Foreign affairs select committee claims delay to Crown Dependencies’ public registers ‘risks national security’.
  The UK government is undermining national security by delaying the introduction of publicly available share ownership registers in Britain’s major tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands, the foreign affairs select committee has said. (01/10/2019)
The Best of Both Worlds?
  According to the Africa 2016 Wealth Report released by New World Wealth, Mauritius is home to the wealthiest individuals in Africa. This poses the question as to why the world’s elite is moving to this small African island. (19/09/2017)
  The last 12 months have been a time of notable developments in Mauritius, in politics and in the economy. Here are some of the main legislative updates. (18/09/2017)
Mauritius as an Investment Route into Africa
  Dr Ludovic Verbist examines how Mauritius has marketed itself as the ideal investment route into Africa. (01/04/2016)
Mauritius: More Than Just White Sandy Beaches…
  Ludovic C Verbist examines the wide appeal of Mauritius' financial service offerings. (09/06/2015)
Mauritius: The African Success Story
  As traditional drivers of growth begin to falter, Nikhil Treebhoohun considers new avenues for Mauritus to persue (01/03/2014)
Mauritius - Making a Platform for Business to Africa
  Nikhil Treebhoonhun, CEO Global Finance Mauritius examines how Mauritius has developed to facilitate business into and from Africa (01/01/2013)
Mauritius – A Passage to India
  Francoise Chan, Intercontinental Trust highlights the benefits of Mauritius as a passage to India for investments. (01/01/2013)
Mauritius: Forty Years Proving Meade Wrong
  Ludovic C Verbist and Rama Appadoo highlight recent legislative changes and provide evidence of how Mauritius has prospered in defiance of historical doubt. (01/01/2013)
Mauritius as an Investment Route into Africa
  Ludovic C Verbist provides an in depth examination of the successes of Mauritius in attracting investment into Africa through its substantial network of Tax Treaties. (01/03/2012)
Foreign Investments Gateways In Africa
  Malcolm Moller outlines the growth potential for Africa, especially at the hands of chinese investors and assesses what role IFCs will play in the future growth of the continent (01/01/2012)
Mauritius: Diverse and Successful
  Dr Ludovic C. Verbist highlights how Mauritius has diversified into financial services and how this diversification has lead to an economic boom for the region (15/12/2011)
Private Equity Investment into Africa – The Cayman and Mauritius Route
  Kieran Loughran examines secure and tax efficient means to invest in Africa via the Cayman Islands and Mauritius, which provide investors and investment managers with much needed comfort and certainty (01/04/2011)
Mauritius: The Year in Review
  Ludovic Verbist provides an overview of developments in Mauritius in 2010, considering in particular the launch of the Global Board of Trade (14/02/2011)
Mauritius: the Global Business Sector
  How adaptability and forward thinking are keeping Mauritius among the top international finance centres in the world. (27/02/2010)
Mauritius: Going from strength to strength as an international business centre
  Dr Verbist provides an overview of the offshore sector in Mauritius with particular emphasis on Global Business License companies, trusts and private trust companies. (13/03/2009)
Private Trust Companies and investment funds in Mauritius
  Ludovic Verbist details the advantages to be gained through the use of private trust companies. (16/01/2008)
Mauritius: Carving a niche as an international financial centre of substance.
  A legislative and regulatory update on the jurisdiction (03/01/2008)
Mauritius: Life’s a beach
  The 2006-7 budget saw major reforms for doing business in Mauritius, as Ludovic Verbist reveals. (07/01/2007)