BAHAMAS: The Bahamas government has met all commitments to EU, amidst revenue shortfall. on 01/10/2019
  BAHAMAS: Escape from FATF listing awaits 'Action Plan'. on 25/06/2019
  BAHAMAS: Business ‘uneasy’ over tax strategy’s absence. on 06/06/2019
  BAHAMAS: ‘Discretion’ in name switch tax dodgers clamp down. on 05/06/2019
  BAHAMAS: Evasion loopholes hitting VAT target, fears ex-minister. on 03/05/2019
  BAHAMAS: Mid-May launch for $100m tax offensive. on 03/05/2019
  BAHAMAS: Deputy PM rejects FATF criticism concerning money laundering prosecutions. on 02/05/2019
  BAHAMAS: Financial Intelligence ‘put away in corner and forgotten about’ says Deputy Prime Minister. on 29/04/2019
  BAHAMAS: Island has experienced strong economic performance, IMF says. on 18/04/2019
  BAHAMAS: Island needs ‘ability to pay’ taxation system. on 17/04/2019
  BAHAMAS: Jurisdiction must 'pioneer' to halt financial attrition. on 12/04/2019
  BAHAMAS: Crypto ‘marriage’ with traditional financial services. on 09/04/2019
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  After disclosure on Bahamas tax havens, UN experts urge governments to take action on 07/10/2016
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  'Germany's James Bond' goes on trial over tax evasion on 27/09/2016
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  Bahamas Central Bank forecasts mildly positive growth on 09/08/2016
  Bahamian insurance industry poised to witness growth on 28/07/2016
  IMF concludes consultation with The Bahamas on 13/06/2016
  Bahamas Government ‘trying to do away’ with Limited Liability, claims opposition on 08/06/2016
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  S&P: Bahamas will avoid ‘grey listing’ from Panama papers on 20/04/2016
  Panama leak “challenges the work and validity of international financial centres”, according to Bahamas’ Strachan on 07/04/2016
  Banking challenges undermine many developing countries, says Bahamas ambassador on 01/04/2016
  IMF concludes mission to Bahamas on 24/03/2016
  Practitioners reassured on future of the Bahamas financial services sector on 19/02/2016
  The Bahamas plans S&P meeting to ward off downgrade on 02/02/2016
  Bahamas told to position itself for future growth opportunities on 26/01/2016
  Bahamas' growth projection slashed by IMF on 16/12/2015
  Bahamas: 'Integrity' and 'Excellence' should be the standards of the financial services industry – Strachan on 18/11/2015
  Ambassador Newry protests Bahamas' tax haven status in DC on 01/10/2015
  Bahamas: Financial Services ministry restructuring to remain cutting edge on 25/09/2015
  DC’s Bahamas Blacklist Branded ‘Inconsequential’ on 23/09/2015
  Bahamas financial services industry continues to target Asia’s wealth economy on 25/08/2015
  Bahamas: Fatca compliance 'will strengthen financial services industry' on 18/08/2015
  Bahamas set to comply with international FATCA standards on 11/08/2015
  IMF warns of challenges for Bahamian economic recovery on 29/07/2015
  Caribbean countries demand removal from EU tax haven list on 01/07/2015
  Bahamas Insurers gain ‘last minute’ extension over VAT credits on 26/06/2015
  Bahamas ‘unfairly dumped on’ with EU blacklisting on 19/06/2015
  Bahamas: Financial Industry fears FATCA start with no legislation on 17/06/2015
  Bahamas: Financial services keeping up with international best practices claims Strachan on 10/06/2015
  The Bahamas working to increase its trading relationship With China on 09/06/2015
  Bahamas releases proposed FATCA legislation & guidance notes for industry consultation on 15/05/2015
  Prime Minister says Bahamas government must diversify revenue sources on 07/05/2015
  Bahamas to be ready to comply to FATCA on 17/04/2015
  Seven Caribbean countries on US money laundering list for 2015 on 25/03/2015
  FATCA Compliance: Bahamas races toward the finish line with EY and Convey on 05/03/2015
  Bahamas: Insurers in ‘state of flux’ over VAT on 19/02/2015
  Bahamas to Undergo CFATF Review in 2015 on 19/11/2014
  Bahamas commission targets repeal of financial provider act on 22/10/2014
  Bahamas insurers fear VAT 'tax on top of a tax' on 01/10/2014
  Bahamas Ex-Attorney General: 'We're up to' coping with automatic tax information on 02/09/2014
  Bahamas urged to ‘embrace new era’ with investor citizen plan on 26/06/2014
  Bahamas near bottom at 40% 'tax capacity' on 05/06/2014
  New Bahamian fund product sent for Attorney General review on 15/05/2014
  Bahamas cabinet approves Fatca model 'in principle' on 23/04/2014
  Bahamas could see revenue boost via compliance norm on 10/04/2014
  Bahamas can be arbitration hub 'within five Years' on 03/04/2014
  Bahamas aims to complete Fatca by next week on 02/04/2014
  Bahamas work permit waiver could 'sweeten captive pot' on 28/03/2014
  New immigration policy can 'revolutionise' Bahamas Financial Sector on 18/03/2014
  Caricom calls on all `relevant parties’ to pass anti-laundering bill on 13/03/2014
  'No major' financial industry downsizing in Bahamas within next 2 years on 11/03/2014
  Bahamas signs TIEA with Czech Republic on 07/03/2014
  Training ‘essential pillar’ issue in Bahamas Financial Services Ministry on 25/02/2014
  Bahamas: Fatca compliance no 'flip of switch' on 23/01/2014
  Bahamas urged: 'be ahead of pace' in finance crime fight on 22/01/2014
  Bahamas financial services: Vat 'no risk at all' on 17/01/2014
  Bahamas Gov'ts US$300m bond issue oversubscribed '20 times' on 16/01/2014
  Bahamas enjoys Swiss private wealth 'influx' on 08/01/2014
  Bahamas IBC Act gap means no US$13m claw back on 19/11/2013
  US probes offshore bank accounts on 14/11/2013
  Bahamas national Anti-Money Laundering Task Force appointed on 25/10/2013
  Bahamas FM encourages entrepreneurship in compliance on 16/10/2013
  Bahamas requiring $1 billion in short-term infrastructure on 25/09/2013
  Bahamas Finance Ministry opens discussion on VAT implementation on 24/09/2013
  New markets possible for The Bahamas, says Financial Services Minister on 23/09/2013
  Bahamas Government moves on FATCA reporting on 20/09/2013
  Bahamas makes statement on FATCA on 16/08/2013
  FATCA announcements made in Bahamas House of Assembly on 14/08/2013
  Bahamas hopes to ‘recapture’ captive insurance business on 14/08/2013
  Bahamas to pursue FATCA model 1 IGA on 26/07/2013
  FATCA infrastructure a ‘significant concern’ on 24/07/2013
  ESMA finalises AIF supervisory agreements on 22/07/2013
  New work permit policy enhances Bahamas financial services sector on 10/07/2013
  Latin American slip 'no cause for alarm' on 03/07/2013
  Bahamas 'rises from captives extinction' on 02/07/2013
  Bahamas cabinet to decide Fatca approach by next week on 28/06/2013
  High net worth growth of 10 per cent can aid Bahamas on 20/06/2013
  Long insolvencies 'reflecting badly on the Bahamas' on 30/05/2013
  Korea seeks parliamentary approval for tax treaties with Bahamas and Vanuatu on 24/05/2013
  Bahamas in estate planning 'uptick' on 17/05/2013
  No 'wholesale panic' over G-20 automatic tax exchange push on 30/04/2013
  Bahamas' 27 tax deals face new G-20 pressures on 23/04/2013
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  Bahamas adapting to new tax transparency landscape on 16/04/2013
  No US 'Strong-Arm' on Fatca compliance on 12/04/2013
  FATCA is ‘significant international matter’ says Bahamas’ Ryan Pinder on 11/04/2013
  Bahamas 'still challenged' on benefits from FDI inflows on 05/04/2013
  Bahamas 'Back In The Game' on Captive Insurers on 28/03/2013
  Bahamas to take small business, investment advisors 'captive' on 22/03/2013
  Bahamas could attract captive managers by exploiting its ship registry on 15/03/2013
  Bahamas on 'wrong path' to US$5bn sector on 12/03/2013
  Financial Services Ministry and industry regulators issue survey to assess readiness for FATCA on 21/02/2013
  QC urges 'hybrid' IGA for Bahamas FATCA compliance on 20/02/2013
  Bahamas to introduce Value Added Tax on 18/02/2013
  IMF: 'No Threat' to Bahamas Financial Industry on 14/02/2013
  Bahamas Trusts hauled in to FATCA tax net on 06/02/2013
  Bahamas: Minister slams G-20's 'unprecedented assault' on financial industry on 30/01/2013
  Bahamas faces 'disadvantage' if no FATCA IGA on 29/01/2013
  Fatca regulations ‘push’ Bahamas in government deal heading on 24/01/2013
  Bahamas: BFSB secures an IOSCO A status membership for Securities Industry on 15/01/2013
  Innovation drives Bahamas’ role in global wealth market on 11/01/2013
  Government agreement on FATCA Best for Bahamas on 22/11/2012
  Bahamas tax system 'barrier to trade' on 08/11/2012
  Bahamas Must 'Get Ahead' Of G-20 Plans on 02/11/2012
  Hedge Fund havens weigh taxes as Caribbean’s debt rivals Greece on 25/10/2012
  Bahamas: Need for tax reform 'universal' on 16/10/2012
  Financial Centres shy from FATCA spotlight on 15/10/2012
  US considers giving St Kitts and Nevis, other Caribbean states CBERA status on 15/10/2012
  Bahamas 'Ahead of Curve' with Trust legislation on 11/10/2012
  Bahamas outlines fiscal action plan on 02/10/2012
  New laws regulating Bahamas pension plans foreshadowed on 09/08/2012
  Bahamas 'uneven response' on Fatca on 26/07/2012
  Standard and Poor's raises The Bahamas short-term rating on criteria change on 11/07/2012
  Bahamas financial sector urged: 'water fertile ground' on 06/07/2012
  Bahamas should be 'first name on lips' for financial services on 04/07/2012
  Bahamas urged to lobby over Fatca on 27/06/2012
  Bahamas ministry continues to prep for Fatca implementation on 22/06/2012
  Strong regulatory environment of significance in the Caribbean on 13/06/2012
  Strong regulatory environment of significance in the Caribbean on 12/06/2012
  Minister of Financial Services says that Bahamas is ‘Open for Business’ on 07/06/2012
  Bahamas: BACO seeking ‘critical role in financial services on 06/06/2012
  S&P report says Caribbean debt is on the rise on 24/05/2012
  Bahamian commercial banks' still trying to get hands around Fatca on 23/05/2012
  Wealth advisors believe new Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE) to become an important tool in international estate planning on 17/05/2012
  Bahamas must 'be best' in financial services on 16/05/2012
  Bahamas: New service to allow trustees to take advantage of Bahamas Executive Entity on 25/04/2012
  Urgent action by Caricom finance ministers needed on US Fatca on 19/04/2012
  Bahamas Government to target Latin American market on 17/04/2012
  Bermuda broker: Bahamas could draw captives on 30/03/2012
  Bahamas faces more financial consolidation on 23/02/2012
  Bahamas Financial sector: US Dual citizenship 'loophole' fears on 17/02/2012
  Bahamas: Key legislation bolsters financial sector on 13/01/2012
  IMF: Bahamas fiscal reform delays may ‘jeopardise recovery’ on 06/12/2011
  Govt. bonds require greater scrutiny on 29/11/2011
  The Bahamas and Canada TIEA ‘will cement relationship’. on 23/11/2011
  Bahamas 'Weakest Growth' in Sovereign Peer Group on 16/11/2011
  Bahamas: Bills introduced to meet OECD recommendations on 10/11/2011
  S&P Downgrades Bahamas’ Rating on 02/11/2011
  IMF: Bahamas and Caribbean slowly recovering on 27/10/2011
  Trusts conference: Confidentiality not threatened by TIEAs on 19/10/2011
  Bahamas ranks fifth in prestigious offshore banking report on 18/10/2011
  Bahamas FOI needs more scrutiny on 13/10/2011
  Gibraltar defends allegations of misconduct on 10/10/2011
  Bahamas falls in Global Financial Index on 03/10/2011
  Bahamas ‘must update’ trademark law on 26/09/2011
  Bahamas signs TIEA agreement with South Africa on 19/09/2011
  Bahamas: China pledges US$1 billion loan to region on 15/09/2011
  Bahamas: Chamber Chief backs tax benefit extension to 2054 on 14/09/2011
  PM: Bahamas will not stop efforts to improve financial services sector on 13/09/2011
  Moody's lowers Bahamas outlook after rapid run-up in debt on 02/09/2011
  Bahamas sign TIEA’s with Guernsey and Aruba on 17/08/2011
  Bahamas: Time is running out for FATCA preparation, KPMG warns on 16/08/2011
  Bahamas: Uncertainty looms amid US downgrade on 10/08/2011
  Bahamas: South Korea TIEA signed on 08/08/2011
  Bahamas: Financial services looking to e-govt for competitive boost on 04/08/2011
  IMF, “Economic recovery in The Bahamas is gaining strength" on 03/08/2011
  Bahamas and Japan exchange notes on TIEA on 28/07/2011
  Bahamas: Central Bank on Risk-based Supervision Framework on 26/07/2011
  Bahamas: Canada TIEA closer though not in effect on 25/07/2011
  Caribbean economies grow by 1.9 per cent on 21/07/2011
  Debt ceiling crisis leaves Bahamas exposed on 20/07/2011
  Bahamas: BFSB responds to Moody’s report on 13/07/2011
  Bahamas: Moody’s uncertain on prospects for offshore sector on 11/07/2011
  Bahamas: New Act to simplify probate, administration of estates on 07/07/2011
  Bahamas: Brokers await regulator over 'audit review' on 06/07/2011
  St. Vincent PM says 'Big Four' must lead integration on 06/07/2011
  Bahamas: Financial Centre targeting retail tenant offering on 05/07/2011
  The Bahamas: Canada TIEA could mean jobs, increased FDI on 24/06/2011
  Bahamas misses crucial EPA meeting on 22/06/2011
  Bahamas:Trust expert suggests tax on foreign financial services firms on 21/06/2011
  Bahamas: Dodd-Frank Act threatening securities investment adviser business on 16/06/2011
  ‘Bankers on the beach’: IMF officials say OFCs are luring tax evaders on 15/06/2011
  OECD targets tax avoidance on 09/06/2011
  IFCs need ‘unified voice’ STEP conference told on 18/05/2011
  'Cost recovery' urged on OECD account demand on 22/04/2011
  Bahamas tax system receives favourable OECD review on 15/04/2011
  The Bahamas must 'reach regulatory jungle finish line' on 07/04/2011
  London tops financial-center list on 22/03/2011
  India looks to encourage tax information exchange on 04/03/2011
  Bahamas Aircraft Registry debate on 18/01/2011
  Call for revision of The Bahamas tax structure on 18/11/2010
  OECD review 'a good thing' for Bahamas on 05/10/2010
  Bahamas urged to 'regain offensive' on 30/09/2010
  Offshore centres back Hawala deals on 30/08/2010
  Judge: 'Resist' fraud label on offshore centres on 19/08/2010
  South Africa negotiates tax information exchange treaties on 05/08/2010
  Fund sector suffers US$80bn asset decline on 30/07/2010
  Ex-UBS client gets house arrest for tax conviction on 28/07/2010
  OECD hold productive meeting in the Bahamas on 26/07/2010
  Tax confidentiality 'effectively eliminated' on 14/07/2010
  EU commissioner rebuffs quick introduction of transaction tax on 12/07/2010
  Bahamas must answer sector's 'US$10tr question' on 09/07/2010
  Canada TIEA may contain 'double tax' reciprocity on 16/06/2010
  Bahamas Customs facing ‘massive reform’ on 04/06/2010
  US offshore probe set to continue on 03/05/2010
  Bahamian TIEA key evidence in US tax evasion trial on 28/04/2010
  Indian tax authorities keep close eye on citizens abroad on 28/04/2010
  Labuan delivers good returns despite global economic turmoil on 27/04/2010
  US tax investigation widens offshore net on 20/04/2010
  TIEA system comes in for criticism on 19/04/2010
  Australian tax transparency push gathers pace on 07/04/2010
  More Caribbean TIEAs inked on 06/04/2010
  Australia signs TIEAs with Caribbean centres on 31/03/2010
  Bahamas must look to ‘trust-plus’ solutions on 25/03/2010
  TIEA not financial ‘Armageddon’ for Bahamas on 18/03/2010
  Bahamas removed from OECD "grey list" on 11/03/2010
  South Korea to finalise tax treaty network on 10/03/2010
  Long-term impact of TIEAs uncertain for Bahamas on 02/03/2010
  Bahamas among top five IFCs on 23/02/2010
  Bahamas set to meet ‘grey list’ deadline for TIEAs on 03/02/2010
  Bahamian Economic Partnership Agreement initialled on 29/01/2010
  Bahamas must avoid information exchange slippery slope on 26/01/2010
  OECD lauds TIEA success on 20/01/2010
  Iceland must fight to retain Nordic backing on 08/01/2010
  Bahamas extends TIEA remit on 04/08/2009
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