As the Blockchain Revolution Moves Offshore, What are the Challenges?
  As the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the BVI and other offshore jurisdictions position themselves as FinTech hubs, there are certain regulatory risks and challenges that each jurisdiction must overcome in this new blockchain era. (01/12/2018)
Offshore: The Leaders, the Trends and the Opportunities
  Dan Wise looks at why certain IFCs prosper. He discusses regulation and investment opportunities, and opines on the implementation of public registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories. (01/09/2018)
IFCs, ICOs and Blockchain: Time to Pay Attention
  IFCs are, to put it mildly, ‘at odds’ when it comes to cryptocurrencies. (31/07/2018)
Could Brexit boost Gibraltar’s fund industry?
  Jon Tricker, Managing Director of KPMG Gibraltar, looks at the potential for Gibraltar’s fund industry in a changing European landscape (02/10/2017)
QNUPS: Enhancing Retirement Benefits
  The Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS) regime is attracting a significant amount of interest from both UK residents and expatriates who are seeking pension benefits beyond the confines of the UK pension regime. (25/08/2017)
An Old Foe Returns
  Marcus Killick examines how the current onslaught of regulation is affecting IFCs and considers their future role in the financial world. (01/04/2016)
Gibraltar: Rising Above Regulatory Clouds
  Michael Castiel examines how despite recent regulatory challenges Gibraltar continues to punch above its weight with its financial services offerings. (01/06/2015)
Gibraltar: The Perfectly Placed EU IFC
  Darren Anton, considers the steps taken by Gibraltar's finance centre to postion itself as an attractive centre for individuals and businesses. (01/09/2014)
In the Chair with Mark Simmonds MP
  Part of Mark Simmonds MP’s remit at the Commonwealth Office is providing support for the Overseas Territories. IFC Media spoke to Mr Simmonds about what this support entails, particularly with relation to IFCs. (01/03/2014)
Q&A with Paul Astengo, Senior Finance Centre Executive, Gibraltar Finance
  The IFC Economic Report speaks to Paul Astengo on how Gibraltar is developing as an international finance centre and what the future holds for the ‘Rock’. (01/02/2014)
Gibraltar: Rising to the Challenge
  Michael Castiel, Hassans examines how the establishment of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and the Gibraltar International Bank will further enhance the jurisdictions strength as a global player in international finance. (01/02/2014)
Gibraltar and the AIFMD – Implications, Challenges and Opportunities
  Jon Tricker examines the challenges and opportunities that come with the new AIFM Directive, which presents great challenges for the industry, not least in ensuring its correct application across all affected parties. (01/08/2013)
QROPS: A Jurisdictional Comparison
  A year on since the 2012 UK budget put many providers out of the market, Rex Crowley examines the many variations of QROPS still available and provides a jurisdictional comparision. (01/05/2013)
Gibraltar: A Rival to Any IFC
  Richard Buttigieg and Danielle Villa examine Gibraltar’s dedication to improving its already stellar reputation, by updating its legislative framework whilst also enhancing its robust network of tax treaties. (01/05/2013)
Developments in Gibraltar’s Fund Industry 2011 / 2012
  James Lasry, Anthony Jimenez, and Peter Young examine recent developments within Gibraltar's vibrant fund industry. (01/01/2012)
Seismic changes for Gibraltar Tax System
  Chris White examines the Income Tax Act that became effective in Gibraltar in January and which brings with it significant changes for the state (02/02/2011)
Modern Culture
  Marcus Killick comments on the nature of financial regulation since the credit crisis and lays out why legislative and regulatory change is fruitless without a change in culture in significant parts of the finance sector (01/02/2011)
Offshore to onshore: Gibraltar goes mainstream
  Adrian Pilcher outlines the much anticipated changes that Gibraltar’s new Income Tax Act will bring and considers the impact such changes will have on the territory as a financial services centre (01/10/2010)
New International Initiatives – Levelling the Playing Field?
  Marcus Killick discusses the widened supervisory remit of the Financial Stability Board and its likely impacts on world finance (05/05/2010)
Gibraltar: Unshaken by the Storm
  Adrian Pilcher reports on a jurisdiction whose economy continues to defy the international fluctuations that have de-stabilised so many financial centres recently. (09/02/2010)
Beyond G20
  Marcus Killick, CE of Gibraltar Financial Services examines how the OECD is dealing with tax havens and ‘harmful tax practices’ (08/07/2009)
The Gibraltar Experienced Investor Fund regime
  James Lasry considers the Gibraltar Experienced Investor Fund Regime and highlights its use as a versatile way of setting up a fund within the EU. (01/06/2009)
Gibraltar funds
  With the introduction of the Experienced Investor Funds Legislation, Joey Garcia argues that Gibraltar has now positioned itself well as an alternative fund jurisdiction. (21/01/2008)
Standards? Make mine a double!
  With regulation in most offshore centres now at least matching that of their "onshore" counterparts, Marcus Killick argues it’s time for the Financial Stability Forum to treat them equally (08/01/2008)
Gibraltar: A viable alternative
  James Lasry reports on the phasing out of Gibraltar’s tax-exempt company regime and the benefits that can now be obtained through the European Parent Subsidiary Directive. (01/01/2008)
Gibraltar: Poised to become centre for Islamic finance
  Daniel Feetham provides an overview of Sharia’h law and outlines the proposals for Gibraltar to become a centre for Islamic Finance (01/09/2007)