Trusts and Latin America: A Walk Down Memory Lane.
  The trust is a highly flexible and adaptable instrument, as it can perform in a variety of venues and fulfil many needs. The needs of family groups in Latin America, especially in the absence of reliable institutional and economic sanctuary, make the (03/09/2019)
The Private Trust Foundation - an Alternative to Private Trust Companies
  Natasha Kapp showcases how Guernsey's Private Trust Foundation can act as an alternative to a Private Trust Company. (01/02/2016)
Impact of the G20 BEPS Project
  Richard Collier and Philip Greenfield examine the effect the OECD and G20 BEPS project has had on the international tax environment. (01/12/2014)
Luxembourg: Financial Evolution with Global Reach
  Paolo Panico considers the reasons behind Luxembourg's evolution into one of the world's premier financial hubs. (01/09/2014)
Maintaining the Competitive Edge in the Guernsey Financial Centre
  With the pace of regulatory change as unrelenting as ever, Joe Truelove examines how Guernsey can maintain its competitive edge in financial services. (01/06/2014)
New Investment Vehicles in Barbados: Foundations & Private Trust Companies
  Liza Harridyal-Sodha examines Barbados Foundations and Private Trust Companies for HNWIs and affluent families. (01/02/2014)
The Rise of the Professional Multi-Family Office
  Richard Joynt and Ian Slack discuss the multi-family office, with its various levels of complexity, with services that offered by lawyers, accountants, trustees and investment professionals for many years. (01/08/2013)
Islamic Finance and the Curacao Private Foundation
  Priscilla Lotman and Tamara Stienstra examine the Curacao private foundation, along with changes occurring in the financial world, such as the growing demand for Sharia’a compliant financial products. (01/07/2013)
Q&A with…Fiona Le Poidevin, Chief Executive of Guernsey Finance
  In an interview with the IFC, Guernsey Finance CEO Fiona Le Poidevin looks at what sets Guernsey apart from other IFCs and how it continues to prosper in response to global demands. (01/06/2013)
Solid Guernsey Foundations: A New Wealth Management Platform
  Following the recent addition of Foundations to Guernsey's already impressive range of services, Russell Clark provides an overview of the benefits of this new product (01/06/2013)
Private Client Structuring: Private Trust Companies and Private Trust Foundations
  Guernsey is well known for its pragmatic, timely and professional approach to the ever-increasing variety of structures demanded by private clients, Konrad Friedlaender and Natasha Kapp highlight some of the key differences between PTCs and PTFs. (01/06/2013)
A Firm Foundation: Guernsey Foundations in Practice
  Angela Calnan and Bethan Boscher provide an insightful case study showcasing one of Guernsey latest products, the foundation in practice. (01/06/2013)
Guernsey: The Continuing Evolution of an IFC
  Fiona Le Poidevin examines Guernsey’s continued evolution as an International Finance Centre, at the forefront of adopting new regulatory and tax standards, while at the same time expanding its range of services. (01/06/2013)
Curaçao: An Unintended Consequence
  Priscilla Lotman, Frontshore and Tamara Stienstra, Spigt Dutch Caribbean examine how Curacao has developed into a well known IFC from very humble beginnings. (01/03/2013)
Barbados: Steady and Secure
  Trevor A Carmichael examines two developments in the architecture of Barbados’ international business structures that are already a critical element of the Barbadian economy. (01/02/2013)
The BVI: An Innovative and Forward Looking Global Financial Centre
  Elise Donovan discusses one of the world’s leading finance centres, the British Virgin Islands, which has ensured its stability through close relations with both the BVI Government and private sector. (01/02/2013)
Guernsey: The Pro-active Approach
  Andrew Munro discusses Guernsey’s approach to regulation and legislation, which has helped to further enhance the jurisdiction’s reputation as a leading specialist financial centre in Europe. (01/02/2013)
Mauritius: Forty Years Proving Meade Wrong
  Ludovic C Verbist and Rama Appadoo highlight recent legislative changes and provide evidence of how Mauritius has prospered in defiance of historical doubt. (01/01/2013)
LATAM blossoming in Barbados
  LATAM countries are poised to harbour additional wealth and will require a conduit for this, Liza A Harridyal-Sodha examines the opportunities Barbados has to offer for LATAM wealth planners. (01/11/2012)
Guernsey: A Solid Foundation for the Future
  Fiona Le Poidevin, Guernsey Finance provides an introduction to the recently approved Guernsey Foundations legislation and the unique proposition it creates for wealth managment. (01/11/2012)
Seychelles Foundations: Preserving Global Wealth
  Simon Mitchell, examines the Seychelles foundations regime and just why they are attracting so much interest for global wealth preservation. (01/10/2012)
Anguilla’s Increasingly Prominent Role in International Finance
  Pam Webster, Webster Dryud Mitchell examines recent legislative developments in Anguilla that have put the jurisidiction on the map for financial services. (01/08/2012)
The Foundation of your Wealth: A Wealth Management Structure Available to All
  Hiu Chee Fatt, Labuan IBFC examines how the flexible nature of Labuan Foundations can provide a wealth of options for clients looking an attractive wealth management structure. (01/08/2012)
Asia Pacific and the Implications for Cross Border Transactions and Investment Flows
  With the number of Asian HNWIs expected to double by 2015, Derk Scheltema and Peter Golovsky, Amicorp take a look at the various options available to HNWIs for cross border transactions and investment flows (01/08/2012)
Curaçao – Jurisdiction Overview & Update
  Koen van Baren provides an update on developments within Curaçao since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles. (01/04/2012)
Samoa's Special Purpose International Companies
  Intetrust examine the recent legislative changes that have brought about the introduction of hybrid companies in Samoa (01/01/2012)
The Isle of Man – An International Financial Centre of Excellence
  Nick Verardi considers how the Isle of Man has successfully weathered the economic storm and what the jurisdiction is doing to develop as an international business centre. (01/01/2012)
Mauritius: Diverse and Successful
  Dr Ludovic C. Verbist highlights how Mauritius has diversified into financial services and how this diversification has lead to an economic boom for the region (15/12/2011)
Belize: A Myriad of Opportunities
  Gian Gandhi highlights how Belize is positioning itself as the jurisdiction of choice for international entrepreneurs. (15/12/2011)
The Cayman Islands: Setting the Standard
  Dax Basdeo highlights how the Cayman Islands has strengthened its reputation as major financial centre. (15/12/2011)
Panamanian Private Foundations: Asking the Right Questions
  Rigoberto Coronado examines the workings of Private Foundations in Panama and provides the answers to the questions any investor must ask regarding setting up a private foundation in Panama (12/12/2011)
Caribbean Review 11/12
  The Caribbean Review featuring in-depth articles, commentaries on all the latest legislative and regulatory issues facing the Caribbean, now available online and in pdf format (01/12/2011)
Liechtenstein: A Stable and Secure Financial Centre
  Roger Frick examines recent developments in Liechtenstein ranging from double tax treaties, the revision of the foundation law to forced heirship. (01/12/2011)
Austria: A Tasty Treat of Tax Incentives
  Eric Baier highlights Austria's tax incentives that make the jurisdiction the ideal hub for entrepreneurial activities (01/12/2011)
Uses of Trusts in The Bahamas for Wealth Management
  Heather Thompson examines the use of the trust in The Bahamas as a wealth management tool and details the relevant legislation and the advantages on offer for those establishing trusts in the jurisdiction. (01/10/2011)
Guernsey Primed for the Emerging Markets
  Peter Niven examines the Island’s rebound from the financial crisis and the steps taken to supplement business flows from the traditional UK and European centres with new streams from the emerging markets. (01/09/2011)
The Foundations for going Forward
  L Burke File examines the Multiform Foundation Law in Nevis, which was created to accommodate those working and living in civil law jurisdictions, which do not recognise trusts. (01/04/2011)
Labuan: A Welcome Mat for a New Era
  David Kinloch, CEO of Labuan IBFC considers how new and amended legislation enacted in 2010 has enhanced the opportunities available for investors in Labuan. (01/12/2010)
Seychelles Trusts and Foundations
  Simon Mitchell, attorney and consultant to Mayfair Trust Group, examines the Seychelles trusts and foundations and considers how they are ensuring the jurisdiction continues to make ‘extraordinary progress’ as an IFC. (01/11/2010)
A mid-year change in capital gains tax rates – easier said than done?
  Lyndsey West and Piers Master analyse the capital gains tax rate increase provided for in the UK Budget. (02/08/2010)
Brussels IV – the Draft EU Succession Regulation
  Michael Parkinson examines the long-awaited draft EU Succession Regulation, known as Brussels IV, highlighting some of the potential difficulties of its passage to law across EU member states. (02/03/2010)
Dubai: Asset Holdings and Succession Issues
  Caroline Rao draws three case studies for three very different types of asset holder in Dubai, each of whom considers succession planning a vital consideration. (02/03/2010)
A New Dawn for Alternative Assets
  Ravi Bulchandani of Barclay’s Wealth reveals why he sees plenty of scope for optimism in the alternative investment industry in this in-depth review. (12/01/2010)
British Virgin Islands: Meeting the Challenges of the Global Financial Environment
  An overview of the year in finance as experienced by the British Virgin Islands (12/01/2010)
Jersey: Introducing foundations as a new vehicle
  With the introduction of the Foundations (Jersey) law 2008 imminent, Steve Meiklejohn considers its benefits. (22/01/2009)
The Liechtenstein Foundation Law Reform 2008
  Stefan Mätzler and Andrew Baker assess the objectives and principles of the new reform (06/01/2009)