As the Blockchain Revolution Moves Offshore, What are the Challenges?
  As the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the BVI and other offshore jurisdictions position themselves as FinTech hubs, there are certain regulatory risks and challenges that each jurisdiction must overcome in this new blockchain era. (01/12/2018)
Malta: A Jurisdiction at the Forefront of DLT Regulation
  Jurisdictions such as Malta and Singapore are leading the way in the creation and development of structures for clients, building businesses involving cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain technology. (30/09/2018)
From Brexit to Blockchain: FinanceMalta's Annual Conference Weaved it All in
  Keynote speaker Patrick L Young reflects on the FinanceMalta Annual Conference and on Malta's future as a financial centre. (19/09/2017)
Investment Migration Programs: An Attractive Option in the Age of Fiscal Transparency
  Wealthy individuals are becoming increasingly interested in investment migration programs amid growing security concerns over the automatic exchange of information under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). (03/09/2017)
Malta: Governance Initiatives in the Investment Services Sector
  Dr Josianne Brimmer examines recent initiatives in Malta designed to strengthen the investment services sector. (07/07/2015)
Citizenship by Investment Programmes: A Niche for Smaller Caribbean IFCs Only?
  Carlyle Rogers examines if Citizenship by Investment programmes are to remain a niche product for smaller IFCs or whether larger competitors will take notice of this lucrative sector. (01/01/2015)
The Global Citizen – The Wealth Management Opportunity
  Dominik Zunkovic considers the options available for HNWIs looking to take advantage of economic citizenship programmes. (01/10/2014)
Looking Through the Porthole to Maltese Citizenship
  Following the passage through parliament of Malta's Citizenship by Investment programme, George Mangion considers the benefits of acquiring Maltese citizenship. (01/10/2014)
Malta - Using Innovation to its Advantage
  David Borg examines how Malta has transformed itself from a tourism dependent economy to the vibrant financial centre it is today. (01/07/2014)
Q&A with Maltese Minister for Finance Prof Edward Scicluna
  Financial services now stand as one of the main pillars of the Maltese economy. IFC Media speaks with Minister for Finance Professor Edward Scicluna regarding the rapid development of Malta as an IFC. (01/04/2014)
Malta: Case Study - The Redomiciliation of a Company
  With group treasury companies growing in popularity, Walter Cutajar examines the redomiciliation of a foreign company as a Maltese company and how they could benefit from Malta's extensive tax treaty network. (01/04/2014)
Malta - An IFC Gaining Strong Growth Traction
  With Malta making its mark on the global financial stage, Kenneth Farrugia highlights the reasons why the jurisdiction is considered such a 'stable ship'. (01/04/2014)
An Investment Stepping Stone into Europe and Beyond
  Geraldine Schembri, Rachel Saliba and Melanie Ciappara examine what makes Malta such an attractive destination for investment. (01/03/2014)
Negotiating and Implementing the AIFMD: The Malta Experience
  Christopher P Buttigieg provides an overview of Malta's experience in successfully negotiating and implementing the AIFM Directive. (01/03/2014)
QROPS: A Jurisdictional Comparison
  A year on since the 2012 UK budget put many providers out of the market, Rex Crowley examines the many variations of QROPS still available and provides a jurisdictional comparision. (01/05/2013)
Malta: Stability through Adaptability
  Despite the adverse economic climate, Malta has seen considerable growth in its Financial Services sector, Camilleri Preziosi, examines some of reasons for this continued growth. (01/04/2013)
2011: An Island’s Perspective
  Dr Antonia Zammit provides an overview developments within the Maltese financial world (15/12/2011)
Tax Minimisation Options for High Flyers
  Adriaan Struijk examines the interesting tax minimisation structures that can be utilised by internationally mobile airline and shipping crew. (01/08/2011)
Malta Secures its Place as a Successful IFC
  Donald Vella & Adrian Galea examine the main factors which make Malta attractive to financial services, and cement its place as a successful IFC. (01/07/2011)
The Re-Domiciliation of Investment Funds to Malta
  Dr Antonia Zammit considers the growth of the investment services and fund industry in Malta and its bid to become the European fund domicile of choice (14/02/2011)
Malta’s development into a fund administration centre
  Dr Antonia Zammit outlines how the island state of Malta has become an up and coming hub for fund administration in Europe (01/10/2010)
Malta’s quest for growth as a quality financial services centre
  Malta has become a serious contender for cross-border and international business in a number of niche areas, the MFSA details which areas and how the island state is weathering the current financial storm (01/10/2010)
Malta: Developments in a Time of Change
  Innovation and drive have built upon the natural advantages afforded Malta by its geography to form one of Europe's most stable finacial centres. (27/02/2010)
Malta: The commercial trust
  Louis de Gabriele outlines the main characteristics and uses of the Maltese trust (20/01/2009)
Some alternative locations in Europe for (tax free) residence outside the UK
  Francis Hoogewerf argues that given the UK's excessively difficult tax system, a couple of alternative jurisdictions could be considered for residence (06/01/2009)
Malta: A new hub for M&A activity
  Louis de Gabriele looks back at the merger and acquisition activity in Malta over the last year and discusses the initiatives that have been introduced in the jurisdiction. (09/01/2008)
Malta: Moving forward
  Max Ganado reports on the new legislation introduced as a result of Malta's ascension to the EU (07/01/2007)