Ireland: The Place to do Business
  Ireland is recognised as one of the most attractive locations for international companies to access the EU internal market. (18/09/2017)
Ireland: A post-Brexit Stepping Stone into the EU
  Ireland is positioned as one of the leading European locations offering UK managers the ability to avoid, in Prime Minister May's words, a ‘disruptive cliff edge’. (13/09/2017)
Ireland: Consolidating the Public Finances
  With Ireland beginning to see the offshoots of growth, Brian Broderick examines how Ireland has consolidated its public finances. (01/05/2015)
Q&A with Simon Harris, Minister of State for the Irish FSC
  The IFC Review speaks to Minister Harris about Ireland’s success as an international finance centre and looks at the challenges facing the small but robust European IFC going forward. (01/10/2014)
EU Succession Regulation and Ireland
  With recent changes to the EU Succession Planning regulations in place, Aileen Keogan examines the potential effects of these changes for Irish clients. (01/06/2014)
Hedge Funds Feel the Regulatory Pressure
  Paul Farrell, Gayle Bowen and Catherine Fitzsimons examine the changing hedge fund landscape, with increased costs, transparency, liquidity and consolidations expected to shape the next few years. (01/06/2013)
Broadening the Irish Tax Base in 2013
  Finola O’Hanlon examines tax legislation in Ireland and what the country must do in order to maintain a stable economic future. (01/01/2013)
Ireland’s Path to Recovery – Budgetary Measures 2012
  Cormac Brennan examines Ireland’s recently published Budget for 2012 and assesses how effective it could be at lifting the country out of its recession. (01/01/2012)
The Curious Case of Angela Merkel and the Disappearing Memory
  Peter O Dwyer examines the Franco-Prussian dominance of EU tax issues (13/12/2011)
IFCs prove crucial in growth of emerging markets
  Grant Stein comments on the use of IFCs by emerging markets in facilitating investment into these markets as well as putting developing capital to work around the globe (01/06/2011)
The Irish Hedge Fund Sector and the Impact of the AIFM Directive
  Paul Farrell and Gayle Bowen explain how the AIFMD will provide a significant boost to Ireland’s investment funds industry, in particular to the already successful qualifying investor funds (01/04/2011)
An update on the AIFMD – A Lot Done, More To Do
  Peter O’Dwyer brings us up to date with developments regarding the Alternative Investment Fund Managers’ Directive (01/02/2011)
Asset Protection in Ireland – Practical Issues and Legal Implications
  Cormac Brennan of McCann FitzGerald Solicitors looks at the practical application of asset protection structures in Ireland, particularly in light of the current economic climate. (01/12/2010)
Ireland’s funds industry boasts strong recovery
  Peter O'Dwyer looks at what made Ireland the fastest growing funds location in Europe (01/09/2010)
Making Ireland Fully Compliant
  Cormac Brennan of McCann Fitzgerald Solicitors examines the new anti-money laundering legislation in Ireland. (03/07/2010)
The Irish Finance Bill 2010
  John Hickson comments on the initial form of the Finance Bill, published February. (03/03/2010)
Reform of Charity Law in Ireland
  Cormac Brennan on how changes to charities law might affect philanthropy at all levels in the Republic of Ireland. (26/02/2010)
The Alternative Investment Fund Managers’ Directive
  Peter O'Dwyer outlines the shortcomings of the AIFMD and the dubious logic of its chief detractors. (12/01/2010)
Ireland as an offshore trust jurisdiction: The taxation and legal issues
  Susan O'Connell and Cormac Brennan consider the use of the Irish Trust in international tax planning (06/01/2009)
Some alternative locations in Europe for (tax free) residence outside the UK
  Francis Hoogewerf argues that given the UK's excessively difficult tax system, a couple of alternative jurisdictions could be considered for residence (06/01/2009)