Offshore: The Leaders, the Trends and the Opportunities
  Dan Wise looks at why certain IFCs prosper. He discusses regulation and investment opportunities, and opines on the implementation of public registers of beneficial ownership in the British Overseas Territories. (01/09/2018)
Why the Bahamas Remains the Clear Choice
  The Bahamas continues to pursue its vision to be a globally competitive international business centre for wealth management, residency, capital investment in the Americas and emerging markets. Its ability to realise this vision has much to do with a (29/06/2018)
Bahamian Tax Policy: Strategic Considerations
  Industry participants recognise that carefully planned, sweeping changes to the tax system may impact The Bahamas’ competitiveness vis-à-vis other international financial centres, and the long-term success of the financial services sector will depend (29/06/2018)
The Bahamas: Clearly Focused
  "We have to be in a state of continuous improvement to ensure that we remain aligned with international standards. The work does not stop,” explains Tanya C. McCartney. (01/06/2018)
What May the Trump Presidency Mean for the Future of International Financial Centres?
  Simplification of the US tax code, FATCA, De-regulation, Immigration: Alicia Nicholls discusses the various implications of US Tax Reform for IFCs. (01/12/2017)
The Bahamas: Compliance and Innovation in Lockstep
  Tanya McCartney discusses the evolution of the Bahamas cornerstone product and service offerings, including trusts and funds and reveals her views on regulatory change. (01/11/2017)
Considering the Future of The Bahamas as an IFC: Adapting to Change
  International financial centres such as The Bahamas find themselves balancing the demands for transparency and disclosure of information against compliant clients’ legitimate concerns about the attendant loss of privacy and personal safety. (29/08/2017)
Strengthening the Pillars of The Bahamas Financial Services Sector
  The Bahamas has always sought to provide superior financial products and services and a world-class client experience. They are responsive to global changes, mindful of the international standard. (24/08/2017)
Considering the Future of The Bahamas as an IFC: Adapting to Change
  International financial centres such as The Bahamas find themselves balancing the demands for transparency and disclosure of information (03/07/2017)
The Bahamas Continues to be a Model IFC
  Tanya McCartney examines how The Bahamas has consolidated its position as a model IFC. (16/08/2016)
Private Banking – A Bahamian Specialty
  Alain Kunz examines the Bahamas attractiveness for Private Banking services. (16/08/2016)
The Bahamas: An Insurance Gateway to the World
  Peter Strauss examines how The Bahamas insurance offerings attact insurers worldwide. (16/08/2016)
Q&A with… Equity Bank and Trust Bahamas Limited
  IFC Caribbean speak to Equity Bank and Trust about the company’s success and the importance of small boutique financial institutions competing with the global giants. (01/06/2016)
The Bahamas for Family Offices: A Practitioner’s Overview
  Linda Beidler-D’Aguilar examines the attractiveness of The Bahamas for the establishment of Family Offices. (01/06/2016)
The Bahamas: A Balanced Approach to International Initiatives
  Tanya McCartney, BFSB, examines how The Bahamas have reacted to international initiatives on tax transparency with a balanced approach. (01/04/2016)
The Bahamas Chooses the Path of Innovation, Compliance
  Aliya Allen examines how the Bahamas balanced approach to international initatives on tax transparency are beginning to pay off. (02/06/2015)
Caribbean Offshore Financial Centres: Not All Are Created Equal
  Despite criticism of IFCs and their practices in the media, Canadian FDI into Caribbean IFCs has continued at a steady pace. Dr Walid Hejazi examines the attraction of the region. (01/02/2015)
The Bahamas Offerings for HNWIs: Residences at Baha Mar
  Advertorial: With HNWIs increasingly looking for property investments in the Caribbean, the Baha Mar development is beginning to turn heads. (01/01/2015)
Riding the Waves of Change: Balancing Compliance with Confidentiality
  Nadia Fountain examines how The Bahamas can comply with international regulatory stands while maintaining the confidentiality of clients. (01/01/2015)
The Bahamas Investment Condominium is an “Icon”
  Aliya Allen examines the Bahamas Investment Condominium (ICON), a new investment fund product for the LATAM market. (01/01/2015)
The Bahamas: The Finance Centre of Choice for Asian Investors
  Wendy Warren examines why the Bahamas is the financial centre of choice for Asian investors. (01/01/2015)
The Bahamian Company as a Trust Substitute
  Sean McWeeney QC, highlights the highly adaptable nature of a Bahamian Company through its use as a Trust substitute. (01/02/2014)
FATCA Regulations and the IGAs
  Annie Chinafat discusses the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), enacted into law in the USA in 2010, with The Bahamas deciding to pursue Model 1 IGA in July 2013. (01/01/2014)
Niche Products Help Differentiate The Bahamas
  Aliya Allen discusses how The Bahamas remains one of the most agile financial centres, responding to client needs with ground breaking products such as the Bahamas Executive Entity (BEE). (01/12/2013)
Q&A with… Julien Martel and Brian Balleine, Butterfield Trust
  IFC Caribbean speaks to the MDs of Butterfield Trust in The Bahamas and Cayman to assess how the international finance industry is developing in the region. (01/11/2013)
The Bahamas: The Right Choice for Latin America
  Ryan Pinder examines how The Bahamas has sought to align its financial services strategies with the needs of the emerging economies within Latin America, continually evaluating new products for Latin American clients. (01/11/2013)
Captive Insurance – The Appeal of Domicile in the Bahamas
  Peter Strauss examines the factors which make the Bahamas a preferable choice when picking a captive insurance domicile, during what has recently been described as a resurgence for the sector in this jurisdiction (01/10/2013)
FATCA’s impact on Caribbean Financial Businesses on the Eve of the Final Regulations
  With FATCA looming on the horizon, David Conen, KPMG examines why Caribbean IFCs can no longer simply bury their heads and must start preparing sooner rather than later. (01/11/2012)
Uses of the Bahamas for Private Wealth Management
  Paul Winder examines the recent legislation to provide Bahamas Executive Entities. (01/09/2012)
Bahamas SMART Funds for High Net Worth Brazilian Residents
  William Heuseler and Yuri Andrey Mattanna Freita, highlight the uses of the Bahamas SMART fund regime for Brazilian Investors (01/09/2012)
Bahamas and the Emerging Market
  Dwayne Bryan examines how the Bahamas are poised to provide their expert financial services to a wide range of new clients from the emerging markets and exploit the vast untapped potential available (01/09/2012)
Q&A with Sheree Ebanks & Julien Martel - Butterfield Bank
  Sheree Ebanks and Julien Martel answer questions on how the economy in the Caribbean has been affected by the financial crisis, what impact global financial regulation will have on the IFCs and how financial services should develop within the region. (01/12/2011)
The Bahamas’ Legislative Developments: Realising Innovation by Capitalising on Experience
  Aliya Allen examines recent legislative changes in the Bahamas in 2011 following the passing of 15 financial services related bills. (01/12/2011)
Caribbean Review 11/12
  The Caribbean Review featuring in-depth articles, commentaries on all the latest legislative and regulatory issues facing the Caribbean, now available online and in pdf format (01/12/2011)
SMART Funds: The Bahamas’ Innovative Creation to Investment Vehicles
  Paul Winder, ATC highlights the benefits of SMART funds and provides a compelling case for using the Bahamas for such investments. (01/11/2011)
The Bahamas – A Lighter Shade of Grey
  Cheryl Bazard of Bazard Law examines the Bahamas reaction to the various compliance issues and anti-money laundering legislation faced by International Finance Centres today (01/11/2011)
Q&A with Wendy Warren
  In a frank interview with the Caribbean Review Wendy Warren, CEO and Executive Director of the Bahamas Financial Services Board considers what The Bahamas must do to maintain its position on the global financial stage. (01/11/2011)
A New Dawn for Caribbean IFCs?
  Anthony Travers highlights the success many Caribbean IFCs have had in implementing and adhering to international transparency standards and asks if the region can finally shake off the negative preconceptions. (01/10/2011)
Uses of Trusts in The Bahamas for Wealth Management
  Heather Thompson examines the use of the trust in The Bahamas as a wealth management tool and details the relevant legislation and the advantages on offer for those establishing trusts in the jurisdiction. (01/10/2011)
Legislative and Regulatory Developments in The Bahamas
  Wendy Warren examines how both Bahamian policy makers and the private sector have worked together to give The Bahamas its competitive edge (01/05/2011)
The Bahamas Financial Services: Commitment, Continuity and Consistency
  Wendy Warren examines just what makes The Bahamas such a progressive and well established finance centre. (22/01/2011)
The Bahamas Financial Services Industry
  Wendy Warren outlines the unique strengths of The Bahamas as an international finance centre. (05/03/2010)
The Bahamas: An established, progressive and welcoming wealth management centre
  Wendy Warren charts the progress of the Bahamas as an international wealth management centre. (01/06/2009)