Madeira’s International Business Centre: A New Breeze Finally Blows from Brussels
  Following a period of uncertainty, 2013 brought some much needed hope for Madeira, Jorge Veiga França looks at recent developments that are bring hope for continuing success in Madeira's IBC. (01/02/2014)
The Continuance of Madeira’s Tax Benefits
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The Portuguese Non-habitual Residents’ Personal Income Tax Regime
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Mergers and Spin-Offs: Clarifying and Simplifying Procedures
  Modernisation and technological advancement have served to make Portugal a safer, simpler environment for international business. (27/02/2010)
The Madeira International Business Centre’s competitive new regime
  Luiz Augusto Teixeira details the main characteristics and benefits of the new fiscal regime. (06/01/2009)
Extension of Madeira’s tax regime until the year 2020
  Manuel João Pita analyses the new regime, which , he argues, has brought a new impulse to the jurisdiction (21/01/2008)
Madeira : Keeping it simple
  Manuel Freitas Pita unravels the new laws set to simplify and modernise Portugal’s company incorporation and activities. (08/01/2007)