Hong Kong
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  Hong Kong officials urged to act on banks closing accounts in anti-fraud drive on 06/09/2016
  China approves Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link, scraps limits on 17/08/2016
  New Hong Kong, Russia tax treaty enters into force on 08/08/2016
  Hong Kong looks to further activity in Islamic finance on 02/08/2016
  Hong Kong asset management sees slight fall on 29/07/2016
  Hong Kong, Macau agree outline of new trade treaty on 19/07/2016
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  Singapore and Hong Kong sign up to corporate tax avoidance rules on 01/07/2016
  Hong Kong ready for DTA residency applications on 17/06/2016
  New tax rules may help Hong Kong close gap with Singapore as destination for company headquarters on 10/06/2016
  Hong Kong implements treasury center tax incentives on 07/06/2016
  Asian regulators ask banks to reveal Panama Papers' links on 02/06/2016
  Hong Kong government aims to further promote PE investments on 31/05/2016
  Tax breaks in Hong Kong's DTAs with Romania, Russia on 24/05/2016
  LegCo approves Hong Kong's budget tax changes on 17/05/2016
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  Offshore Yuan's widening discount raises PBOC intervention risks on 12/05/2016
  Total Hong Kong tax revenue declines four per cent on 04/05/2016
  Hong Kong government sidesteps calls for action after revelations in Panama Papers on 28/04/2016
  Latvia, Hong Kong conclude double taxation avoidance agreement on 14/04/2016
  Hong Kong overtaken by Singapore as third leading global financial centre on 08/04/2016
  Offshore yuan advances as mooted tax seen curbing bearish bets on 23/03/2016
  China plans Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link this year, Li says on 16/03/2016
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  Dubai fifth global hub for ultra-rich after London, New York, Singapore & Hong Kong on 04/03/2016
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  Russian agreement advances Hong Kong's DTA priorities on 21/01/2016
  Aviation leasing in Hong Kong needs tax changes: PwC on 20/01/2016
  Russia, Hong Kong sign avoidance of double taxation agreement on 19/01/2016
  Number of Hong Kong-registered firms nears 1.3m on 13/01/2016
  Hong Kong gazettes tax information exchange bill on 12/01/2016
  Hong Kong-Mainland cooperation committee proposes tax break on 16/12/2015
  Russian government approves draft double taxation agreement with Hong Kong on 10/12/2015
  Hong Kong urged to cut tax for asset management on 09/12/2015
  Hong Kong government seeks HK$650m funding to set up Insurance Authority on 08/12/2015
  Agreement for the avoidance of double taxation between Romania and Hong Kong on 23/11/2015
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  Hong Kong: Leung floats maritime body plan on 16/11/2015
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  HSBC shifts derivatives trading out of London to cut costs on 29/10/2015
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  New China ETF designed to profit from Hong Kong-Shanghai gap on 21/10/2015
  Hong Kong welcomes withdrawal from EU tax blacklist on 16/10/2015
  Hong Kong's super-rich are jumping onto the philanthropy bandwagon on 15/10/2015
  Hong Kong likely to be removed from European Commission tax blacklist on 01/10/2015
  Hong Kong seeks FTA and DTA with Australia; welcomes China FTA on 23/09/2015
  Powerful Hong Kong insurance watchdog running before end of 2015 on 22/09/2015
  Council calls for tax and regulatory changes to boost Hong Kong’s status as a centre for booking financial transactions on 17/09/2015
  Hong Kong's 'accidental Americans' caught in US tax jam on 14/09/2015
  Hong Kong securities watchdog probes brokers, hedge funds over China investment products on 10/09/2015
  Hong Kong to use tax and Rmb to lure treasurers on 03/09/2015
  Financial secretary fears 'new round of financial crisis' amid Hong Kong market uncertainty on 24/08/2015
  Hong Kong, Italy tax agreement in force on 19/08/2015
  Hong Kong investment fund industry hurt by high fees, poor disclosure on 10/08/2015
  Hong Kong gazettes private equity fund tax break on 21/07/2015
  Chinese equity deals surged through market chaos on 06/07/2015
  China securities regulator sees favourable tax outcome for mutual fund scheme on 03/07/2015
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  Switzerland faces competition from Asian IFCs on 22/06/2015
  Hong Kong enhances tax appeal mechanism on 19/06/2015
  Hong Kong financial sector seeks exemption from new tax reporting rule on 10/06/2015
  HSBC to weigh up UK and Hong Kong regulatory regimes on 09/06/2015
  Asian sukuk issues gain favour with Middle Eastern buyers on 02/06/2015
  Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock link offers opportunities, and more volatility on 01/06/2015
  Hong Kong government sells second Islamic sukuk bond to raise US$1.1 billion on 29/05/2015
  New hedging tools needed for Shanghai-Hong Kong stock link on 20/05/2015
  New tax checks to stretch Hong Kong bank compliance teams on 18/05/2015
  China hedge funds lift Stock Connect after Ucits caution on 15/05/2015
  Hong Kong may lose role guiding Chinese firms overseas in 15 years on 11/05/2015
  Hong Kong filing deadline approaching on 07/05/2015
  Hong Kong tax revenue hits record HK$301.9 billion on 05/05/2015
  Hong Kong reaffirms anti-tax evasion commitment on 01/05/2015
  HSBC must weigh up UK and Hong Kong regulatory regimes on 29/04/2015
  Hong Kong gazettes budget tax relief bills on 21/04/2015
  China and Hong Kong may relax stock-connect rules on 16/04/2015
  Hong Kong needs financial reform to weather future financial crises on 14/04/2015
  Tax treaty changes boost HK-Shanghai stock trading on 10/04/2015
  Hong Kong tax breaks to support financial center on 02/04/2015
  2014 Asian fund assets up 21 per cent in landmark year on 24/03/2015
  Hong Kong gazettes offshore private equity tax exemption on 23/03/2015
  Hong Kong seeks to rival Singapore as corporate FX hub on 27/02/2015
  Hong Kong and Singapore plot divergent fiscal paths on 25/02/2015
  Shanghai-Hong Kong stock connect to allow short-selling from March on 23/02/2015
  Shanghai-Hong Kong trading link struggles to connect with investors on 17/02/2015
  Hong Kong bourse sees Shanghai trading link quota filled by end-Q1 on 06/02/2015
  Offshore yuan bond issuance in Hong Kong shrinking for first time on 05/02/2015
  Accountant KPMG calls for tax breaks for companies setting up headquarters in Hong Kong on 27/01/2015
  Job growth in Hong Kong financial services sector to rise 15 per cent on 26/01/2015
  Irish funds advance engagement with China's fund management industry on 23/01/2015
  China, Hong Kong stocks extend gains on policy optimism on 23/01/2015
  Luxembourg fund body hopeful on Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect talks on 21/01/2015
  Hong Kong puts talent before cash with visa scheme suspension on 20/01/2015
  Tax changes key to Hong Kong aircraft leasing ambitions on 14/01/2015
  Tax plea to give Hong Kong an edge in R&D innovation on 09/01/2015
  Shenzhen studies Hong Kong tie-up as Shanghai link boosted on 08/01/2015
  Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect turnover higher than daily quota, says HKEx on 15/12/2014
  Hong Kong, Japan improve their tax info exchange on 12/12/2014
  Hong Kong works to keep Islamic finance momentum as firms balk on 11/12/2014
  Hong Kong gazettes ETF stamp duty exemption on 09/12/2014
  EU regulatory concerns curb China stock link volumes on 28/11/2014
  Fears of delay to Hong Kong-Shenzhen link on 27/11/2014
  Beijing to step up tax evasion campaign on 25/11/2014
  Hong Kong reits looking ahead to rosier times on 19/11/2014
  As China stocks open to the world, analysts disagree over outlook on 18/11/2014
  Hong Kong/US FATCA Agreement: Awaited by financial community on 17/11/2014
  Hedge funds poised to pile into China via 'connect' channel on 14/11/2014
  Shanghai-Hong Kong link to start in a week as China opens on 10/11/2014
  Tax incentives key to Hong Kong's aviation leasing hub ambitions on 05/11/2014
  China market regulator says Shanghai-HK connect in 'final stage' on 31/10/2014
  Hong Kong, Shanghai cross-trading scheme postponed as stocks plunge on 28/10/2014
  China’s overseas investment schemes set to boost yuan on 27/10/2014
  Beijing ready to launch SH-HK stock connect program on 22/10/2014
  Hong Kong, South Africa sign DTA on 21/10/2014
  Fatca seen as threat for some Hong Kong banks, opportunity for others on 20/10/2014
  Singapore jostles with Hong Kong for financial crown on 16/10/2014
  Hong Kong-Chile FTA to enter into force on 08/10/2014
  Hong Kong to see more sukuk issuances on 29/09/2014
  Financial Secretary John Tsang eyes law reform to attract capital to Hong Kong on 24/09/2014
  Funding model proves thorny issue for auditing reform in Hong Kong on 22/09/2014
  Hedge Funds drawn to Shanghai-Hong Kong link, Goldman Sachs says on 22/09/2014
  The ultra-rich list: Number of billionaires in China and Hong Kong increasing on 18/09/2014
  British Virgin Islands suffers amid push against money laundering on 16/09/2014
  Hong Kong supports new OECD tax info standard on 16/09/2014
  Hong Kong raises US$1 billion in debut Islamic bond issue on 11/09/2014
  Shanghai-HK Stock Connect opens new era in China's financial integration on 10/09/2014
  British Virgin Islands targets rich mainland Chinese on 09/09/2014
  Overhaul Hong Kong tax to fund pension scheme: expert on 01/09/2014
  Sukuk drought poised to end on first-time sales: Islamic finance on 28/08/2014
  Shenzhen exchange explores stock pipeline with Hong Kong on 27/08/2014
  Hong Kong lawyers take stand for independence from Beijing on 15/08/2014
  Hong Kong, Pakistan, Indonesia set for Islamic bond issues on 08/08/2014
  Russian companies opt for Hong Kong dollar as new reserve currency on 05/08/2014
  Political tensions could undermine Hong Kong as China's top financial centre: Joseph Yam on 21/07/2014
  Seoul unlikely to oust Hong Kong as offshore RMB center on 11/07/2014
  Hong Kong, South Korea sign DTA on 09/07/2014
  Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief pledges support for US dollar peg on 08/07/2014
  Data exchange to combat tax evasion seen affecting Hong Kong private banks on 07/07/2014
  Hong Kong, Shanghai world's top shipping hubs on 27/06/2014
  Malaysia & Hong Kong enhance cross border partnership on Islamic capital market on 19/06/2014
  Hong Kong probes financial firms for money laundering on 17/06/2014
  Hong Kong to comply with FATCA on 04/06/2014
  Hong Kong lobby to raise fears over proposed ban on local accountants working in mainland on 29/05/2014
  Beijing urged to comply with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act on 27/05/2014
  Hong Kong's sukuk ambitions cause a stir on 20/05/2014
  Hong Kong in international tax talks to help defend local companies on 20/05/2014
  Hong Kong, US wrapping up FATCA agreement on 13/05/2014
  Overseas banks push back on HKMA's new deposit base rule on 12/05/2014
  Hong Kong commits to low-tax policies on 09/05/2014
  India seeks more Hong Kong and China investment on 29/04/2014
  Hong Kong ETFs go for broke on 28/04/2014
  Hong Kong to issue sukuk of up to US$1 billion after summer on 16/04/2014
  China unveils plan to link Shanghai and Hong Kong bourses on 10/04/2014
  Hong Kong aims to build as Asian innovation center on 10/04/2014
  IMF report flags Hong Kong banks’ rising exposure to mainland China on 09/04/2014
  Hong Kong, China inch closer to mutual recognition deal for funds on 01/04/2014
  Hong Kong considers how to maintain low-tax regime on 31/03/2014
  Singapore snapping at Hong Kong's yuan heels on 24/03/2014
  Hong Kong's captive insurers tax break approved on 21/03/2014
  Hong Kong lawmakers support sukuk bill, US$500 million issuance on 20/03/2014
  Challenges ahead as Hong Kong unveils plans for commodities trading on 10/03/2014
  Hong Kong, NYC will be magnets for wealthy - Knight Frank on 07/03/2014
  New companies ordinance takes effect in Hong Kong on 06/03/2014
  Prudential Regulation Authority conducts stress tests on exposure to an Asian crisis on 03/03/2014
  Open ended fund structure planned for Hong Kong on 28/02/2014
  Hong Kong to tighten anti-money-laundering rules on 20/02/2014
  Maritime bureau aims to shore up Hong Kong's role as shipping hub on 17/02/2014
  7.5 per cent more Hong Kong funds ahead of mainland China cross-selling deal on 10/02/2014
  Hong Kong lawmakers urge financial reforms must move faster on 30/01/2014
  Hong Kong reviews REIT code on 29/01/2014
  HKMA urges Hong Kong banks to keep higher-than-Basel capital reserves on 28/01/2014
  Hong Kong, mainland China near deal on funds pact on 24/01/2014
  Hong Kong should not miss out on growing Islamic finance market on 22/01/2014
  Dubai regulator strengthens links with Hong Kong and Asia on 22/01/2014
  Hong Kong urged to raise its game as Asia's financial hub on 15/01/2014
  China, Hong Kong in ’final stretch’ on fund mutual recognition on 14/01/2014
  London challenges Hong Kong with BOC's yuan bond on 10/01/2014
  Consultation begins on resolution regime for Hong Kong financial institutions on 09/01/2014
  Hong Kong under threat from China free trade zone on 03/01/2014
  Hong Kong introduces bill to lower tax for captive insurers on 02/01/2014
  New securities watchdog targets corporate fraud in Hong Kong on 20/12/2013
  Hong Kong confirms support for SMEs on 20/12/2013
  Hong Kong's Islamic finance goal boosted by Basel III rules on 16/12/2013
  Hong Kong still a long way from being an Islamic finance hub on 03/12/2013
  Boost reits creation in Hong Kong, adviser urges on 02/12/2013
  China opening up to foreign investor pressures Hong Kong, says lawmaker on 27/11/2013
  Financial integration with China presents challenges for Hong Kong banks on 26/11/2013
  Charity begins at home for city's HK$7b top philanthropists on 22/11/2013
  China's massive issuance of patents could help Hong Kong's ambitions to be intellectual property hub on 22/11/2013
  AIMA Hong Kong supports Financial Services Development Council initiative on 19/11/2013
  US probes offshore bank accounts on 14/11/2013
  Hong Kong must develop itself as regional fund management hub, says BlackRock chief on 12/11/2013
  Tax treaty makes Hong Kong the investment key to North America on 11/11/2013
  Foreign firms may flee Hong Kong if reforms go wrong way: American Bar Association president on 05/11/2013
  China beats Hong Kong and Singapore to be ranked best destination for expats on 04/11/2013
  Japan top source of Hong Kong's foreign companies on 28/10/2013
  Knight Frank tells Hong Kong to up its game on central business district planning on 24/10/2013
  Hong Kong delegation to meet Chinese leaders on Shanghai yuan rivalry on 14/10/2013
  Hong Kong seeks agreement with US over FATCA on 11/10/2013
  Hong Kong seeks agreement with US over FATCA on 09/10/2013
  More Chinese firms turning to Hong Kong for arbitration on 01/10/2013
  Hong Kong regulators widen net on 27/09/2013
  Hong Kong, China shares rise; some jump on Shanghai trade zone hopes on 25/09/2013
  Race is on to launch Hong Kong-domiciled funds on 23/09/2013
  HKMA warns firms to adhere to overseas tax requirements on 23/09/2013
  Hong Kong’s SFC signs AIFMD supervision agreement on 18/09/2013
  Shanghai FTZ will dent Hong Kong on 18/09/2013
  Shanghai gives funds yuan go-ahead on 16/09/2013
  Hong Kong warned of need for continued product development on 11/09/2013
  Hong Kong under threat from new Chinese trade zone on 06/09/2013
  Bank Negara Malaysia-Hong Kong Monetary Authority cooperation set up on 02/09/2013
  Chinese mainland, Hong Kong sign new supplement to CEPA on 30/08/2013
  Hong Kong outlines regulation of collective investment schemes on 29/08/2013
  Hong Kong looks to develop insurance sector on 14/08/2013
  Jersey’s position under threat from Hong Kong on 13/08/2013
  Hong Kong QROPs culled by HMRC on 08/08/2013
  Islamic insurance at the crossroads on 06/08/2013
  Double trade reporting burden for international banks in Hong Kong on 06/08/2013
  Action on trust law loophole urged on 29/07/2013
  Kuwait Hong Kong tax treaty in force on 26/07/2013
  Hong Kong asset managers mark record year in 2012 on 26/07/2013
  New Hong Kong tax rules for Islamic Finance on 25/07/2013
  Asia slow to sign up to IGAs for FATCA implementation on 24/07/2013
  Hong Kong company registrations continue to rise on 18/07/2013
  Hong Kong's Legislative Council passes TIE framework bill on 15/07/2013
  Hong Kong, Jersey DTA in force on 11/07/2013
  Moody's downgrades HK banking system outlook on 26/06/2013
  Hong Kong in path of US tax crackdown on 20/06/2013
  Hong Kong eclipses Singapore in millionaire wealth pool on 20/06/2013
  Hong Kong scans ‘millions of messages’ in rate probe on 19/06/2013
  REITS in Hong Kong, Singapore lose their allure on 18/06/2013
  Hong Kong may widen renminbi business on 13/06/2013
  Hong Kong firms less eager for tax advice on 11/06/2013
  Hong Kong questions application of Italian FTT on 07/06/2013
  New tax exemption seen drawing hedge funds to Hong Kong on 03/06/2013
  Australia snubs Hong Kong on FTA and tax deals on 30/05/2013
  Hong Kong in line for surge in illicit fund inflows on 15/05/2013
  Hong Kong showing recognition of opportunities mainland offers on 13/05/2013
  Hong Kong insurers call for more maritime incentives on 07/05/2013
  Guernsey see potential for expansion in Far East on 30/04/2013
  Guernsey and Hong Kong sign tax agreement on 24/04/2013
  Hong Kong consults on corporate insolvency law reform on 18/04/2013
  Doubts over Hong Kong fund management plans on 15/04/2013
  Investment firms bet on future Hong Kong 'fund factory' on 08/04/2013
  Hong Kong hedge assets on the rise on 05/04/2013
  Hong Kong losing out to regional rivals as fund domicile on 27/03/2013
  Americans moving Swiss cash to Asia face scrutiny, lawyers say on 25/03/2013
  Hong Kong on track to create funds industry to rival Ucits says KPMG on 21/03/2013
  Hong Kong studies becoming IP hub on 14/03/2013
  Hong Kong welcomes RQFII expansion on 13/03/2013
  China's wealthy take 2.8tr yuan overseas - and it's expected to double on 12/03/2013
  China allows more offshore units to invest locally on 11/03/2013
  Hong Kong, Mexico double tax pact in force on 11/03/2013
  Hong Kong could improve its auditor oversight regime on 04/03/2013
  Hong Kong to launch measures to strengthen four pillar industries: financial chief on 28/02/2013
  Hong Kong set to rein in tax breaks on 27/02/2013
  Hong Kong: SFC in talks on increased oversight of insurance, dark pool products on 25/02/2013
  Hong Kong seeks more experiments in Qianhai on 22/02/2013
  Vanuatu earns $4M selling permanent residence visas to Chinese on 22/02/2013
  Hong Kong gazettes trust law reform on 12/02/2013
  Hong Kong reviews tax info exchange limitations on 05/02/2013
  Hong Kong to enhance competitiveness in RMB business on 01/02/2013
  Hong Kong and Italy sign comprehensive DTA on 29/01/2013
  Hong Kong hit over plan to protect corporate data on 25/01/2013
  Hong Kong turns to mainland China for economic growth on 24/01/2013
  HK to enhance economic ties with mainland: Chief Executive on 17/01/2013
  Hong Kong Exchange Fund to boost investments in emerging markets on 15/01/2013
  Hong Kong plugs proposed tax rules for Islamic finance on 11/01/2013
  Hong Kong-listed firms 'not ready' for disclosure law on 07/01/2013
  Hong Kong to further entrench status as world's biggest offshore yuan trading centre on 03/01/2013
  Hong Kong urged to reduce business costs on 20/12/2012
  Hong Kong IPO market braces for tighter regulations on 19/12/2012
  China's Services Push a Challenge for Hong Kong on 18/12/2012
  Hong Kong Rejects US Compliance Law, Ireland Embraces It on 14/12/2012
  Hong Kong on track to become world's No 1 financial centre on 13/12/2012
  Hong Kong Regulators to Overhaul IPO Rules on 07/12/2012
  Hong Kong calls for battle against financial imperialism on 04/12/2012
  HK's securities watchdog urges support for new regulatory framework on 28/11/2012
  Hong Kong seeks recognition of its funds on the mainland on 28/11/2012
  Macau DSEC: British Virgin Islands most common “place of usual residence” for foreign investors on 27/11/2012
  Regulation: Hong Kong governance concerns hit stock market listings on 15/11/2012
  Hong Kong's sukuk bill on track but local interest dim on 15/11/2012
  Worldwide offshore company registrations up on 14/11/2012
  Canada announces signing of tax treaty with Hong Kong on 12/11/2012
  Regulators get tough on listings says top banker on 05/11/2012
  Insurance levy to fund Hong Kong Insurance Authority on 31/10/2012
  Hong Kong releases consultation conclusions on Sukuk taxation on 30/10/2012
  Hong Kong implements first phase of Basel III on 23/10/2012
  China’s credit rating to lift HK's dim sum bond market on 22/10/2012
  HK ‘needs to catch up on Islamic finance’ on 21/09/2012
  Hong Kong pushes its investment credentials in Russia on 31/08/2012
  Asian regulators urge CFTC to review Dodd-Frank swap rules on 30/08/2012
  Regulation severity cuts off IFA choice in Hong Kong on 29/08/2012
  Hong Kong and Singapore a bigger draw than London for financial services high-fliers on 28/08/2012
  Mainland China, HK urged to co-op on overseas investment on 22/08/2012
  As Dodd-Frank looms, Asian banks look to cut US trading ties on 20/08/2012
  Hong Kong, Guangdong strengthen ties within CEPA on 17/08/2012
  Malta and Hong Kong sign tax treaty on 10/08/2012
  Hong Kong enhances regulation of structured products on 31/07/2012
  Hong Kong allows non-residents to buy yuan offshore on 26/07/2012
  Money laundering laws a new test for HK financial industry on 25/07/2012
  Hong Kong's new companies bill approved on 18/07/2012
  Hong Kong issues conclusions on OTC derivatives regulation on 16/07/2012
  China sets up Shenzhen zone to co-operate with Hong Kong on 04/07/2012
  China unveils new boost for Hong Kong economy on 02/07/2012
  Hong Kong's SFC focuses on risks and standards on 29/06/2012
  Malta, Hong Kong Double Tax Agreement signed but not ratified yet on 28/06/2012
  China to boost offshore yuan flows in Hong Kong on 27/06/2012
  Asia tightens its regulations on 25/06/2012
  Hong Kong's Short position rules take effect on 20/06/2012
  Swiss bankers face 'unprecedented' challenges on 19/06/2012
  Hong Kong, Mexico sign tax pact on 19/06/2012
  Hong Kong announces plans to lessen regulatory burden on private banks on 14/06/2012
  Macau and HK reach numerous cooperation agreements on 13/06/2012
  Danish minister rejects DTA deal with Hong Kong on 25/05/2012
  European firms face uphill struggle in Asia says funds lobby group on 25/05/2012
  Hong Kong, London bankers raise concerns over offshore yuan liquidity on 23/05/2012
  Hong Kong crackdown on trading misconduct on 21/05/2012
  China ponders new investment channel for foreign pension funds on 21/05/2012
  Hong Kong abolishes corporate capital duty on 15/05/2012
  Hong Kong progresses arbitration centre credentials on 14/05/2012
  Hong Kong turns factories into datacentres to fuel cloud growth on 08/05/2012
  Hong Kong regulator to allow foreign currency liquid assets to make up LCR shortfall on 08/05/2012
  Hong Kong readies corporate disclosure regime on 04/05/2012
  HK tight leash ‘stifles new business’ on 01/05/2012
  Malaysia and Hong Kong sign tax pact on 26/04/2012
  HK exchanges to launch offshore yuan futures in third quarter on 20/04/2012
  China approves new yuan ETFs in Hong Kong on 19/04/2012
  Hong Kong, Indonesia DTA comes into force on 17/04/2012
  Asian banks warm to bond market innovation on 05/04/2012
  China eyes freer financial markets to boost yuan role on 04/04/2012
  Hong Kong welcomes sukuk rules on 04/04/2012
  World's wealthy favour London and New York, with Asian hubs rising. on 02/04/2012
  ETFs provide inflation hedge for Asia investors on 30/03/2012
  HK, Singapore, London compete for offshore yuan market on 29/03/2012
  Hong Kong reviews insurance sector developments on 28/03/2012
  HKSE vice-president visit boosts drive for first Isle of Man HKSE listing on 20/03/2012
  Shenzhen financial hub no threat, says Hong Kong on 16/03/2012
  HKEx gets backing for clearing house risk management reform on 13/03/2012
  Hong Kong reviews plans for financial services on 09/03/2012
  Bank of China expands yuan use on 02/03/2012
  Jersey’s DTA with Hong Kong Can Help Build Business with the Region on 27/02/2012
  Hong Kong stocks rise for second day on China easing speculation on 23/02/2012
  Asian finance firms face a hefty Fatca compliance burden on 21/02/2012
  China regulator: Hong Kong-linked ETFs ready to go on 02/02/2012
  Caution over easing Asian inflation on 13/01/2012
  Hong Kong retains top spot of world's freest economy on 12/01/2012
  Hong Kong’s Tsang says rising risks mean tax-cut is ‘hard’ on 02/01/2012
  Hong Kong OTC rules add to cross-border concerns on 21/12/2011
  Hong Kong tops US and UK in financial market development ranking on 16/12/2011
  Malta and Hong Kong sign a double taxation agreement on 15/11/2011
  HK regulator cracks down on renminbi trade on 10/11/2011
  China and US in standoff over auditors on 07/11/2011
  Asia private banks hit by local compliance costs, US moves on 06/10/2011
  UK Banks welcome to shift to Hong Kong: Tsang on 14/09/2011
  Asian hedge funds outperformed global peers in August amid markets’ slump on 07/09/2011
  Singapore gains as Hong Kong follows China rule on immunity on 31/08/2011
  Financial insiders debate over Chinese regulation and innovation on 23/08/2011
  Deutsche Bank says new HKMA rules to boost offshore renminbi on 02/08/2011
  Shanghai ranked 6th on financial centre list on 19/07/2011
  China central bank tightens controls on offshore yuan deals on 22/06/2011
  Guernsey companies to list on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 02/06/2011
  BOC HK hopes to be Singapore's yuan clearing bank on 26/05/2011
  Guernsey recognised as listing jurisdiction for Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 19/05/2011
  US$1.4 trillion managed by Singapore fund managers on 13/05/2011
  Singapore takes step toward becoming offshore yuan center on 19/04/2011
  China looks to expand currency’s global reach on 18/04/2011
  Global banks face 'pay up or lose talent' war in China on 15/04/2011
  Big banks threaten exodus from UK on 12/04/2011
  Hong Kong to hold world's first yuan IPO outside China with shares in real estate trust on 11/04/2011
  UK Treasury plugs pensions tax loophole on 08/04/2011
  Regulators ''show growing scrutiny of Asian private equity transactions'' on 07/04/2011
  Hong Kong commits to the Cloud on 31/03/2011
  Hong Kong bankers unhappy despite bigger bonuses on 24/03/2011
  Why Mumbai can’t be Shanghai on 23/03/2011
  London tops financial-center list on 22/03/2011
  Regulation change could hit returns, says RBS on 04/03/2011
  Asia will pull in wealth as the rest of the world pushes it away on 03/03/2011
  Asia's wealthy maintain high concentration risk tolerance on 03/03/2011
  Shanghai, HK bourses set for faceoff over yuan listings on 02/03/2011
  London investment bankers pick Singapore as preferred job location on 25/02/2011
  Hong Kong economy rebounded strongly in 2010 but finance chief warns of rising inflation on 23/02/2011
  With policy thrust, China’s yuan steps out on 17/02/2011
  Singapore budget likely won't cut taxes on 11/02/2011
  Hong Kong IPOs dent Shanghai's global ambitions on 31/01/2011
  Global economy shifting from the west to emerging Asian markets on 18/01/2011
  Hong Kong economy robust, 2010 GDP up 6.5 per cent on 14/01/2011
  Asia's role in international economy to be a focus of Hong Kong forum on 07/01/2011
  Hong Kong lawmakers to enforce mandatory CCP by the end of 2012 on 06/01/2011
  Singapore ranks top for property investments - survey on 09/12/2010
  Asia regulators say G20 reform driven by US, Europe on 30/11/2010
  New campaign promotes Hong Kong as international finance centre on 22/11/2010
  Housing market bubble warning for Hong Kong on 19/11/2010
  Singapore still tops for small business on 08/11/2010
  New EU rules may hit Asia hedge fund, buyout industries on 08/11/2010
  BVI International Finance Centre hosts successful Asian tour on 03/11/2010
  HK asks India to abolish visas, wants end to double taxation on 28/10/2010
  Hedge funds seeking distressed assets may turn to Japan, China, Australia on 20/10/2010
  Financial hotspots in Asia on 12/10/2010
  RBC Wealth Management rejects criticisms of offshore centres on 24/09/2010
  Hong Kong aims to be China's global financial centre on 24/09/2010
  Seeking bank secrecy in Asia on 23/09/2010
  Hong Kong joins NY, London as top finance centre on 21/09/2010
  Hong Kong SFC reports record number of licensees on 17/08/2010
  Islamic US mutual funds flocking to Malaysia seeking returns on 16/08/2010
  New rulings to regulate short selling on SGX well received by market players on 11/08/2010
  Global financial centres after the crisis on 03/08/2010
  China’s Financial Centre, Shanghai or Hong Kong? on 02/08/2010
  Singapore's new hedge fund regulation puts city `back on map' on 29/07/2010
  Asia's budding bankers no longer feel need to go West on 22/07/2010
  Offshore concerns dent private banks' allure - survey on 20/07/2010
  Forbes names Bermuda one of world's top 10 tax havens on 09/07/2010
  US turns to Asia in its hunt for tax evaders on 09/07/2010
  Europe imposes caps on banker bonuses on 08/07/2010
  Bigger role assured for emerging financial centres like Mumbai on 08/07/2010
  HSBC clients in US tax probe - report on 06/07/2010
  China plans route back for offshore funds on 02/07/2010
  Asia’s private bank boom ‘not what it was’ in 2007 on 01/07/2010
  British banks move offshore to avoid levy on 25/06/2010
  EU FDI outflows down, inflows up on 25/06/2010
  Singapore and Hong Kong have least complex, most consistent tax policies: Deloitte on 07/06/2010
  Hedge funds the preferred vehicle for Asia’s private banks on 26/05/2010
  Malaysian PM launches global sukuk on 20/05/2010
  Malaysia still the one as Islamic finance takes root in Asian centres on 13/05/2010
  Hong Kong tax authorities set to look offshore on 06/05/2010
  Hedge funds migrate to Asia on 05/05/2010
  US offshore probe set to continue on 03/05/2010
  India, Hong Kong set to sign tax agreement on 30/04/2010
  Euro hedge funds eye move to Asia, Switzerland on 29/04/2010
  HK regulators seek to ban Tiger Asia on 26/04/2010
  Aus ‘big four’ banks push further offshore on 23/04/2010
  India to exchange tax info with nine jurisdictions on 14/04/2010
  China now a bigger trading partner for Asian countries than the US on 01/04/2010
  Jersey and Guernsey look to Asia on 31/03/2010
  New Zealand set to launch as international fund-management hub on 31/03/2010
  Tax ruling could stifle Australia’s bid to become Asia-Pacific financial hub on 30/03/2010
  Hong Kong plans big penalties for secret trades on 30/03/2010
  Hong Kong, Netherlands to sign TIEA on 22/03/2010
  Hong Kong taxes luxury home market to avert real estate bubble on 24/02/2010
  UK could lose insurers to rival IFCs on 27/01/2010
  OECD lauds TIEA success on 20/01/2010
  Yuan-denominated derivative products best for Hong Kong on 18/01/2010
  Shanghai likely to usurp Hong Kong on 11/01/2010
  HK extends tax powers on 07/01/2010
  China delivers conflicting reports on recovery on 30/12/2009
  BVI set to take on big companies on 18/12/2009
  BVI companies can now apply to list in Hong Kong on 17/12/2009
  Taiwan set to sign tax agreement with China on 11/12/2009
  China ready to spend more offshore on 04/12/2009
  US examines tax liabilities of citizens living in Hong Kong on 28/09/2009
  European Commission To Bolster Co-operation Between Tax Authorities on 19/08/2009
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