Cyprus’ Revamped Citizenship by Investment Programme
  Because Cyprus’ citizenship scheme requires investment only, and no donation to a government fund, the acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus offers the investor exceptional value for money and unprecedented access to Europe (the European Union and E (19/09/2017)
Investment Migration Programs: An Attractive Option in the Age of Fiscal Transparency
  Wealthy individuals are becoming increasingly interested in investment migration programs amid growing security concerns over the automatic exchange of information under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). (03/09/2017)
Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)
  Stelia Korniliou examines the legal, regulatory and operational framework providing for Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds. (01/03/2015)
Case Study: The Cyprus Citizenship by investment Program
  Martinos Typographos examines the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment offerings in an insightful case study. (01/03/2015)
FATCA and the Cyprus - US Connection
  With FATCA now in force, Emily Yiolitis and Aki Corsoni-Husain highlight how Cyprus complies with the US regulations through the signing of a Model 1 IGA. (01/08/2014)
Steadying the ship of the Cyprus Economy
  Stelios Havatzias examines the successful Cyprus shipping industry, and considers why the jurisdiction has a real reason to feel optimistic amid the negative press of recent times. (01/01/2014)
Cypriot Banking Crisis – Not Applicable to All
  Grant Stein discusses the banking crisis in Cyprus, which unfolded this year, leaving banks in Cyprus greatly exposed to systemic risk with a combination of bad lending and large holdings of Greek sovereign debt. (01/06/2013)
Cyprus: DTT Creates Investment Gateway to the Ukraine
  Emily Yiolitis examines a new tax treaty for the avoidance of double taxation between Cyprus and Ukraine, replacing Cyprus’ previous treaty with the USSR which dates back to 1982. (01/02/2013)
Cyprus: At the Cutting Edge of Trust Developments
  Cyprus is well known for its well established trusts sector, Elias Neocleous and Philippos Aristotelous explain how popular the sector, especially with Russian and other CIS investors. (01/02/2013)
Russia – Cyprus: Case Study on Project M
  In this insightful case study, Emily Yiolitis, Harneys highlights what makes Cyprus so attractive to Russian Investors. (01/11/2012)
Cyprus to Modernise Antiquated Trust Law
  As Cyprus gears up to moderise its trust law Peter G Economides examines the fine print behind the updated law (15/12/2011)
Cyprus International Trusts for Russian Investors
  George Savvides, Fiducentre examines why Cyprus International Trusts are proving so popular with Russian Investors (07/11/2011)
Cyprus: Looking West Through Alternative Funds
  Savvas Zannetos comments on how alternative funds in Cyprus are proving to be a popular entity. (01/07/2011)
Christos Mavrellis, Chrysses Demetriades & Co, LLC, Cyprus
  Christos Mavrellis brings us up to date with developments in Cyprus regarding corporate law, shipping law and taxation. (24/01/2011)
Cyprus – Russia Protocol Signed
  Christodoulos Vassiliades looks at the detail behind the Cyprus Russian protocol and what the signing of the Treaty means for Cyprus (24/01/2011)
The Cyprus Holding Company
  Christos Mavrellis on the extra advantages a Cyprus holding company has over its competitors. (09/02/2010)
The Cyprus IFC Success Story
  Christos Mavrellis outlines the Cyprus holding company’s use as a vehicle in international tax planning. (01/06/2009)
Cyprus: Looking forward
  Christodoulos G. Vassiliades provides an overview of what advantages Cyprus offers as an International Financial Services Centre (09/01/2008)
Cyprus: An international crossroads
  Christodoulos Vassiliades outlines the legislative and regulatory framework of the jurisdiction (01/09/2007)