10/2012
  Jersey legislates to block 'Vulture Funds' on 08/10/2012
  Guernsey and Jersey announce new finance strategies on 08/10/2012
  Jersey finalises tax deals with all EU member states on 10/09/2012
  Jersey lawmakers to debate bank comp scheme changes on 22/08/2012
  Jersey scraps new law for non-resident QROPS on 30/07/2012
  Jersey enhances cooperation with Indian banking regulator on 23/07/2012
  Jersey a step closer to super yacht registration on 06/07/2012
  Jersey promises businesses tax certainty on 05/07/2012
  Jersey authorities see regulation as a potential advantage on 03/07/2012
  Jersey minister suggests splitting from UK over tax attacks on 28/06/2012
  Jersey finance industry defended after tax avoidance claims on 21/06/2012
  Jersey identifies growth opportunities in China and Gulf on 31/05/2012
  Jersey embraces flexibility in order to evolve with international funds landscape on 30/04/2012
  Jersey tops offshore finance centre poll on 28/03/2012
  Jersey to visit to UAE and Qatar to strengthen links on 16/03/2012
  Jersey to sign tax information exchange agreement with Italy on 14/03/2012
  Jersey’s DTA with Hong Kong Can Help Build Business with the Region on 27/02/2012
  Guernsey to force tax turnaround in Jersey? on 10/02/2012
  Jersey introduces new scheme to enhance its fund regime on 27/01/2012
  Crown dependencies hit back at Ed Miliband's call for offshore crackdown on 19/01/2012
  ‘Zero ten’ tax is approved by EU on 21/12/2011
  Further international agreements boost Jersey’s standing on 14/12/2011
  Tax pact paves way for more Indian firms to set up base in Jersey on 09/12/2011
  Jersey signs tax information exchange agreement signed with Japan on 05/12/2011
  Financial transaction tax decision welcomed in Channel Islands on 01/12/2011
  Jersey tax agreement with India signed – eight months late on 07/11/2011
  EU review 'will help the States', says tax expert on 01/11/2011
  Take FATCA seriously - and quickly – Jersey professionals told on 21/10/2011
  Jersey slams financial secrecy index as 'nonsensical' on 05/10/2011
  Jersey: EU thumbs up on zero-ten tax on 15/09/2011
  Jersey tempts the rich with revised tax policy on 27/07/2011
  Crown dependencies removed from US tax haven 'blacklist' on 19/07/2011
  EU tax policy: ‘Jersey will reach a fork in the road’ on 01/07/2011
  No Zero-10 support from Nick Clegg on 23/06/2011
  Jersey politicians debate changes to business tax on 19/05/2011
  Jersey Finance sees opportunities for growing number of wealthy Russians on 05/05/2011
  New EU limits ‘will bring in funds business’ on 04/05/2011
  Jersey aims to keep flexible funds regime as AIFMD approaches on 20/04/2011
  Islands rise to the worldwide economic challenge on 13/04/2011
  Jersey is top ranked global offshore financial centre on 23/03/2011
  London tops financial-center list on 22/03/2011
  Firms head for Channel Islands on 28/02/2011
  IoM and Jersey repeal anti-avoidance measures on 16/02/2011
  Zero 10 'harmful', says the EU on 09/02/2011
  UK cutbacks slowing down Jersey’s finance legislation on 01/02/2011
  Jersey and Canada sign tax treaty on 14/01/2011
  AIM research "a great vote of confidence" for the Island on 20/12/2010
  Wealthy residents in Jersey will have to pay more tax on 08/12/2010
  'Get major nations on our side': Cook on 18/11/2010
  AIFMD approval boosts fund industry in Cayman Islands, BVI and Jersey on 15/11/2010
  Offshore fund centres should ‘co-operate as well as compete’ on 09/11/2010
  Planned US legislation will be onerous for firms in Jersey on 03/11/2010
  This is not the end for tax havens on 28/09/2010
  End of year before EU decision on zero-10? on 20/09/2010
  Channel Islands can enhance their value through business growth in the Far East on 16/09/2010
  Guernsey climbs specialist finance centre rankings on 14/09/2010
  ECB chief: tougher rules for eurozone members on 10/09/2010
  Ireland and the multinationals on 03/09/2010
  Jersey offers enhanced marine services on 31/08/2010
  Tax changes could impact island’s financial status on 27/08/2010
  Revenue expects to collect €40m in offshore inquiries on 27/08/2010
  South Africa negotiates tax information exchange treaties on 05/08/2010
  European offshore banks see first net outflows for several years, survey shows on 04/08/2010
  London MP defends Isle of Man on 23/07/2010
  Offshore concerns dent private banks' allure - survey on 20/07/2010
  Greater tax transparency on 16/07/2010
  Jersey eyes big rise in income tax on 12/07/2010
  Jersey signs Portugal tax promise on 12/07/2010
  Forbes names Bermuda one of world's top 10 tax havens on 09/07/2010
  Bahamas to host OECD meeting on 06/07/2010
  EU FDI outflows down, inflows up on 25/06/2010
  Guernsey Finance welcomes tax consultation document on 23/06/2010
  Jersey tax review ahead of EU assessment on 22/06/2010
  Jersey wins Best International Finance Centre award on 18/06/2010
  Australia signs TIEA with offshore financial centres on 25/05/2010
  ‘Offshore’ critic gets banks and businesses seat in new UK coalition on 13/05/2010
  Greece receive €110bn aid package on 03/05/2010
  India, Hong Kong set to sign tax agreement on 30/04/2010
  Euro hedge funds eye move to Asia, Switzerland on 29/04/2010
  Euro Central Bank sceptical on bank tax proposals on 27/04/2010
  Greek PM warns investors off default bets on 26/04/2010
  Further debt downgrade imperils Greek economy on 23/04/2010
  IMF suggest a second bank tax on 22/04/2010
  G20 to meet over bank tax, China on 21/04/2010
  Greece: bailout or bust? on 21/04/2010
  Goldman Sachs decision will have international implications on 21/04/2010
  EU hedge funds regulation rattles SMEs on 19/04/2010
  Real estate no safe bet for investors on 19/04/2010
  Quotes from the Eurozone finance ministers' meeting on 16/04/2010
  Eurozone output better than expected for February on 15/04/2010
  India to exchange tax info with nine jurisdictions on 14/04/2010
  Jersey and Indonesia enter into new TIEA on 01/04/2010
  Jersey and Guernsey look to Asia on 31/03/2010
  New Zealand set to launch as international fund-management hub on 31/03/2010
  UK BUDGET 2010: UK to sign TIEA with Belize on 25/03/2010
  Code of conduct for banks to be discussed by OECD on 24/03/2010
  Banking jobs move from Jersey to Guernsey on 18/03/2010
  Bahamas among top five IFCs on 23/02/2010
  Jersey, Malta sign DTA on 26/01/2010
  OECD lauds TIEA success on 20/01/2010
  UK entrepeneurs opt for Isle of Man & Channel Islands on 14/12/2009
  Jersey man may be extradited over fraud charges on 05/11/2009
  Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man Review Tax Structures on 26/10/2009
  Jersey bailout bank faces probe on 22/09/2009
  Architect of offshore schemes extradited from Jersey on 18/09/2009
  Treasury report reveals UK may bail out tax havens on 14/09/2009
  New Zealand signs tax agreement with Jersey and Isle of Man on 31/07/2009
  New foundations law for Jersey on 20/07/2009
  Offshore real estate remains robust on 15/07/2009
  Irish Revenue to investigate offshore trusts on 08/07/2009
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