As the Blockchain Revolution Moves Offshore, What are the Challenges?
  As the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the BVI and other offshore jurisdictions position themselves as FinTech hubs, there are certain regulatory risks and challenges that each jurisdiction must overcome in this new blockchain era. (01/12/2018)
Can IFCs Build a Brand Around Cybersecurity?
  Today, the stakes are high for international finance centres (IFCs) as cyber criminality becomes an ever more prevalent and increasingly insidious menace. (01/11/2018)
FinTech and Big Data: Technological Innovations Shaping the Investment Fund Industry
  Technology and big data are radical transformational forces across all industries. Their impact does not stop at the fund industry as they fundamentally change the way investors interact with service providers. (01/11/2018)
Which Countries Win and Lose if the EU’s Digital Taxation Plans Are Adopted?
  Stan Veuger at the AEI gives his assessment of the European Commission's proposed directives on the taxation of the digital economy. (01/11/2018)
Blockchain and Privacy
  Does blockchain really bear privacy advantages by design? Matthias Berberich, Counsel at Hengeler Mueller assesses blockchain's strengths and weaknesses from a data protection standpoint. (01/11/2018)
How Digitalisation Will Change Fund Distribution?
  The funds distribution supply chain is fragmented and opaque, but digitalisation offers a way forward. Digital collaboration with wealth managers and client advisors will be an important feature of this new world. (01/11/2018)
Can Blockchain Curb De-risking and Improve Correspondent Banking Services?
  Distributed ledger technology and blockchain can help countries faced with the closure of correspondent banking accounts, but coordination, cooperation and governance will matter more than technology. (01/10/2018)
Blockchain ‘Briefly’
  David Shrier, Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School explains blockchain in simple terms. (30/09/2018)
The Relevance of Blockchain in (Re)insurance
  Many companies in the insurance market have been experimenting with blockchain technology for some time. The focus to date has been on developing prototypes and internal initiatives to identify tangible benefits of employing blockchain. (30/09/2018)
Malta: A Jurisdiction at the Forefront of DLT Regulation
  Jurisdictions such as Malta and Singapore are leading the way in the creation and development of structures for clients, building businesses involving cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain technology. (30/09/2018)
Barbados' Chance to Lead in DLT Innovation is Now
  The rate at which the various island states are embracing FinTech varies. However, many small jurisdictions and their governments are sitting on what could be classified as a hotbed of opportunity. (01/09/2018)
Offshore: The Leaders, the Trends and the Opportunities
  Dan Wise looks at why certain IFCs prosper. He discusses regulation and investment opportunities, and opines on the implementation of public registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories. (01/09/2018)
IFCs, ICOs and Blockchain: Time to Pay Attention
  IFCs are, to put it mildly, ‘at odds’ when it comes to cryptocurrencies. (31/07/2018)
Caribbean IFCs and the New World of Cyber Risk Management
  ...after decades of ‘flying under the radar’, there is now much greater transparency and knowledge globally of where Caribbean International Financial Centres (IFCs) are, what they do and who makes use of them. (01/07/2018)
Is Blockchain Barbados’ Next Innovation Strategy?
  Given both the exponential growth and potential uses of DLT, it is clear that this area presents substantial opportunities for Barbados to implement strategies to attract business in the financial marketplace in keeping with its aim to grow and expa (31/05/2018)
Cayman: Leading Innovation and Setting Global Standards
  With the right balance, we can enjoy the benefits of innovation and the protections of an appropriate regulatory structure. Cayman’s approach to smart FinTech regulation can strike that balance. (30/04/2018)
Cayman: Creating the Optimal Climate for Investors
  Jude Scott discusses Cayman’s drive to create the best investment climate for investors, to lead in compliance and transparency and to remain innovative in FinTech. (01/02/2018)
Isle of Man: Sunshine On A Rainy Day
  Philip Knop examines how the future appears bright for the Manx financial sector. (01/01/2016)
Online Gaming – A Safe Bet?
  With the eGaming sector experiencing unprecedented growth, Craig Brown examines the opportunities and challenges facing the industry. (01/12/2015)
Due Diligence and the Future of Financial Institutions
  Burke Files examines the complex interplay of market forces and technological change and the effect this will have on the future of due diligence and the financial institutions. (01/06/2015)
Due Diligence: M&A Sans Investment Bankers
  Burke Files examines the diminishing role of the Investment Banker in the M&A arena. (01/03/2015)
Technology, Globalisation and a Level Playing Field
  With the movement of capital becoming ever easier, Gonzalo Jalles examines how the increased and often one-sided regulation this brings is detrimental to the running of a competitive financial system. (01/07/2014)
Due Diligence: Digital Currency
  With the usage of digital currencies gaining ever more traction, Burke Files ponders whether the rise of digital currencies such as Bitcoin could lead to the end of traditional brick and mortar banking. (01/04/2014)
The Rise of the Professional Multi-Family Office
  Richard Joynt and Ian Slack discuss the multi-family office, with its various levels of complexity, with services that offered by lawyers, accountants, trustees and investment professionals for many years. (01/08/2013)
Information Protection: It’s Your Data Dummy
  L Burke Files discusses the hot topic of information protection, and why it is vital that we take real steps to protect our information from being accessed or stolen online. (01/07/2013)
Where is Your Data and Why it Matters
  In light of the recent media storm surrounding NSA whistleblowers and data privacy, Richard Douglas discusses the importance of making sure your data is secure, with the world relying on staying connected. (01/07/2013)
Mauritius - Making a Platform for Business to Africa
  Nikhil Treebhoonhun, CEO Global Finance Mauritius examines how Mauritius has developed to facilitate business into and from Africa (01/01/2013)
Due Diligence - Inventions
  In the latest in his series of regular columns Burke Files casts his expert eye into the world of inventions and states how the instincts of the professional play a crucial role in the due diligence process (01/08/2012)
Due Diligence and Technology
  Burke Files considers the issues regarding overreliance on internet research as part of the due diligence process. (01/05/2012)
Formal Assurance – An Issue Companies Cannot Ignore
  Ian Jauncey, Itex examines how data control and assurance is crucial for financial companies due to the rising levels of regulation, risk and compliance. (01/05/2012)
Database Migration – Lucrative or Lethal!
  Robert Le Corre, Unity Software considers the advantages and potential pitfalls of database migration for businesses looking to advance their information systems. (01/05/2012)
Interview with Chris Evans, Foreshore
  Chris Evans of Foreshore takes part in a Q&A session with the IFC Review to dissect just how technology has impacted on the offshore industry. (01/05/2012)
Technology and Regulatory Changes
  Peter Newman, Microgen examines how technology can assist but not save companies from the recent onslaught of regulatory changes. (01/05/2012)
Caribbean Review 11/12
  The Caribbean Review featuring in-depth articles, commentaries on all the latest legislative and regulatory issues facing the Caribbean, now available online and in pdf format (01/12/2011)
The Fight for Privacy: Chasing Technical Advancement
  Chris Evans, Foreshore examines recent trends in technology and provides a forecast of some of the future implications these trends may have regarding information security that businesses may face. (01/11/2011)
Cloud: Taking Offshore Businesses To New Heights
  Ian Jauncey examines how cloud computing is becoming a core component of not only internal IT strategy but of the wider corporate strategy for the offshore financial sector. (01/08/2011)
Whatever Happened to Business as Usual?
  Chris Evans summarises the relevant trends in IT which are impacting on the international financial services industry and considers their implications for financial services businesses (01/07/2011)
The USVI: Economic Incentives for Knowledge-Based Businesses
  Marjorie Rawl Roberts and Johanna Harrington provide a detailed examination of the targeted tax incentives for knowledge based business in the US Virgin Islands (01/05/2011)
Knowing the Whereabouts of your Corporate Data
  Chris Evans considers the implications for financial services business who store their corporate data with a third party, utilising the growing trend for ‘cloud’ technology. (01/04/2011)
Is Privacy the Major Casualty of the Information Age?
  Chris Evans of Foreshore considers how, regardless of the sustained attacks on ‘privacy’, a structured approach to information security is still the best way to keep corporate information private (01/01/2011)