Offshore: The Leaders, the Trends and the Opportunities
  Dan Wise looks at why certain IFCs prosper. He discusses regulation and investment opportunities, and opines on the implementation of public registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories. (01/09/2018)
The Big Debate: How Credible are Tax Haven Blacklists?
  Mark Pragnell, Director of Strategy and Consultancy at Capital Economics offers his view. (31/07/2018)
The Big Debate: How Credible are Tax Haven Blacklists?
  Alex Cobham, Chief Executive at the Tax Justice Network presents his stance. (31/07/2018)
The Big Debate: How Credible are Tax Haven Blacklists?
  Paul Byles, Director at FTS in the Cayman Islands presents his view. (31/07/2018)
The Big Debate: How Credible are Tax Haven Blacklists?
  Fran Hendy, International Lawyer and Treaty Negotiator at Invest Barbados presents her stance. (31/07/2018)
Going for Global Growth: Why China Chooses the BVI
  According to one of the lead economists, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is and will continue to be the most important and impactful macro-economic undertaking in the world, for at least the next 10 years. Also, based on Baker McKenzie’s latest repo (29/06/2018)
China’s Belt and Road: Offshore Involvement
  The financing of the anticipated US$5 trillion needed over the next five years for the Belt and Road through loans and capital-raising will require the investment of a variety of financial institutions and firms. (01/04/2018)
IFCs and the Asian Wealth (R)evolution
  Asia Pacific has been the fastest growing region globally in terms of private financial wealth, considerably outstripping the global average. Indications are that this upward trajectory is set to continue. (01/01/2018)
An Offshore Perspective on Hong Kong and Shanghai: Rivals or Partners?
  A look at recent trends in the bonds and funds markets to illustrate how cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai may benefit from the use of offshore structures. (31/12/2017)
Opportunities and Threats Driving the Global Investment Migration Industry
  "In many respects, a diversified citizenship portfolio has become the ultimate 21st-century insurance policy," explains Andrew Taylor, Group Vice-Chairman at Henley & Partners. (01/11/2017)
Registers of Significant Controllers and Nominee Directors for Singapore Companies
  The Singapore Companies (Amendment) Act was updated on 31 March 2017 - here is a review of the changes which are now in effect. (19/09/2017)
A World Without Corporate Taxes?
  Contemplating a world where corporate taxes are abolished creates an interesting philosophical discussion, but a decade of post-recession austerity makes this idea seem too utopian. (19/09/2017)
Investment Migration Programs: An Attractive Option in the Age of Fiscal Transparency
  Wealthy individuals are becoming increasingly interested in investment migration programs amid growing security concerns over the automatic exchange of information under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). (03/09/2017)
Public Registers of Beneficial Ownership
  Forward looking policies, which may shape the fundamentals of a society over the long run, should not be dictated by short-term political tactics cavalcading a public outcry or a temporary infatuation alimented by the press. (01/09/2017)
IFC Economic Report – Labuan Special Feature
  Labuan, a federal territory of Malaysia off the coast of Borneo, has been host to a growing financial services sector for over 25 years. (01/09/2017)
Asia Trusts: The Changing Calculus of Asian Settlors
  This article traces the major shifts in the legal and political landscape during the last 25 years in Asia. (25/08/2017)
The Five Falsehoods surrounding IFCs
  The recent cybercrime, which saw the release of the ‘Panama Papers’, offers fuel to this false narrative emanating from the corridors of power and media houses in the largest countries in the world. (25/08/2017)
IFCs as enablers of global growth
Offshore Financial Centres: The Super Set
  Of the various forces that have buffeted offshore financial services in recent years, regulation and emerging demand bases are probably the most significant. (01/02/2017)
China’s HNWI Growth Provides Opportunities for the BVI Financial Sector
  Claire Abrehart examines the opportunities the growth in the number of Chinese HNWI's provides for the BVI (01/11/2016)
Hong Kong: A Leading Financial Centre
  Hong Kong maintains its place as a leading financial centre and continues to adapt to market conditions with new regulatory and legislative developments. (01/10/2016)
Singapore: Adhering to Global Standards
  On 16 June 2016, Singapore announced that it will join the inclusive framework for the global implementation of the base erosion profits shifting (BEPS) project (01/10/2016)
Singapore: Enhancing Its Regulatory Controls Against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
  Yeoh Lian Chuan and Kwok Shuhui consider how Singapore has addresed concerns over money laundering by strengthening its AML regulation. (01/01/2016)
Q&A with Singapore Senior Minister of State, Josephine Teo
  Singapore has become a key player in the international finance arena. IFC Media spoke with Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport Josephine Teo about the jurisdiction’s economic success and what the future holds for it. (01/12/2015)
Real Estate Investment into London and Europe
  Martin Paul and Richard Le Liard examine why the Channel Islands are the destination of choice for Asia and Middle East investors investing in real estate in London and Europe. (01/12/2015)
The Offshore Dragon – the Increasing Popularity of IFCs in the PRC
  Anthony Oakes identifies the reasons behind the popularity of IFCs in the People's Republic of China. (01/08/2015)
Birth of a New Era in Private Wealth
  With the financial world becoming more transparent, Nigel Rivers examines whether we are entering into a new era for private wealth. (16/06/2015)
Asia: Tax & Trust Developments Taking Center Stage
  Michael Olesnicky considers the effect recent developments such as the exchange of information and AML regulation have taken on Asian IFCs over the past 12 months. (02/06/2015)
Hong Kong: A Stepping Stone into Asia
  With Asia one of the leading destinations for the world's capital, John Melia examines the use of Hong Kong for facilitating investments. (01/04/2015)
Succession and an Alternative to the Trust
  With many clients unfamiliar with the concept of a trust structure, Michael Gagie examines the wide range of alternatives available for Asian clients. (01/04/2015)
Asia – A Maturing Market Place
  Odd Haavik considers whether there is still aflow of wealth to the East and examines how the move towards automatic exchange of information has impacted the region. (01/04/2015)
Asian IFCs: More Than a Tax Play
  In an exclusive article from the latest edition of the IFC Economic Report, Stephen Banfield states that there is much more to Asian IFCs than simple tax efficient structures. (01/03/2015)
The BVI VISTA Trust: Celebrating Its 10 Year Anniversary
  Lawrie Kearns and Lara Mardell, Ogier, consider the lasting impact of the BVI VISTA Trust as it celebrates 10 years since its arrival on and revolution of the private wealth structuring landscape. (01/02/2015)
Islands in the (Work) Stream: The BVI in Asia
  With the continuing popularity of BVI companies in Asia, Michael Gagie examines how the BVI's offerings are evolving to meet demand. (01/02/2015)
The Bahamas: The Finance Centre of Choice for Asian Investors
  Wendy Warren examines why the Bahamas is the financial centre of choice for Asian investors. (01/01/2015)
The Future of Offshore – The Industry in 2020
  Following the release of OIL's Offshore 2020, Jonathon Clifton considers the future of the Offshore Financial Industry. (01/10/2014)
Q&A with Pascal Saint-Amans, OECD Director for Tax Policy
  With the first seven deliverables of the OECD/G20 BEPS Project now delivered to Finance Ministers of the G20, IFC Review speaks to Pascal Saint Amans about the future of the project. (01/10/2014)
Singapore: At the Forefront of Tax Transparency
  Chee Fang Theng examines Singapore's efforts in adhering to international standards on tax transparency and how these are starting to show additional benefits to the reputation of the jurisdiction. (01/06/2014)
An Asian Welcome for Offshore
  Frances Woo examines how Asian financial centres have gone from strength to strength in recent years through facilitating global trade and investment. (01/05/2014)
Hong Kong – Setting the Regulatory Standard
  With Hong Kong well known for it's innovative products and services, Susan Gordon examines how Hong Kong is setting the regulatory standard for other IFCs to follow. (01/05/2014)
Chinese Incorporation for Institutional Arbitrage and Access to Finance
  With the triad of the BVI, Cayman Islands & Hong Kong dominating outward foreign direct investment from China, Dylan Sutherland, Hinrich Voss & Peter J Buckley investigate the reasons behind this trend. (01/04/2014)
Segregated Structures – An Offshore Innovation
  While segregated structures have been common place in offshore jurisdictions, Alan Dickson highlights the growing use of Segregated Portfolio Companies in Asia to structure investments into China. (01/04/2014)
Enforcing BVI Equitable Share Mortgages in Asia – Receivership
  With BVI companies commonplace in Asia, Robert Foote and Faye Griffiths examine the use of equitable share morgages in the region. (01/03/2014)
IPO Resurgence in Hong Kong
  Richard Grasby and Richard Spooner provide insightful case studies into the inner workings of setting up IPOs in Hong Kong. (01/03/2014)
Hong Kong Financial Reform – Viva La Resolutión!
  With inevitable change on the horizon, Alan Ewins examines Hong Kong's progress in taking the initiative in implementing financial reform. (01/03/2014)
Challenges for Wealth Structuring in Asia - and a Potential Solution
  With the unique needs of Asian clients comes unique structures designed to cater to their needs, Paul Christopher, Mourant Ozannes examines the exciting structures available to Asian clients. (01/03/2014)
Confronting the Hypocrisies
  IFCs are engaged in a public relations battle with opponents peddling flawed arguments. Jonathon Clifton considers if now is the time for industry participants to join forces and address these perception issues. (01/02/2014)
Due Diligence - Chinese Corruption
  Burke Files assesses the various levels of corruption in China and considers where this problem might lead in the future. (01/11/2013)
The BVI – Asian Relationship
  Stephen Adams and Kristian Wilson dissect the continued partnership between the BVI and Asia, which have both managed to achieve continuous economic growth at a time when the world’s developed economies have been in decline. (01/09/2013)
G8 Summit: What Happened, and What are the Implications?
  Richard J Hay discusses the high profile meeting of the G8 world leaders in June, where tax, trade and transparency were the key talking points. (01/08/2013)
Organise or Die: The Future of International Financial Centres
  Professor Gilbert NMO Morris considers the necessary and collaborative steps international finance centres must take to secure their future. (01/08/2013)
Islamic Finance and the Curacao Private Foundation
  Priscilla Lotman and Tamara Stienstra examine the Curacao private foundation, along with changes occurring in the financial world, such as the growing demand for Sharia’a compliant financial products. (01/07/2013)
IFC Economic Report – Q&A with Dr Angelo M Venardos
  The IFC Economic Report speaks to Dr Angelo M Venardos, Heritage Trust Group in our Asia Outlook feature. (01/06/2013)
The Regulatory Hydra: Larger Issues for Asian PWM in the Year of the Snake
  Alan Ewins discusses the ever growing list of regulatory changes to the financial services industry in Hong Kong, and pieces together the key issues effecting Asian finance centres. (01/05/2013)
Offshore Directors – A Matter of Trust and Confidence
  With IFCs so interconnected, Tim Haynes, Walkers highlights the importance to directors of keeping up to date on the rulings of offshore courts. (01/03/2013)
Hong Kong: Legislative and Regulatory Update 2013
  Debbie Annells examines recent legislative changes to Hong Kong’s tax regime, providing examples of why Hong Kong continues to thrive despite the uncertain conditions of the worldwide economy. (01/02/2013)
Singapore: Boosting its IFC status in 2013
  S Sharma discusses Singapore’s status as an International Finance Centre, and the measures being taken in the region to boost its status further throughout this year. (01/02/2013)
Hong Kong: Compliance Clarity on Sales of Investment Products
  Lam Wing Wo examines the regulatory requirements in Hong Kong affecting both corporate customers and investment products, which have been clarified by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (01/01/2013)
Investments through IFC Companies into the People’s Republic of China
  John Collis, Paul Lim & Teresa Tsai examines the use of IFC companies in the Peoples Republic of China. (01/12/2012)
Global Shell Games: A Mystery Shopping Experiment in Know Your Customer Standards
  Michael G Findley, Daniel L Nielson and Jason Sharman provide an in depth look at their recent research into Shell Companies and KYC standards highlighting flaws in compliance in some surprising jusisdictions. (01/12/2012)
Guernsey: A Solid Foundation for the Future
  Fiona Le Poidevin, Guernsey Finance provides an introduction to the recently approved Guernsey Foundations legislation and the unique proposition it creates for wealth managment. (01/11/2012)
The Phenomenon of the BVI Business Company in Asia
  Ashley Davies, Walkers, examines just how popular BVI business company corporate vehicles are with Asian investors and the crucial role that they play in wealth management. (01/10/2012)
The Japanese Attraction to Bermuda Funds
  Elizabeth Denman, Conyers Dill & Pearman examines the Japanese attraction to Bermudan domiciled funds following their offering to the Japanese Public. (01/08/2012)
The New Amendments to the Labuan Companies Act, 1990
  Siti Nafsiah A. Shaffie highlights the importance of the recent amendments to the Labuan Companies Act for Labuan as an up and coming IFC. (01/08/2012)
Family Office Services in Asia
  The family office is a relatively new concept in Asia with massive potential for growth, Thomas Schulz considers the use of family offices in the region. (01/08/2012)
Asia Pacific and the Implications for Cross Border Transactions and Investment Flows
  With the number of Asian HNWIs expected to double by 2015, Derk Scheltema and Peter Golovsky, Amicorp take a look at the various options available to HNWIs for cross border transactions and investment flows (01/08/2012)
Hong Kong Central to Asia Private Equity
  Thomas Granger and Arwel Lewis, Walkers assess the 'rapid growth and success of China's private equity industry' with Hong Kong as the central hub for the Asia Pacific equity industry (01/07/2012)
Demand for Trusts Set to Take Off in China
  Li Lee Tan, Appleby outlines how the trust as a wealth management structure is taking off and considers how offshore trusts will be well-placed to satisfy the 'country's appetite'. (01/07/2012)
Cayman-China Relations Flourish
  There has been a rapid rise in the number of HNWIs in China and with many IFCs competing for their business, Dax Basdeo highlights how Chinese investors have been using Cayman investment structures for decades (01/06/2012)
Singapore: A Compliant Wealth Management Jurisdiction
  Glen Chee, Heritage Trust Group, examines Singapore's reputation as a trusted and competitive financial hub that stems from the jurisdiction's robust financial regulatory system. (01/06/2012)
The Role of Asian International Finance Centres
  Jay Krause and Philip Munro, Withers, examine how Asian IFCs are beginning to justifiably rival their western counterparts, assessing what specifically gives the East the current edge over the West. (01/06/2012)
The Wealth Report 2012: Key Findings on the Movement of Wealth Globally
  Liam Bailey, KnightFrank, highlights the key findings from the Wealth Report 2012 and examines recent trends such as wealth moving East to Asia. (01/06/2012)
The Malaysia International Ship Registry and Shipping Business Through Labuan
  Siti Nafsiah Ahmad Shaffie, Labuan Borneo Trustees, examines Labuan's potential to be a world leader in international ship registration and highlights the tax benefits of doing business in Labuan. (01/06/2012)
New Zealand Foreign Trusts – A Vehicle for International Wealth Planning
  Straight from our soon to be published Asia Pacific Review, John Hart provides an update on New Zealand's Foreign Trusts industry. (01/05/2012)
Hong Kong Consolidates its Position
  Martin Crawford highlights how Hong Kong has consolidated its unique position for companies wishing to provide offshore services to mainland China. (01/03/2012)
Foreign Investments Gateways In Africa
  Malcolm Moller outlines the growth potential for Africa, especially at the hands of chinese investors and assesses what role IFCs will play in the future growth of the continent (01/01/2012)
Singapore: Proving Itself as an IFC
  Edmund Leow, Stephanie Magnus, Dawn Quek and Alice Ho examine how Singapore is setting itself apart from other IFCs (15/12/2011)
BVI Wealth Planning Solutions for Asian Families
  Chris McKenzie and Lee Syin Long provide an assessment of the use of BVI IBCs by Asian investors and an examination of why the Caribbean state has been so crucial to the development of the Chinese economy. (01/12/2011)
Guernsey Primed for the Emerging Markets
  Peter Niven examines the Island’s rebound from the financial crisis and the steps taken to supplement business flows from the traditional UK and European centres with new streams from the emerging markets. (01/09/2011)
The New Financial Architecture and the Role of the DIFC
  Abdulla Mohammed Al Awar provides an insight into the world of emerging IFC’s and explains how these rising markets will lead to a move away from traditional IFC’s towards influential new markets, including the UAE. (01/09/2011)
Wealth Management – The Global Trends
  Michael Olesnicky takes a bird’s eye view of the wealth management industry and assesses the global trends and major shifts taking place within the industry (01/07/2011)
Estate Planning For High Net Worth Indians
  The number of high net worth individuals in India continues to rise as does the need for estate planning structures to accommodate the needs of the super wealthy - the article examines the benefits of the offshore trust (01/07/2011)
IFCs prove crucial in growth of emerging markets
  Grant Stein comments on the use of IFCs by emerging markets in facilitating investment into these markets as well as putting developing capital to work around the globe (01/06/2011)
Mid-Shore Rising
  Martin Crawford looks at the how Hong Kong and Singapore bridge the gap between the onshore and offshore world in Asia and how all IFCs must examine the role they play in increasingly complicated offshore structures (01/03/2011)
The challenges of turning Shanghai into an international financial centre
  Shanghai is designated by China’s central government to become a top-tier IFC by 2020, Sonny Gao looks at the challenges such an objective raises and considers whether or not Shanghai is in a position to achieve it (01/03/2011)
What’s up, Doc? Asian regulation in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit
  Alan Ewins examines how Asia will need to make its position as part of the overall global process of financial regulation clear to ensure that it can influence the nature and speed of change (01/03/2011)
Private Equity – China Takes Centre Stage in Asia
  Private equity has been a hotbed of activity in Asia in the last 12 months, Denise Wong looks at the challenges investing in China presents (01/03/2011)
Hong Kong as a private client planning centre
  Mary Ellen Hutton and Philip Munro examine exactly what it is that makes Hong Kong such an attractive centre for private client planning (28/02/2011)
Labuan: A Welcome Mat for a New Era
  David Kinloch examines the raft of legislation enacted in Labuan in 2010 designed to meet the changing needs of modern business and wealthy individuals including new trusts and foundations legislation (02/02/2011)
Assessing Shanghai’s Offshore Finance Potential
  Yongjun Peter Ni and Hao Jiang of White & Case consider Shanghai’s future as an offshore financial centre and ask whether it will be in a position to compete directly with Hong Kong (01/01/2011)
Philanthropy – Disinheriting Children or Building Dynasties
  Blake Bromley of Benefic Lawyers considers the Gates/Buffet ‘Giving Pledge’ and examines how philanthropy and dynastic wealth planning can converge for the benefit of all concerned. (01/12/2010)
Jersey: Building strong links in Greater China
  Chief executive of Jersey Finance, Geoff Cook looks at the opportunities for the island state in the new super economic powers – China and India (01/10/2010)
Secured financings involving BVI and Cayman companies – taking and registering security
  Ashley Davies offers a practical guide to secured financing in Asia using a BVI or Cayman Islands company. (31/08/2010)
Topics from the Tropics
  Derek Sambrook with an engaging and incisive take on the modern financial world – this time focussing on the role of trust officers within it (02/06/2010)
Seoul Food for Thought
  Alan Ewins of Allen & Overy considers the teething problems Korea has faced in its efforts to modernise its economy (02/06/2010)
GFCI 7: IFCs Rated and Ranked by IFCs
  Mark Yeandle analyses the most recent data-set published in the Global Financial Centre Index (07/04/2010)
Asian Regulation in the Year of the Tiger: Pussy-Cat or Man-Eater?
  Alan Ewins considers how various jurisdictions within Asia have fared in the credit crunch, diagnosing a struggle “between the creation of internationally coherent markets and, in some places more than others, the protection of the home patch.” (02/03/2010)
Trust Planning in Asia
  Mary Ellen Hutton and Philip Munro delineate why they believe trust planning will become an increasingly important tool for wealth protection as Asian jurisdictions continue their ascent up the ranks of international finance centres. (02/03/2010)
GFCI 7 Tables
A New Dawn for Alternative Assets
  Ravi Bulchandani of Barclay’s Wealth reveals why he sees plenty of scope for optimism in the alternative investment industry in this in-depth review. (12/01/2010)
International Financial Centres: Good for the Global Economy?
  Richard Hay mounts a vigorous defence of the role of IFCs in the global economy and makes clear their importance to onshore centres and regulators who would seek to dilute their effectiveness. (07/12/2009)
Rating and Ranking Global Financial Centres
  Mark Yeandle crunches the numbers on the latest set of ratings and rankings from GCFI 6, as compiled by the Z/Yen Group Limited. (01/11/2009)
Recent developments in Hong Kong's exchange of tax information
  Steven Sieker and Pierre Chan explain how the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has moved to markedly improve transparency in information exchange between tax treaty partners without compromising confidentiality or privacy. (03/10/2009)
Singapore Limited Partnership's
  Angela Nicolson sifts through the finer details of Singapore's Limited Partnerships. (02/10/2009)
The only constant is constant change
  China has recently passed significant legislation in the areas of property and enterprise income tax. Jack Flader reviews these important legislative changes. (20/01/2008)
South America: Domination and exploitation
  Derek Sambrook takes a look at south America’s development as a region, and outlines how the US and more recently the China have influenced it (02/01/2008)
China. Boom, boom, bust?
  Jason Weatherhead considers how China is managing its growth through its own programme of foreign direct investment and the implications of its success or failure. (01/07/2007)
Escape to Asia – a new financial platform
  William Ahern looks at the progress of Asia's finance centres with particular focus on Hong Kong and Singapore. (07/01/2007)