GUERNSEY: Regulation and supervision of Guernsey insurance industry is in line with core principles. on 01/10/2019
  CROWN DEPENDENCIES: Guernsey enhances its offer in the family office space. on 01/10/2019
  CROWN DEPENDENCIES: Climate finance chief to visit Guernsey. on 01/10/2019
  CROWN DEPENDENCIES: Guernsey praised by FBI for tackling financial crime. on 01/10/2019
  GUERNSEY: Jurisdiction continues to drive ILS innovation. on 01/10/2019
  GUERNSEY: Private capital takes a bigger stake in private equity market. on 01/10/2019
  CROWN DEPENDENCIES: U.K. tax havens promise greater transparency on company ownership. on 25/06/2019
  CROWN DEPENDENCIES: Channel Islands 'among worst tax havens' worldwide, says Tax Justice Network. on 30/05/2019
  CROWN DEPENDENCIES: UK to encourage the jurisdictions to introduce public registers voluntarily. on 22/03/2019
  Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey sign deal with UK over post-Brexit trade on 27/11/2018
  Guernsey and Jersey launch joint cyber security study on 23/08/2018
  OECD Global Forum rates Guernsey transparency on 24/07/2018
  UK to adopt EU laws on combating terrorism and money laundering on 23/07/2018
  Guernsey Green Fund is first regulated product of its kind on 11/07/2018
  Ministers ‘played no part’ in removal of threat to finance on 05/06/2018
  Lord Ahmad: No Imposition of Public Register on the Crown Dependencies on 04/06/2018
  London can benefit from the certainty of Guernsey’s position outside the EU – Guernsey Funds Forum on 24/05/2018
  New Euro Probe into Offshore Tax on 15/02/2018
  Guernsey Launches Cybersecurity Strategy on 30/11/2017
  New Report Provides a Snapshot of the Guernsey Funds Sector on 02/11/2017
  Standard Chartered faces investigation over $1.4 billion client transfer from tax haven, source says on 06/10/2017
  Comment: Guernsey - a stable IFC for the long haul on 29/09/2017
  Guernsey Leading European Specialist Finance Center on 15/09/2017
  London ranked world’s top financial centre despite Brexit on 14/09/2017
  Positive action – the impact investing opportunity for IFCs on 12/09/2017
  The International Stock Exchange listings up 45% in 1H17 on 01/09/2017
  Misleading Claims about Multi-National Corporate Tax Avoidance on 31/08/2017
  Countries to Exchange Account Information in September on 30/08/2017
  Channel Island interests 'to be taken into account' during Brexit negotiations on 22/08/2017
  Guernsey: Twenty Years Of Protected Cell Company Development on 02/08/2017
  Spotlight On The EU Code Of Conduct Group on 04/07/2017
  OECD Lists One Tax Haven, Tax Justice Network Says ‘Nonsense!’ on 03/07/2017
  BRUSSELS OUT David Davis will sidestep official EU divorce process with a series of one-on-one talks with member countries on 21/06/2017
  BEPS regime poses ‘collateral damage’ threat to AM industry – conference hears on 25/05/2017
  Four arrested in connection with Guernsey’s Providence funds on 15/05/2017
  Canada: CRA launches new strategy to crack down on tax havens on 28/11/2016
  Jerey,Guernsey and Isle of Man brings BEPS signatories to 49 on 24/10/2016
  ESMA backs Guernsey for AIFMD passport on 20/07/2016
  Guernsey makes more commitments to crack down on tax evasion on 18/07/2016
  Guernsey States looking into future of insurance sector on 14/07/2016
  Corbyn: Clamp down on Crown ‘tax havens’ on 23/06/2016
  Isle of Man fears loss of trade links with EU in event of Brexit on 20/06/2016
  Cameron introduces new tax transparency rules on 12/04/2016
  Panama papers: Guernsey treasury minister Gavin St. Pier says Guernsey is not a tax haven but a "low tax jurisdiction" on 07/04/2016
  Modest growth for Guernsey funds business on 23/03/2016
  OBR slashes HMRC Crown Dependencies target by £750m on 22/03/2016
  Business from Russia part of future for Channel Islands on 08/03/2016
  Guernsey sees soaring trend in aircraft financing – Carey Olsen on 26/02/2016
  Guernsey & Jersey credit ratings downgraded on 17/02/2016
  Switzerland agrees AEOI with Guernsey, Isle of Man & Jersey on 22/01/2016
  MONEYVAL publishes positive report on Guernsey’s high standards on 18/01/2016
  Guernsey remains out in front for LSE listings on 15/01/2016
  Italy’s ‘white listing’ of Channel Islands important step in attracting European business, says Ogier partner on 12/01/2016
  Crown Dependencies tax disclosure facility 'down 20 per cent' on 05/01/2016
  UK government amends view on DTA residence articles on 02/12/2015
  UK government issues disclosure facility deadline reminder on 01/12/2015
  Guernsey funds grow by nearly £5 billion in Q3 on 26/11/2015
  HMRC updates overseas pension scheme list on 17/11/2015
  Brazil concludes TIEAs with the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey on 17/11/2015
  Guernsey retains AA+ credit rating on 10/11/2015
  Guernsey funds regime providing key route into Europe for AIFs on 02/10/2015
  Guernsey's fund and banking industries show stability in Q2 on 23/09/2015
  Guernsey extends market access to EU on 14/09/2015
  Guernsey extends market access to EU countries under AIFMD on 11/09/2015
  Bulgaria to exchange information with Guernsey on tax matters on 27/08/2015
  OECD clarification reinforces Guernsey’s fund domicile position on 14/08/2015
  EU confirms its endorsement of Guernsey on 11/08/2015
  ESMA recommends AIFMD passport expansion to Guernsey, Jersey and Switzerland, but not US on 31/07/2015
  Crown Dependency tax disclosure facilities yield 'surprisingly low' returns for HMRC on 28/07/2015
  OECD backs Guernsey as a cooperative jurisdiction on 07/07/2015
  ‘Surprise’ at Guernsey inclusion on EU ‘non-cooperative’ blacklist on 18/06/2015
  Guernsey bids to attract HNWIs and businesses on 26/05/2015
  AIFMD burden hurting European investment on 22/05/2015
  Guernsey funds facilitate £25 billion of inward investment to the UK from global investors on 13/05/2015
  Guernsey QROPS locked out of flexible access on 30/04/2015
  Guernsey removed from Italian tax blacklist on 16/04/2015
  Guernsey fund formations continue as NAV falls on 11/03/2015
  GFSC signs MoU with Luxembourg on 17/02/2015
  Guernsey positions itself on the front foot to meet regulatory demands on 02/02/2015
  Number of Guernsey insurers continues to rise on 22/01/2015
  Guernsey aircraft registry focuses on new markets on 06/01/2015
  Guernsey 'should do more' to attract millionaires – Stoddart on 09/12/2014
  Guernsey’s funds offering to be given technical analysis on 18/11/2014
  Deloitte survey shows how Channel Islands are dealing with FATCA on 04/11/2014
  Guernsey's 'financial house is finally in order' – St Pier on 08/10/2014
  Switzerland to expand tax info sharing network on 22/08/2014
  GST could be 'lethal' to Guernsey's economy on 18/07/2014
  Macau, Guernsey to sign tax agreement on 08/07/2014
  Guernsey adds 113 new funds in 12 months on 26/06/2014
  Guernsey Financial Services Commission publishes 2013 annual report on 20/06/2014
  Guernsey seeks equal rules on beneficial ownership disclosure on 10/06/2014
  Guernsey set to join OECD’s top club in fight against tax evasion on 30/05/2014
  ‘Swifter update of Guernsey company and finance legislation needed’ - Kirk on 27/05/2014
  Guernsey: Fresh warnings over GST on 23/05/2014
  Slow start to UK hunt for ‘hidden millions’ on 19/05/2014
  Guernsey licenses 99 international insurers in 12 months on 08/05/2014
  Guernsey named best international financial services centre on 07/05/2014
  Nothing to fear for Guernsey as FATCA draws closer says EY on 17/04/2014
  Channel Islands financial ombudsman 'may be in place by 2015' on 08/04/2014
  Guernsey and Switzerland strengthen ties on 01/04/2014
  Guernsey retains title as Europe’s best captive domicile on 28/02/2014
  Guernsey's Chief Minister praises progress with UK on 10/02/2014
  Guernsey signs two more DTA with Mauritius and the Seychelles on 31/01/2014
  High-profile Guernsey trust court case sets important precedent on trustee liability on 31/01/2014
  Guernsey still leads in LSE listings, added most in 2013 on 24/01/2014
  ILS helps Guernsey license 89 international insurers in 2013 on 21/01/2014
  QROPS - Looking for new solutions on 21/01/2014
  Guernsey adds 33 new funds in Q3 2013 on 19/12/2013
  Guernsey launches Channel Islands aircraft registry on 11/12/2013
  Guernsey’s finance industry forges stronger links with wealthy China investors on 22/11/2013
  Guernsey Financial Services Commission signs MoU with China’s Securities Regulator on 20/11/2013
  Guernsey building relations in China on 18/11/2013
  US probes offshore bank accounts on 14/11/2013
  Offshore centres optimistic about AIFMD outcome on 11/11/2013
  OECD praises Guernsey's leadership on tax transparency on 05/11/2013
  'Business as usual' at Channel Islands Stock Exchange on 29/10/2013
  Guernsey signs TIEAs with Gibraltar, Slovakia on 25/10/2013
  Guernsey signs ‘FATCA’ agreement with the UK on 24/10/2013
  Channel Islands abandon aircraft registry plans on 27/09/2013
  Guernsey event to look at practical aspects of AIFMD implementation on 27/09/2013
  Guernsey signs tax agreements with Switzerland and Hungary on 12/09/2013
  David Cameron: Crown dependency tax haven banner 'not fair' on 11/09/2013
  HMRC confirms six-month delay to tax information exchanges with Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on 16/08/2013
  Guernsey sees growth in international insurance sector during first half on 07/08/2013
  Lack of spending on finance promotion is ‘politics of the asylum’ on 29/07/2013
  Guernsey image rights register points way for Ireland on 01/07/2013
  Across the board growth in Q1 for Guernsey on 25/06/2013
  Guernsey publishes action plan on beneficial ownership on 24/06/2013
  Guernsey is ‘doing more than other jurisdictions’ to tackle tax evasion on 21/06/2013
  Channel Islands support Isle of Man’s tax views on 18/06/2013
  Pre-G8 discussions ‘constructive and candid’ says Guernsey’s chief minister on 18/06/2013
  Manx tax agreement with Guernsey comes into force on 13/06/2013
  Guernsey treads down the AIFMD road on 12/06/2013
  Crown dependencies to sign up to convention fighting tax evasion on 07/06/2013
  Four centres get ESMA's AIFMD seal of approval on 05/06/2013
  David Cameron warns overseas territories on tax on 20/05/2013
  Guernsey plans further tax consultations on 16/05/2013
  Guernsey signs tax agreement with Luxembourg on 14/05/2013
  Guernsey Financial Services Commission regulatory role to be reviewed on 13/05/2013
  All British overseas territories now in tax information deals on 03/05/2013
  Guernsey Chief Minister asks PM for details on tax deal on 02/05/2013
  Guernsey see potential for expansion in Far East on 30/04/2013
  Guernsey and Hong Kong sign tax agreement on 24/04/2013
  Eddie Teare: Chancellor's £1bn tax claim 'wildly overestimated' on 18/04/2013
  Guernsey signs DTA with Qatar on 03/04/2013
  Channel Islands and Isle of Man face raid on off-shore accounts on 22/03/2013
  Captives warned Of UK, Guernsey regime changes on 22/03/2013
  Guernsey to agree 'FATCA style' reporting with UK, says Guernsey's chief minister on 19/03/2013
  Tax expert urges Channel Islands not to follow Isle of Man on compliance deal on 22/02/2013
  Guernsey signs DTA with Singapore & TIEA with Brazil on 07/02/2013
  Jersey signs DTAs with Guernsey and Isle of Man on 28/01/2013
  Channel Islands collaboration taking shape on 21/01/2013
  Guernsey Pursuing Delinquent Taxpayers Following Amnesty on 08/01/2013
  Almost £3m recovered in Guernsey unpaid tax on 07/01/2013
  Channel Islands to follow Isle of Man? on 17/12/2012
  Guernsey Financial Regulation Reviewed on 14/12/2012
  Guernsey zero-10 tax changes get European Union formal approval on 12/12/2012
  Jersey and Guernsey say tax regulation should be global on 11/12/2012
  Guernsey funds business continues to grow on 06/12/2012
  Treasury insists on disclosure from islands on 30/11/2012
  Guernsey expands scope of corporate tax on 27/11/2012
  Guernsey heads for vital talks on UK’s new line on tax on 27/11/2012
  UK tax plans could hit Crown Dependencies on 26/11/2012
  Guernsey budget proposes to take £12m more from finance on 16/11/2012
  Lord Blencathra: Defend yourselves over tax haven claims on 14/11/2012
  Guernsey closing the door on vulture funds on 22/10/2012
  Guernsey regulator plans company fee hike on 11/10/2012
  Guernsey Regulation: Fixing the system requires a skilful enforcer on 10/10/2012
  Guernsey and Jersey announce new finance strategies on 08/10/2012
  Guernsey's foundation law to attract EM investors from China, Russia and Latin America on 20/09/2012
  Guernsey signs TIEAs with Italy and Latvia on 11/09/2012
  Guernsey Foundations law to be launched on 25/07/2012
  Guernsey lawmakers to consider foundations law next week on 20/07/2012
  Guernsey Chief Minister says UK must police own taxes on 29/06/2012
  Guernsey deposits fall £6.5bn but FUM grow £9bn on 11/06/2012
  Guernsey seeks views on AML guidance on 06/06/2012
  Guernsey funds growth encouraging on 29/05/2012
  HMRC in Guernsey Qrops row on 18/05/2012
  Guernsey Qrops providers flock to Malta after HMRC clampdown on 03/05/2012
  Guernsey: Effect of implementing FATCA provisions will go far beyond the compliance team, financial organisations are told on 02/05/2012
  Guernsey follows Isle of Man and Jersey in seeing zero-10 regime deemed ‘harmful’ on 20/04/2012
  Guernsey ‘extremely disappointed’ at HMRC’s QROPS stance on 11/04/2012
  Guernsey is Europe's captive domicile of choice on 21/03/2012
  Malta and Guernsey sign bilateral taxation avoidance agreement on 20/03/2012
  Guernsey fund figures show no room for complacency on 05/03/2012
  UK QROPS Proposals 'Grossly Unfair On Guernsey' on 02/03/2012
  Guernsey looks at Fatca partnership with US on 29/02/2012
  Guernsey to force tax turnaround in Jersey? on 10/02/2012
  Changes planned for Guernsey Qrops on 25/01/2012
  Guernsey: More new captive licences than ever issued last year on 20/01/2012
  Crown dependencies hit back at Ed Miliband's call for offshore crackdown on 19/01/2012
  Guernsey and India sign tax agreement on 02/01/2012
  Guernsey signs TIEA with India on 22/12/2011
  HMRC rule changes may push Guernsey out of Qrops market on 13/12/2011
  India, Guernsey to sign tax info sharing pact this month on 12/12/2011
  Guernsey signs TIEAs with Japan and Poland on 08/12/2011
  Financial transaction tax decision welcomed in Channel Islands on 01/12/2011
  EU review 'will help the States', says tax expert on 01/11/2011
  Trusts conference: Confidentiality not threatened by TIEAs on 19/10/2011
  Guernsey signs TIEA with Slovenia on 06/10/2011
  Bahamas falls in Global Financial Index on 03/10/2011
  Bahamas sign TIEA’s with Guernsey and Aruba on 17/08/2011
  Guernsey signs TIEAs with Argentina and Cayman Islands on 02/08/2011
  Crown dependencies removed from US tax haven 'blacklist' on 19/07/2011
  Guernsey and Isle of Man introduce new tax information policy on 07/07/2011
  Guernsey signs TIEA with Mexico on 29/06/2011
  No Zero-10 support from Nick Clegg on 23/06/2011
  Guernsey jumps to third place in fund index on 14/06/2011
  Guernsey bank deposits up by £2bn on 08/06/2011
  Guernsey companies to list on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 02/06/2011
  Guernsey recognised as listing jurisdiction for Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 19/05/2011
  Guernsey signs tax information agreement with Indonesia on 04/05/2011
  Tax haven tag 'does harm to Guernsey's image' on 14/04/2011
  Islands rise to the worldwide economic challenge on 13/04/2011
  Jersey is top ranked global offshore financial centre on 23/03/2011
  London tops financial-center list on 22/03/2011
  Bermuda no longer the No.1 captive domicile? on 16/03/2011
  Firms head for Channel Islands on 28/02/2011
  Warning on EU short selling rules on 01/02/2011
  Guernsey financial sector given thumbs up by IMF reports on 21/01/2011
  UK Tote makes plans to move bets offshore on 17/01/2011
  Guernsey defends its offshore status on 10/01/2011
  Isle of Man Treasury awaits EU zero tax decision on 10/12/2010
  Guernsey deposits fall by £800 million in third quarter on 06/12/2010
  Offshore fund centres should ‘co-operate as well as compete’ on 09/11/2010
  Planned US legislation will be onerous for firms in Jersey on 03/11/2010
  Guernsey signs Tax Information Exchange Agreement with China on 02/11/2010
  Guernsey fund industry targets opportunities in India on 01/11/2010
  Guernsey rated above financial competitors on 21/10/2010
  Manx parliament ready to drop pension tax on 14/10/2010
  End of year before EU decision on zero-10? on 20/09/2010
  Channel Islands can enhance their value through business growth in the Far East on 16/09/2010
  Guernsey climbs specialist finance centre rankings on 14/09/2010
  Revenue expects to collect €40m in offshore inquiries on 27/08/2010
  Taxpayers stand to gain £7.4bn from rescued banks on 06/08/2010
  South Africa negotiates tax information exchange treaties on 05/08/2010
  European offshore banks see first net outflows for several years, survey shows on 04/08/2010
  London MP defends Isle of Man on 23/07/2010
  Offshore concerns dent private banks' allure - survey on 20/07/2010
  Greater tax transparency on 16/07/2010
  Guernsey confident whatever the outcome of EU legislation on 29/06/2010
  Guernsey Finance welcomes tax consultation document on 23/06/2010
  Jersey wins Best International Finance Centre award on 18/06/2010
  ‘Offshore’ critic gets banks and businesses seat in new UK coalition on 13/05/2010
  Greece receive €110bn aid package on 03/05/2010
  India, Hong Kong set to sign tax agreement on 30/04/2010
  Euro hedge funds eye move to Asia, Switzerland on 29/04/2010
  Jurisdictions combine in fight against ‘tax haven’ tag on 29/04/2010
  Euro Central Bank sceptical on bank tax proposals on 27/04/2010
  Greek PM warns investors off default bets on 26/04/2010
  Further debt downgrade imperils Greek economy on 23/04/2010
  IMF suggest a second bank tax on 22/04/2010
  G20 to meet over bank tax, China on 21/04/2010
  Greece: bailout or bust? on 21/04/2010
  Goldman Sachs decision will have international implications on 21/04/2010
  EU hedge funds regulation rattles SMEs on 19/04/2010
  Real estate no safe bet for investors on 19/04/2010
  Quotes from the Eurozone finance ministers' meeting on 16/04/2010
  Eurozone output better than expected for February on 15/04/2010
  Guernsey optimisitic over funds industry despite shadow of AIFM on 15/04/2010
  India to exchange tax info with nine jurisdictions on 14/04/2010
  Jersey and Guernsey look to Asia on 31/03/2010
  New Zealand set to launch as international fund-management hub on 31/03/2010
  Banking jobs move from Jersey to Guernsey on 18/03/2010
  London stockbroking house shifts operations to Guernsey on 10/03/2010
  South Korea to finalise tax treaty network on 10/03/2010
  Bahamas among top five IFCs on 23/02/2010
  OECD lauds TIEA success on 20/01/2010
  UK entrepeneurs opt for Isle of Man & Channel Islands on 14/12/2009
  Anxious week for Channel Island investors on 07/12/2009
  Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man Review Tax Structures on 26/10/2009
  Guernsey signs tax agreement with Australia on 08/10/2009
  Jersey bailout bank faces probe on 22/09/2009
  Guernsey does not need UK bail out on 16/09/2009
  Treasury report reveals UK may bail out tax havens on 14/09/2009
  Offshore real estate remains robust on 15/07/2009
  Irish Revenue to investigate offshore trusts on 08/07/2009
  Guernsey banking figures released on 08/06/2009
  Guernsey tops banking awards on 04/06/2009
  Guernsey’s Chief Minister briefs UK MPs on 01/06/2009
  US-Guernsey relations strengthened on 15/05/2009
  Guernsey legal resources go online on 30/04/2009
  Guernsey welcomes OECD position on 06/04/2009
  Guernsey’s banking industry to be assessed on 02/04/2009
  OECD commends tax agreements on 01/04/2009
  Guernsey rejecting tax haven tag on 31/03/2009
  New boss for Guernsey Financial Services Commission on 16/03/2009
  First for Guernsey under new Companies Law on 14/01/2009
  Guernsey officially launches new Company Registry on 01/12/2008
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