Cayman Islands
  Cayman: Governor heads to NY to support offshore on 21/01/2019
  Cayman: Dutch blacklisting unjustified diversion tactic on 09/01/2019
  Amid Brexit turmoil, UK reassures overseas territories on 14/12/2018
  Challenging the UK’s imposition of public registers of beneficial ownership will be no easy task, says Cayman government lawyer. on 10/10/2018
  US-China Trade Tensions: What these May Mean for the Caribbean on 24/09/2018
  Cayman: Minister Rivers to meet EU officials on tax blacklist on 19/09/2018
  Conflict between UK, Cayman over financial investigations on 17/09/2018
  Tory Attorney General faces questions after he objected to plans to make tax havens more transparent on 13/09/2018
  Whistleblower law to expand to cover all entities in Cayman on 17/08/2018
  Vistra concludes Deutsche Bank corporate services business acquisition on 16/08/2018
  Visiting UK MPs do not support the imposition of a public register of beneficial ownership across the BOTs on 07/08/2018
  The Cayman Islands - Third Largest Foreign Investor into Israel on 31/07/2018
  Cayman Islands: Businesses host petition calling for governor’s return on 30/07/2018
  Offshore Finance Centres Are Becoming a Hotbed for ICO Projects on 24/05/2018
  Public Beneficial Ownership Registers: Steve McField Weighs in on Possible Cayman Vs UK Legal Challenge on 09/05/2018
  The UK’s recent decision on public registries: ineffective, discriminatory and out of touch on 04/05/2018
  Cayman Islands AEOI Update - March 2018 on 29/03/2018
  Cayman continues as pre-eminent global offshore jurisdiction on 15/11/2017
  Hedge Funds Introduce Institutional Money to Cryptocurrency on 14/11/2017
  Cayman Finance Responds to Sensational Reports Exploiting Illegal Data Hack on 07/11/2017
  Cayman still labelled as ‘notorious tax haven’ on 27/10/2017
  A Guide to new legislation on Foundation Companies in the Cayman Islands on 24/10/2017
  Cayman Islands Issues AML/CTF Country Whitelist on 10/10/2017
  IMF Highlights Bank Derisking's Impact on the Caribbean on 04/10/2017
  Cayman Islands Supporting Firms Affected By Irma on 22/09/2017
  Misleading Claims about Multi-National Corporate Tax Avoidance on 31/08/2017
  Countries to Exchange Account Information in September on 30/08/2017
  Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands AEOI Update – Final Extension to the Reporting Period on 11/08/2017
  World View: The Relevance And State Of Us-Caribbean Relations on 01/08/2017
  Isle of Man: Study discredits 'tax haven' label on 27/07/2017
  Scope and obligations – Cayman's new beneficial ownership regime begins on 21/07/2017
  Cayman Islands: Financial Services Minister Holds Meetings in London on 20/07/2017
  Businesses urged to prepare for data protection challenges on 13/07/2017
  OECD Lists One Tax Haven, Tax Justice Network Says ‘Nonsense!’ on 03/07/2017
  BVI firms hold $1.5T in assets, benefit global economy on 03/07/2017
  Cayman Islands: New Thresholds For PR By Independent Means on 27/06/2017
  UK leader commits to adviser clampdown over tax avoidance on 22/05/2017
  Canadian businesses pull billions out of tax havens on 27/04/2017
  Cayman: Citizens in G-20 countries favor government cooperation over tax competition on 26/04/2017
  USA: Tax Day: Will Trump and Wall Street pay their share? on 19/04/2017
  Tax evasion and havens costing Quebec and Canada billions, report says on 06/04/2017
  USA: The $767 Billion Money Pot Driving Tax Reform on 29/03/2017
  Ireland has been accused of rivalling the Cayman Islands when it comes to tax avoidance on 28/03/2017
  French banks posted 'multi-billion euro profits' in tax havens on 28/03/2017
  Oxfam exposes tax haven habits of big European banks on 27/03/2017
  Cayman Finance hosts seminar on new UK bill on 23/03/2017
  Caribbean: CARICOM seeks FATCA delay, but law may prove irrelevant on 20/03/2017
  Cayman: FATCA repeal on agenda of US Republicans on 16/03/2017
  Cayman Islands vote could pull back veil of secrecy for businesses on 24/02/2017
  Country: Cayman and UK, Cayman’s leaders in London for Brexit summit on 06/02/2017
  Billions could drain from Cayman entities as Trump is elected on 10/11/2016
  U.K. Should Extend Tax Offenses Bill to its Territories on 10/11/2016
  Changes proposed for Cayman Islands Trusts Law on 05/10/2016
  Cayman Islands included on Italy's 'whitelist' on 01/09/2016
  Swiss court clears former Cayman banker of breaking bank secrecy laws on 24/08/2016
  Cayman Islands registered firms top 100,000 mark on 22/08/2016
  Cayman: FATCA notification and reporting due dates extended on 10/08/2016
  Cayman snubbed by ESMA over funds passport on 21/07/2016
  UK pledges a consultative process on Brexit between London and BOTs on 21/07/2016
  Bermuda Minister Gibbons introduces Limited Liability Company Act on 15/07/2016
  Gibraltar GFSC and Cayman CIMA sign a Memorandum of Understanding on 05/07/2016
  Cayman seeks opportunity in Brexit aftermath on 27/06/2016
  Japan investors shy away from Caymans on 15/06/2016
  Caribbean banks must adapt to survive de-risking, says industry consultant on 23/05/2016
  UK chancellor backs Cayman’s position on beneficial ownership on 20/05/2016
  Beneficial ownership: Cayman Govt says US must sign first on 18/05/2016
  Cayman hasn’t committed to automatic sharing of ownership data on 17/05/2016
  Cayman premier calls for end to tax hypocrisy on 13/05/2016
  Cayman: Uncertainty remains over who will respond to companies requests on 04/05/2016
  Companies put US$221 billion into low-tax jurisdictions in 2015: UN on 04/05/2016
  UK-Cayman beneficial ownership deal more secure than register on 03/05/2016
  Cayman: Minister points to worrying trend at EU grilling on 27/04/2016
  Cameron introduces new tax transparency rules on 12/04/2016
  Cayman Ministry: Legislative changes concerning beneficial ownership and privacy coming on 06/04/2016
  Bermuda funds on fast track as cost creep clouds Cayman on 21/03/2016
  Global tax enforcement puts Cayman in the crosshairs on 21/03/2016
  Cayman Islands firms agree to tax probe penalties on 10/03/2016
  Cayman Finance welcomes CIG/UK beneficial ownership meeting on 07/03/2016
  June deadline for Cayman EU funds passport on 16/02/2016
  Cayman’s offshore banking sector shrinking on 04/02/2016
  Cayman copies Delaware for limited liability law on 19/01/2016
  Panton – Clinton comments no direct threat to Cayman on 15/01/2016
  Cayman Islands: Tax dodgers beware, warns Panton on 06/01/2016
  Cayman: Central public register may be inevitable on 15/12/2015
  Cayman: Panton to tax evaders - Go someplace else on 11/12/2015
  Cayman Islands reject Cameron’s tax offensive on 30/11/2015
  UK escalates beneficial ownership demands on 27/11/2015
  Cayman: No tax cuts forecast in Archer’s last SPS on 26/11/2015
  Cayman Islands regulator under fire in bank liquidation saga on 24/11/2015
  Brazil concludes TIEAs with the Cayman Islands, Guernsey and Jersey on 17/11/2015
  Cayman remains on financial secrecy list on 06/11/2015
  US overtakes Caymans and Singapore as haven for assets of super-rich on 03/11/2015
  Brazilian wealth seeks Cayman deals in complex environment on 29/10/2015
  Caribbean likely to suffer collateral damage from tax crackdown on 19/10/2015
  Australian super funds pouring into Cayman Islands on 19/10/2015
  Cayman Finance responds to Australian Senator’s tax comments on 15/10/2015
  Cayman hedge funds may require EU passport on 15/10/2015
  Cayman trust law must evolve to stem flight to Bermuda on 13/10/2015
  Ireland wins as UBS shifts fund from Cayman Islands on 12/10/2015
  Cayman risk assessment reveals major money laundering threats on 09/10/2015
  David Cameron says not enough is being done to tackle tax evasion in Overseas Territories on 01/10/2015
  Isle of Man signs Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the Cayman Islands on 24/09/2015
  Cayman: CIMA takes aim at corporate governance standards on 15/09/2015
  Cayman-US couple fight tax exchange decision on 10/09/2015
  UK seems to relax pressure on Caymans over company register on 03/09/2015
  Cayman well placed for EU hedge fund passport – AIMA on 20/08/2015
  Growing trend: Islamic finance goes offshore on 12/08/2015
  Cayman introduces opt-in AIFMD regime on 03/08/2015
  Overseas Territories leaders prepare for UK meeting on 30/07/2015
  Cayman: CIMA directors change in midst of 'internal review' on 28/07/2015
  Cayman Islands: Tax information agreements burdensome to financial industry on 10/07/2015
  Caribbean countries demand removal from EU tax haven list on 01/07/2015
  Cayman finance ministry to review CIG fees on 24/06/2015
  Cayman on new EU blacklist on 18/06/2015
  Cayman Islands adds maritime services park to special economic zone on 26/05/2015
  Archer: Cayman's financial 'freedom' still needs work on 20/05/2015
  April 30th Cayman Islands FATCA notification deadline on 30/04/2015
  Cayman: Money laundering reports spike on 22/04/2015
  Cayman to dump current trademarks law on 17/04/2015
  Offshore centers told to make central register on 30/03/2015
  Seven Caribbean countries on US money laundering list for 2015 on 25/03/2015
  Cayman introduces new PIC laws on 17/02/2015
  Cayman Islands reports steady growth in captives during 2014 on 12/02/2015
  Cayman Insurance amendments a welcome development for insurance industry on 21/01/2015
  Overseas territories snub Cameron on tax register on 16/01/2015
  Cayman Finance supports CIG’s beneficial ownership stance on 13/01/2015
  Cayman Islands: Financial Institutions failing to register may face penalties on 12/01/2015
  CIMA launches online system on 08/01/2015
  Public consultation rejects beneficial ownership registry on 06/01/2015
  UK territories unite against public company registry on 11/12/2014
  Cayman and UK government work to implement shared vision on 28/11/2014
  Latest G20 summit holds no surprises for Cayman on 26/11/2014
  Cayman signs tax information pact on 31/10/2014
  Cayman’s economy growing on 29/10/2014
  Cayman: Assessment of money laundering risks launched on 16/10/2014
  Cayman: Moxam calls for financial services plan on 15/10/2014
  Cayman conference calls for update to trust law on 08/10/2014
  GFCI 16 methodology questioned by Cayman Finance on 03/10/2014
  Cayman government pushes on with data protection on 22/09/2014
  Offshore deals peak in second quarter on 17/09/2014
  Cayman consultants recommend merging CIMA with General Registry on 12/09/2014
  UK FCA withdraws ‘high risk’ country list on 08/09/2014
  Cayman included on FCA high-risk list on 21/08/2014
  Cayman: Directors need to register on 05/08/2014
  Hedge funds finish strongly in second quarter 2014 on 16/07/2014
  Cayman banks on course for FATCA on 15/07/2014
  Cayman: Improved law for exempted limited partnerships in force on 09/07/2014
  Cayman: Publicly accessible CIMA database of directors still a long way off on 04/07/2014
  Cayman bank records seized on 24/06/2014
  Cayman Islands and Colombia to sign TIEA: IMAC on 23/06/2014
  Cayman issues FATCA guidance notes, awaits industry feedback on 20/06/2014
  UK delegation promotes beneficial ownership registry in Cayman on 19/06/2014
  China spends billions to fund Caribbean ambition on 16/06/2014
  Cayman needs to be assertive vs tax haven claims on 12/06/2014
  Cayman Islands reduces debt 7.2% on 02/06/2014
  New Cayman directors registration and licensing law includes appeals process on 28/05/2014
  UK approves Cayman Islands budget plan on 23/05/2014
  Cayman Islands continues to dominate offshore M&As on 21/05/2014
  Cayman budget due Wednesday week on 15/05/2014
  Cayman Charities Bill, 2014 submitted for public consultation on 13/05/2014
  Cameron urges OTs again to adopt public registries on 07/05/2014
  Cayman Islands, Belgium sign tax information exchange agreement on 02/05/2014
  Cayman keeps one-year budget, for now on 31/03/2014
  Call for more action to shake Cayman tax image on 13/03/2014
  Cayman banks ready for FATCA on 12/03/2014
  Cayman’s financial services businesses weigh in on beneficial ownership registry plan on 07/03/2014
  Chamber, lawyers blast UK 'beneficial ownership' plan on 04/03/2014
  Cayman deadline nears for beneficial ownership consultation on 27/02/2014
  Premier: Cayman must go into 'hostile territory' over financial services on 25/02/2014
  Premier: Cayman 'ahead of UK' on beneficial ownership on 13/02/2014
  Global legislation drives improvements in due diligence on 06/02/2014
  Cayman working group to tackle tax exchange framework on 05/02/2014
  BEPS next major tax initiative to impact Cayman on 28/01/2014
  Cayman on track for FATCA on 24/01/2014
  HMRC issues letters to suspected Cayman Islands evaders on 21/01/2014
  New Bermuda fund offering raises Cayman fee issue on 16/12/2013
  Non-EU firms will struggle with ‘patchwork quilt’ of AIFMD rules on 12/12/2013
  Cayman Finance calls for more government support on 11/12/2013
  Insurers: Cayman Industry needs to innovate on 09/12/2013
  Bush defends Cayman’s regulatory integrity on 06/12/2013
  Cayman Islands, Costa Rica sign FATCA agreements with US on 03/12/2013
  Overseas Territories to consult on beneficial ownership registry on 28/11/2013
  Cayman Islands, Malta sign tax information exchange agreement on 28/11/2013
  OECD: A boost to transparency and international tax co-operation on 22/11/2013
  US probes offshore bank accounts on 14/11/2013
  Cayman Islands, United Kingdom sign FATCA-type agreement on 06/11/2013
  Cayman: New privacy laws sought on 17/10/2013
  Cayman Islands begins offering online company registrations on 03/10/2013
  Cayman Enterprise City sees increase in signups on 01/10/2013
  Cayman: Grand Court quashes tax info exchange on 30/09/2013
  Praise for PM Cameron statements that BOT should not be described as tax havens on 19/09/2013
  OT leaders find common ground in Gibraltar on 13/09/2013
  Cayman Islands request inclusion in tax convention on 12/09/2013
  Immigration review under way for Cayman work permits on 11/09/2013
  Cayman Chief Justice defends legitimacy of offshore trusts on 23/08/2013
  Cayman, US forging deal on pacts to uncover assets on 20/08/2013
  HMRC confirms six-month delay to tax information exchanges with Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on 16/08/2013
  Cayman Islands, United States conclude FATCA talks on 14/08/2013
  Captive insurance industry rises to all-time record on 07/08/2013
  Taxman ramps up search for international bank information on 22/07/2013
  FATCA: ‘Headache of the decade’ for Cayman’s financial institutions on 02/07/2013
  Cayman Islands issues action plan on beneficial ownership on 27/06/2013
  No Cayman budget changes until October on 18/06/2013
  Cayman government commits to multilateral tax convention on 12/06/2013
  Cayman Islands bankers defend rules ahead of trade nominee vote on 11/06/2013
  Transparency changes for Cayman on 06/06/2013
  Four centres get ESMA's AIFMD seal of approval on 05/06/2013
  Worse-than-Cyprus debt load means Caribbean defaults to Moody’s on 28/05/2013
  Cayman signs tax treaty with the Czech Republic on 24/05/2013
  David Cameron warns overseas territories on tax on 20/05/2013
  Cayman Islands spars with Sachs over hedge fund directorships on 14/05/2013
  More hard times ahead for Cayman financial sector on 03/05/2013
  All British overseas territories now in tax information deals on 03/05/2013
  Cayman corporate governance reforms face legal challenge on 01/05/2013
  Cayman Islands offers to join G5 automatic exchange project on 30/04/2013
  Global Forum confirms Cayman’s ability to provide tax information on 17/04/2013
  Cayman's Travers rebukes international misrepresentation on 17/04/2013
  Conundrum in cross-border insolvency tackled by Cayman Islands on 04/04/2013
  Cayman moves forward with FATCA on 04/04/2013
  Cayman creates incorporated cell companies on 28/03/2013
  Cayman Islands, Brazil sign tax information exchange agreement on 21/03/2013
  AIFM directive unlikely to cause significant changes in Cayman on 20/03/2013
  Cayman opts for Model 1 IGA for FATCA on 19/03/2013
  London mayor says EU bank bonus cap helps New York, Singapore on 01/03/2013
  Cayman: Foreign law firms must maintain standards on 26/02/2013
  Cayman moves toward enhanced corporate governance on 20/02/2013
  Cayman Finance welcomes Moody's outlook on Cayman on 19/02/2013
  Cayman Islands directors vote for FATCA IGA model 1 on 07/02/2013
  Investor pressure to continue for hedge fund industry on 06/02/2013
  Cayman Islands: Industry offers support for CIMA governance initiative on 30/01/2013
  Cayman remains domicile of choice for captives on 25/01/2013
  Government is pushing bills for pension, legal practitioners on 22/01/2013
  Cayman Islands to open up to scrutiny on 18/01/2013
  Cayman lawyers' law stirs up court on 17/01/2013
  British Government Rumoured to be Planning ‘Son of FATCA’ for Overseas Territories on 18/12/2012
  Cayman: Focus turns to the regulation of independent directors on 13/12/2012
  New Regulations Passed for Cayman Islands Insurance Law on 06/12/2012
  Cayman: UK fiscal framework may stay in law on 30/11/2012
  Cayman competitiveness in hedge funds services questioned on 21/11/2012
  Worldwide offshore company registrations up on 14/11/2012
  Lord Blencathra: Defend yourselves over tax haven claims on 14/11/2012
  Cayman: Attempt at passing UK ‘framework’ bill flops on 12/11/2012
  US in talks with dozens of nations on tax pacts on 09/11/2012
  FATCA burdens worry Caribbean economies on 08/11/2012
  More changes for Cayman finance law on 07/11/2012
  Cayman: Bush says ‘no’ to more regulation on 02/11/2012
  Hedge Fund havens weigh taxes as Caribbean’s debt rivals Greece on 25/10/2012
  Cayman retains lead in ‘Banker’ rankings on 24/10/2012
  Cayman Islands enact company fee hikes on 22/10/2012
  Cayman FATCA implementation method remains uncertain for now on 17/10/2012
  Trust administration requires balance – Chief Justice on 12/10/2012
  More Cayman business fees increased on 11/10/2012
  Offshore trusts to remain important estate planning tool on 10/10/2012
  Cayman money laundering regulations amended on 03/10/2012
  Cayman: Optional expat pension plan moving ahead on 02/10/2012
  High number of Cayman redomiciliations has dropped off in 2012 on 20/09/2012
  Cayman plans hefty hike in work permit fees on 15/08/2012
  Controversial Cayman expat tax axed on 08/08/2012
  Cayman business leaders challenge ‘expat tax’ plan, as ‘Mac’ stands firm on 07/08/2012
  Cayman Islands proposes income tax on expats to fix budget woes on 30/07/2012
  Cayman drafts Incorporated Cell Company Alternative on 25/07/2012
  Cayman’s Enterprise City sets sights on creating 9,800 jobs on 17/07/2012
  Cayman Court upholds restructuring arrangements and delineation of legal and beneficial interest. on 06/07/2012
  Cayman insurance supervisors to debate issues on 20/06/2012
  Leadership Cayman debates financial services issues on 31/05/2012
  S&P report says Caribbean debt is on the rise on 24/05/2012
  Cayman Islands target Brazilian investors on 16/05/2012
  Cayman regulatory framework endorsed on 15/05/2012
  Cayman Court rules against in kind distribution of fund assets on 10/05/2012
  Urgent action by Caricom finance ministers needed on US Fatca on 19/04/2012
  US Democrats seek disclosure of offshore tax ties on 30/03/2012
  Cayman: CIMA signs agreement with SEC on 28/03/2012
  Cayman Islands hedge fund reforms on-track on 27/03/2012
  Bermuda extends captive lead over Cayman on 22/03/2012
  Potential changes to registration requirements for Cayman master funds on 28/02/2012
  Premier defends Bermuda's reputation as international business centre on 21/02/2012
  Cayman Islands Monetary Authority sees good potential for captive growth in 2012 on 08/02/2012
  US: Gingrich targets offshore jurisdictions on 09/01/2012
  India, Cayman Islands tax info exchange pact operational on 05/01/2012
  Bermuda’s Reinsurance ‘Tug-Of-War’ with Cayman on 13/12/2011
  Cayman Premier: New fund fees to bring US$7M on 08/12/2011
  Growth in EU onshore domiciles for alternative investment funds expected on 28/11/2011
  Cayman signs FCO fiscal rules on 24/11/2011
  Fund investors urge transparency on 22/11/2011
  Tax havens benefit the economy, say Tory MP on 02/11/2011
  Trusts conference: Confidentiality not threatened by TIEAs on 19/10/2011
  Cayman & Argentina sign tax pact on 17/10/2011
  Cayman Investment fund numbers return to stability in 2011 on 28/09/2011
  Cayman signs tax deal with Chinese on 27/09/2011
  Cayman: New bill brings special economic zone a step closer on 13/09/2011
  Cayman: Irene compels IRS to extend offshore disclosure deadline on 31/08/2011
  Cayman affected by report suggesting the unlikelihood of US recovery in 2012 on 24/08/2011
  OECD group meets in Cayman on 17/08/2011
  S&P action makes Cayman ‘a prisoner of events’ on 09/08/2011
  Vodafone insists no tax liability in India on 04/08/2011
  Guernsey signs TIEAs with Argentina and Cayman Islands on 02/08/2011
  Cayman directors learn about changes to the Companies Law on 27/07/2011
  BVI: Overseas Territories leaders achieved common objective at Overseas Territories Consultative Council on 26/07/2011
  Cayman: Hedge fund, firm registrations rebound in numbers in 2011 on 21/07/2011
  Caribbean economies grow by 1.9 per cent on 21/07/2011
  Caymans hosting review forum on transparency on 18/07/2011
  Economic growth likely for Cayman Islands on 08/07/2011
  St. Vincent PM says 'Big Four' must lead integration on 06/07/2011
  Cayman Islands: Industry accepts new hedge fund fee, says Bush on 21/06/2011
  ‘Bankers on the beach’: IMF officials say OFCs are luring tax evaders on 15/06/2011
  Caymans to introduce hedge fund levy on 14/06/2011
  Chairman of Cayman Islands Stock Exchange gives spoof award to tax haven critic on 07/06/2011
  Ridley defends offshore business at industry forum on 03/06/2011
  Cayman: Obama 'disingenuous at best' on 02/06/2011
  Cayman Islands: Bush requests transparency upgrade on 01/06/2011
  IFCs need ‘unified voice’ STEP conference told on 18/05/2011
  Travers makes another call for immigration change on 11/05/2011
  Cayman can handle new rules on 04/05/2011
  Bush says legal changes will enhance fund business on 03/05/2011
  Islands rise to the worldwide economic challenge on 13/04/2011
  Declining population worries wealthy nation’s premier on 07/04/2011
  Jersey is top ranked global offshore financial centre on 23/03/2011
  London tops financial-center list on 22/03/2011
  Bermuda plays the tax card to lure hedge funds on 25/01/2011
  Cayman Finance cites transparency as WikiLeaks threatens release of offshore account information on 19/01/2011
  Myth-busting Cayman eyes Indonesia on 05/01/2011
  Cayman Islands needs more financial infrastructure: Travers on 02/12/2010
  Swiss gain from offshore company reshuffle on 17/11/2010
  Cayman Finance chair says UK MPs still don’t get it on 17/11/2010
  AIFMD approval boosts fund industry in Cayman Islands, BVI and Jersey on 15/11/2010
  Offshore fund centres should ‘co-operate as well as compete’ on 09/11/2010
  Cayman on track to register 1200 hedge funds in 2010 on 09/11/2010
  Cayman unit trust’s Irish move on 01/11/2010
  Cayman’s fund business faces more transparency on 25/10/2010
  EU approves new hedge fund rules on 20/10/2010
  Expert says Cayman should court US law makers on 13/10/2010
  Global tax forum urges more transparency on 01/10/2010
  Move to more transparency brings new set of problems on 29/09/2010
  This is not the end for tax havens on 28/09/2010
  Offshore financial centres and medical tourism on 23/09/2010
  Hong Kong joins NY, London as top finance centre on 21/09/2010
  Guernsey climbs specialist finance centre rankings on 14/09/2010
  Cayman firm collapse has Aus tax authorities interested on 08/09/2010
  New Islamic finance instructions in France on 06/09/2010
  Ireland and the multinationals on 03/09/2010
  Offshore centres back Hawala deals on 30/08/2010
  Revenue expects to collect €40m in offshore inquiries on 27/08/2010
  Cayman Finance reacts to US business group attack on 12/08/2010
  South Africa negotiates tax information exchange treaties on 05/08/2010
  Fund sector suffers US$80bn asset decline on 30/07/2010
  House introduces Bill to close foreign tax loopholes on 29/07/2010
  Ireland eyes opportunities in global regulation focus on 29/07/2010
  Ireland showing best funds growth on 23/07/2010
  Cayman funds still growing on 16/07/2010
  Forbes names Bermuda one of world's top 10 tax havens on 09/07/2010
  Bahamas to host OECD meeting on 06/07/2010
  G20 crack down impacts investment in Cayman on 24/06/2010
  Hedge funds dodge European proposal with regulated ‘Newcits’ on 14/06/2010
  Australia’s delay in buy-out tax hits private equity on 14/06/2010
  Brazil places Switzerland on list of 65 'tax havens' on 10/06/2010
  Japan and Cayman Islands sign tax agreement on 27/05/2010
  Caymans and Portugal sign TIEA on 14/05/2010
  EU draft directive on hedge funds expected to pass despite opposition on 10/05/2010
  Caymans and Aruba ink TIEA on 04/05/2010
  US offshore probe set to continue on 03/05/2010
  Dublin and Luxembourg look to usurp the Caymans on 03/05/2010
  India, Hong Kong set to sign tax agreement on 30/04/2010
  Indian tax authorities keep close eye on citizens abroad on 28/04/2010
  TIEA system comes in for criticism on 19/04/2010
  Belgium claims other countries reluctant to share tax information on 08/04/2010
  Australian tax transparency push gathers pace on 07/04/2010
  More Caribbean TIEAs inked on 06/04/2010
  Australia signs TIEAs with Caribbean centres on 31/03/2010
  Tax ruling could stifle Australia’s bid to become Asia-Pacific financial hub on 30/03/2010
  Ucits III and IV change the hedge fund landscape on 29/03/2010
  Bahamas must look to ‘trust-plus’ solutions on 25/03/2010
  Code of conduct for banks to be discussed by OECD on 24/03/2010
  India consider over-riding tax treaty with Mauritius on 24/03/2010
  IMF confirms undeclared money held offshore runs into trillions on 15/03/2010
  South Korea to finalise tax treaty network on 10/03/2010
  NZ looking to overtake Australia as Asia-Pacific’s financial hub on 08/03/2010
  Bahamas among top five IFCs on 23/02/2010
  Cayman Islands lose international firm to Ireland on 18/02/2010
  Offshore centres vie for India’s attention on 17/02/2010
  OECD lauds TIEA success on 20/01/2010
  Caymans put more on the table for funds and investors on 05/01/2010
  Caymans set to combat hedge-fund exodus with immigration sweeteners on 30/12/2009
  Cayman company to acquire Eircom after shareholders vote on 16/12/2009
  Cayman Islands vows to fight aviation tax on 08/12/2009
  Caymans in £38m bailout on 01/10/2009
  Cayman debt worsens on 29/09/2009
  Treasury report reveals UK may bail out tax havens on 14/09/2009
  Bankruptcy looms for Grand Cayman on 02/09/2009
  Cayman Islands verges on white list on 21/07/2009
  India may sign double taxation agreements on 16/07/2009
  Irish Revenue to investigate offshore trusts on 08/07/2009
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