Q&A with David Lidington, Minister of the Cabinet Office
  The UK’s secure relationship with the British Overseas Territories has been thrown into question following the UK parliament's decision to implement public registers of beneficial ownership. (01/12/2018)
As the Blockchain Revolution Moves Offshore, What are the Challenges?
  As the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the BVI and other offshore jurisdictions position themselves as FinTech hubs, there are certain regulatory risks and challenges that each jurisdiction must overcome in this new blockchain era. (01/12/2018)
Beyond the Tipping Point: IFCs, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and ICOs
  With any innovation, particularly one with the potential scale of blockchain, there are going to be early adopters, a growing mainstream, and those who embrace it only once a tipping point has been reached. (01/11/2018)
Offshore: The Leaders, the Trends and the Opportunities
  Dan Wise looks at why certain IFCs prosper. He discusses regulation and investment opportunities, and opines on the implementation of public registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories. (01/09/2018)
IFCs, ICOs and Blockchain: Time to Pay Attention
  IFCs are, to put it mildly, ‘at odds’ when it comes to cryptocurrencies. (31/07/2018)
Should there be a mandatory register of beneficial ownership of corporate structures in every country?
  Amy Bryant, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Jersey Finance presents her stance. (30/04/2018)
IFCs and the Asian Wealth (R)evolution
  Asia Pacific has been the fastest growing region globally in terms of private financial wealth, considerably outstripping the global average. Indications are that this upward trajectory is set to continue. (01/01/2018)
Should there be a mandatory register of beneficial ownership of corporate structures in every country?
  The Big Debate: Jersey Finance’s Amy Bryant puts forward her argument. (30/11/2017)
The Beneficial Ownership Register in Jersey Explained
  Jersey made an international commitment to have an up-to-date centralised register (albeit one that is non-public) by 30 June 2017. James Campbell discusses the implications of the new regime. (01/11/2017)
Jurisdictional Differentiation in a Turbulent Environment
  Jersey has sought to differentiate itself by demonstrating its commitment to the highest standards of regulation and cooperation, and positioning itself as an innovative jurisdiction and a safe harbour. (02/10/2017)
Listing in an Uncertain World
  The CEO of the International Stock Exchange Group (TISEG) explores how its offering of certainty is strengthening the rationale for debt securities, investment vehicles and trading companies to list on TISE (01/08/2017)
How a CISE Listing Adds Substance and Creates Value
  International developments such as the EU’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative are placing increased focus .... (01/02/2017)
Offshore Financial Centres: The Super Set
  Of the various forces that have buffeted offshore financial services in recent years, regulation and emerging demand bases are probably the most significant. (01/02/2017)
Jersey: Leading the Way on the Global Stage
  Elena Moran and Mark Rawlins examine how through constant innovation Jersey leads the way in the financial services arena. (01/11/2016)
A Flight to Quality: Setting the Standards for IFCs
  The brighter global spotlight that has recently been shone on international finance centres (IFCs) may have caused some controversy, but it has also created opportunities for leading jurisdictions such as Jersey.... (01/10/2016)
Compliance Q&A with John Harris, Jersey Financial Services Commission
  IFC Media speaks to Jersey’s financial regulator John Harris about the compliance issues facing international financial centres and in particular Jersey and the impact regulation and blacklists are having on the industry. (01/04/2016)
Cross-Bailiwick Insolvency: Pooling of Assets and Liabilities of Insolvent Companies
  Nigel Sands and Mathew Newman provide an insightful case study into Cross-Bailiwick Insolvency issues. (01/03/2016)
CISE: Global regulatory standards with pragmatism
  The key to a successfully regulated exchange is combining global standards with a proportionate approach based on business risk, says Fiona Le Poidevin, CEO of the Channel Islands Securities Exchange. (01/03/2016)
Q&A with Jim Gilligan, Carey Commercial Limited and Carey Trustees Limited
  IFC Media speaks to Jim Gilligan, Carey Group, about the business in the Channel Islands and the impact of regulatory changes locally and globally on the financial services sector there. (01/02/2016)
Protectors: A Tale from Two Islands
  Ewan MacKay provides an insightful case study into the world of trust litigation and the removal of protectors, using Guernsey & Jersey as examples. (01/02/2016)
Jersey: A Vital Role Supporting Cross-Border Investment Aspirations
  Geoff Cook examines how IFCs facilitate cross border investment and how they can counter criticism through commissioning independent research. (01/02/2016)
Trust in Jersey’s Adaptability
  Steven Rowland examines how Jersey continues to adapt through the introduction of innovative new ideas and concepts and how it has cemented itself as a leading Trust jurisdiction. (01/01/2016)
If it quacks like a duck?…The classification and duties of non-trustee power-holders
  With reserved powers legislation available in most offshore jurisdictions, Ashley Fife examines the difficulties regarding the categorisation of powers held by a person other than a trustee as either fiduciary or non-fiduciary. (01/01/2016)
Real Estate Investment into London and Europe
  Martin Paul and Richard Le Liard examine why the Channel Islands are the destination of choice for Asia and Middle East investors investing in real estate in London and Europe. (01/12/2015)
Jersey: Significant Amendments to the Company Law
  Mark Dunlop provides an indepth analysis of recent amendments to Jersey's company law, designed to bring greater flexibility to the jurisdiction's company law regime. (02/06/2015)
The Growing Role for IFCs in a World of Increasing Transparency
  Geoff Cook examines the crucial role IFCs play in a world of increasing transparency. (01/05/2015)
Jersey: A vital role in the global financial system
  Geoff Cook highlights how IFCs are essential cogs in the global economic machinery. (01/12/2014)
Jersey: Future Proofing
  Following five challenging years for Jersey, Kevin O'Connell examines how the island is future proofing its financial service offerings. (01/07/2014)
The Rule in Hastings-Bass Under Jersey Law
  Mason Birbeck examines the rule in Hastings-Bass, as applied under Jersey law, which has its origins in the English courts and has been a hot topic among those working in the Jersey fiduciary sphere. (01/12/2013)
A Question of Trust: Jersey and Guernsey Trust Law Evolves
  Paul Matthams examines recent changes to trust legislation in both Guernsey and Jersey, showcasing their continually evolving and sophisticated regimes. (01/06/2013)
Jersey: Flight to Quality in the New World of Wealth Management
  Following on from the recent Private Client Conference, Geoff Cook highlights the recent flight to quality regarding Jersey's wealth management industry. (01/06/2013)
Jersey: A Matter of Fact
  Geoff Cook discusses the shift of attention by larger nations around the world towards International Finance Centres as they seek to boost their tax revenue, and the public misunderstanding that has resulted from it. (01/06/2013)
Jersey: Consolidating its Position as an IFC on the Global Stage
  Keith Dixon examines the Jersey finance industry which, in its sixth decade, continues to lead the way in offshore finance by constantly evolving its suite of services, products and practices. (01/01/2013)
Jersey Provides the International Funds Community with Stability and Flexibility
  Geoff Cook, Jersey Finance highlights how stable and flexible Jersey's fund regime is and provides an insight into Jersey's approach to the EU's AIFM Directive (01/10/2012)
The Changing Face of International Private Wealth Management
  Following Jersey Finance’s recent annual Private Client Conference, Geoff Cook, chief executive of Jersey Finance, highlights some of the opportunities and challenges for international finance centres. (01/07/2012)
Jersey Private Placement Funds
  Emily Haithwaite and Martin Paul examine the recent introduction of the new private placement fund regime in Jersey. (01/04/2012)
Jersey: Resilient Despite Challenging Economic and Global Conditions
  Wendy Benjamin highlights the challenges facing Jersey and how the Island is positioned to weather the tough global economic climate. (01/01/2012)
Looking Forward as Jersey Celebrates 50 Years in Financial Services
  As Jersey’s financial services industry turns 50, Geoff Cook examines how the market has changed for the island finance centre and considers how Jersey can stay competitive in the industry today. (01/08/2011)
QROPS: A Question of Jurisdiction
  Rex Cowley examines the big players in the QROPS market and assesses which jurisdictions are best for domiciling a pension scheme should you choose to move it from the UK (01/07/2011)
IFCs prove crucial in growth of emerging markets
  Grant Stein comments on the use of IFCs by emerging markets in facilitating investment into these markets as well as putting developing capital to work around the globe (01/06/2011)
Jersey Rises to Economic and Global Challenges
  Wendy Benjamin considers how Jersey’s laws and regulations continue to address economic and political challenges and to support the island’s position in international finance (02/02/2011)
Guernsey: The Future in its Hands
  Paul Christopher reflects on how Guernsey has dealt with the consequences of the global financial crisis and how it has positioned itself for the future (01/02/2011)
Jersey: Building strong links in Greater China
  Chief executive of Jersey Finance, Geoff Cook looks at the opportunities for the island state in the new super economic powers – China and India (01/10/2010)
The use of Jersey companies in cash box placings
  Mark Estella provides a technical and practical examination of the use of the cash box structure (01/09/2010)
Shari’a Trusts: Lessons from the Alhamrani Case in Jersey
  Toby Graham discusses the numerous and complex issues that arose in the Alhamrani Case heard in Jersey last year, the biggest ever of its kind, relating the lessons learned along the way. (02/03/2010)
Functions of a Family Office
  How a Jersey 'family office' can help UHNW families navigate the challenges of estate planning and wealth management across generations. (27/02/2010)
The Nature of Protectors’ Powers
  Naomi O’Higgins draws out the lessons from some recent cases concerning the nature of protectors’ powers. (01/11/2009)
Jersey: Introducing foundations as a new vehicle
  With the introduction of the Foundations (Jersey) law 2008 imminent, Steve Meiklejohn considers its benefits. (22/01/2009)
Trusts and divorce in the Jersey court
  Paul Buckle looks at the Channel Islands trust with respect to foreign divorce proceedings (16/01/2009)
Managing in challenging times
  Jane Kerins reflects upon the current challenges facing the global trusts industry (12/01/2009)
Another record year for Jersey as legal and regulatory changes promote growth
  Wendy Benjamin observes record growth within the funds sector and provides a legislative update across the jurisdiction’s other financial sectors (06/01/2008)
Trust sector update
  Rosemary Marr provides an update of global developments in the trust sector, with particular emphasis on Jersey, Guernsey, Dubai and Switzerland. (02/01/2008)
Channel Islands: Real Estate Investment Trusts
  Joanne Luce reports on how REITs look set grow in 2007 (25/01/2007)
Changing times for Jersey and Guernsey trust laws
  With significant changes in Guernsey ‘s and Jersey’s trust legislation proposed for next year, Paul Buckle assesses their significance. (14/01/2007)
Offshore in Europe?
  Mark Watson looks at recent developments in EU member tax systems and reflects upon their possible impact on the Channel Islands (10/01/2007)
Jersey: Staying ahead of the game
  Wendy Benjamin outlines the regulatory and legislative framework in the jurisdiction (02/01/2007)