Asset Protection
Offshore Perceptions: Where Are We Now?
  Issues such as client confidentiality and tailored legislation are now less important to clients. Ease of doing business, reputation with the public and political stability are now valued more. (01/11/2018)
Offshore: The Leaders, the Trends and the Opportunities
  Dan Wise looks at why certain IFCs prosper. He discusses regulation and investment opportunities, and opines on the implementation of public registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories. (01/09/2018)
Transparency and Compliance: The Russian Family Office View
  Andrey Pozhitkov, Head of Business Development at UFG Wealth Management discusses the current tense relations between Russia, the US and UK and how this affects the work of the Russia family office. (30/06/2018)
Trusts: Control ‘Freakery’ and the Dangerous Game of Shams
  The recent decision of an English High Court judge has again shone the spotlight on the issue of sham trusts, at least as viewed by the English court. (01/06/2018)
How High Net Worth Individuals Can Respond to the Global Tax Transparency Agenda
  The global shift towards tax transparency may present some challenges for HNWIs, their advisors and International Finance Centres, however, it also presents new opportunities for those who successfully understand and respond to the new paradigm. (01/02/2018)
A Destination of Choice for Non-UK Companies
  In the past decade, Guernsey has established its reputation as the destination of choice for non-UK incorporated companies listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). (31/12/2017)
An Offshore Perspective on Hong Kong and Shanghai: Rivals or Partners?
  A look at recent trends in the bonds and funds markets to illustrate how cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai may benefit from the use of offshore structures. (31/12/2017)
A Modern Finance Environment for a Complex World
  Guernsey Finance Chief Executive Dominic Wheatley explains how Guernsey’s financial services sector has remained at the forefront of innovation in the past year and is utilising its expertise across a variety of asset classes. (30/11/2017)
Why Dubai?
  Shedding a light on Dubai's attributes as a leading destination for international investors (19/09/2017)
Domicile Matters: Frequently Asked Questions when Considering Choice of Domicile
Ireland: A post-Brexit Stepping Stone into the EU
  Ireland is positioned as one of the leading European locations offering UK managers the ability to avoid, in Prime Minister May's words, a ‘disruptive cliff edge’. (13/09/2017)
“Disappointed” Protectors
  Shan Warnock Smith and Andrew De La Rosa examine the role of trust protectors and provide an update on recent trust litigation cases. (01/06/2016)
The Bahamas for Family Offices: A Practitioner’s Overview
  Linda Beidler-D’Aguilar examines the attractiveness of The Bahamas for the establishment of Family Offices. (01/06/2016)
The Panama Papers: Determining the Future of Financial Services
  Mark Brantley, Deputy Premier of Nevis and Professor Gilbert NMO Morris consider the fallout from the Panama Papers and examine the role they will play in determining the future of financial services. (01/05/2016)
Singapore: Enhancing Its Regulatory Controls Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
  Yeoh Lian Chuan and Kwok Shuhui consider how Singapore has addresed concerns over money laundering by strengthening its AML regulation. (01/01/2016)
Bermuda's Statutory Hastings Bass - If I Could Turn Back Time...
  Ashley Fife examines how Bermuda's statutory Hastings Bass is an important addition to Bermuda's attractive regime for restructuring trusts. (01/08/2015)
Anti-Forced Heirship and Anti-Foreign Law Regimes; Time for a Re-Think?
  Shân Warnock-Smith and Andrew De La Rosa examine recent court pronouncements relating to international trust structures and trust litigation. (07/07/2015)
Succession and an Alternative to the Trust
  With many clients unfamiliar with the concept of a trust structure, Michael Gagie examines the wide range of alternatives available for Asian clients. (01/04/2015)
Case Study: The Cyprus Citizenship by investment Program
  Martinos Typographos examines the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment offerings in an insightful case study. (01/03/2015)
Case Study: The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program
  Robert Wilkinson provides a case study showcasing the attractiveness of the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program. (01/03/2015)
The BVI Stepping Stone to Russia
  As a result of such uncertainties, Russian investors often structuretheir asset holdings through offshore vehicles, Simon Pascoe and Kristian Wilson examine the usage of the BVI in this context. (01/12/2014)
Due Diligence For Asset Recovery
  Burke Files examines potential pitfalls for Due Diligence investigations into fraud feasors. (01/12/2014)
A Right to Privacy - But Draw Back the Corporate Veil
  Joesph Stead considers how the right to privacy can be protected while drawing back the corporate veil in the battle for tax transparency. (01/11/2014)
FATCA – Why the Isle of Man is a Magnet for International Pension Plans
  With FATCA affecting every aspect of the financial services industry, Mark Kiernan examines the impact the far reaching legislation on the Isle of Man's international pensions industry. (01/11/2014)
IRS Provides Potential Amnesty for Certain US Taxpayers with Offshore Income and Assets
  With the net closing in regarding compliance with FATCA, David Neufeld examines the latest instructions from the IRS regarding a potential amnesty for some US taxpayers. (01/11/2014)
The Future of Offshore – The Industry in 2020
  Following the release of OIL's Offshore 2020, Jonathon Clifton considers the future of the Offshore Financial Industry. (01/10/2014)
Financial Service Firms, Boom Goes The Balance Sheet
  In his latest column, Burke Files highlights the importance of checking not just the balance sheet when purchasing a financial services company. (01/10/2014)
Are All Animals Equal? Ethical Aspects of Investor Citizenship Programs
  With Investor Citizenship programs becoming ever more appealing for financial centres in need of increasing revenue streams, Dr Jelena Dzankic examines whether or not there is a level playing field for interested parties. (01/10/2014)
Re-branding Caribbean IFCs: Girding Law and Diplomacy with Critique
  With Caribbean financial centres often used as a scapegoat for the industry's ills, Don Marshall examines how Caribbean IFCs can shake off misconceptions of their place in the global economy. (01/09/2014)
Beware of the ‘Blue Vase’ Syndrome: Trends in Trust Litigation
  Shan Warnock Smith highlights recent trends in Trust litigation while highlighting the dangers of 'Blue Vase' syndrome. (01/07/2014)
Due Diligence: Red Flags On Investment Schemes
  In this month's column, Burke Files shares what he considers some of the most obvious red flags to avoid when it comes in to making an investment. (01/07/2014)
EU Succession Regulation and Ireland
  With recent changes to the EU Succession Planning regulations in place, Aileen Keogan examines the potential effects of these changes for Irish clients. (01/06/2014)
The Trust Protector in the US: Welcome Immigrant or Persona Non Grata?
  With US courts finally beginning to formally recognise the trust protector, Alexander Bove considers the implications of this developments and provides a background to the decision. (01/06/2014)
Due Diligence - The High Net Worth Individual’s Circus
  In this month's column, Burke Files examines the mind of a high net worth individual and just what those with HNW clients must bare in mind to maintain the trust of their clients. (01/06/2014)
Due Diligence – Flight Capital
  In this month's column, Burke Files delves deeper into the world of due diligence, examining potential signs that may signal opportunities in new markets. (01/03/2014)
De-Centralised Due Diligence
  L Burke Files discusses the idea of centralisation in relation to due diligence, which was central to a publication by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision - October 2001 on Customer Due Diligence for Banks. (01/09/2013)
Due Diligence – Examples in Ibiza
  L Burke Files takes time out from his holiday in Ibiza to show us how due diligence is really done – by getting out and talking to real people instead of being sat behind a desk. (01/08/2013)
Interview with Hélène Anne Lewis
  The IFC Economic Report spoke to Hélène Anne Lewis, Chair of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), about recent developments in the industry and the threat that the future may hold for IFCs. (01/08/2013)
Image Rights: A New Global Product
  Jose Luis Romanillos discusses Guernsey’s innovative new image rights legislation, a world first, which has the potential to become a ‘must have’ product in Guernsey and around the world. (01/07/2013)
Due Diligence - Second Citizenships
  Having multiple citzenships can open up a wide range of opportunities, Burke Files considers the benefits of multiple citizenships and highlights some of the pitfalls to avoid when choosing where. (01/06/2013)
A Wealth of Personality – Image Rights
  John Ogier, examines the Guernsey Image Rights legislation, a world first and details how it can provide protective for clients intellectual property. (01/06/2013)
Q&A With Kenneth Krys, Krys Global, Cayman Islands
  The IFC Economic Report speaks to Kenneth Krys, Krys Global about the effects the global financial crisis has had on the asset recovery industry. (01/06/2013)
Hedge Funds Feel the Regulatory Pressure
  Paul Farrell, Gayle Bowen and Catherine Fitzsimons examine the changing hedge fund landscape, with increased costs, transparency, liquidity and consolidations expected to shape the next few years. (01/06/2013)
Due Diligence: Investigating the Investor
  In his latest column, L Burke Files discusses the process of due diligence investigations and explains why it is so important to do your due diligence on investors prior to disclosing information. (01/05/2013)
Now Welcoming Debtors - The US as an Asset Protection Jurisdiction
  As more and more US States are adopting asset protection trust legislation, Alexander Bove examines the reasons behind this switch after 100 years of settled law. (01/04/2013)
Singapore: Boosting its IFC status in 2013
  S Sharma discusses Singapore’s status as an International Finance Centre, and the measures being taken in the region to boost its status further throughout this year. (01/02/2013)
Caribbean IFCs, Emerging Economies and Shifting Goalposts
  So much can change in a year, Lorna Smith reviews her own forecasts of a year ago on the future of Caribbean IFCs, during which time they have faced significant challenges from ‘onshore’, particularly within the EU. (01/02/2013)
Due Diligence: Fool or Fraudster?
  Due Diligence is a crucial part when considering any investment, Burke Files, Fee Inc highlights how to distinguish between fools and fraudsters when it comes to investing with new business partners. (01/01/2013)
Labuan Protected Cell Companies: An Effective Risk Management Solution
  Sazali Suzin, provides an overview of the benefits of using Labuan Protected Cell Companies as a method of risk managment. (01/12/2012)
Global Shell Games: A Mystery Shopping Experiment in Know Your Customer Standards
  Michael G Findley, Daniel L Nielson and Jason Sharman provide an in depth look at their recent research into Shell Companies and KYC standards highlighting flaws in compliance in some surprising jusisdictions. (01/12/2012)
Asia Pacific and the Implications for Cross Border Transactions and Investment Flows
  With the number of Asian HNWIs expected to double by 2015, Derk Scheltema and Peter Golovsky, Amicorp take a look at the various options available to HNWIs for cross border transactions and investment flows (01/08/2012)
Due Diligence: Robust v Fragile
  In the first of a series of regular columns Burke Files casts his expert eye over the importance of a thorough Due Diligence process (01/03/2012)
US Real Estate Investment By Foreigners: Ownership Options
  With the US Real Estate Market still in a state of flux, Paula Jones examines the potential opportunities in the market and structures available for Non-Domiciled foreign investors. (01/02/2012)
Caribbean Review 11/12
  The Caribbean Review featuring in-depth articles, commentaries on all the latest legislative and regulatory issues facing the Caribbean, now available online and in pdf format (01/12/2011)
Uses of Trusts in The Bahamas for Wealth Management
  Heather Thompson examines the use of the trust in The Bahamas as a wealth management tool and details the relevant legislation and the advantages on offer for those establishing trusts in the jurisdiction. (01/10/2011)
Asset Protection Planning with Cook Islands Limited Liability Companies
  John Ivsan gives an extensive overview of the benefits of Cook Islands Limited Liability Companies for asset protection planning. (01/10/2011)
The Changing Roles of Family Offices: Family Agents, Financial Planners or Risk Managers?
  Corinna Traumueller considers how the role of the Family Office has changed as international wealth structures have become increasingly more complex. (01/09/2011)
Trusts in the context of US and UK Clients
  Elyse Kirschner and Claire Murray examine the use of trusts for wealth and estate planning on both sides of the Atlantic and how families with members in the US and the UK can avoid potential obstacles and pitfalls. (01/09/2011)
Custodians and the AIFMD – The Locusts vs the Termites!
  Peter O’Dwyer looks at the onerous depository rules being introduced in Europe and assesses how they are threatening the regions previously highly successful and popular funds regime. (01/09/2011)
Asset Protection in Ireland – Practical Issues and Legal Implications
  Cormac Brennan of McCann FitzGerald Solicitors looks at the practical application of asset protection structures in Ireland, particularly in light of the current economic climate. (01/12/2010)
Practical Guide to Domestic and Foreign-Based Asset Protection Techniques
  Howard Fisher and William Norman provide a comprehensive array of foreign-based asset protection techniques, as well as the counter-techniques that estate planners and wealth managers should be aware of. (02/03/2010)
Dubai: Asset Holdings and Succession Issues
  Caroline Rao draws three case studies for three very different types of asset holder in Dubai, each of whom considers succession planning a vital consideration. (02/03/2010)
Protecting the New Dawn for Alternative Assets: Lessons from Recent Financial Services Litigation
  Sonia Tolaney and Sandy Phipps on lessons learned from recent ‘credit crunch’ litigation. (03/02/2010)
Asset Protection in the United States: Financial Security in Tumultuous Times
  Prof Denis Kleinfeld on asset protection and the myth of secrecy. (03/02/2010)
The Nature of Protectors’ Powers
  Naomi O’Higgins draws out the lessons from some recent cases concerning the nature of protectors’ powers. (01/11/2009)
The United States as an offshore asset protection jurisdiction – the world’s best kept secret
  Alexander A. Bove, Jr, Esq. highlights the considerable benefits and protections available to estate planners who settle their asset protection trust in the United States. (04/09/2009)
A springing protector: The best of both worlds
  Should every trust have a protector? Alexander Bove considers the flexibility a protector offers. (20/01/2009)
Contempt – Where the tyre meets the road in asset protection
  Denis Kleinfeld outlines why advisors need to have a full understanding of the law of contempt. (14/01/2009)
The flee clause:A siren song of asset protection trusts
  Alexander Bove questions the effectiveness of the flee cause in asset protection (16/01/2008)
The origins of asset protection and contractual techniques.
  Howard Fisher, Denis Kleinfeld and William Norman review the origins of asset protection and considers non-entity-based techniques to protect assets. (10/01/2008)
United States asset protection in the 21st century
  Howard Fisher, Dennis Kleinfeld and Alexander Fisher assess the development of asset protection strategies in the USA (16/01/2007)