Labuan IBFC – Building Opportunity in Asia Pacific
  Labuan, a federal territory of Malaysia off the coast of Borneo, has been host to a growing financial services sector for over 25 years. (01/01/2017)
Labuan Protected Cell Companies: An Effective Risk Management Solution
  Sazali Suzin, provides an overview of the benefits of using Labuan Protected Cell Companies as a method of risk managment. (01/12/2012)
The Foundation of your Wealth: A Wealth Management Structure Available to All
  Hiu Chee Fatt, Labuan IBFC examines how the flexible nature of Labuan Foundations can provide a wealth of options for clients looking an attractive wealth management structure. (01/08/2012)
The New Amendments to the Labuan Companies Act, 1990
  Siti Nafsiah A. Shaffie highlights the importance of the recent amendments to the Labuan Companies Act for Labuan as an up and coming IFC. (01/08/2012)
The Role of Asian International Finance Centres
  Jay Krause and Philip Munro, Withers, examine how Asian IFCs are beginning to justifiably rival their western counterparts, assessing what specifically gives the East the current edge over the West. (01/06/2012)
The Malaysia International Ship Registry and Shipping Business Through Labuan
  Siti Nafsiah Ahmad Shaffie, Labuan Borneo Trustees, examines Labuan's potential to be a world leader in international ship registration and highlights the tax benefits of doing business in Labuan. (01/06/2012)
The Labuan Trading Company – Best of Class in Asia
  Mike Grover highlights the attractiveness of Labuan's tax benefits for businesses. (01/01/2012)
The Labuan Trading Company your ‘treasured gateway’ to ‘future proofing’ and substance creation
  Mike Grover examines in the detail the advantages presented by the Labuan Trading Company and highlights the unique features or ‘tax treasures’ that are afforded through the use of this tax planning structure (01/06/2011)
The Growth of Islamic Finance in Asia
  Aderi Adnan from Labuan IBFC explains why Labuan, with its pioneering legislation, has become a hub for Islamic finance in Asia (14/02/2011)
Labuan: A Welcome Mat for a New Era
  David Kinloch examines the raft of legislation enacted in Labuan in 2010 designed to meet the changing needs of modern business and wealthy individuals including new trusts and foundations legislation (02/02/2011)
Labuan: A Welcome Mat for a New Era
  David Kinloch, CEO of Labuan IBFC considers how new and amended legislation enacted in 2010 has enhanced the opportunities available for investors in Labuan. (01/12/2010)
Labuan’s New Laws Raise the Bar
  Labuan IBFC introduces that jurisdiction's new and improved financial landscape. (07/04/2010)
Asian Regulation in the Year of the Tiger: Pussy-Cat or Man-Eater?
  Alan Ewins considers how various jurisdictions within Asia have fared in the credit crunch, diagnosing a struggle “between the creation of internationally coherent markets and, in some places more than others, the protection of the home patch.” (02/03/2010)
Trust Planning in Asia
  Mary Ellen Hutton and Philip Munro delineate why they believe trust planning will become an increasingly important tool for wealth protection as Asian jurisdictions continue their ascent up the ranks of international finance centres. (02/03/2010)
Changing in Time with the Times
  Change seems to be becoming a constant theme for offshore jurisdictions, but Labuan is using a time of change to drive itself forward. (27/02/2010)
Labuan International Business and Financial Centre – 2008 update
  Chin Chee Kee charts the progress of Labuan as an international finance centre. (06/01/2009)